Motorcycling: What you need to have a safe ride


Motorbike has long been a useful transportation option that is prefer by many people. If you want something that is faster than a bike yet offer more mobility and flexibility than a car, this is the vehicle for you. But it also comes with many gears and tools in order to have a safe and sound experience.  Want to know what are those? This article will tell you .

While it does offer many advantages, motorcycling still have many dangers that if caught under – equipped riders will surely lead to disastrous results. So its vital that when ever you mount a motorbike, be absolutely sure that you have all the necessary gears. Due to the motorbike speed and direct exposure from natural elements or outside force upon the rider, a bit of carelessness is more than enough to make you pay a heavy price. So let get closer and see what you need to bring when motorcycling.


This is the first and foremost piece of equipment that every rider must have if they want to ride a motor bike. No matter what speed or type of bike you ride, you must always wear a helmet. It will make a lot of different between a few bandages and permanent brain damage so be mindful of it. And beside that, with the speed of a motorbike, a helmet that comes with internal visor will protect your eyes and face from winds, sun lights, dust, bugs, etc.


The main purpose of a helmet is to protect you brain so make sure that you got a helmet that is capable of doing that in a reliable fashion. Exam and inspect the product quality carefully before buying to make sure that its good stuff. It should also fit your head comfortably, not too tight, not too loose. The buckle must be durable and easy to operate, its must stay intact even after impact to keep the helmet on your head. In many places, wearing a helmet while riding motorcycles is mandatory, so, if you have to wear it anyway, better pick effective ones.

  • You should get a full – face helmet with internal visor to have a complete protection in just 1 piece of gear. Half covered helmet is fine too but you will need to purchase some sort of eye protections. And with a full – face helmet, you can answer phone or listen to music without fear or robberies or dropping it by accident.

Sunglasses and goggles

In case a full – face helmet with internal visor is not available for use when you are riding on a dirt bike, a pair of sunglasses or goggles will be quite useful to protect your eyes and improve your vision of the road. Since when you ride a dirt bike, the road conditions are usually rather bad and potentially, huge volume of dust and winds can get their way to your eyes. A pair of qualified sunglasses or googles to shield your eyes and improve your vision is indispensable in this situation.


Specialized sunglasses and goggles for dirt bikes are sold in lots of shapes to go with a variety of helmets. Make sure you get a pair appropriate for your helmet and suitable to your eyes. The tightness should be just enough to prevent dust from entering your eyes but impossible to strain you face muscles after wearing for quite some time. And of course, a careful check to pick a high – quality product is recommended.


In most accident, it’s a normal human instinct that you will instantly use your hand to protect yourself from whatever incoming dangers. This is why your hands will potentially suffer injuries in such situations. So it’s a good idea to use a sturdy pair of gloves to protect your precious hands. A few cuts or grazes is much better than losing a finger or two, right?


Leather gloves are really popular when it comes to motorcycling gloves. There are plenty of models to choose from plus they are very durable and usually offer full cover from the wrist to the fingertip. But you should make sure that the gloves won’t interfere with your hand movements or to be itchy your skin. Accidents only require a few seconds of slow reaction in order to occur so be careful. You should also pay attention to the tightness and the ventilation of the gloves; these should be able to make your hand feel comfortable even after a long time in use.


Motorcycling require a pair of boots that is tough and have a good grip on any surface. When a crash does occur, boots will help protect your feet and toes from the impacting directly to the road or foreign object. So it goes without saying that sandal or tennis shoes are a no – go. You want something that can’t protect you body parts, not just for your own convenient.


Generally, motorcycling boots are available at any motorbike accessories store. They come with a great variety of sizes and functions. Yet as with the above, you should put in time and effort to select an appropriate product for yourself.  A good pair of motorcycling boots shouldn’t be too heavy and must be able to easily move around at high speed. In motorcycling, eyes – hands – feet combination is very important in order to have a safe ride and the boots is not allow to obstruct it.



A suitable set of clothes is also important when motorcycling. In most case, you should choose a jacket and a pant that are strong and well – ventilated. Don’t even think about riding around in shorts, those will directly expose your legs to lots of stuffs that will hit it hard when on high – speed. And when accidents do happen, you will need something to soften the impact force and reduce the number of injuries, which only appropriate motorcycling clothes can provide

For most of the time, motorcycling involve a lot of winds so you have little worry about the heat. But in case that you go through a places or season that are hot and humid, a design that aid ventilation is a good idea. Both the jacket and the pant will be the first line of protection that prevent your skin from being rip apart so they must be made with tough material and precise craftsmanship. Only decide a purchase if you are definitely sure about their quality through careful inspect and exam and then remember to put them on whenever you are motorcycling.

Additional stuffs

You can pretty much have a comparably safe and sound ride after you have secured the above gears and accessories. But you might want to consider bringing and equipping extra stuff in order to have a bit of precautions measures against unexpected circumstances that may arose with little warning. And you can further enhance your own protection as well.

  • First aid kit: To deal with small injuries or temporary stop the bleeding while helps arrive. Should have basics items such as gauzes, disinfectants, antibiotic, medical laces, etc
  • Repair kit: For fixing minor damages and issues. Portable pump and extra chain links are recommended.
  • Protection pads: To protect the elbow, knee or any expose body parts by softening the impact force.

Motorcycling offer a whole new level of speed and mobility compare to normal bicycle and car. Yet without proper preparation, you will be in a world of hurt with just a bit of carelessness. You should always prioritize your health and therefore secure a proper set of gears as listed above. With it you can fully enjoy and exploit the potential of motorcycling.

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