Why every guy needs to wear a watch

These days, it is hard for everyone to imagine a day without smartphones. We wake up, get ready for work, or even have meals with that modern invention. For sure, it is very convenient since the smartphones can help us with so many things, from answering emails to entertaining. But is a smartphone really enough? I bet we all heard someone once said “Who needs a watch when I have my phone?” However, a watch is not simply just a tool, which helps you check the time. It is a necessity of men, especially businessmen. Here are some reasons why the watch industry is still going strong.

1. A watch is a piece of jewelry


Men are not as lucky as women when it comes to jewelry and accessory. Remember this saying: “A watch is the only accessory that a man can truly wear every day.”  Invest a bit of time and money to have your own watch collection, so you can have fun experimenting by changing straps for different outfits and occasions. It may be not that easy to find the style that suits you, but believe me, it’s worth the time and effort. It can also be your personal statement. Let’s take a look at some celebrities who successfully pull out a good look with watches: Pierce Brosnan plays James Bond amazingly wearing an Omega Seamaster, singer-songwriter Usher has a huge collection of Rolex, or we’re no longer surprised when Tom Cruise appears with a Bremont watch on his wrist. A fine wristwatch can be used to demonstrate your style and taste.

2. A watch can help you politely cut short a conversation

Time is precious; especially when you are running a business and the situation can change every minute. Sometimes you’re trapped in an unproductive conversation with someone and you can’t just interrupt him or her. Looking at your phone can send out a negative rude message, but a quick look at your watch isn’t. It is enough to suggest to them that you are having other things to take care of at that moment. A smooth escape right?

3. A watch makes a great heirloom.


One of the biggest fears of human is being forgotten. We can show our love and appreciation towards our loved ones who passed away by wearing a piece of their accessories. In many cases, men wear their fathers and grandfathers’ watches as a way to honor their memories. The watch doesn’t have to worth a treasure; it’s the love that matters.

4. Perception is important


Wearing a watch can be a part of your resume. Many people naturally assume that men who wear wristwatches are more intelligent and more successful. We all know how important perception is when it comes to job interviews, dating, or networking. You can never go wrong with a nice fit wristwatch. Remember, dress to impress my friends.

These are some reasons we think every man needs a watch in his life. If you do through this list and still think that you don’t need one, think again, because everyone loves James Bond. And he has a watch on his wrist.

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