Top of the line men’s trifold wallets on the market and their features

A wallet is where you put our essential items whenever you leave home. Apart from its function, a wallet actually takes part in creating the image of the owner. Therefore, a fat or overloaded wallet will generate negative impressions and attract unwanted attentions. Not to mention that you may have to search through the entire wallet just to look for a specific item. Of course, everyone wishes to avoid such a problem. But the solution is quite simple: all you need is just a men’s trifold wallet. And if you still have no ideas about trifold wallets, just take a look at the list of the products below and simple pick out the most suitable one for yourself.


Using a 3 piece design, trifold wallets have the obvious advantage of being able to carry much more items than bifold wallets without any significant increase in dimensions or thickness. It’s also a lot easier for you to identify specific things and manipulate them. If you think the product is interesting enough then go on with your checking out of these products.

01. Alpine Swiss Men’s Genuine Leather Trifold Wallet


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Slim, compact and light are the main features of this wallet. This Alpine Swiss trifold wallet provides an easy access to any of it contents with just a simple flip. Both the inside and outside of the product are manufactured out of genuine leather which are well – processed to provide a soft and smooth feeling to customer. With up to 6 slots for cards, a full – size cash section, an ID window and 2 extra pockets, it proves to be an ideal wallet for people who prefer mobility and capacity.

The leather feels very soft yet it’s quite durable. At this inexpensive price, the wallet is among the most effective and sturdy product in the same category. In using the first few times you may feel a bit tight when inserting or withdrawing cards but this minor problem will eventually disappears after the material starts to stretch to adapt to your use.

02. Carhartt Men’s Trifold Wallet


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This is a stylish and classic design from Carhartt. Utilizing top of the line full grain leather and precise lining, the product quality is indisputable. The stitching is done very well and the wallet corners are reinforced with cotton fabric so as to stay in shape in most conditions. With 6 cards slots, 2 side pockets, 2 detachable ID windows and even a hidden compartment for keys, this wallet multi – purpose lay out will be able to support any demands you have for it.

This wallet has good price for such a convenience. Quite possibly, you will be pleased with the endurance of this product. The cards slots are made slightly big to enable a quick and easy handling of your things. Still, there’s a minor flaw in this wallet: it’s a bit bulky even when storing nothing so you may feel a bit tight when putting it in your pant pockets.

03. Fossil Men’s Ingram Extra Capacity Trifold Wallet


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Fossil has produced one of the most effective men’s trifold wallets for people who have to travel a lot. Large interior coupled with a thin and slim profile make it very convenient and comfortable to carry and manipulate. With up to 12 places for card and card – size items, you don’t have to worry much about its storage space. The use of 100% leather and manual lining offer a unique scent in each product while also make sure that they will stay intact for quite some time.

With spacious compartments yet very well organized, the wallet allows you to store lots of item inside yet doesn’t bring in a feeling of bulk in your pants. While relatively large compared to a bifold wallet, it still fits comfortably in your pockets and won’t interfere with your movements. It’s a bit thick though so you may want to sort out your stuff and carry only what you consider essential.

04. Men’s Trifold Wallet Extra Capacity 10 Inside Slots 2 ID Windows by Alpine Swiss


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Another wonderful product from Alpine Swiss, this wallet has a relatively large storage space in the category. The appearance of 2 ID windows on each side really help if you have different ID papers that require frequent swiping or showing in your daily tasks. Besides those, you will have access to 10 different slots for cards and 1 large pocket for cash, receipts, documents, etc. The main material is leather therefore it feels really soft and smooth yet very durable which make it stay effective for years.

With a neat and well – divided lay out requiring no effort to access every nook and cranny, the wallet enables you to store plenty of stuff and quickly locate any specific items with just a quick glance. If you often have to carry a large number of cards and associated documents, this is just what you want. You may find it a bit difficult to fold up when fully loaded though so you should only store what are really necessary.

05. Men’s RFID Blocking Trifold Leather Wallet with ID Window


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An Aonal product manufactured with customer’s comfort and security in mind. Equipped with the RFID cover, the wallet frees you from any worry about the possibility of illegal card scanning. The cowhide leather material of the wallet is well processed and combined with precise stitching resulting in a stylish and durable product. Even with its slim and thin profile, the wallet still gets 9 card slots, an ID window, 2 cash pockets and 1 extra compartment for various other items. All has an easy access and manipulated freely at your wills.

Possessing a large number of slots and able protect the contents well, this wallet is just for people who appreciate something able to provide their items with security while also easy to use and carry around. Compared to many other men’s leather trifold wallets, this one gets a really good combination of everything you need. Only one minor problem, the wallet smells of chemical when it first arrives but this will be gone after just a few days in use.

06. Hempmania Hemp Eight Compartment Tri-fold Wallet


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An elegant and slim product from Hempmania! This wallet is quite able to meet all of your expectation for a trifold wallet. Made of 100% hemp canvas and with a tough built, the product features a high level of endurance. The Velcro mechanism enables it to open or close with little effort. With 8 compartments in a comparably small profile, you can store quite a lot of items form cards, cash to documents and receipts or any other items you want. All will fit in easily due to the roominess of each compartment.

With a rather thin built, the overall thickness of the wallet is barely noticeable in your pant pockets even when fully loaded. The material is well processed to offer a very soft and smooth feeling; still, the wallet takes a firm grip to the interior surface of your pocket so you don’t have to worry about its slipping out unnoticed. All compartments offer a quick access and handling but with quite a lot of cards inside, you may encounter a bit difficulty in quickly locating specific cards, compared to other designs that show only a small portion of cards.

07. Travelambo RFID Blocking Men’s Leather Wallet Flipout ID Bifold Trifold Hybrid Slim


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Travelambo is famous for its high capacity product with extra attention to customer security, and this wallet is just the same. With up to 9 slots for card, 1 ID window and 1 cash compartment, you can pack everything you need in this handy accessory and carry it around without any problem. The RFID cover guarantee the safety of your card information from any kind of electronic pick – pocketing. Using genuine leather and careful stitching, the wallet feels very soft yet capable of withstanding heavy uses and natural elements for quite a long time.

With roomy space, durable material, and a high level of protection, the product proves to be your best choice at this inexpensive price. Besides, the transparent ID window really helps if you need to frequently show you ID papers and you can even fit in a passport though it may be a bit tight. Each of the slots may be a bit tight to insert and withdraw cards but they will gradually stretch out to your convenience.

08. Access Denied Men’s Leather RFID Blocking Wallet Trifold with ID Window


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As the brand suggests, Access Denied products are well – known for their ability to secure customer information on their cards from remote scanning. This wallet is produced with the same principle in mind. With up to 7 RFID cards slots, an ID window, 2 full size compartments and 2 slip pockets, you can store plenty of stuff without any worry about the possibility that they may be vulnerable to unauthorized scanning. Employing 100% leather as material and handcraft production method, each product is tuned up to the highest quality as possible and stay functional to the owner for quite a long time.

With well divided space and spacious interior, this wallet offers a quick and easy access to every corner of itself. If you want to take out an item, a quick flip and glance are all it takes to locate which item you need. But be mindful, RFID cover means every time you wish to swipe a card, you have to take that card out of the wallet completely. It’s maybe a bit tired if doing these lots of times but this is how your cards stay safe.

09. Realtree Men’s Trifold Wallet with Camo Insert and Shot Shell Ornament


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It is a classic and sturdy wallet from Realtree employing manual manufacturing procedures. Every product features a unique aspect reserved for each. The lining and stitching are done by hand which results into a tough and elegant wallet that will stay intact for quite some time. With 6 slots for cards, a transparent window for ID or driver license and a cash compartment, it’s possibly an excellent choice for people who want a distinct product able to quickly fulfill every function.

Comfortable to carry and convenient to use, the wallet is certainly a good choice at its price. Each slot can store cards and card – size items and provides quick retrievals in just a second. The camouflage color is also suitable for people who prefer a wallet able to blend in with the surrounding. The bullet button in the front may get in the way of using the wallet though so you may remove it if necessary.

10. Levi’s Men’s Levis Trifold Wallet


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This is a wonderful product with an antique aspect from Levi’s. The wallet uses genuine leather and precise lining to guarantee a high level of endurance while also offers a soft and smooth feeling when using. With 3 slots on each size, a transparent window for ID paper in the middle and a cash pocket, a typical arrangement capable of storing all essential items. One minor problem, the pockets are a bit tight at first but they will loosen up soon just after a short time in use.

11. Nautica Men’s Crunch Trifold Wallet


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A stylish wallet from Nautica, utilizing 100% genuine leather and leather lining coupled with a bright color, its appearance and quality are really unmatched. The storage space is also a major plus. With up to 8 slots for cards, an ID window and bill compartment, it enables you to store lots of items in and still doesn’t significantly increase its thickness. The trifold design also aid an easy handling of any items as you see fit. You may feel a bit bulky when it’s fully loaded though so you may need to sort out your stuff and only bring what really necessary

If you are tired of a fat bifold wallet which keep making a big bulge in your pant pockets and even makes you feel painful, then what you have to do is just to get a suitable trifold wallet with a larger storage space and all of those problems will go away. Just take a few minutes to check out the above products and secure the most suitable one for your daily use. Of course, it can be a nice gift for your friends or beloved people.


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