5 Basic Belt Rules Every Man Should Know

In fact, most men do not know some of the basic rules to wear their belts.

If you have chances, let’s take time observing a few people at the parties, or some special events. You may see most attractive gentlemen in stunning suit and tie, nice dress shoes but just a simple casual belt. On the other hand, there are also casually dressed men with T-shirt, sporty pants, brandy sneakers but a slim leather belt.

Wait, just hold on a few seconds…

In case you didn’t pay attention, these men described above have just made some mistakes in showing their performances. There must have the inappropriate points in the way they dress, the way they combine their clothing with accessories, especially for the mens belt.

This article will point out some important rules you need to remember when wearing the belts for men. Also, just based on those suggestions for the perfect mix-and-match in your everyday styles.

The rules for belt that you should know:

01. Have at least 2 BELTS in your wardrobe


There are several criteria you will need to consider when wearing a belt. Before coming down to the final selection, it’s better to think about your clothing, your accessories and the event. You can’t use just one belt for all occasions, try to invest in more than one piece so you can take turn wearing them and mixing with different outfits.

  • For casual look: Wanna look friendly and casual? Go for the brown or tan mens belt. We highly recommend you keep your clothing as simple as you can. In case you want to go for a stunning color combination, navy and blues will add a warmer feel to the look.
  • For formal look: To make you look elegant, it’s better to emphasize the minimalistic with unfussy textures. Black color needs to stay on top of the list, as you often see it in suits or business clothing. The mens belt needs to stay low-key, but still attractive to grab people attention.
  • For active look: Choose a bright belt with catchy colors is the best way to brighten up your casual looks. Keep your clothes and accessories diluted and minimalist, then the belt will play an important part in keeping you stand out.

02. BELT and SHOE need to make a perfect match

In term of color, black shoe will match perfectly with black belt. You can apply the same method for brown and red shoe also.

Not just the color, it’s better to pay attention on the material as well. For example, if your brings along the wet look, then make sure your belt look shiny and glossy (best patent leather belt). Just use the same rule for other materials such as leather, fabric, or woven canvas.

03. Belt hardware needs to match other accessories

If you truly pay attention to your appearance and fashion style, then it’s important to remember the connection between all the accessories. In details, belt buckle needs to go along well with tie bars, cuff links, mens watch, and even the metal pieces on your dress shoes.

For instance, if you are wearing a gold black oxford, then make sure your belt color is in gold black or dark gold well. For shoes in brown tone, make sure your belt buckle and all companion parts feature the dark earth tone; or charcoal is also acceptable.

Useful tip: Avoid combining your belt with the suspenders. Since they all feature the same usage and purposes, it would look weird and unprofessional.

04. Keep it simple for formal style

For most businessman or those who wish to have a formal look, it’s better to select a simple belt with one classic buckle design. In this case, we suggest choosing the square framed buckle with just only one prong. Feel free to choose the brown, dark silver or retro tones.

If your style is into a well-tailored suit, you can choose to wear the side-adjusters instead of a belt for men. The side-adjusters are available in 2 different styles: button tabs and buckle. For gentlemen with heavy weight, side-adjusters are the best options as they prevent individuals from paying much attention to your waistline.

Useful tip: DON’T combine your belt with other accessories if you are wearing a dinner suit. It will downgrade your performances, no matter how beautiful you dress. We suggest choosing the waistband or side-adjusters in this case.

05. Differentiate between FORMAL and CASUAL style

When looking at your belt, how can you know whether you can wear it for casual activities or formal events? Normally, a formal belt often measures around 1 ¼ inch, and attaches to a single buckle. For belts which are wider and contain unique design, or a lovely symbol from your favorite cartoon, then it’s much more available for casual occasions.

Useful tips:

If you are into dress shoes (such as Derby, Work Loafer, Oxford…), kindly choose the narrow and leather mens belt as it delivers the professional and masculine appearance. You can also combine this type of belt with chinos, dark jeans or dress pants.

For sporty footwear includes sneakers, the casual belt is more appropriate. You can choose the one that made of canvas, or high-end fabrics. They not only look casual but bring a comfortable feeling no matter how hard you move.

Which of the following rules you have never tried before? Which tips you have come across but not mentioned in our articles? Comment below to share with us your stories and experience also! In case you are seeking for one dress belt for this upcoming meeting, https://bestbeltreview.com/ is a great place which is full of belt review collection and fashion tips.

As we are gentlemen and modern women, don’t forget our motto: Stay simple, stay classy.

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