Buying men’s canvas wallet

The wallet has become one of men’s signatures items, since the introduction of paper money and pocket-sized ID cards in the 1600s. At first they were used to store money only, so leather wallet with a luxurious look quickly became a trend for men at that time.

As time passes, people found out that they can store a handful of convenient things in their pocket and the wallet has come in many shapes and sizes for their need. Canvas was first used to make jeans because of their durability. Now not only a men’s canvas wallet can be used for a long time but they can also be as stylish as a fashion item for men. One may think that choosing a wallet is an easy task, but you ought to take these basic wallet features in your mind to help you find the longest lasting and the most convenient as well as unique for your style, with a reasonable price of course.

Buying mens canvas wallet

Canvas wallet

As being said, you should go look for a men’s canvas wallet because it is durable, lightweight and it can fit pretty much any of your clothing style. Most canvas wallets have this simple but somehow stylish design. Canvas comes in much different material, for instance twill, vinyl, nylon or cotton.

Often the tag of the material may not be stated clearly, but you can feel the material by your hand with ease. Check closely both inside and outside of the wallet for any loose finish, discoloration or similar deflects. Do check the zips and buttons of the wallet as they are small enough to be forgotten. A quality wallet can be used up to more than half a year with no crease on its back or no loosen zips/buttons.

Styles of canvas wallet

1. Bifold wallet

This is the original and most simple kind of wallet. They come like a half folded piece of paper which can be slim and convenient. You should not put a lot of cards and IDs in it because they can leave a crease mark on your wallet when folded into half. Users of this wallet type are often well-organized people as they know to choose which items are best to bring outside with them. As they are made of canvas, these types of wallets can slip easily into your jeans and pants, too.


2. Trifold wallet

A trifold wallet comes with 3 folded parts, which can store more items than a bifold. The middle section is usually an ID section so if you don’t like your name tag hanging around your neck, you can put them in this section, plus the way they are folded makes them quite easily to show the ID section instantly. If you are a businessman and often ends up collecting your business partners’ card visits or travel/bank cards, this type of wallet suits you perfectly.


3. Vertical wallet

Wallets in this category are vertical but some can be folded from the size for minimal pocket space. As often seen in the chest pocket, they are called breast wallet.

  • They come with many separated sections for cash, bank cards, travels cards etc.
  • As these wallets stress on the convenient and slim design, you should be able to choose and organize your cards wisely before buying a vertical wallet.
  • This will help you save a lot of time beforehand when traveling or on meetings as the important cards/papers are needed immediately.

For similar traveling use, you can also look for the travel wallet which resembles the vertical type but with bigger space and size. The trade off is that you cannot put it in your front pocket. They are more likely to be put in travel bags.

4. Horizontal wallet

The opposite of the vertical wallet, these wallets can fit quite an amount of everything. As they are horizontal, they are often put in men’s back pocket. Designed with a top opening for easy cash take-out, the other section is also separated so you can organize your cards neatly. Take this wallet if you are keen on keeping all of your belongings in one spot.

5. Slim card holder

Designed for the minimal storage of cards, these are often called card holders and can be use conveniently on a typical night out, where not much ID or cash is needed. You just need to bring some bank cards in these wallets to make enjoyable and stylish. They have soon become a big trend for both men and women. You can find them at pretty much any convenient stores downtown.


6. Coin wallet

These wallets do as what their name is told. Some people have the tendency to keep their change in a separate place for their small transactions. Although they are not as common as the other categories, you should pick one up at a store because the more organized you are, the more time you can save.

Color and design


Canvas wallets come with a variety of colors and designs. Similar to leather wallets, canvas help create a bold, strong and manly image if dressed with the right clothing mix. Therefore, choose a canvas wallet with bold color to help stress your appearance. Brown, black or mossy green is usually a classic option. Wallets that come with a trim can be more durable than single-stitched ones.But in the end, it is you that knows your personal taste and style best.

Different wallet designs come with different opening/closing methods. For instance, a Velcro-type wallet can be convenient for quick seals but they wear out over time very fast. Zipper wallets are more common as they are durable, but mind the amount of items you put in the wallet so as not to break the zips. If you are an old-fashion type, chose one with the buttons. Although they takes more time to operate, buttons help put a classy look on your style and they can be fixed easily. Snap wallets is an alternative for buttons, but always make sure you wallet is not full because they can be worn out as fast as Velcro wallets.

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