Best and stylish leather backpacks for men

Backpacks are such integral things for our daily life. Just have to carry one backpack, you can carry so many items from small to large, from light to heavy in just a bag. Besides, backpacks are becoming trendy for also officers in replacement of suitcases thanks to its good-looking appearance and all the benefits it brings.


However, cool backpacks come in so many different shapes and size these days that it is hard to pick one. You’ll find a backpack dependent on a lot of factors. If you are ready for an easier and cooler life, come to our collection of Best and stylish leather backpacks for men.We have listed top backpacks, which disguise the range reasonably expected uses. They have splendid style, illuminate with materials, and also focus on best quality as possible. Worth your reading time as it could be a lifetime investment.

01. Fossil Men’s Estate Leather Backpack.


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If you’re looking for a backpack capable of not only comfortably performing heavy-duty carrying but also looking really good while performing them, this backpack is the perfect choice for you. Classic backpack in rich leather featuring antiqued zippers and mesh lining at back and shoulder straps.

This Fossil bag is 100% made of very soft leather. No low grade or bonded leather product was found anywhere. Stylish and well designed;there is a tough outer leather layer and softer material used to make the interior compartments.

There are plenty of pockets. The smaller external zippered pouch is perfect for storing a rather large laptop power supply. There is also a smaller slot (behind where you would put a laptop) that is perfect for storing a tablet, too.

This backpack feels balanced at anytime because of its well-considered symmetrical design.Feels great to carry. Since the bag is structured it stays vertical while on the back. The weight of the pack is distributed nicely along the thick straps, feels great even with a heavy load.

Tips: An occasional treatment with a leather cleaner/protector, perhaps every six months or so, would seem appropriate for such a stylish bag.

02. S-ZONE Vintage Crazy Horse Genuine Leather Backpack Multi Pockets Travel Sports bag.


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Stylish, well-made, tough and comfortable, this is all this backpack about. So, while on the expensive side, it is luxury and quality.

Thanks to the 17.3″ high and 12.65″ wide, it’s sturdy and large enough to carry your laptop, iPad, a camera, books and accessories without being stuffed. This bag is made of horse leather, also referred to as saddle leather. Any marks will just add to the character and actually improve its looks.

The cut of this leather is thick and soft, it holds its structure very well. All the exterior pockets keep the structure even when empty. Since the leather is thick and structured the leather straps fit nice and snug in the buckles and they don’t loosen on there own.

The inside of the bag and pockets are all lined with a very soft material. There are two large pockets that have Velcro straps in the inside the main pocket of the bag. The hidden zipper pocket on the back of the bag is perfect for items you may want to keep secure. Perfect for items such as a passport or cash.The zippers and buckles on the pockets are high quality and feel very sturdy.

Especially, this bag is highly water resistant that it stays mostly dry if you get caught in the rain.

03. P.KU.VDSL® Laptop Backpack, Vintage Canvas Backpack, Casual Daypacks, Retro Rucksack, Travel Bags, Genuine Leather Shoulder Bag for Men Outdoor Sports Recreation Fit 15″ Laptop.


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Come to this backpack to feel the comfortable carrying.Because this is made of durable canvas, you will feel extremely comfortable when carrying it on your shoulder.The backpack has a lot of sturdy leather in high quality stuff, which makes it difficult to break.

This has an open exterior pocket covered by a leather flap and two inner part pockets. Additionally, it has a cushioned compartment inside for your smart phone. The huge inner part pocket is secured for both obligation zipper and a tough cowhide fold held down by an attractive snap closure.

One specialty is the amazing capacity of 12.2″(L)x16.5″(H)x4.3″(W) size. You can freely carry a variety of both big and small items without weighing the pack down. The stitching is precise and tight that there is no loose strings or loose fitting fabric. There is a warranty/guarantee of your money back.

The only thing that could take a little longer when opening it, is the metal attachments instead of the plastic clickable ones, but for a few seconds more, it’s not bad at all.

04.Phoenix Craft Large 19 ” Genuine Leather Retro Rucksack Backpack College Bag, school Picnic Bag Travel


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An ideal light backpack for school, work, traveling, hiking, camping, etc.! This backpack specially is made handcrafted and has handcrafted items. It has genuine handcrafted unisex leather. The zippers and every item are double stitched for durability. All brass will fit.

One outstanding feature of this backpack is its UV thread for all stitching. This backpack has four pockets on the exterior and one big main compartment with fastener at the top,and the strong canvas lining inside. The color of the leather in this bad is darkened with usage to make it look more attractive.

However, it seems to be much flexible rather than be sturdy.

05. Zebella Men’s Unbalance Chest Pack Multipurpose Backpack Crossbody Shoulder Bag.


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An incredible gift to your boyfriend, husband, father and child!

This bag stands out for the material of durable PU Leather. This bag is somehow in average size of 13.5 x 9 x 2.1 inches. The rucksack looks really vintage and multipurpose with parts of pockets. The principle compartment is fitted for two zip heads: 1 internal zipper pocket; 1 inward tablet pocket; 2 internal little pockets; 2 front zipper pockets. Things such as IPad, iPhone, wallet, snacks, tickets, magazine will fit perfectly with room left over for add-ons.

Those straps will be movable and ultra-comfortable over midsection. It might go about as a single-shoulder bag/sling bag, or a cross-body pack to utilization. It is an incredible bag for school, dating, shopping and voyaging.

Despite being not waterproof, it could make conveyed to open air activities, for example, running, cycling, camping, and so forth.

06.Airbag Personalized 3D Lion Studded PU Leather Casual Laptop Backpack School Bag


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Gorgeous front appearance of this backpack makes it look so distinguished from other backpacks. The image of a lion head expresses the strength, strong characteristic on users. Great decoration with tiny plastic diamonds around the head makes the pack look perfect.

This backpack is made in PU leather, which makes it so sturdy. Its size is on average one of 12.2″L x 4.7″W x 18.1″H. There is one main compartment and 1 interior computer holder. In addition, 2 interior pockets are added for your necessities.

The shoulder strap is easily adjustable. This does help your backpack fit in different situations and make you comfortable when carrying.

07. Berchirly Vintage Men Casual Canvas Leather Backpack Rucksack Bookbag Satchel Hiking Bag


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This backpack is made from the combination of canvas and genuine leather. The fabric is thick and sturdy. No more worry about mistaking someone ‘else bag as this has a unique appearance compared to other backpack

The straps are double thickened to help users feel comfortable. Furthermore,being able to support weight of books, this backpack is suitable for ones who have a lot of books for classes. This rucksack is definitely perfect for students and officers.

Although it doesn’t claim to be waterproof, it still has water absorption limit.

08. Unisex PU Laptop Backpack Knapsack Rucksack Weekender Daypack Bag


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This backpack is super trendy for both teenagers and adults. It is in casual style and is suitable for daily activities.

This backpack is made in PU leather. With the standard size of L:H:W: 14*17*5 inches, this vintage backpack is large enough for you to hold your 14” laptop, books, magazines, cellphones, etc. It is so easy to reach these items without having to open the whole backpack. There are also side pockets, which are for your water bottle or small items.

However, opening and closing the bag can kind of be a hassle. If you have got used to it, you can put up with it.

09. Kenneth Cole Reaction Back-Stage Access Good&god


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This bag is simple, masculine and it is black leather (with great greyish white stitching). But this is a quality bag that is actually quite rugged and professional and travels well.

It is boxy and never collapses and it stands upright as long as it’s not packed in a lopsided way. The handle on the top allows you to lift it like a vertical briefcase without any problems. Particularly, this can help a lot when navigating the aisle of a packed airplane. With the dimensions 9 inches x 10 inches x 17 inches, you can even take a roller board carry-on in the pack. It is perfect for officers who usually carry large laptop.

Thanks to the extension of one of the zippers throughout the entire length of the backpack, it folds completely out.

10.Hynes Eagle Vintage Canvas Leather Backpack Rucksack


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If you are interested in a distinguished backpack from the typical every day student or tech one, this is what you are looking for.

Being made of 90% high quality cotton canvas together with 10% genuine cowhide leather trim, it is undeniably durable. The medium capacity can still fit laptop up to 15 inches and other lots of things. Traveling or going camping, that size will fit you rightly. Straps with drop length of 35 inches help you adapt in every situation.

On the outside of the backpack, there are several pockets. On both two sides there is a deep pocket for a bottle of water or even a flashlight. On the front there is a large wide pocket. And on the back of the backpack there is a hidden pocket built into the lining which is a good spot to keep things to prevent from coming out, and items you wouldn’t want to hide from people.

11. Kenox Men’s Large Vintage Canvas Backpack School Laptop Bag Hiking Travel Rucksack


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If you’re looking for a fashionable backpack with great functionality, look no further than this.

The bag is pretty in standard size, perhaps on the smaller side. It is made of canvas material and has leather accents throughout, which definitely gives a classier look. In terms of comfort, the shoulder straps and back are padded enough to where it feels good to wear.

There are 4 different compartments: two buckles in the front, a small zipper right above the pouch, two open pockets on each side where you can easily fit your normal 16.9 fl oz plastic water bottles

The magnets are strong but easy to open. Upon investigating the pouch, it’s amazing how deep and how much room there is.


Now, it’s time to choose one nice leather backpack for men. Happy shopping!

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