10 Best Men’s Dress Belts That Help You Look Flawless

Belts are much more just functional accessories used to hold up trousers. When used properly, they can make a statement about the people who wear them and really tie the whole outfit together. That is the reason why people are always on the search the best men’s dress belts. Here, I have put together a list of best belts I bought and used over the years; they both excel in terms of quality, convenience and durability.


1. Mission Belt Men’s Leather Ratchet Belt, 40 mm Metal Collections


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If you look for high-end options of dress belts, I highly suggest you to take a look at Mission Belts. They have classy, sleek designs and come in a wide variety of colors. The 41+ price range is totally worth it because these belts are made from genuine leather.

The outstanding feature of Mission Belts is that they provide for great fit for each and every person thanks to its flexible ratcheting mechanism and solid buckle closure. I can easily adjust my black belt with golden buckle to my waist size and it fits tightly and perfectly. Love the belt’s square ends and its removable buckle. If you are unsure about the size, just order one size larger: it is easy to cut and resize the belt.


2. Vetelli Reversible Belt for Men: Hand-Made From Genuine Leather


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Without discount, Vetelli Reversible Belts actually costs more than Mission Belts. The reason is quite simple: they are not only made of genuine leather but also hand cut and crafted, hence the price.It comes with a lifetime guarantee which is a big deal for users, who look for premium products

This type of formal dress belt helps you look flawless with its elegant and stylish design. With the belt’s reversible feature, you can switch from black to brown in just an instant. The well-constructed, sturdy and curved buckle with nice silver finish is a bonus. The sizing chart works perfectly for me.

3. SlideBelts Men’s Matte Black Leather Ratchet Belt


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Make no mistake: it is no cheap belt. This classic and stylish belt is made of genuine lather and come with a ratchet system that allows great fit and comfort for you. With no more holes to deal with, you can adjust your belt to perfection. The buckle is completely easy to use, removable and interchangeable.

There are many different colors for your selection; you can go for a vintage or contemporary look with no problem.Why not investing in a great piece of accessory that makes you look totally professional? It is costly, but it is totally worth the price.

4. Timberland Men’s Leather 40MM Pull up Distressed Belt


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With less than half a price of Mission Belt, you can get yourself a nice Timberland men’s leather belt. The company has been well-known for its great workman ship in footwear and you should expect no less when it comes to leather belt quality.

The belt’s total length and width are approximately 42 inches and 1.5 inches, respectively. This is available into colors (black and brown); both come with an antiqued silver tone buckle. It is ideal for casual outfits and chocolate or dark brown leather shoes. The stitching is excellent and I love the imprint on the leather. It comes with good presentation and is very well-packed.

5. Marino Men’s Genuine Leather Ratchet Dress Belt with Automatic Buckle


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Marino Men’s Genuine Leather belts are also the same price range as Timberland’s Distressed Belts. It is made of high quality genuine leather.The picture above is a brown leather belt and silver open gird buckle. The unique thing about Marino’s Fashion Ratchet Belt is that there are no more holes in the belt and great fit is guaranteed thanks to the belt’s 38 unique adjustments. This belt comes with a removable, scratch-resistant buckle, which makes cutting and sizing very easy to do.

The ratchet belt buckle is designed with a nice locking mechanism and unique tracking system; therefore you can strap and remove the bell with ease. Whether you look for contemporary or traditional design, Marino offers it all. The product is well-presented in an elegant gift-quality box.

6. Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Leather Reversible Belt


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Like with Timberland products, individuals always expect high quality from Hilfiger and in fact; as a result, they was not disappointed at all. This is a very well-made belt with high quality leather. The design is classy and elegant; overall, it feels very high-end for just around $24.

The reversible feature is very nice so that the users can wear the belt both ways. I can switch from black to down depending on my work outfit for the day. The belt fits perfectly for a slim individual like me. When the belt first arrives, just roll it back and forth a few times if you feel it stiff: it works like wonder.

7. Sportoli™ Men’s Classic Stitched Genuine Leather Uniform Belt


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For a much affordable option without sacrificing quality and comfort, I would definitely go for the classic Sportoli belt.

This belt offers you high quality leather with strong, fine edge stitching that is very durable, unlike typical bonded leather belts. This is a wonderful for any wardrobe with simple but classy design. There are three basic colors to choose from: black, brown, and white. The belt itself is very lightweight. All of these great features for just around $13! On a side note: Sizing provided in Sportoli size chart is for maximum waist size so it is recommended that you order about two sizes larger. I ordered a size 34 belt as my waist size is 32 and it fits me just fine.

8. Xhtang Men’s Solid Buckle with Automatic Ratchet Leather Belt


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This is another affordable option for both business and leisure styles. Go for fashion or a casual look if you want: Xhtang Men offers you various options.

The Xhtang Men belt is made of genuine leather with two main colors: black and coffee. The buckle itself is made of durable Zinc alloy. You can adjust the belt and trim it so that fit nicely around your waist with the interchangeable buckle system. In fact, the automatic buckle is highly appreciated though there is a small learning curve for user. There are many buckle designs for your selection. Overall, it is a solid choice for less than $18 USD.

9. Alpine Swiss Men’s Dress Belts Reversible Black Brown Leather Imported from Spain


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It looks like an expensive bell but in fact it is priced extremely reasonably.This Alpine Swiss belt is made of genuine leather imported from Spain with a very nice feel to it. The leather has nice finish and nicely sealed edge.

Similar to Vetelli and Tommy Hilfiger belts, it offer the reversible feature so that I can decide to wear black brown whenever I want to. Size can be shortened easily with the removable buckle which is heavy, shiny and looks really nice with gold tone. The belt’s strip-line design is classy and stylish, no less than lots of premium belt out there,

10. Dickies Men’s 35-mm Leather Perforated Belt


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My last recommendation is a Dickies Men’s belt with a very different construction from all nine belts above. While it is not really a dressy belt, it does not look too rugged either and gives off a masculine look. It is perfect for casual outfit.

It is a 100% heavy-duty leather belt. The belt’s construction allows it to be fully adjustable.It is strong, durable and highly affordable; so why not choose one to for your wardrobe? For the dimension, the belt’s size is 1.5″ high x 4″ wide. It is available in black color only and can be hand-washed with a damp cloth.

The ten belts recommended above come in different price ranges and provide different features; however they all provide great style, comfort, and convenience for users. As you can notice, these best men’s dress belts are all made of leather.These belts all work like charm for me for many years. Hopefully my list can be helpful for you in your quest for the best belt.

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