How to choose men’s watches under the circumstances?

A.   How to choose men’s watches under the circumstances

Wristwatches not only speak the language of time, but also confirm the style and class of men. In this article, we suggest selecting men’s watches to suit each situation, help the gentleman score with the opposite by his flair.

It would be great and convenient if you can find a suitable timepiece for every situation, but it’s really rare. Moreover, the gentlemen who are connoisseurs of watches usually own more than 2 or 3 different watches, because simplicity that watches worn on the hand has to be modified to best suit the costume, with views and the nature of the event they are attending.


Italian capitalists – Gianni Agnelli, one of the famous shareholders of Fiat had favored the cuff forms tighten the wrist to the extent that he had to wear a luxury watch off his cuff. On the other hand, as for the oversized electronic watches of Al Gore, US, the vice president under Clinton had conveyed the message about the reality of the veteran politicians who were responsible for the time and the wealth of people.

And you, have you known how to choose a watch for events or different situations to suit the image and personality of your own yet?

How to choose men’s watches for formal events

Big event requires dresscode black tie, you will need to wear a refined and discreet watch with a small dial to slide beneath the French cuffs. At the parties, always remember to mix and match the cufflinks harmonized with the color of the watch metal. If cufflinks are enameled or studded stone, be coloring with colored stones on the dial of the watch.

You do not necessarily have to the watches forming expensive complication. A watch in modern uniform style with elegant leather strap can also suit with the solemn event.

Select wristwatches for the holidays:

A big watch will be the highlight point of your daily outfit, whether you’re wearing a T-shirt or tweed costumes. Choose the watches with minimalist design and steel material to the large strap and interesting dials. It will be better if they are sport watches.

How to choose watches for the mission:

Watches with large size made by steel or gold will be the personality manifesto in corporate meetings. You can freely decide the highlight of the watch on the size, material or encrusted with diamonds or gemstones, but remember that you should mix the watch’s color with color of the sleeve.

Men’s watches for sports training:

You can own high-end men’s watches made with ultimate steel processed in Switzerland. It can be promised to be more benefit for outdoor activities, however, be wise and leave it at home. The optimal choices for sports training sessions are sports watches with durable rubber. Rubber material allows you to comfortably operate without fear of scratches or bending.


B.   7 questions when buying luxury watches men

Watches are now not only a time management tool but also a fashion accessory which are indispensable for the gentleman. Senior men’s watches of famous brands are a significant investment. So, here are top 7 FAQs when deciding to buy watches.

1. Should I spend a big mount for money?

A luxury and famous watch for men has price range from $ 1,000 to $ 100,000 and possibly more. One of the world’s expensive models is the tourbillon. Only a very small group of workers leading the world is capable of manufacturing this apparatus. Tourbillon apparatus has more than 200 years old including a rotating cage, inside the wheel balance and the exit coaxial, 60 seconds is the time to complete an engine cycle in order to balance and reconcile the adverse impact of gravity to the timer. A watch with tourbillon apparatus is the ultimate symbol of class.

2. Red, white, or gold?

The sparkling of gold color depends on the ratio of copper and silver mixed with pure gold. Gold has always been fashionable, but you might consider one of other countless shades of pink gold. Pink gold possesses the highest amount of copper in the three categories; they have a slight blush gently.


3. Steel or Titanium?

High-quality stainless steel has bright surface, powerfulness and high resistance to rust and corrosion effects. But, titanium is stronger than steel to 30 times and lighter than 50 times, stronger resistance to corrosion, and without irritation. An ultra-lightweight titanium timepiece brings comfort on the wrist. But you will have to trade off of that to get a gray watch – someone would be boring, and in spite of the advantages mentioned above, are easily scratched.

4. Simple or complex?

In terms of the watches, complication is a must-have function of any watches apart from the function of displaying the time, for example, display a calendar and moon week. However, this term often aims to complex mechanisms such as perpetual calendar or second-splitting watches, which includes hundreds of parts assembled into a tiny watch. Because they are very effortless for processing, these complex watches are very expensive to worth their performance.

5. Big or Bigger?

Wristwatches for men are becoming greater, beyond the limits of the past 40mm diameter. Why? It is mainly for the reasons of fashion. This trend is inspired by old watches of the Italian divers which were larger than normal design allowing the wearers to use under the dark Mediterranean Sea. If the watch looks like a ball hockey on your wrist, more people will appreciate your trendy or pretentious, depending on the moment.

6. Do I need to own a watch with time-recording function?

Most men prefer this kind of watch – the stopwatch with timer to count seconds, minutes to start and stop as you want – thanks to the strong design, the dynamic of the buttons and the sub dial. The stopwatch is quite handy when it is able to count to 1/5 seconds for mechanical watches, and up to 1/100 second for battery-powered electronic watches. But, unless you are enrolling in the position of the Ironman, the majority of the functionality is just for decoration.

7. Water-Resistant Watches: 50m or 200m Pressure?


Watches have different levels of water resistance, which is displayed on the dial or the back of the clock. Pay attention to the signs, because the parameters of depth are not the same. Most companies use meters as the common unit of measurement. Occasionally you will see the signs ATMs (short for atmospheres, i.e. pressure) or bars, both of which are correspond to 10m. Once you complete the conversion of units, select a suitable depth for your needs. Water resistance up to 50m clock means you can wear it in the shower. Sports watches are usually denoted ownership 100m (allowing you to swim and dive in rivers) or 200m (allow to tourism dive). You do not need more notation than that unless you plan to deep-sea diving.

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