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Currency, bank cards, travel insurance, passports, boarding passes, and booking confirmations, you need them all whether it’s a short or long travel trip. When it comes to choosing the best mens travel wallets, they must not only keep all such essential things, but also be a compact and handy carrier. By knowing that needs and requirement, I have found the best of the bunch and got them here so that you can ease of mind.

Leather Passport Holder Cover Case RFID Blocking Travel Wallet (World Map)

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In terms of best mens travel wallet, I think a passport holder wallet is an ideal choice, for both abroad or domestic travels as it can hold your passport and even some cash and cards, if not saying flight tickets, bills, boarding cards sometimes.

Lethnic is one of rare brands producing and providing genuine leather products that I know. Talking about this Lethnic passport holder wallet, I think the highlight feature is 100% real imported leather giving us a unique softness, flexibility and elasticity rather than PU leather or synthetic leather like the others. The genuine leather feel even comes from distinct smell.

This travel wallet for men arrives in four designs, each of which has four color options to meet various needs and preferences. Besides, by using laser cutting, the stylized engraved designs are not only exact, but also comes in sleek and stylish look.

About its functions, this vertical wallet has an amazing capacity with 3-4 card slots, 2-3 bill pockets (but I think you can use it to store flight ticket, currency and even boarding cards) and one for SIM card/memory card. However, amazingly, its dimensions are 3.8 X 0.2 X 5.3 inches.

I do appreciate the RFID Blocking feature as I said before, I used to be attacked by hi-tech thieves and always obsessed with that accident. And in my opinion, this is an ideal choice for businessmen.

On the other hand, if you aren’t satisfied with their material, design, color or quality, just return them. They will offer a replacement or refund so you can ease your mind.


  • 100% real leather for a unique classic and luxurious look
  • Have many pockets for a vary of stuff like bills, cards, passport, SIM card, etc.
  • Come in diverse designs engraved by laser cutting technology and various colors
  • RFID blocking to protect personal data against 21th-century thieves
  • Enclosed a beautiful gift box, perfect as a present for loved ones or friends
  • Good warranty


  • I only wish that they have black

Lethnic Slim Wallet RFID Front Pocket Minimalist Wallet With ID Window – Genuine Leather

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For those who are seeking the best mens travel wallet for domestic travels, this is just the way to go for. I really am amazed with the scientific arrangement of wallet pockets. Despite the measurements of 4.33 x 2.95 x 0.15 inches, it can hold up to 10-15 bills, 5-7 cards in addition to an ID window and something especially is that the maximum thickness is only 0.6 inch.

As usually, Lethnic adds RFID Blocking technology in their products to ensure all personal information from the chips located on your bank cards always stay safe. The wallet is made of 100% genuine leather, which looks expensive and luxury. The manufacturer also offers 4 color choices, my favorite one of which is special brown, very unique and beautiful.

On the other hand, its product box is quite sleek and classic, I think you can use it as a present as well.


  • Very slim and compact
  • Huge contain and various pockets to organize your own stuff
  • Real genuine for luxurious looks
  • Many color options
  • Beautiful gift box


  • It’s not a disadvantage at all. As when I bought it, the leather is still new and not stretched smoothly so that it’s a little hard to pull cards.

Zoppen Multi-purpose Rfid Blocking Travel Passport Wallet (Ver.4) Tri-fold Document Organizer Holder

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For those who don’t like to fold their bills or flight ticket, this tri-fold wallet is the best travel wallet for men meeting that requirement. Though it is made of ECO-Friendly PU leather, the wallet is well-made and the material is high quality to give a nice look. The highlight point is that it passed US CA Prop 65 Test, US EN71 and Euro REACH Quality Standard. Equipped with RFID Blocking, the ability of keeping identification of this Zoppen wallet is great. If you choose it, feel free worrying about your personal information being stolen from hi-tech thieves.

Besides, I must say that it is organized well for travel purpose with many collected and roomy pockets including one for passport, one for boarding pass, one for ID, one for SIM card, one for coupon ticket, three for credit cards, one for key holder, a slim pocket for pen holder, one zippered for money and coin and one for cellphone pouch.

Apart from roominess, this wallet is also smart to enable to store all your essential stuffs but still keep itself compact, slim and lightweight.

A small plus point is its design, very unique vintage and classic. Besides, the wallet is quite comfortable and soft to stay convenient in pocket and bag. Moreover, it comes with multiple color choices to surely match diverse tastes.


  • Roomy and plenty of compartments for organize your essentials
  • Stay slim and handy
  • High-quality material with softness and comfortable
  • Lightweight
  • Have RFID Blocking technology
  • Vintage and sleek look
  • Pass US CA Prop 65 Test, US EN71 and Euro REACH Quality Standard


  • The inside pockets don’t have seams or lining, which I feel a little bit cheap

Zoppen RFID Travel Wallet & Documents Organizer Zipper Case, Family Passports Holder with Removable Wristlet Strap

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If you aren’t fond of leather travel wallet, but a nylon for easy taking care of, this Zoppen Wallet is a great choice to go. Except for that feature, there are some others that are quite same as the Zoppen Multi-Purpose Wallet. For examples, this one also has RFID Blocking technology to protect your identity against being stolen, various room to easily organize and store all your essentials for example passport, tickets, pen, boarding pass, money, coin, invoice, etc.

However, in detailed, how this wallet is organized is, of course, different from the previous. It has 1 boarding pass pocket, 1 mesh bag, 1 keychain, 1 pen holder, 2 zipper bags, especially 6 card slots and 2 passport pouches.

Another highlight feature is that you can remove the wristlet as well as the keychain to make your carrier more convenient.

Don’t worry that this nylon wallet would be thin and easy to wear and tear, it is made of high density nylon with waterproof ability and stone wash feature, very durable and firm.


  • Easy to take care
  • Waterproof and stone wash
  • Various rooms for many stuffs
  • RFID Blocking to keep all personal information safe
  • Removable wristlet and keychain when not in need.
  • High density nylon fabric for long lasting durability


  • With they arrive in more color options
  • Smell not good

Travelambo RFID Front Pocket Wallet Minimalist Wallet Slim Wallet Genuine Leather

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When it comes to a mens travel wallet, in aesthetic aspect, the first and foremost requirement is that it must be masculine. And this travel wallet meets that. Besides, it is also contemporary and durable. Made of 100% top grained real leather gives a unique classic and vintage look and you can mix with many styles from luxury to dynamic.

On the other hand, Travelambo wallet is quite lightweight, if comparing to those leather above, I think this one is quite lighter. Besides, it’s slim and compact to stay neat in the palm of your hand or inside your bags.

As usually, in security aspect, it passes with RFID Blocking feature and even approved by lab tests for 13.56 MHz Frequency. Thus, you can feel free to carry all your bank cards, IS card and driver license without feeling anxious about criminals.

This wallet is functional with a long top slot for receipts, money and tickets in addition to 6 slots for bank cards.

Talking about satisfaction warranty, they offer 30-day return for refund or replacement. So just return the wallet to the factory if you don’t like it.


  • 100% top grain real leather for luxury, classic and sleek look
  • Masculine and contemporary design
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Compact and handy
  • Come in many compartments to organize your stuff in the right place and not look messy
  • RFID blocking ability to block all your personal information from the chip located on your bank cards, some licenses and ID cards
  • Good warranty


  • This wallet can’t block 125 KHz

FLYMEI Multifunctional Travel Wallet Passport Wallet with Hand Strap, Passport Holder Travel Organizer Wallet for Card Money Ticket Mobile

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This is a passport holder wallet made from linen/cotton blended fabric with a great ability to keep not only your passport, but also your phone, bank cards, boarding card, tickets, keys, money, coins, documents, etc.

To hold coin, it has a zippered pocket. A common problem with such kind of pocket is that the zipper is rather easy to break down. However, with this wallet, I’m amazed by its smoothness. Feel free that all coins and other travel accessories always safe.

In spite of being made from linen/cotton blended fabric, this FLYMEI wallet is waterproof to protect my essentials from rain.

Besides, it also comes in a hand strap to keep my hand free while checking in, very convenient and comfortable.

About durability, I have nothing to complaint. Plus, it is lightweight, stylish and washable, as well. I think if you are looking for a daily travel wallet, pick this one. Or it is perfect to be a gift for your family or friends.


  • Can hold various stuffs and keep them safe and secured against rain or being lost.
  • Smooth and long-lasting zipper
  • Waterproof
  • Have a convenient hand trap
  • Durable, washable and lightweight
  • Stylish and sleek design


  • A little bit big
  • Don’t have RFID Blocking feature

Travelambo RFID Blocking Genuine Leather Passport Holder Wallet in 7 Colors

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While the above Travelambo wallet is suitable for front pocket, this passport holder is fitted better in your back pocket or bags. However, it is still slim and compact. Made of the same material as the previous – genuine leather – for a soft experience and classic look. Besides, as the material is high grade, I think you should take care of it carefully to keep it last long and better with time.

Come in 4 card slots, 2 current compartments and a passport slot, this is a practical design, not too bulky to feel inconvenient when putting in your back pockets, but still keep all your basic things for a travel.

Plus, it is integrated with RFID Blocking Technology, which was already tested and approved by Lab for 13.56 MHz. Ensure to keep your identity safe from 21st-century thieves.


  • Convenient passport holder with many slots to store diverse things
  • Made of 100% genuine leather for unique classic and vintage look
  • Soft and comfortable to put in back pockets
  • RFID Blocking Technology to shield against 13.56 MHz.


  • Can’t block 125KHz.

Here is the list of best travel wallet for men. I try to give positive reviews about both the good and bad of each product so, I hope that through this article, you will have some fantastic recommendations to pick the most suitable one for the next wonderful and perfect travel trips.

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