The importance of Men’s watches and how to choose a suitable male watches

The importance of Men’s watches

Quite surprisingly that in addition to a Western outfit, shoes are the first accessories that most men agree to invest a lot on. However, when at work most of the time your shoes again are hidden from view of others.

So, to wisely create a good impression in the workplace, you should choose a truly exquisite timepiece. As men’s watch is an indispensable kind of accessory to express the personality of successful gentlemen.

To master the job effectively, firstly, learn to master your own time. The watch is a useful aid to assist you in this. Men always have difficulty in choosing the dress, because the designs for men, especially the workplace uniforms are rather monotonous and often boring, so, a men’s watch bring is a highlight point for your outfit. The watch will shine on your wrist, to attract all glances instead of a pair of western shoes.


The selection of a suitable watch, it seems rather easy but absolutely not in reality. You cannot choose an electronic timepiece with plastic strap to mix with a luxury western outfit. Of course, that timepiece can bring comfort and many different benefits. But this has created imbalances in the costumes, makes the lack of harmony in personal aesthetic. Choose a simple watch, classic but trendy, and style as well as substance to make you feel comfortable when wearing. Do not be afraid to invest in an expensive timepiece. Of course, you do not need to spend too much, but are not stingy when choosing a good watch serving for your work. Men’ watches have many designs and options to meet the different prices. If you are concerned to your budget, let’s choose a Seiko SRN047P1, price of £ 219 to fit your interests.

Watches are crafted by the Japanese manufacturer which is trusted by many people. Classic designs with a modern automatic technology help all operations from the arm, powering the timepiece to operate continuously without stopping.

If you have much money to spend on, Raymond Weil watches with the price of £ 900 will be the appropriate choice. Maestro Raymond Weil watches from Swiss manufacturer are overgilded pink gold by the finely craft making a subtle and luxurious sense. Men’s watches which are not fussy but details, bringing classic style, this is the watch made by hand and this manual method telling the meticulousness of designer as well as craftsmen.

Paris has always been considered one of the top fashion capitals in the world. Since the 80s, there have been many watch samples that were favored up to now. For example, the famous sample of the designer, Cartier, the Cartier Tank Solo at an average price of £ 2490 can make your purse wobble. If you prefer the elegant style of the French nobility costume, this is one of the best choices you cannot ignore.

At the high-end lines of men’s watches, Patek Philippe Calatrava priced $ 14,250 really has created a whole new pinnacle in watchmaking technology. All details are made by hands; each timepiece is a perfect masterpiece worthy of the title of No. 1. To own a Patek Philippe timepiece not only proves to the success but also luxurious enough to make many envious and admire eyes have flocked towards you.

Watch’s dial shape:

  • Round or square and materials constructed of steel or gold.
  • Not necessary if you just wear the simple suit for work.

Colors of the dial

White, black, silver, blue or beige, in addition to not choose other colors that are too flashy or outstanding as they will reduce the classical definition of costumes, men’s watches should be elegant and formal.


Simple, operation of watching hours and calendar is enough.


It is best to choose leather or metal, there should be a mix of both and choose dark hydrophobic plastic strap when accompanying with suits.


Choose the one that suits your budget the most.

4 steps to choose a suitable male watches

Men’s watches bring the most obvious difference when mixing with the outfit, but not everyone can choose a suitable watch at first.


Once you know how to choose the watch under the circumstances, you have to learn how to combine them with clothing, accessories, so that it is harmony but still outstanding to attract the opposite. In this article, we will help you choose and wear a stylish man’s watch.


1. Choose one or more watches?

If you have a tight budget and plan to buy a watch that can be worn in any case, it must be a watch-neutral, meaning that it can be combined with any color, and align with every level of formality of the outfit.

Choose a simple watch with its details designed reasonably, not too ostentatious and has metal strap instead of leather. If you really want to own a leather strap watches, please note this: black leather strap watches cannot coordinate with the brown belt or leather shoes and vice versa. Therefore, our optimization is a watch that can replace the leather strap. You can change the color of the strap matching outfits and accessories. When choosing this solution, should priority the watch shell made from stainless steel or silver, some are white as they can be easily combined with many different strap colors.

If you are willing to own two or three pieces, so simple, you will have more choices. Each can focus solely on functionality, style, color, and type of its strap.

2. Metal or leather strap?

As noted above, watches are usually neutral strap and easy to combine with any outfit. However, this time, you have to pay attention to the color scheme of accessories. Men should wear less jewelry and not too prominent. If you are wearing watches with silver strap then select a ring or bracelet in silver instead of gold, and vice versa. Also, always keep your watches as the center accessories, do not wear too many bracelets with the metal element, a few bracelets pieces will make your wrist more subtle look.


For strap made of leather, you must ensure the color of strap matching leather items that you are using, such as shoes, belts, bags. At the highest level of form, a black leather belt watches will be more luxurious than metal wires. In those cases that are less “formal” than, brown leather belt shows a relaxed attitude.

It’s important to weigh your choices is the difference in the properties of materials: metals are easy to use, showing the tough, strong and masculine while the leather shows dexterity and bears deep personal.

3. Styles of dial and shell of the watch

The dial of the watch is the top, containing the signs displayed. The outer shell is a metal frame containing the number and division of the clock timer.

Most of the outer shells of the watches are made of metal, usually solid metals or stainless e.g. stainless steel, white gold, pink gold, yellow gold, platinum or titanium. However, in addition to sports watches and instruments to serve the purpose of practicing professional sports, there is a little reason to make grown men choose a watch with rubber or plastic shell. They express strong and masculine sense, moderate prices and especially are very reliable. You absolutely can wear watches with rubber shell in smart casual style customs, but remember not to choose a too thick shell; they are only suitable for sportswear.

The dial is different from the shell; on the other hand, we have a wealth of shapes, colors and different materials. Black or white watch dial is the most popular choice for men. Meanwhile, the presences of special colors are usually more expensive. The signs of the time such as numbers and the hands usually are contrasting colors to the dial of a watch, some details remaining to be coated luminous layer that can be seen in the night.

On average, a watch for men with big size, high-contrast colors and details is more attractive and less formal, suitable for daily wear. Silver or steel shells, dark and small watch dial will be suitable for work.

The shape of the shell and the clock dial is the choice related to aesthetics. There are many watch dials with square or rectangular style for business, but the watch is still around the optimal choice. The more unusual (e.g., triangular, hexagonal and oval) are increasingly recommended for daily outfits because they reveal the unique characteristic

4. Apparatus for timer

Apparatus timer is the factor to easily make many men disoriented. Basically, there are three types of Apparatus (and the smaller classification):


Mechanical apparatus: It activates thanks to a spring inside the wire loop. You must be regularly winding and the precision may decrease over time

The automatic Apparatus: Based on the movement of the apparatus in order to create energy for the movement. This Apparatus can guarantee the exact time as long as it is worn regularly and sometimes have to shake to produce energy.

Electronic Apparatus: Or also known as a battery-powered watch or quartz. It will run correctly if continuously using energy such as batteries, power sources or from solar energy.

Watches with electronic apparatus are often cheaper than being mass produced. Mechanical or automatic watches are more expensive because they require sophisticated processing techniques and are symbols of the time.

In addition to these factors, the rest depends on your tastes. Selecting a big brand with the most advanced technology or use classic handmade watches of your father does not a matter really, as long as it fits.

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  1. Choosing a watch can be as simple as one, two, three. But, it can also be nerve-wracking if you lack the basic knowledge to do it. Very useful & interesting tips. Thank you a lot!

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