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If you want to have a stylish and original look, a beaded belt will be the item that could offer you that strong appearance you need. Choosing the best beaded belt may take you hours and hours. Here is the review of 7most popular beaded belts you may want to consider.

1. Columbia Men’s 32mm Oil Tan Guatemalan Belt


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This brown belt is made with 100% leather and has the dimensions of 5.7 x 4.6 x 1.6 inches. It offers waist line sizes from 32 to 44 inches. The design is very unique with leather belt and hint of colorful woven fabric line running at the keeper and along the middle of the belt. The buckle is made with nickel finish and has a gold color.

Pros: The design is very attractive and gives a bold look which goes great with Jeans and casual look. It is also very sturdy and stable as well as durable.

Cons: The size of the belt is smaller than the normal size. If you often wear size 36, you should order size 38 and it will fit you more. The leather material feels quite hard and stiff but this problem is slightly improved as the belt will stretch over time.

2. M & F Western Men’s Nocona Beaded Aztec Belt


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This tan belt is made of genuine leather and it offers waist line sizes from 32 to 46. The belt is woven with Aztec design and buckle is silver-toned.
Pros: This tan color of the belt as well as the decoration of the Aztec pattern provides a true and unique western look if paired with Jeans. The decoration on the belt is well crafted. Also there is waist line size of 46, which is very suitable for plus size people. The belt buckle is removable and interchangeable. The material feel sturdy and of high quality.
Cons: The belt size is a little bit smaller than normal size. The width of the belt is slight more than what it looks in the picture.

3. Nocona Men’s Beaded Inlay Leather Belt

03. Nocona Mens Beaded Inlay Leather Belt

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This product will surely catch your attention from the first glance with its unique Aztec pattern running through this leather belt. The colors of the pattern are very light and bold including red, yellow, black, blue and white. The buckle is crafted vey beautifully with flora pattern.
Pros: This tan belt including with the design give you a Western outlook and also go along well with Jeans and other cowboy accessories. This belt offer the waist line sizes from 32 to 46 inches so people of all sizes can find a good fit easily.
Cons: This belt size is also smaller than usual so buy a size larger than you usually wear. Marks and scratches can appear in the buckle belt quite easily.

4. Nocona Men’s Beaded Leather Belt


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Here is another belt that offers a stunning Aztec design but with slightly darker color. The pattern covering the belt is a row of diamond-shaped with colors of blue, red, white and black. This belt is 1.5 inches in width and is made from Genuine Leather. Its dimensions are 8.3 x 7.6 x 2.7 inches. It offers waist line sizes from 32 to 46 inches.
Pros: Like other products above, it has a specific Aztec design that promises to give you a Western look. The leather material is very thick and durable. Belt buckle is interchangeable. Thanks to its wide rang in sizes, it is available for plus size people.
Cons: Belt buckle is prone to scratches. Make sure you know how to keep your buckle shiny all the time.

5. Men’s Genuine Leather Ranger Belt with Southwestern Woven Diamond Pattern Accent


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This beaded belt features 3 colors including brown, black and tan. Its sizes range from 34 to 44 inches. This belt features an attractive design of Southwestern diamond pattern on canvas. The belt is made from real leather and the buckle is made with nickel finish.

Pros: This belt can give you the eye catching Western look you desire. It also offers a colorful and beautiful woven canvas that is durable and will not fall off easily.
Cons: It only comes with 5 holes so you may need to punch for additional holes. The leather is a little bit stiff.

6. Johnston & Murphy Men’s Lizard Grain Ranger Belt


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This premium belt comes with 2 colors: classic black and cognac. It has the dimensions of 8 x 6.9 x 3.7 inches and waist line sizes from 32 to 44 inches. It is made from 100% Leather with lizard imprints running throughout the belt. Belt buckle is made from nickel with imprints of beaded brass in the keepers.
Pros: This product’s design looks stunning and very modern that suits both formal and informal styles. There is a wide range of sizes for everyone, even plus size people. The leather material is thick, sturdy and durable.
Cons: Because of its premium quality, this belt is slightly more expensive than other beaded belts in the market.

7. Pewter Jewel Belt Buckle with Embossed Black Leather Belt


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This black belt is 100% high quality leather with the available sizes in 3 categories: Small, Medium and Large. Its dimensions are 7 x 5.9 x 2.5 inches. The buckle is carefully handcrafted with several encrusted gem. The outer of the belt is beaded with multiple small balls.
Pros: This belt, especially this buckle is beautifully made which is very suitable for casual outlook. Because the belt is made from top notch quality, it is soft but very durable. This belt sure will offers you a stylish and strong look.
Cons: The belt is slightly longer than any other belt of the same size from different brands. Also there are only 6 holes in the belt. If you order a belt and find it too long, you need to punch another hole for a better fit.

Here is the brief review of 7 most popular beaded belts. I hope that you can find something useful in this article and be able to buy the beaded belt that you are looking for.

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