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Tennis is one of the most popular sports, which is very active and beneficial to your health. If you want to take part in a sport and choose tennis, then there are many things that you need to prepare before you set your foot on the course.

The most important and significant item which may get all the attention is the best racquet for tennis. Besides this gear, there are many other things that you need to pay attention to in order to play with comfort and safety.  The list of the best items for men to play tennis includes proper clothing, tennis shoes, tennis sunglasses and hats.

In this article, I will briefly introduce you about these items, their importance as well as how to pick for the most suitable one.

Here is the list of what you should wear while playing tennis.

1. Clothing


People care about tennis fashion more than any other sport. There are thousands of brands of tennis clothing available on the market. It is good that you can choose suitable tennis clothing that both look fashionable and technologically advanced.

The most important feature that you need to pay attention to while you choose men tennis clothing is material.

  • A piece of clothing with good material will enable you to move with much flexibility and freedom.
  • Another thing is that they need to keep you cool.You tend to sweat a lot during and after you play tennis. Therefore, you should look for materials such as synthetic material. Avoid cotton at all cost because it will capture your sweat and stick to your body, making you feel uncomfortable.
  • There are many brands which produce good material which can help to circulate the air and sweat really well, while being lightweight and flexible. They include Dry-Fit and Climate, to name just a few.
  • There are also several technologies that you could find in certain materials such as antimicrobial polymer which provides extra comfort as well as UV protective, which helps to block UV rays from absorbing into your skin.

Besides materials, you should also consider other factors such as color and style. Choosing them is entirely up to your preference.

Lastly, you should make sure your clothing fit your body perfectly. A shirt whose size is slightly bigger will make you feel more comfortable but if the size is too big, it will hinder your movements.

2. Sunglasses


Like any other outdoor sport such as golf (, tennis also requires players to wear sunglasses to protect their eyes from the harsh sunlight.

Furthermore, a perfect pair of sunglasses will enhance your vision and make you see better with certain kinds of lenses.

When you want to buy a pair of sunglasses to play tennis, remember to look for these things below:

  • Frames: you should look for a frame which is very durable and flexible. There are some frames like polycarbonate frame can bend to a certain amount without breaking and it sure can withstand a certain amount of energy from contact with balls or racquet.
  • Size and Weight: choose one pair which is lightweight. Also make sure that the one you have is a good fit. Too tight and it will make you feel uncomfortable. Too loose and it will bounce up and down every time you jump.

Check if the sunglasses can hug your face fully and that the nose pads fit your nose.

  • Lenses: the best color for tennis lenses is golden one which is amber tinted. With this kind of color, you can see and distinguish the tennis ball from the background better.

Also with this color, you can see sharper and stronger images under the broad sunlight.

  • UV Protection and Polarized Features: tennis glasses should offer you UV protection since you spend most of the time playing under the sun. With polarized features, it can help us to enhance your vision and reduce glare from opposing objects.

3. Hats


There are 2 main types of hats you can choose from including wrap-around visor cap and full peak cap.

A tennis hat is very important. Along with sunglasses, it protects your head and your face from the harsh UV rays. When choosing a hat for tennis playing, you should choose based on the material as well as other supporting features:

  • Make sure you choose the material which is lightweight, breathable and can help to circulate the air well.
  • It needs to be able to protect you from the UV rays.
  • Mesh insert feature: Look for tennis hat with this feature to make sure the air will be circulated well inside the cap.
  • Always try to put the tennis hat on your head to make sure it is a good fit. When putting on a hat, try to move your head backwards and forwards to check if the hat can fall out easily.

4. Tennis Shoes


Tennis shoes are one of the most essential items for men in tennis. It is really important that you can find a pair of tennis shoes which support the constant running and moving as well as sliding and dragging activities. A suitable pair of good shoes will provide both support for your feet as well as prevent you from getting serious injuries.

Tennis shoes are designed specifically to play tennis. It means that you should not wear tennis shoes to play other sports and vice versa- you should not wear other sport shoes while playing tennis.

In general, tennis shoes are flat which give you more contact with the ground. They also support the run and stop motion.

Here are some most important features that you need to look for when choosing tennis shoes:

  • Types: basically, the type of tennis shoes will depend on the type of the court’s surface. You should decide if you are going to play in grass court or concrete court.
  • If you play mostly in concrete court then the pair of tennis shoes needs to come with extra padding and more durability. Because the surface will be tough on your tennis shoes, opt for leather or vinyl material.
  • Soft court: if you often play tennis in a soft court, make sure the tennis shoes are equipped with non-damaging traction.
  • Support: there are many kinds of support which depend on many feature. For example, with different styles of playing, you need to buy shoes with different support.
  • If you run along the back line all the time, buy a pair of shoes that offers lateral support.
  • If you tend to play against the net, you should consider buying shoes with a durable toecap.
  • Ventilation: Some tennis shoes are made with breathable materials, which could also help to ventilate the air inside your shoes well.

Also there are some other shoes which have a special design such as multiple holes across the up sole. This design will also ensure better ventilation.

  • Durability: make sure you buy high quality tennis shoes which can last through intensive movements.

Make sure that the pair of tennis shoes that you want to buy will fit your feet perfectly. Don’t assume anything but put one the shoes that you like. Walk on them as well as jumping on them to make sure you can buy a good fit.

In term of a good fit, you need to find your foot type in order to choose the best essential tennis shoes for you. 3 types of foot type include over pronation, Neural and Supination.

  • Over pronation: In this case, your feet are completely flat. You will need a pair of tennis shoes with stabilizing feature.
  • Neutral: In this case, there is a little gap between the arch and the ground. Luckily, any type of shoes can be worn in various occasions.
  • Supination: When the space between your arch and the surface get bigger, it means you have a supination feet’s style. In this case, you should look for a pair of tennis shoes which offers support for lateral movements.

Along with tennis shoes, you also need to prepare a good pair of socks. They will offer you extra cushioning as well as support for your feet and your ankle.

Other Accessorizes


Besides other necessary tennis items I mentioned above, you can also prepare other items for extra convenience and comfort. For example, you can have forehead bands to wipe off any excessive sweats and prevent them from getting into your eyes.

You can also equip yourself with wristbands and arm sleeves to prevent your wrists and arm knees from getting injuries and support their movement.

Here is the list of the most essential and useful items for men while playing tennis. You should spend some time searching for the best of them to ensure you have the best experience and feel most comfortable playing tennis.Also with proper sets of clothing and equipment, you will reduce your risk of getting injuries and increasing your chances of winning.

I hope with my general guide in this article, you would be able to search for the most fashionable and effective tennis items.

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