What makes Swiss Watches reputation?

The term “Made in [name of a country]” is simply for referring the location where products are made, for example, “Made in China”, “Made in USA” or “Made in Japan”. However, in the watch industry, “Swiss Made” or “Made in Switzerland” has a very special meaning. “Swiss-made” watches have brought a sense of elegance, value and class to many people around the world . Have you ever wondered why Swiss Made watches have such a huge reputation in the world of watches? How does Switzerland in fact make about 50% of the world’s watches? Here is some information to prove that it is not simply just a myth.


We all know that Switzerland was engaged in watchmaking from the beginning, and not long later, earned the fame for making the finest watches around the 16th Century. To be called Swiss Made, each watch has to go through a rigorous evaluation process of Swiss government. Under Swiss law, a watch can only be affixed with the label ‘Swiss Made’ if it satisfies the following criteria:

  • its movement is Swiss and,
  • its movement is cased up in Switzerland and;
  • the manufacturer carries out the final inspection in Switzerland.

These standards have changed over time, in line with the development of the world watch industry.

The phrase “Swiss Made” is the ultimate stamp of approval for precision craftsmanship and quality. Switzerland developed an era of watchmaking innovations and new technology that no other country had known before. It is their craftsmanship as well as ingenuity which have sent them to the highest level of the industry, setting the definition of a good watch, not to mention the fact that they maintain many records related to watches. It is safe to say no other watch can show personality, caliber and stature such that a Swiss watch can.

Another reason why Swiss made watches have come that far is Swiss movements. They are best known for their highly technical movements and accuracy. The means of creating leading movements is unparalleled by any other country, which makes Swiss watches exceptionally original and in demand. The Swiss Made Watchmakers need to make sure that each watch has remarkably superior quality (trustworthiness, shock-resistance, water-resistance, precision and originality). Moreover, additionally it needs to fulfill strict requirements, which means having the process of producing, casing, and looking over movements in Switzerland.

You get what you pay for. Swiss watches are so pricey; so you must realize that the cost includes reputation and exclusivity, along with their technicality and first class quality. There is a fact that Swiss watches are not bought to tell time but to make a statement of personality, personal taste and professionalism. Their elegance and class is the major reason people spend their money. So which Swiss Made Brands are popular currently? The answer is Rolex, Omega, Jaeger LeCoultre, Blanpain

It is no surprise that when people mention Swiss Made Watches; “Quality”, “Precision”; “Innovation” or “Reliability” tags along. Making Swiss watches is not only a regular act of manufacture but also a process of art, passing the test of time over and over again. Consider to buy a Swiss Made Watch, friends, because it is so much more than a timepiece – it’s a luxury accessory, a powerful statement and it’s a smart investment.

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