How to incorporate your belt into your outfit

It goes without saying that we all want to dress well, especially when we have to venture outdoors and meet others. Still, many of us tend to ignore one small yet important detail that can make positive or negative impression on our images. It is the belt. While the very idea of “dressing well” is based more or less on individual preferences and tastes, there are still common aspects we need to consider. You may have a good men belt but you must also know how to use it properly. So if you are puzzling about using belts, this article will give you a few notes to follow in order to incorporate your belt well into your clothes.


While the undisputed purpose of a belt is to go with our pants and keep them uptight, it still serves a part in making up your impression toward the public  This little accessory if not properly arranged to be matched with your outfit will stand out and potentially become an eyesore to others. And if you truly want to avoid this nuisance then you can find some useful advice below.

1. Occasions

This is the factor that defines what you should go with. If you are about to go to a formal meeting or a business convention, there are rules to follow. In the other hand, if you are thinking about attending a casual get – together or a simple hang out with friends and family, the rules are much more lax but still require some appropriate considerations from your end. To sum it up, at first, you must know where you are going to and the atmosphere over there.

  • Serious and formal meetings

These kinds of occasions consist of business meetings, job interviews, or important events etc. in a person life, In these situations, you need to express a professional, respectful and straight forward attitude. Present yourself in a sloppy and improvised way here will definitely ruin your image in people eyes. Still, you can dress in a way that resembles your style in a moderate way.

    • The color: The color of your belt should match with the rest of your accessories such as your wristwatch and your shoes. The colors of these should also not be too bright, a slightly dark and brown tone would do it nicely. The idea is to built up a smooth image and not to attract more attention in one place of your body than the others.
    • The buckle: Pretty much the center of attention of your belt. You should always go for simple design such as the tang or the box frame. If they happen to have decorating on them, make sure that they don’t  stand out or unsuitable to the place. Flashy and shiny designs are not recommended. You can still express your style here but have to keep it at an acceptable level to others and take into account the current atmosphere.
  • Dressing out :

This is the occasion that you can dress in way that shows off your personality and ways of living to the fullest. This includes an outdoor hang out with a friend or a long trip with relatives. Since these people are quite closed to you, you can dress up in a way most comfortable and suitable to you. The same can be said about your belt. But still, don’t go too wild on this. There is a limit to everything. Though these situations usually have a rather relaxing atmosphere, do dress in a sensible fashion. While your belt designs and colors can be whatever you want, people opinions are still important. Essentially, you can use your best men belt and incorporate it with any of you clothes combinations and have little rules to follow here. But do try to dress in an amicable manner.

  • Casual get together

This is the most common occasion that you have to face. From simple walks to work or after – work drinks with colleagues or a get – together with some neighbors, these are situations that you may encounter in  daily life. The requirements for this occasion are also comparably average to the two above. It is best to stick to a simple and versatile belt such as a black belt. This belt will go well with many sets of clothes. The buckle design should be kept down to a functional level and not too catchy to the eyes. Your clothes should also be arranged in a way that are appropriate to the surroundings and when combined with your belt can generate a calm and friendly approach to other.



It’s always good to utilize an set up consisting of accessories made from the same material. Your belt also should be a part of this rule. If you wristwatch and your shoes are made from leather, then your belt better be made from leather as well. And of course you can use other materials such as canvas or synthetic products too. Some even use crocodile skin – related accessories. In fact many have a deep passion for this particular type of material. Still, you should always consider your budget aspect in this criterion


Your belt should have a good fit with your pant and has a compact feeling. Not too big or too small. It is generally advised that the length of your belt should be managed to pass the first loop in your pants a considerably distance after your buckle it. This will keep your belt in place and won’t wobbling in the move.

Above are some useful information about how to have a nice combination of your belt and your clothes plus accompanied accessories. You can purchase the best men belt available just to see it turns out to be unsuitable because you don’t know how to properly use it along with the rest of you clothes. With this article, you can exploit all the advantages that a belt can offer to you.

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