The best minimalist wallet for modern men – fashionable and convenient!

Wallet allows you to keep both money and card to pay for your purchasing. It also helps you hold bills, other personal cards or documents. That’s why anyone, including men, wants to own one wallet. These minimalist wallets for men below are highly recommended to use. One of the main benefits of these wallets is that they can work well, even better than you have thought before receiving them.

This article will help to find out the perfect match: slim, small, handful but roomy and stylish with the favorite material. That will make you have to say “Awesome!”. Of course, regardless of what your wallet is, it is not easy to use your wallet durably and effectively.

01. Lethnic RFID Front Pocket Wallet  

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Talking about Lethnic RFID Front Wallet, the feature I like the most is its various colors to choose. There are black, dark brown and navy. One more is its thinness. Though it has 7 card slots and 1 money pocket, this men’s wallet is super slim (4.33″ x 2.95″ x 0.12″). Another specially thing of this Lethnic RFID is that it is made by hand from genuine leather.

If you are a man who like to use a simple and authentic wallet, especially leather like me, go and grab this wallet now. It is not a kind of temporary trendy style; the material and design of this wallet are suitable for all times. However, one thing I don’t like is that RFID protecting work is not really perfect.

02. Travelambo Front Pocket Wallet

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This minimalist leather wallet is a product of Travelampo for the money clip and RFID blocking. It has some similar features with the Lethnic RFID above, like being made from 100% genuine leather, offering 3 colors. However, this one has black, crosshatch black and vintage brown. Its sizes are 3″ x 4.25″ x 0.12″, extremely slim in addition to supple and long-lasting features.

In general, as it is a thin front pocket wallet, the ability of holding 6 to 8 cards/ID cards and some cash are OK, rather comfortably! And I must say, this Travelambo is the most affordable price I’ve ever found. Thus, if you don’t like to spend much money on a men’s wallet, choose it.

The only drawback of it is you can easily put the cards in the wallet, but take they out is not simple. So, even someone has to leave the wallet empty while still keeping it in the pocket. Once you choose this Travelambo, take note that the color of the real wallet is darker than in photos.

03. Minimalist Slim Front Pocket Wallets for Men

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About this Minimalist slim front picket wallets, it is quite different from the two above. This one is for those men who want to buy a slim front pocket wallet in the trendiest band colors. But the feature which impresses me a lot is its ability of keeping up to 15 cards and money.

The leather material of this wallet is high-end, elastic, long-lasting, and resilient which never stretch out as latex bands or silicone. For a product in modern design, the producer creates a really thin and sleek appearance and tenderly scrubbed edges.

Unlike the Travelambo above, you can not only keep everything firmly in the wallet but also push them out easily. It is really slim, fits perfectly in your pocket, looks beautifully and brings lightly. All-in-all, you had better choose it to do the job of a front pocket wallet due to its wonderful price.

However, nothing is perfect. If you want to keep a little much money clip in this wallet, maybe it is only a wish.

04. HUSKK Minimalist Slim Wallet

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Before we dig deeply into this amazing wallet, let me tell you an interesting fact. although it is made in the USA commonly, but the place to design it is London, United Kingdom. Importantly, it is crafted thoroughly to each detail.

Made by a brand named HUSKK, from finest full grain genuine 100% authentic leather, this slim wallet can last so long. Though you only have 2 options to get, those are red and black, the price of it is so good, if we don’t say that it is much cheaper than basic others.  Plus, it is slim but can hold a small cell phone purse suitably. Besides, if you have about 10 cards to keep in a wallet, this one is ideal.

05. SERMAN BRANDS- RFID Blocking Bifold Slim Genuine Leather Wallets for Men

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Another RFID minimalist wallet for men from one of the most famous brand – SERMAN BRANDS. Like other RFID slim wallets, this one provides you the safety, privacy, and security with the premium technology. However, it is made from full grain leather. The standard for the outer look of this product is slim, stylish and classy. About size? That is 4″ in. x 3″ in. .4″ in.

This wallet has a billfold, so you no longer need to fold the cash bill into twice to fit the wallet, which is really suitable for those men who want to keep their cash flat. In additions, this also has slots for driver license, draw strap and main cards.

However, a feature I don’t like about this wallet is its cheap and flimsy look because the material to produce it looks not real leather. Thus, you may feel its price is not worth for a wallet with the outer like this.

06. DASH Co. Premium Slim Wallet For Men

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This compact front pocket wallet has a lot of available colors which can be listed here: black, espresso, espresso vegetable-tanned leather, ultra-lite black and ultra-lite navy. It is a cash holder which is really durable and lightweight due to the eco leather PU canvas material and precision oiled edges. With 3 compartments, it can hold up from 8 to 12 cards and money tightly.

Certainly, compared to a normal raw wallet, even the same brand like DASH, a slim one will make you feel better. The material of this wallet also makes you love at the first sight too.

However, in fact, it is rather thicker than what it is advertised. And the middle fold can’t hold completely firm unless you add something thick into.

07. Minimalist Wallet & Credit Card Holder Men with Slim Design by Raw

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Now is the time you can say goodbye to all ugly wallet ever used to get this product of Raw brand. This minimalist wallet for men in the pocket will make you feel like not carrying anything on the pocket. This thin mens wallet also has a fashionable loop to attach key ring or carabiner easily. Besides, there is a center through the slot for you to hold cash tightly.

If you just need to keep a few cards which is really essential to bring by side, this wallet is very convenient. You can put it in your front hip pocket perfectly. Although it is really excellent, I must say that it is very small till sometimes you feel like you can’t put anything in it even just an ID card and a little money. Also, you will find that it is not easy and quick to get the card as well as cash in and out of this wallet.

08. Herschel Supply Co. Men’s Charlie Card Holder Wallet

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The products of Herschel are always great and this wallet is not an exception. A very new thing when talking about this Herschel supply Co. Men’s Charlie Card Holder Wallet is its 100% Polyester material. If you are an obsessive black disorder, this is a must-consider item. It has a lot of color from basic black to Windsor Wine Dots and multiple card slots.

And if you are looking for some couple wallets for your girlfriend/wife, give this wallet a try because it is produced for all sex. Especially, it works well for your driver license, ID, credit/debit cards plus some needed cash. They fit inside this wallet too much.

If you are looking for a compact wallet which can contain from 4 to 5 items, this one will impress you. It is extremely thin.

Although its look is very good, it is quite stiff, especially the card slots on the outer. Besides, it requires much afford while taking care. You must wash if off by hand.

09. Trayvax Original Wallet

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These made-in-USA slim wallets for man have several colors, such as charcoal grey, jet black, midnight blue and sandblasted aluminum. You can bring 14 cards and 5 bills very safely with this wallet between stainless steel and aluminum plates. However, in fact, you can get up to 20 cards in it without any troubles. Very impressive!

On the other hand, the security this RFID-protective card holder can provide you is also higher thanks to enclosing the MIL-spec paracord and elastic strap. This minimalist wallet for men is design dedicated for the front pocket. The cards never fall out. Thus, it can say that this product is very great. It brings safety for you. The leather used to produce it is nice.

But, you may complain about the bottle opener of it. The awkward not only doesn’t grip well but also has a tendency to bend.

10. Chums Surfshort Wallet

There are 4 colors – grey, olive, orange, realtree xtra – to choose. The dimension of this is about 4″x2.5″ and when it is full, it may be about 3.4”. This Chums wallet can hold up to 15 cards, keys and cash perfectly. Though it is considered as a small and slim wallet, you can’t believe that it can hold a big number of items and keep everything you want so tightly, such as ID, credit card, insurance card, cash, change, and keys. Surprised, right?

However, the only drawback of this wallet is its material is too thin, and the quality of the whole wallet is not so high.

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11. Bellroy Hide & Seek slim leather wallet RFID editions

This minimalist wallet for men has a variety of colors, but take note that just the java, caramel and black ones have RFID protective function. Its dimensions are 3.3” tall and 4.5” wide in addition to average card holding ability. You can put from 5 to 12 cards together with the cash. The material of this wallet, again, is quite new – ensured environmental top-grain leather.

Unlike other leather wallet, when you hold this Bellroy on hands, its nice practical design will bring you a good feeling. I like it for so many outstanding features such as delicate appearance, being thoroughly produced and completed, comfortable leather scent, eye-catching Bellroy logo, reasonable outer size and suitable slot sizes for different types of cards.

However, the leather flap of this wallet separates the visible compartment from the hidden compartment. Thus, the cash bills in the visible one will be overlapped because of the cards in the slot of the hidden compartment.

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12. RFID Blocking Leather Wallet for Men

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This is an excellent credit card protector and stop electronic pick pocketing of Leopardd. It is made from genuine leather #1 grade napa with 2 colors: black and chocolate. The wallet of Leopardd is well-known for the endurance and luxurious appearance, unlike the RFID Blocking Bifold Wallets above.

It includes 6 slots for cards, 1 window for ID, and 2 bonus slots under the main card slots to keep cards or cash – an ideal card holding ability for a man who doesn’t have much to keep in a wallet. Besides, it also has a pocket for money. The 4.4″×3.3″ dimensions help it slim to suit the pockets of any jeans, pants or trousers.

Assume the quality of this wallet is ordinary as the others is your very first mistake. The size is very fit so, it is easy to get the cards in and out. But when you open or close this wallet, there is usually a light crackle. However, perhaps you will not. And this wallet has no zipper to protect the profile in hidden pockets which needed for many people.

13. Vaultskin MANHATTAN Slim Bifold Wallet with RFID Protection

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This MANHATTAN minimalist wallet for men is a slim bifold wallet of Vaultskin. Made of classy leather from Italy, it is not only flexible but also long-lasting and has a subminiature appearance. If you want to be a fashionable man, try these three trendy colors: black, brown and cognac.

MANHATTAN wallet keeps up to 9 cards in the front pocket and RFID secured pocket.  On the other hand, you can also place IDs, cash, driver’s license, wallet cards, bills, lottery tickets or anything fit really safely. Meanwhile, this wallet is still staying slim.

The leather looks so high-end without the smell. But if you have used it, you will see the bill compartment has no use. Practically, it is too loose to keep the bills tight safely there. Besides, one more feature I don’t like this wallet is its limitation of cash type. This Vaultskin can only suit the US dollar bills and some certain bills.

14. Alpine Swiss Thin Front Pocket Wallet

This genuine leather is 4 1/4″ x 3″ x 3/8″ of dimension. There are 2 main types of colors: black and crosshatch black/brown/blue/gray. And although the wallet is small, it still includes business card case, 2 ID windows, and 6 card slots.

If you can’t stand those mens wallets that don’t even hold cards or bills tightly and usually fall out, try this one. Its nice sleek design can overcome that matter. And of course, this wallet is extremely thin. Importantly, it is suitable at its price.

The only drawback you will suffer when using this wallet is the second ID window of it is placed on the outer of the wallet. Users mostly want it is designed inside and the outside is all leather. That will much nicer!

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15. FlyHawk RFID Blocking Biford Slim Size Genuine Leather Wallets for Men

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Like the Vaultskin MANHATTAN above, this wallet is made from Italian genuine cowhide leather with 7 colors from black-classic to khaki-vertical. It is designed in the USA and made by hand with the stitching so toughly. Only with the measures of 4″x3.54″x0.39″, it is quite slim, but still contains some money, ID and some cards in double bill compartment, 5 credit card slots, and 1 leather-framed ID window. Amazing!

This wallet is worth every penny. Its leather is also soft and stitched double. The credit card spaces and hidden pockets of this wallet will make you satisfied. Even after a month of using, this wallet still looks like new. Besides, it keeps the cards perfectly.

But the inner pockets of this wallet are extremely small, thus perhaps some credit cards can’t fit in it.

These 15 minimalist wallets are collected from different demands, favorites and requirements of many kinds of customers. There are many outstanding features, for examples: nice real leather, slim but can hold everything you need to bring along with yourself, etc. Even if you want to choose a color favorite, it is not a matter because they have a variety of available colors for you. Generally speaking, the quality of these is acceptable with their price. Thus, I’m quite sure that this collection will help you find at least one wallet to hold your bills, cashes and any other stuff.

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