Leather money clip wallet: Famous products and their features.


With the use of cards as the main way to deal with bills and expenses, wallets designed to carry a lot of money are no longer in favor and the ability to hold cards has become an attractive feature of an ideal wallet. But then there will be occasion when a few bills are handier than a card. It’s why many still desire a wallet to hold a good number of cards while also able to carry a bit of cash. And that is the reason for leather money clip wallets to become quite popular lately. If you want to get such a wonderful wallet for yourself, then just take a look at the products below and pick out the most suitable one for yourself.

While not too much different from any other wallets on the market, wallet with money clip has a special feature that made its name: A clip to hold bills. There are plenty of clip mechanisms from tension to magnetic but most are relatively quick to use and manipulate. It provides a comfortable way to store a small amount of cash in addition to your cards for situations that bills are the more convenient, if not only, way to pay for your purchases. Now, let’s go through the features of some wallets with money clip available now on the market.

01. Le’aokuu Men’s Genuine Leather Cowhide Magnet Money Clip Credit Case Holder Slim Wallet


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A slim product from Le’aokuu, this wallet is very compact yet still able to store a large number of items. With up to 7 different height slots which can be inserted with 1 or 2 cards each, it can carry all of the cards or card – size stuffs that you may need and help to quickly identify them. The money clip utilizes a magnet mechanism easy yet reliable to use and can support up to 5 or 6 half – fold bills. The use of genuine leather and precise craftsmanship results in a unique and durable product that can last for years.

Employing an innovative arrangement that emphasizes space efficient, this wallet will be a good companion for people who want both cards and cash in a thin profile wallet able to fit in the pant pockets. The strength of the magnet limits the number of bills you can carry though. And the use of leather sometimes makes the wallet smell a bit after purchase but this will go away after a short time in use.

02. Viosi Genuine Kingston Leather Magnetic Front Pocket Money Clip Made with Powerful RARE EARTH Magnets


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Also using magnet in its money clip, this palm – size Viosi product can be carried conveniently in your front pan pockets. Made of rare earth elements, the magnet in the money clip prove to be sturdy and effective in keeping your bills in place. It’s got 3 slots for cards, 2 large – size slots and an ID window; these features make it become very flexible to meet any of your needs. Made of Kingston cow leather, careful sticking and secured slots, all of your expectations for a money clip wallet can be satisfied with this product

Good choice for people who like to travel with a minimum load in their wallets. The product can satisfy most of your requirements for a money clip wallet while remains reasonably thin to easily slide into your pockets. Anyhow, since the wallet doesn’t have a big storage space, it’s wise that you sort out to put in only actual necessary items; otherwise, the wallet becomes rather tight and hard to be handled.

03. Alpine Swiss Leather Money Clip Magnetic Front Pocket Wallet Strong Thin Magnet


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A high quality product from Alpine Swiss, if you want a small wallet that has a secured and adequate storage space then this product is surely worth your consideration. The magnet money clip is quite strong and can support up to 10 half – fold bills. It also got 3 slots for cards and an ID window, sufficient if you want to pack light. The use of genuine leather offers a soft and smooth feeling while also enables the wallet to stay effective after a long time in use.

With a slim profile, the product is barely noticeable in your pockets and won’t strain your body even when you have to carry it around for quite some time. If you want to replace a big and fat wallet, then this shall be a wise purchase. You may feel uneasy with the tightness of the slots at first but they will loosen soon to meet your requirements.

04. Palm West 225RFID-A Men’s Leather Money Clip Wallet, RFID Blocking Technology


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A premium Palm West wallet, this is a product that pays special attention to customers’ safety and comfort. With a streamline and non – bulky design, the wallet is very convenient to put in/take out of your pockets and it provides a quick access to all items inside. Utilizing top of the line bridle leather and tree oil instead of chemical, this wallet is eco – friendly and doesn’t have any harmful effect on your health. The RFID cover makes sure that no electronic scanning can be executed without your permission. With up to 12 cards slots on each sleeve and a tough money clip, it’s able to carry quite a large number of items for its size.

High quality, spacious interior and good protection are the strong points of this wallet. You will have a hard time to find out another wallet with the same features. The tightness of the slots may make it hard to use them at first but they will eventually stretch out to your liking.

05. Printed grain cow hide leather money clip with magnet


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If you are in need of an ultra-thin wallet with money clip, then this Value on Style product will be among the best option available for you. With up to 5 cards slots, an ID window and a sturdy money clip able to hold 10 half – fold bills, its storage space is quite admirable while the overall size of the wallet is not bigger than the palm of your hand. With pebble grain cow leather as the main material, the wallet can assure a totally super endurance.

Easy to use and carry, this product is quite handy if you want to pack some cash along with your cards for your own convenience. The size makes it suitable for long travels and won’t bring in any uncomfortable feeling. However, the leather may smell a bit because of being freshly manufactured so if you encounter this, put it somewhere well ventilated and the smell will be gone after few hours.

06. Men’s Lambskin Leather Spring Money Clip Compact Bifold Front Pocket Wallet


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Small, slim and spacious, this wallet from Vodux is a good sample of compact money clip wallet easy to use and quick for handling. Possessing 10 cards slots, an ID window and a tough internal money clip, this product is able to function well, up to your expectations for an ideal money clip wallet. Lambskin as the main material is well – processed and coupled with precise lining. All results in a flexible and soft wallet yet very durable against frequent uses and natural elements.

The wallet is pretty much a typical bifold with a money clip. This is a product able to carry a relatively high number of cards along with cash bills. It’s certainly a wise purchase if you also wish to get an endurable wallet with a money clip. With 6 -7 half – fold bills, the money clip can grip an adequate amount of cash for daily use. The chemical odor from the wallet may annoy you a bit after sale but this will go off in a short time.

07. Fossil Men’s Ingram Magnetic Multi-Card Wallet


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The wallet employs one of the strongest money clips on the market to support a surprisingly large number of cash bills in such a thin profile. If you want a high capacity money clip wallet, you should take a look at this Fossil. While designed only for 3 cards, the stretchy leather material allows you to store up to 6 or more cards if you want to. And with the ability to keep securely 15+ half – fold bills, the magnetic money clip assures the safety of an abundant amount of cash ready to use. The stitching is done very carefully so you can expect the product will stay intact for quite a long time.

Able to carry a lot while remains very compact, Fossil wallet is really a high quality money clip wallet highly appreciated by people who want to carry a considerable amount of cash in their wallet yet desire it to be as thin as possible. The slimness of the product make customers feel comfortable when putting it in their pant pockets and will be hardly noticed from the outside. Anyhow, you should not overload the wallet with cards because this will cause some difficulty in taking them out.

08. Goson Cowhide Leather Wallet with Money Clip, Credit Card Holder, ID Window, Slim Front Pocket Wallet for Men


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A convenient Goson wallet for people who prefer a versatile product. The open layout and quick access design make this money lip wallet to be a good companion for those who have a preference for lightweight wallets. Within a compact dimension, it’s got 3 card slots, 2 slide compartments, a magnetic money clip and 1 ID window. The flexible arrangement and spacious interior enable you to insert more than 9 cards with 15 half – fold bills. This means you can carry around everything you need in this wallet and it still easily slides into your pocket without creating any noticeable bulge.

It’s really a great product if you favor a wallet slim, thin with an adequate storage. The slots are tight enough to secure your card but also enable you to easily identity and take them out when necessary. The magnet money clip proves to be rather tough to hold a good number of bills. If you are tired of having to bring a thick wallet whenever leaving home, you have got a good solution to this problem right here.

09. AlpineSwiss RFID Blocking Men’s Money Clip Leather Minimalist Front Pocket Wallet


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From the famous Alpine Swiss brand, this wallet featuring small dimension, non – bulky set up and RFID cover is a suitable accessory to bring with and able to protect all of your wallet contents. Using high quality leather as the main material coupled with lots of attention on the stitching, the wallet proves to be exceptionally strong yet elegant at the same time. With 3 cards slots, 2 oversize compartments, an ID window and a durable money clip that can hold 10+ half – fold bills, this is truly a perfect money clip wallet for people who want a small and effective one to use, without creating any bulges in their pant pockets.

With the stylish appearance and effective functions, the wallet performance makes it attractive in the eyes of customers who prefer slim and secured products easy to fit in their pockets and free of troubles when sitting or waking. A minor problem, the leather clip direction may poke the inside of your pockets if the wallet does not slides in the right position, so be mindful.

10. HUSKK Ultra Slim Bifold Leather Wallet – Top Quality Leather – Up to 8 Cards


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A high capacity wallet from HUSKK. The interior space of this product is smartly used to offer near – instant access to every nook and cranny of itself when needed. This makes the wallet easy to operate and able to manipulate in whatever way you see fit. With 2 divided compartments to hold a total of 8 cards and a possible number of around 12 bills in the half fold position on its money clip, this product can be comfortably stored with necessary items to get you through the day.

An innovative arrangement has cut down the size to the minimum and got a considerable capacity. This allows the wallet to fit in your front pant pockets and barely noticeable even with its maximum load. The money clip is a non – detachable band though so you have to neatly fold your bills to slide them in.

Modern days come with modern advantages. Using cards is becoming more and more popular as a convenient method to pay for products and services. But this doesn’t guarantee that card payment is welcomed or handy everywhere, especially for small purchases. So best wallets with money clip are produced to meet the requirement of using both ways of payment. Then just take a quick glance at the above products and simply select the most suitable one for yourself.


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