Tips on Choosing a Hat for Men

A hat is never considered a fundamental clothing item that men should have and also never gets much attention like sunglasses or watch. In fact, it is just like a trendy item of a certain era and become popular from time to time.

Nevertheless, a hat can offer you a great deal of benefits. It can protect you from the sun and keep the hair in shape against the wind. Furthermore, if you wear a hat well, you would be able to have a really good and unique look, which can differentiate you from other men.

In general, a hat will be worn outdoors mostly in the summer and go well with all types of jackets, shirts and Jeans. There are also different types of hats with different materials, styles and colors. If you want to buy a hat for yourself, read on to see what you would need to make the most informed choice.hat-for-men


01.What Are the Part of a Classic Hat

The main parts of a typical hat include a crown, a taper, a band and a brim. The crown of a classic hat is the top of the hat which is typically stiff. A taper is an area around the hat. Down further we have a band or a ribbon and the last part is the brim to help shade your face.

Most of classic hats will have the same stiff crown while some have a soft flat cap. The brim and band are the two parts that are varied among different styles of hats.

Although it is not one of the most essential accessories men should have (you can have a look at the list of essential items here


There are many styles of hats, which all have different names. The most popular and classic men hat that everyone knows about is the Fedora. It is a type of hat with a wide, flat brim and a long crown.

Other different types of men hats include Tribly, Homburg, Boater and Prokpie.

02. What You Need To Do When Choosing a Hat

There are certain features of a hat that you need to consider before purchasing, which are material, shape, size and of course your budget.

  • Material:

A majority of hats share the same material, which is a condensed mat with very tough and sturdy fibers. And the most common fiber is wool, which can offer both warmth and breathability. It is also very tough and durable.

You can get to know if a hat has a high quality material or not by feeling it in your hand. It needs to be soft. Then you bend it; a good quality hat when bent can be done so very easily, but when you release it, it also gets back to its shape really quickly.

These types of wool hats are suitable for the winter. There are also various options for material such as straws and tweed, which are suitable for hats to bring when you to the beaches.


If you like a more luxury feel, you can opt for hats made from animal hairs such as the beavers’ hairs. Furthermore, if you want to add a Western rustic accessorize to your look, you can consider wearing a hat made from cow or horse’s hair.

  • Shape

Like other accessories, a hat needs to provide balance to your face and enhance your strong features. For example, if you have a round face, you might want to buy a hat that peaks at the top so that your face can look less round and has more shape. And in case you have an angular face, you can buy a hat with a round top such as a bowler.

Know the shape of your face well before you try on a hat. If you are unsure which hat could highline the best traits and hide the asymmetric details of your face, you could ask for advice from your salesmen.

Alternatively, you could ask for advice on the Internet. For example, you could search for celebrities who have the same shape of head as you and look for the shape of the hats that they are wearing. They can also give you more ideas about how to mix match your clothes with your hats as well.

  • Size

When we mention about the size of the hat, it means the inside circumference of the hat’s trim. There are different sizes for hats as well. Therefore, you need to make sure you would be able to find the correct size, just like when you buy anything else, such as belts and sunglasses.

The reason for it is because if you wear a hat that is too low, it will be really loose and may fall in front of your eyes. And if it is really tight, you will feel really uncomfortable and can even have headache.

If you buy hats online, it is very important that you need to measure the correct size of your head to pick up the correct size of your hat. If you buy them in store, everything is much easier; you just need to put them on.

Provided that you have a flexible measuring tape at home, you can take measurements quickly the circumference of your head. That would need to fit the inside rim of the hat. Normally, you would wear your hat not too low and not too high so you need to measure the area just above your ears.

Another thing to remember is that each hat manufacturer has different sizing charts to convert from your head’s circumference to the hat sizes. Therefore, if you wear a particular size of a brand and want to change to another brand, you might need another size for your hat.

  • Budget

There is a surprisingly a wide range of price for a hat. You can buy a really cheap hat of around 20 dollars or a really fancy one with a few hundreds of dollars.

If you only want a basic wool hat, you can consider buying it for around 40 to 50 dollars. Don’t go for a lower price than that as all you can get is a badly made hat which can wear out in a nick of time.

In case you want to use one at for a really long time, which look well-made with high class material, you can go for over a hundred dollar hat. That huge investment will offer you a good and amazing look anytime you wear it. Furthermore, it will surely last a lifetime.

In order to save for your wallet, you can search for sales and deals in stores and online. Moreover, you should do a comparative shopping as well when you already find a hat you love.

  • Conclusion

Overall, wearing a hat is very practical and comfortable. Furthermore, this small item can add a strong impact on your plain looking outfit and make a strong statement about your style. It is not a common item; therefore, wearing it will make you more outstanding in front of a crowd.

I hope that will all of the information here, you could be able to find the best hat for your face and your style, enhancing the variety of your wardrobe as well as your outlooks.


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