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First impressions are always the driving factor in any social encounters. You will want to be in your best shape while you’re mingling with others. Not only in term of personal charms and quirkiness, but also in your sense of style and image.

Having an unpleasant body odour can puncture a very dark hole in your personal image. It can seriously make you less desirable to be around with. Beside a very wide spectrum of possible remedies and solutions to this awkward problem: Body spray is a very viable approach to it also.

In this article, we’ll show you the best body spray for men you can possibly find on the market at the moment.

The Difference Between Deodorant and Body Spray

The differences between the deodorant and body spray is not large. Technically, they do the same thing: To rid your body of the unpleasant, rancid smell that unchecked sweating can cause. However, the mechanisms that either of them employ to assist you with the situation are different.

While deodorants – sometimes combined with antiperspirant for better effects – are used to help with the most sensitive areas such as your armpits. Body spray works more like a deodorant that would cover your entire body such as chest or back.

The combination of deodorant and antiperspirant can keep your body dried of sweats since they can clog the sweat glands and disallow perspiration. This is especially helpful for those who have problems with rampant sweating. Body spray, on the other hand, does not have this ability, and would work quite poorly for those who have the aforementioned condition. They use the power of the fragrance packed within their formulae to overcome the sweaty smell.

With that brief description alone, you can probably see quite well the benefits and disadvantages one has over another already.

While deodorants / antiperspirant can be a very helpful tool for those who are extra sweaty to combat body odour. Because of their mostly chemical (Excluding organic products) and their direct intervention with the body’s biology, it can be pretty harmful to use. Plus, they can only be applied in a singular place which is your armpit, which is the most problematic place there is on your body.

Body spray, however, comes in the form of a misting can and can be applied quickly to anywhere you want. It is mostly composed of fragrance and rarely else, so it will not make as much a harmful impact on your health as the deodorant and antiperspirant combo. However, there are some who has fragrance allergies. Since the selling point of body sprays are their scents, the smells would often be an assault to the senses of those people.

It is important that you choose carefully and wisely here.

Things To Consider Buying Body Spray

Much like buying clothes that will fit with your style, body type, and personality. Choosing body spray also requires some pretty thoughtful decisions first. But don’t fret, you can answer them at the top of your head in a couple of seconds.

  • Scent:

You make an investment for a good body spray, so you better make sure that you like and is comfortable with using it. Each person has a different preference for scent, be it a fruity, sweet, herbage, metallic,…

Try to find one that you’re most at home and confident with wearing. Not only it will give hints of how you are as a person, but it will also showcase your image.

  • Strength:

Look at body spray like a special type of cologne: There are some that are stronger, or lighter than others in term of smell. It depends much on how much attention you want to attract to yourself, and how subtle you want to approach your peers. This is quite hard to judge especially if you’re ordering body sprays online. But you can view reports from past customers to make your decisions from there.

  • Your Health:

As said, some people are allergic to the fragrance that are in body spray. So think about your past medical records and experiences, ask yourself it is safe to use them or not. If you’re wary about this, you should consult your doctor. It is not worth putting your health on the line for anything, especially in the name of smelling good.

  • Cost:

Just like any fashion accessories and supplements, there are some body sprays that are more premium than others. Whether they are better or not is still up to debate. But there’s no doubt than there will be some brands that are more expensive than others. If you do not have much needs, or you do not have the financial to really make quite frivolous investment. It is okay to buy more budget – but arguably still works the same, and can sometimes even be better alternatives.

My Picks:

With everything said, let’s get into the actual good stuffs. Here are, in my opinion, the candidates for the best body spray for men.

1. AXE Body Spray for Men, Essence 4 oz, Twin Pack

View here

AXE is arguably the most popular brand of body spray on the market for men. Its time tested formulae and proven track record of lasting a long time while maintaining a killer scent made it a favourite for many. And it may just be yours as well.

The first thing worth mentioning is the scent. AXE has had thousands of men preferring the brand over others for its distinctive, masculine smell that others can’t really replicate. The ‘Essence’ scent is a very evocative mixture of a woody and spicy fragrances. When you’re hoping to strike as a trustworthy and strong masculine figure, this can’t go wrong.

But beside Essence, in the bodyspray department, AXE also has two more options made available to you. Including ‘Dark Temptation’ – a citrusy and sensual blend of chocolate, amber, and red peppercorn. And finally ‘Apollo’ – which is a fruity smell rolling in with a touch of herbage. You can choose the best one that most suits you and your scent palette.

Its lastingness is reported to be long. This ranges from half a day to an entire day depend on the tempo of your activities and how much you sweat. But overall, it is said to be able to mask the irritating sweaty smell for a prolonged period of time. You don’t have to worry at all starting with a few spritzes in the morning and begin your day as confident as ever.

AXE also packs a lot of value for the cash, an individual, 4 oz. Spray can is roughly $3 – $3.5 and a twin pack costs $8. It depends on how much you use at once. But if you use it in the recommended application, a twin pack can last you half a year and maybe more.


  • Very masculine scents.
  • Available in three smells.
  • Can last quite a long time.
  • Has a lot of value for its price.


  • The build quality of the spray can is very cheap. Since it’s made of plastic, sometimes the spray’s top can break.

2. Degree Men UltraClear Antiperspirant Dry Spray, Black + White 3.8 oz, 3 count

View here

Degree is another familiar name in the industry and it is appreciated no less than Axe. But it has its own sets of abilities unique from AXE that differentiate it from the latter completely. And you could even appreciate it more than the already popular AXE.

The scent is very striking. Degree is available in four main scents, splurging on this department one count more than Axe. Adventure, Black & White, Cool Rush, and Sport Defence. And no matter what you choose, the scent is still going to be strong. In fact, it is so aromatic that some people straight out cannot stand it. So if you’re looking for something that has a softer touch to it, this one isn’t for you.

The Black & White scent has a very woody signature, combining all there are of the woods into a singular smell. Which, they have decided, is a unification between cedar wood, orange, and pineapple. Adventure, meanwhile, is an energetic fusion of components into a citrusy and musky smell. Cool Rush aims for a more liberated, fresh smell. And lastly, Sport Defence goes for a more rigid and rustic smell of someone who is leading an active, adventurous life.

It seems like Degree has had all possible aspects of a man’s life down and gives you the associated options to it. One that AXE did not really take into account.

The longevity of Degree is also superior over AXE. While the latter can only last for a day at most, Degree is tested to be able to last up to 48 hours. This will be the selling point of the body spray for men who have to spend hours, probably days on the road.

But the highlight of Degree isn’t its longevity. Its highlight is the MOTIONSENSE technology that the company has incorporated into its product. It is a friction based compound, which means that the more active you are, the more redolent you will become. It is not hard to see why some people prefer Degree over Axe just for this singular reason.

The spray is also dry, it will evaporate as soon as it hits your skin. You’re guaranteed a mess-less experience.

For all of the benefits that it brought to the table, it is understandable how Degree is slightly more expensive than AXE. It is roughly $5 for a single, 3.8 oz. unit, but it’s usually sold in pack of three for $15. A singular purchase will last you from ¾ of a year to an entire year depends on how often you use it.


  • Very striking scent.
  • Available in four scents.
  • Its longevity is of the best standard in the business.
  • Friction based MOTIONSENSE technology.
  • Good value for its price.


  • The scent can be overwhelming.
  • If you wear black shirts, be careful, the spray can seriously ruin them with its white colour.

3. AXE Dry Spray Antiperspirant for Men, Signature Night 3.8 oz, 3 Count

View here

Perhaps the previous comparison between the Degree and the basic AXE body spray is not really fair. AXE was underpowered then. But with this antiperspirant spray, it can seriously contest with Degree on a fair ground. And it could straight out win at that, surprisingly.

This AXE product takes full advantage of a body spray and an antiperspirant. Often, it is recommended that you apply separately a body spray and an antiperspirant. However, AXE has already rolled both into a compact package for you to worry any more about it.

The scent is not as masculine, in all honesty, it can work just as good as being a woman’s spray and a man. This is due to its sweet, but still unisex smell. Which is a very subtle, but still pleasurable floral compound: Wild lavender, spicy cardamom, and sweet praline. If you’re looking for a sweeter, something that would tailor an image of compassion, this is the one to go.

Since it is an antiperspirant, it can clog off the sweat glands and reduce the amount of sweat you produce. This can increase its effectiveness considerably, and you can expect its longevity to last from between 24 to 48 hours. It is advertised as 48 hours for the average persons, and the reviews seem to agree on the manufacturer’s notion as well.

As you can see, this is a much more suitable comparison with the previous Degree product. So you shouldn’t really remove AXE from your prospective list just yet.

In order to be an antiperspirant, it must contain Aluminium or its derivatives within. Which is known for causing annoying yellow stains on clothes. AXE has addressed this problem well with some of their tricks, and the compound is completely stain resistant.

And much like Degree, it is also a dry spray and will evaporate just as quick as you apply it.

Its value is equivalence to the Degree as well, with an individual, 3.8 oz. Unit around $5.5 each. If you order it online, it will be sold in the form of a three pack for $16 and can last you ¾ of a year to a year.


  • A soft, unisex floral scent.
  • Antiperspirant.
  • Long lasting.
  • Stain resistant.
  • Has great value for the price.


  • You ought to only use it on your armpit.

4. Sean John Unforgivable Body Spray for Men, 6 Ounce

View here

Sean John is not a known brand, but it does exude a sense of luxury and premium when you first look at it. From the very classy bottle and packaging, to the scent itself, it can easily pass as an expensive product from the get go.

The scent is very unique, but it can be described simply as ‘Citrusy’. Unforgivable is a very hedonistic union of a variety of essences. From tangerine, juniper, amber, birch leaves, to exotic ingredients such as rum and Mediterranean air accord.

All in all, it is composed of seventeen components in general, all are derived from the most aromatic sources nature could offer. Which is why Unforgivable is praised so much for its carnal, romantic scent and will surely strike you points with the lasses.

But even for the wonderful scent that it has, Unforgivable is nowhere near as long lasting as the previous names. Depends on your body, it can last from somewhere between a few hours to, as most, 12 hours. Just enough to get you through a date. Be advised that this body spray is not tailored for daily activities, instead, it should be reserved for more personal and important occasions. Which is why, although its longevity is so short, it is quite understandable.

The best thing about the Unforgivable is not the scent, although it is certainly part of the aspects that made it a success. It is, in fact, the price tag and the value. For around $10, you will get a 6 oz. Spray can, comparable to two AXE or Degree sprays which are only 4 oz. At best. A single can will live for around half a year before running out.

And for its design as a special occasion only body spray. I won’t be surprised if it will still be on your table by next year.


  • A very romantic scent.
  • Composed of seventeen active, all natural ingredients.
  • Great value for its price.
  • Large volume for a single unit.


  • The scent does not last long.
  • The scent might be a little bit strange for some people.

5. Nautica Blue Sail Deodorizing Body Spray for Men, 6 Fluid Ounce

View here

Nautica is also a very new name to the industry and might not be something you can find on a supermarket or drugstore’s shelf. Still, for everything that it is, it can easily be considered as one of the best body spray for summer, especially.

Its name may have already suggested what theme Nautica is trying to follow while making the spray: Enthusiastic, energetic, active, and adventurous. It will be the perfect companion on the hot summer days – the time you can exhaust all of the pent up energy.

The scent is emasculating. The Blue Sail is a forestry combination of sandalwood, blue cyprus, orange zest, and bergamot to make for what they called ‘Aquatic Fougere Woody’ scent. But it is in no way empowering. Unlike AXE, which goes for a more impactful, formal approach. The Blue Sail – much like its epithet – is liberating and expressive, only shows a hint of its scent for bystanders. You will come across as a very outgoing person for sure in your summer time adventures.

Since Blue Sail is made with the outdoors in mind, its effects can last a long time and will be very durable. You can splash yourself with some water, or spend hours in the Sun, and it will persistently stay on your clothes and body. There really can’t be a better solution for a personal care product when you’re about to embark into the great big world.

The value is not bad and can compete with the AXE antiperspirant spray in term of price. For a 6 oz. Individual unit – much like the Unforgivable – you will have to pay for $9, which is a buck shorter. But for what it’s worth, that single dollar will not decrease your overall experience with the Blue Sail.


  • A very airy and liberating scent.
  • Can last a long time and through many conditions.
  • A lot of value for its price.
  • Has a large volume in a single can.


  • Some may find the scent a bit off putting.

6. Old Spice Pure Sport Men’s Deodorant Body Spray 5.07 oz (Pack of 3)

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Old Spice has made quite a name for itself recently in the personal body care industry. And it certainly has done a great job at intruding the small market with this body spray. Rivalling even some of the more popular names out there, you can put your trust in its quality.

For the scent, it is a citrusy mix of lemon and lime. This combination exudes a very refreshing and clean aura for your next adventure outdoor. Although it advertised as: “For the commanding man” – what it feels like is far from it. In fact, it will paint you as someone who is active and love the freedom of the outside than the envelopment indoor. Especially if you’re out playing sports, you will surely reap some compliments.

Its staying power is unmissable since it is designed, first and foremost, to cater for sport players. And it did: No matter how rough you are with your day, at the end of the day you will still find the scent lingering. It is tested to be able to stay for a full day (12 – 24 hours). You won’t have to worry about body odour at the start of your day.

The value is not really good. Although for the price tag, it will still need much more than just the basic stuffs to convince me. However, if you love the clean smell and the staying power, knock yourself out. A three pack comes in at $13, so each individual, 5 oz. Unit is roughly $4. Quite expensive, in my opinion.


  • A refreshing scent lemon – lime combination.
  • Has very strong staying power.


  • Does not bring much to the table for its price.

7. Playboy Male Body Spray, Vegas, 4 Fluid Ounce

View here

Everyone knows Playboy, it is an integral part of teenage years and maybe a little bit of society. The brand is known for its rather … sensual and romance centric contents. So you can probably already imagined how its body spray would turn out.

And you’re definitely right, the Playboy’s Vegas is a passionate mixture of some natural ingredients for a very attractive smell. Those ingredients include Basil, Apple, Lavender, Musk, Geranium, Jasmine, Georgywood, Vanilla, Tonka and Tea. They are all rather exotic ingredients, The correct, creative mix the manufacturer had done created just the exotic feel they have been aiming for.

Beside Vegas, the body spray also has another alternative smell that you can choose, called ‘Hollywood’. Which is a compound mix of several ingredients together – all have a sweet undertone – from mandarin and bergamot, to vetiver, vanilla, and sandalwood. The resulting smell is a faint reminder of cotton candy, and in all honesty, who doesn’t like cotton candy? You will score a couple of points for the uniqueness.

Just like the Unforgivable, the Vegas is not meant for daily usage. Instead, it is aimed more toward the special occasions in your life where you will need some extra charms. Which kind of explain why it will not stay long, even though it smells amazing. As soon as your date ended, the Vegas would have finished its mission and went to the background. So do keep that in mind.

The value is extremely good for the Vegas. Which is only $4 for a single, 4 oz. Spray, which can last you half a year or more depends on how often you go out. This can’t be said for the Hollywood though. Because of the myriad of ingredients that it is made out of, the cost is rocketed upward to $10. Choose wisely between them.


  • Made from a variety of exotic materials.
  • Has two scents – both of which are unique.
  • Great value.


  • Since it is not aimed toward daily use, it doesn’t have the staying power like many products on this list.

8. Kenneth Cole Black Body Spray, 6.0 Oz

View here

Kenneth Cole isn’t really known, much like Sean John. But even if it is secluded and seemingly hidden from shelves beside online, it stores a huge amount of bang for its buck.

Kenneth Cole did an extraordinary job in term of scent. The fragrance that it uses, although does not have a specific list of individual ingredients, ended up having a relatively nice citrus smell. You will like it if you prefer a more natural touch to your personal charm. It will provide you with a sunny aura not a lot of perfumes or body spray can give. Unlike what the manufacturer described it as: “Sophisticated” – it feels more like a refreshing, youthful smell than it is complex. But it will all boil down to personal opinions.

The Kenneth Cole can be put into the same category as the Playboy and the Sean John – it is not meant for daily use. Take it on a date, take it to a party, take it to a wedding. But definitely do not expect it to hold up in your day to day activities. Its staying power cannot last longer than a few hours so take that into consideration before you make a purchase. A lot of people made this basic mistake and ended up not liking the product when they tried to test it throughout the day.

The name and the packaging would remind you of a luxury brand, the price tag would make you think so further. It costs $15 for a 6 oz. Spray, however, for the volume in a single unit, it is a completely acceptable price. Remember that it is equal to a two pack for many 3 oz. Sprays we had in the back.


  • Has a pleasant, youthful circuitry smell.
  • Great value for its price.
  • A lot of volume in a single unit.


  • It won’t stay long, that’s a given.

9. Guy Laroche Drakkar Noir Deodorant Body Spray, 6.0 Fl Oz

View here

Guy Laroche is a unique name that you will not hear being thrown around much. But the foreign sounding name can give you the basic idea that it is probably a luxurious, designer product. And it is, Drakkar Noir can be considered the best ‘On-Occasions’ body spray on this list.

The Drakkar Noir takes full advantage of the forestry theme and turn the idea into a seductive aroma that you will love instantly. From flower – lavender, to fruit – spicy berries and citrus, to, at last, sandalwood. It will give you the calming, forestry sense immediately upon application. Many pleased customers can attest to this notion, in fact, all 119 of them at the moment that this article is being written.

But the thing that made Drakkar Noir stands out a lot is neither its smell nor its name, it is, in fact, its longevity. By now, you would’ve been used to the thought that body sprays specifically for occasions all last a very short time. The Drakkar Noir will erase that idea from your head, as it lasts a rather surprising amount of time. Enough for it to be considered as a daily body spray, if you want to go that route.

The value is great, just like the Kenneth Cole, an individual 6 oz. Unit clocks in at $14. Although it may not smell as strong or masculine as the former. The smell will still strike you as desirable in the eyes of many. The 6 oz. Can, now much more adapted for daily use, can last you around half a year or more. Depends on how much you use it.


  • A forestry smell, made from a plethora of wisely chosen ingredients.
  • Very long staying power for its title as an occasional use body spray.
  • Lot of bang for the buck.
  • Large volume in a single unit.


  • Shipping can be a bit slow if you order it online.

10. BOD Man Fragrance Body Spray, Fresh Guy, 8 Fluid Ounce

View here

If you’re a sucker for ‘Clean’ fragrance – without all of the frivolous ingredients and fancy names and only a fresh scent. The BOD would be the perfect addition to your vanity or collection.

The ‘Fragrance’ is mainly composed of alcohol – which contributes a lot to a clean smell, since it is a common disinfectant. And that seems to be just it, no fancy scents are added and you will end up with just a ‘Fresh’ smell. It can strike you as a particularly hygienic and unsophisticated persons. It can be a bad thing depends on the setting and your personality, so choose your image for the day carefully.

But the alcohol within the compound is not necessarily a good thing, either. Even if it smells fresh, alcohol is known to dry your skin in order to dilute itself. But other than that, it will do a great job at clearing the sheen of sweats you may collect in your day. If your skin requires moisturisers or is particularly dry for clinical reasons, you may want to avoid the BOD.

One thing that I do not like about the BOD is its packaging. The misting can is an awful reminiscent of a window cleaner spray, and it feels awkward spritzing it all over. It totally ruins the aesthetic of the body spray.

But after all, the BOD makes up for its persistent quality. Although it is not directly mentioned, past customers had reported that the scent can last up to an entire day. So you can expect its effectiveness to be at around 12 to 24 hours depend on your body type and day.

The value is also great, in fact, among the best on this list. For $6,7 you will get an individual unit of 8 oz. That is comparable to about a three pack of AXE body spray. And if you prefer this one over the latter, you will love its lastingness. At once, it will last around ¾ of a year.


  • A refreshing scent.
  • The alcohol can deal with the sweat much better than anything else.
  • Very lasting.
  • Has great value for the price.


  • The spray can is awkward and quite unattractive.
  • The alcohol can be a health problem to some.

11. Nautica Deodorant Body Spray for Men, Classic, 5 Ounce

View here

We’ve mentioned Nautica before with their Blue Sail’s line. Now, retracing their lineage and we will have the Classic scent, which continue the tradition for a lasting and liberating smell. Who knows, if you don’t like the Blue Sail, you might love this one.

While the Blue Sail stresses entirely on having as less complexity as possible in its scent department, the Classic does the opposite. Even so, it still manages to retain a very unsophisticated sense that will not conflict with Nautica’s epithet. While Blue Sail is only composed of four main ingredients, Classic packs a whopping 22 within. It is like an amped up version of its forestry theme. With each aspects (Fruit, Wood, and Floral) composed of some five to dozens ingredients, that is an impressive mix.

But still, the resulting scent is quite mellow – but still sweet nonetheless. It is in no way empowering, just like the Blue Sail, it retains the main quality of Nautica for an airy body spray.

Even with this change, Nautilus still sticks with being an adventurous brand. The scent can last for an extended amount of time even through rougher conditions that you might throw at it. Be fully confident bringing it to or through your next outings, it will not disappoint. Data from customers show that it will last on average an entire day (12 hours) to two (24 hours). It depends mostly on how you go about your day.

The presentation is especially nice. The spray is metallic and is a beautiful silver that would pass as an expensive product. However, the Nautica Classic is nowhere expensive. For all of its intricacy and appearance, for an 5 oz. individual unit, the price is $11.5


  • Very intricate scent but still managed to be mellow.
  • Last for a very long time.
  • The can is beautiful.
  • Quite valuable for its price point.
  • Large volume.


  • Fainter than the Blue Sail.


In a normal day, applying just the correct body spray is the key toward attracting better thoughts about yourself. You will be surprised at how your social quality will change upon finding the correct body spray to accompany you.

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