Best tricks to get the best men’s watches

Why should you read this article before buying watches?

Wristwatch in these days is considered as a perfect accessory item. Like gold and silver, watches have been elevated to the rank of jewelry for not only a time-watching accessory, but also a kind of men’s jewelry to be preferred the most. An elegant watch creates harmony for clothes or simply asserts himself, which entirely can help a man express his personality. Therefore, a men’s watch seems to be a must-have item for any fashion-enthusiastic men.

But, according to the complex and diverse clock market situation nowadays, the fact that there are so many boys who have invested in the purchase of watches, but ended up to being shelved because of not considering carefully. So today, we will share our best tips to help you buy the most suitable men’s watches for your style, posture as well as your personality.


Let’s get started:

1. Buy men’s watches based on style?

There are 3 kinds of styles of watches you should note:

  • The simple and polite watches to work and do business with partners and interviews … for simple human form, not fussy in dress issues.
  • The sports, fashion and modern watches are suitable for occasions to go out with friends, dating …
  • The fussy and complicated watches to demonstrate luxury, status, and rank of the owners.

=> Therefore, before deciding to invest a watch, take the time needed to shape your style target and then make a purchase.

However, according to the study pointed out, the successful gentleman usually invests in at least two categories, one of the occasions requiring formal, polite and a daily wear.

2. Buy men’s watches based on the body figure

  • You are tall with full wrist bones: Choose the clock with round dial and metal or leather strap or small link will crown your politeness and elegance.
  • You are tall but thin with huge wrist bones: The square-dial watches with leather straps or a big stainless steel link will look best on your hand?
  • You stature is small with full wrist bones: Watches with round dial, leather strap or stainless steel small link are the most beautiful type.
  • You are tall with big wrist bones: Look for the large-sized watches, broad dial, more metallic, leather strap or large stainless steel link.
  • You are the angular, powerful: Do not look for the soft watches, find the sports, personality and strong watches styles.

3. Buy men’s watches based on the skin

Bright skin: Actually if your hand is in bright skin, wearing the light or dark watches is all beautiful. However, if you wear a dark dial with dark leather strap or stainless steel link watch will stand out more.

Dark skin or hairy wrist: You should choose the bright dial and dark leather strap watches or the stainless steel link with bright colors. The contrast between the light dial and the dark skin will highlight the watches more.

4. Based on your work


You are workers or teachers: You have always been a courteous, from words to accessories. The sample of polite, elegant and simple clocks always attracts you.

You do business, or communicate with business partners: Let’s exalt elegance and a bit of your personality differences with the ultra-premium model watches and the advanced. A watch full of elegance but still different makes partners respected you.

You do the technical work, sport: Please select for yourselves the sample which is a little bit complex, loud, energetic and unique.

You do painter, artist or composer: A unique clock style, like nobody, will make you enjoy it.

You do the work on money and finance: Look for the gold-plated watches, will make your fortune prosperous and luck.

5. Based on the personality?


You’re romantic and dreamy: Choose soft and gently watches. The attached stone samples really suit you. Also in some cases, you can select the samples in a little different style to create a new excitement for you.

You are the real persons: Look for the polite clock with elegant texture on the plainly clear, even simple watch dial.

Your personality likes to explore a refreshing change: Originality is your favorite word, so you also will be compatible with the unique watches, even slightly bizarre to keep your mind always active and inquiring.

You are innocent, fun and easy: The lovely, elegant and not too alternative watches will be right for you.

How to choose a suitable clock dial size for your wrist

1. How many types of the clock Sizes

  • Midsize: 34-36 mm
  • Men’s: 37-39 mm
  • Men’s Sport: 40-42 mm
  • Men XL: 45 mm


2. Select the clock size

Watches for men with size ranges are from 34-50 mm. For women who like to wear watches larger than the normal or men who have relatively small wrists, they should choose the Midsize.

If you buy watches as gifts, but do not know the size of the wearer’s hand, you can choose the general size for men which is 39-42 mm

When choosing the size clock, you should pay attention to the thickness and the type of hands as there are clocks with very large dials but because of the relatively tight straps, they are fitted with the wearers’ hands. So it’s the best to measure the lug to lug distance instead of just its dial.

3. The length watch’s strap

The length of straps of men’s watches is usually from 196 to 241 mm long.

The leather strap types are usually perforated a few holes to fit the wearer’s wrists. With the metal bracelet watches, they are often concatenated string chains, so when you bring the watches to the store to shorten their bracelet, you should retain the link in case you change your wrist size or broken.


The balance percentage between dial and wrist circumference is 4.0 – 5.0

4. Calculation of percentage

  • Divide the length of watch’s strap (wrist circumference) by the diameter of the watch dial.
  • Wrist circumference / 4.5 = the optimal size
  • Wrist circumference / 4 = the maximum size
  • Wrist circumference / 5 = the minimum size

You just take one piece of wire, marked the beginning and end of the wire that is just long enough to wrap your wrist; then apply the formula above. Surely you will choose the best sample.

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