Trifold wallet – A handy accessory

Trifold wallet – It’s not quite different from a normal bifold though – is just bigger without too much added weight. In this article we would like to introduce you to some essential features of a trifold wallet that can respond to your requirements.


The trifold wallet construction is nearly the same as a bifold. The only major different is instead of 2 pieces or 2 panels connected together, trifold wallets use 3. Therefore, trifold wallets have a marked space advantage compared to bifold ones. With 3 sections to store, trifold wallets allow you to carry more than bifold without any considerable increase in weight or space taken in your pocket. Still, there is also a great number of styles, shapes, sizes, etc. Needless to say, you need to pick the one suitable for your requirements the most. Here are some notable details that you need to pay attention when purchasing a trifold wallet.

1. Material:

While leather seems to be the most popular, there are many other available materials to pick. This is entirely up to owner’s preferences and tastes so feel free to select the material you think it suitable to you. Anyhow, the materials have a big impact toward your wallet lifetime so its deserve your careful consideration

·Leather Type·Has been in use for quite a long time. Its durability and attractiveness bring in lots of customers and take up a large portion of the wallet market. There are also many categories ranging from mass –produced to hand – made products which respond to a variety of users’ budgets and desires.
·Synthetic Type·Possessing a leather – like looks but actually made by synthetic material which substantially cheaper without any major loss in its function. Suitable for people that don’t want to spend too much on a wallet or dislike the idea of using animal skin to make things.
·Fabric Type·Also quite common in the market. By utilizing Velcro, fabric trifold wallet can be secured, resistant and less likely to be damaged by outdoor elements. Suitable for people that spend a lot of time outdoors and require a tough wallet.

2. Sizes and Colors.

  • An important factor that affects the decision to purchase a trifold wallet is what you want in it. Just a place to store money, papers and cards or a statement about your styles and way of living. You are also need to see what is truly necessary to put into a wallet and bring out with you. These are very crucial criteria that require your careful consideration if you want to have a satisfied product.
  • You don’t want to have a large bulge in you pocket whenever you stand or sit. And you will not like the idea that you get a big wallet with little thing on it. Your purchase must be cost – efficient.


  • There is also occasion or situation in life you need to consider. In general, you can pick whatever colors and decorations you want. But if you are meeting business partners, having a job interview or participating in an important event that require handing out business cards and using your wallet, an overly flashy wallet will not generate a good impression, so be careful ! For a man, colors like black or brown will be suitable in most cases. Some added simple decorations will do just fine as well.

3. Interior structure and organization.

While most trifold wallets have the same design and similar appearance on the outside, there are quite a few differences in the inside. A lot of combinations of cards slot, pockets, ID transparent windows, zipper and slip – in compartments, etc can be found on the market. As usual, this depends entirely on the user preferences. You should choose the product that allows you to quickly and comfortably access every corners of the wallet but also have the ability to keep everything together. The wallet is where you keep important items for use when going out so it’s essential to make sure that the wallet keeps them safe and sound.

4. Purchasing

You can find yourself a place to buy a trifold wallet fairly easy. You can also ask your friends or family members for recommendations or just find a place online with a simple search. It’s always ideal to research and make sure that the place is credible and products are well – made. Never hesitate to have careful examinations and inspections before deciding to buy in order to prevent wasting money.


5. Useful tips and advice

  • It’s always worth the time and efforts to sort out what you really need in the wallet and throw out useless and no longer necessary items. It’s a bad idea to put too much things in your wallet. Besides creating a bulge in your pocket, it’s also a signal for thief and robber so be really careful about this.
  • You may also want to separate types of cards and currencies for easier access when needed. Don’t just put stuff at any slots and space available, this will severely impair your ability to look for them when the needs suddenly arise. Split them up nicely and logically so the moment you need them, you can just casually take them out without having to turn the wallet up side down.

Well that is pretty much about it. I hope you will make a good choice and get yourself a nice trifold wallet for daily uses. Good luck and have a nice day.

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