Selections of Swiss watches as gifts

The selection of a Swiss watch for you to wear is a hardship, not to mention finding the wristwatch as a gift. Between more than 500 brands and particularly, Swiss watches have thousands of different styles, just this issue is enough to make us dizzy when looking up the idea to buy a watch as gift. But if you pass the challenge, it will be rewarded. So do not hesitate if you intend to buy a Swiss watch making significant gifts to relatives, friends or lover.



The first question we should ask is where to start?

Wristwatches, especially Swiss watches, are an accessory always expressing the user’s class. It is a discreet way to show sophistication, elegance and luxury. These Swiss watches users, in addition to choosing the wristwatch expressing their class, it must also represent the personality traits characterized them.

The selections:

The first thing you should consider before studies of the Swiss watchmaker is to learn something about the owner of the gift. First and foremost is the status – social class of him. As for the partners, superiors or colleagues, the gift gives somewhat more difficult a little bit. Since you cannot directly ask about their favorite watches, so you can only observe and analyze and make decisions choosing gifts.

With this object, luxury, elegant and aristocratic watches create different class will easily make good impression on them. Value is a prerequisite if you want to gift a wristwatch for this group. As for the relatives and friends, you should pay more attention to the interests and needs of their individual.

Today, the company usually produces multi-featured watches, not only for one purpose is watching now. The watch is also the workhorse for you in the exercise process or plays the role as magnificent jewels in a gala. All of your personality can be expressed through the watch you wear. From that point, giving a watch not only brings materialistic values but also is very subtle meaning hidden inside.

Elegant Style

If the beneficiaries often have activities at work, you should choose the elegant template for Swiss watches, which have the features of reminding date and time; the wristwatch face is often simple and clear. You should look for the business-friendly design wristwatch sample like Tissot T-Classic, Rotary Jura or the elegant and fashion watches like Calvin Klein – The peak of the design work. That is the wristwatch sample for daily activities; it is easy to mix and match with outfits of wearer, can be worn anytime, anywhere and is extremely convenient for the job.

The first question we should ask is where to start

Sports Style

If the person whom you intend to give this watch as a gift is a kind of sports enthusiast, there are a lot of sports watch lines such as T-Sport and its T-Touch of Tissot from Swiss with the watch face having many features such as temperature and pressure measurement, and weather forecast, defines orientations.

Also, the wristwatch for seafarers / hikers / travelers such as SeaTouch Tissot, Tissot Expert Solar, Tissot PRS 516 Extreme, Rotary Aquaspeed are very suitable because of high-temperature resistance, water pressure, the depth. They will be the trustful partner in any adventure, activities or exploration.


Dynamic Style:

If the character of wearer is a modern lifestyle, the fashion watches are designed alternative, exudes a youthful, dynamic for instances the Ultra Slim Rotary, Tissot T-Trend or Calvin Klein Collections Lady. They will help to assert themselves.

Luxury Style:

Moreover, for those who prefer lavish, luxury, and elite style, it will freeze the Europhia and One Carat collection of Saint Honore or gilded wristwatch cases as Carson of Tissot will be the exquisite jewelry in the soiree or important events.

Designs and colors:

After having been the object as well as their interests, we continue to define the color and type of timepiece design. Based on the shape and color will also be under the appropriate wristwatch. Example:

Image source : Humblewatches
  • Tall person with full-shaped wrist: round face watches in addition to metal straps or small bracelets will crown elegant polite.
  • Tall but have the full wrist bone: these watches with square face and metal straps or large bracelets will look better in their hand.
  • Slim persons with full wrist bones: round face with leather strap watches will wrap their hand firmly.
  • Tall people with large wrist bone: the wristwatch sample with large size, many faces and many hands, metals, leather straps or stainless steel bracelets to the larger sizes.
  • If the wearer has more light skin, they are suitable for dark face watch, or watch with brown leather belt. The timepiece has a luxury red or yellow will always be the great choice for these people.
  • People with dark skin should look nice in wristwatches with metal bracelets or fresh color tones and bright highlights as they will attract glances at it and hide the defects of the skin.

You should not feel the pressure and difficulty to the idea of taking watches as gifts and then forget it. As mentioned at the beginning, in spite of arduousness, actually it will bring true benefits and value that you desire. Look at the showroom, Boutique or genuine watches dealers; where there are the knowledgeable staffs to help you select a suitable wristwatch as a gift. But if you are confident in your abilities after reading this article and want to find the thrill, suspense with the wonder of whether he likes it or not? Then manually select a watch for them in style.

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