6 Timeless Style Tips Working Young Men Should Know

It is a little bit tricky when it comes to what young men should wear when they just start their career. Nobody wants to dress way older than their age but they also know the importance of “wearing for selling”, especially young men working in fields such as law, consultancy and business.

With fields of strict dress codes, you need to follow certain rules in order to fit these working environments. It is very hard at first, but if you pay attention, you can create your own personal unique style that is suitable for work while it still offers you a strong personal statement.


Some style tips you could apply in order to look smart and classy:

  • Keep It Simple


When I mention simple, I don’t mean keeping your old college day clothes. In fact, when you buy formal outfits, you need to remember this tip. It means that you should not wear with something fancier and more expensive than you normally wear.

It is fine if you dress yourself up formally- which you should do so. However, it will make you less confident wearing what you have never worn before. And one of the most important things to make you shine in your clothes- no matter how expensive they are is to be confident.

In case you go on buying new clothes for your wardrobe, you don’t need to throw away all of your old stuff. Keep your old staple pieces of clothing and work on buying a higher standard piece that will match your own style.

  • Know Your Personal Traits

Before purchasing any item, you should try it on to see if it is a good fit. Furthermore, look carefully if it can suit your style as well as your body’s features.

For example, a suitable pair of sunglasses for a heart shaped face can help to focus on the best traits of the face and hide the asymmetry of the face as well. If you also have a heart shaped face, you can read more about how to choose the best pair of sunglasses here. http://coolmenstyle.com/tips-buying-sunglasses-men-heart-shaped-face/

Remember that one piece of clothing which looks good on other people might not look good on you. Sit back and think about how you are built, what your hair color is as well as what the skin tone is of yours will help you choose a more appropriate smart wear.

  • Ignore Fashion Trend


Because formal wear is what you are wearing for years provided that you intend to work for a long time, therefore, you should invest in clothing that are staples for wardrobe of all times.

Unless you want to buy clothes for informal events such as dates or picnic, you should avoid buying trendy working clothes. For example, black is always classic and trendy no matter what year we are in. This also applies to a white and a blue shirt, which is so versatile it, could fit all kind of look and other colors.

Buy something classy and simple will help you have a wardrobe that would never go out of date. And because classic menswear does not change over time, you can have more inspiration by looking back at your grandfather’s time and see how men of that era wear.

  • Wear Less Is More

The most important thing that you should always remind yourself when you put your clothes and shoes on is to keep it simple and basic.

Besides you basic wear including shirt and trouser, it is very essential to have accessories. Proper accessories will help to highlight your personal style as well as the statement you want to make in front of other people.  It also can enhance your look as well.

The list of accessories that young men could wear is endless, from sunglasses, wallets to belts and watches. However, you should only wear the most needed one, which can be found here http://coolmenstyle.com/important-accessories-men/ .

  • Invest In A Good Footwear

Piece classic footwear needs you to pay as much attention as your classic clothing. If your choice of footwear is inappropriate, it will destroy the whole look that you pay so much effort to put on with your clothes.

As I mention above, you don’t need to go for really expensive clothing. It is not the case with footwear. In fact, you need to invest a large sum of money on a well-made and classic pair of shoes, which promises to last long and offer the best support for your feet.

You should choose a pair of shoes that you can wear with many kinds of shirts and trousers, ideally black, brown or tan shoes.

Go for quality leather footwear of classic style such as a pair of Oxford shoes; you will never regret your decisions for many years to come.

  • Find A Style Mentor

There are a lot of things to try and buy, which will make you a little bit overwhelming. You can ask for help from someone you know who can dress well. It is maybe your friends, family members or even better, your colleagues- who know about your working environment better than other people.

You can ask them to come with you when you go shopping and give some comments on clothing and accessories you have tried on.

Furthermore, you can have more inspiration from famous public figures and their choices of formal clothing. You might think that they wear very luxurious clothes which you cannot match. Don’t worry, you can find all kinds of styles that match their styles with a more reasonable price because the styles are kind of universal. The only thing that creates much difference is the quality of this material.


A famous saying which goes as you only have 5 seconds to create an impression and once you create that first impression, you will never be able to redo it. People will think about you from the time they first see you. Therefore, it is crucial that you take time and effort to search for your best styles, best clothes and best accessories to dress smart and stylish.

I hope that will all of the tips I provide below you could be able to create the best image for your look and successfully leave a smart and classy impression on anyone’s mind, hence being more successful in your future career.


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