Top Fossil Wallets For Men

Fossil, they are one of the Mr. Giants in the world of premium leather wallets that’s a staple in their outstanding and durable leather texture to serve you up to decades. And it is the truth that every time reminding to Fossil, 90% I will remember to their luxurious leather look with elegant designs. It’s exactly the right accessory that every gentleman should have.

Though their products’ construction doesn’t have any shocking creativity, the delicate mixture of colorways or the material texture is lightly but deeply engraving a good image in customers’ mind.

Besides, there are still many guys love the traditional wallet silhouette such as the bifold or the trifold. And here’s a reliable brand that is worth spending your money on. If you are fond of Fossil so far but still have no idea of which is the best to go to, take a peek at this article, you won’t regret spending time on it.

1/ Fossil Men’s Rfid Flip ID Bifold Wallet

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I will start up this list by a Men’s RFID Flip Bifold Wallet – one of the traditional silhouettes for 90s men. However, it’s not as bulky as the original, but has been improved to a slimmer profile.

The very first good thing you can easily recognize from this model is its diversity in colorways to surely help you pick out at least one favorite.

Besides, as I mentioned above, the first thing that we need to pay more attention to before choosing a wallet is its size. You need to opt for the right size, if not, you will feel hard to bring it with you. This fossil leather wallet is 3.75 inches in height and 4.75 inches in width. I believe that it is an ideal size for everyone. I feel comfortable when putting it in my pocket.

About the material, I’m sure that you will be satisfied. It is completely made of leather. This material is durable and fashionable. The Fossil men’s Rfid Flip ID bifold wallet comes with various colors to meet your preferences.

This leather wallet has enough space for users to keep their essentials. It has 8 credit card slots, so you can put all things, such as ID card, driver license, and so on. Besides, there are 2 ID windows, 2 slip pockets, and 1 bill compartment. I usually put my cash in the slip pockets and electric bill in the bill compartment. Overall, this wallet is well made and worthy to buy.

2/ Fossil Men’s Execufold Wallet

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Now guys, are you looking for a dress wallet to attend in a special occasion?

I tend to look for all fossil wallets for men on the internet to decide which one is the most suitable for me. Then, I found it. At first, it convinced me with the appearance which is different from the above wallet. It is long, but slim.

This silhouette is perfect as an accessory to enjoy any luxurious parties, or for businessmen due to its elegant and expensive look. I like the way that Fossil keeps its simplest outer performance with just a small, delicate logo mark on the front. It makes the whole look really simple, elegant yet unique. Score!

Speaking of dimensions of this wallet, they are 3.64 inches high and 6.56 inches high. These dimensions are what I’m looking for. I wanted to find a wallet that has the same sizes as the clutch because it looks fun. This Fossil men’s execufold wallet is made from leather, too. And all the edges are sewn carefully to make for sure that you can take the use of it for a long time without any problem.

When touching, I feel soft and smooth. I’m not sure about the kind of leather it used, but I think it is made from good quality materials. There is no scratch on it when I let it expose to surfaces. The small logo is printed on the left side to make a highlight point for this wallet. The Fossil men’s execufold wallet has 6 credit card slots, 1 slid pocket, 1 billfold compartment, 1 zip coin pocket, and 1 ID window.

3/ Fossil Men’s Card Case Wallet

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This fossil front pocket wallet is one of the most favorite products of many people because of its design. I’m very impressed with its front pocket which is very convenient. I can put many things inside this pocket easily.

The Fossil men’s card case wallet is made of genuine leather with sewn edges. It has different ways of combining colors, compared to other wallets. Mine is the mixture of two colors, including gray and brown.

The same as the other wallets, it is made from 100 percent of leather. This wallet owns 2 credit card slots, 1 ID window, and 2 slip pockets. Everything about this wallet is fine for me; however, its size is not suitable for me. It is 3 inches in height and 4 inches in width.

4/ Fossil Men’s Sliding 2 in 1 Wallet

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Size is the most important thing that people usually take into the consideration before buying a wallet. I prefer a wallet, which is not too big or too small. And the Fossil men’s sliding 2 in 1 wallet is ideal for me. Its height is 3.5 inches, while its width is 4.5 inches.

The edges of this wallet are also sewn to protect its shape. This sliding wallet is made from real leather. Therefore, you do not need to worry about its use time. Thanks to the high-quality material, it becomes much more durable and softer. Of course, this wallet is quite eye catching with some colors like dark brown, black, neel – black and neel – brown.

This Fossil men’s sliding 2 in 1 wallet consists of 8 credit card slots, 1 billfold pocket and 2 slide pockets. I think these spaces are enough to hold our items. This wallet has an ideal dimension that let us bring it easily.

5/ Fossil Men’s International Combination Wallet

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When talking about fossil wallet, we cannot ignore the Fossil men’s international combination wallet. Similar to its name, this wallet is the combination of colors to create an impressive outlook. The color is not dark or light, but the mixture. It does not look colorful or plain, but awesome.

It is made of 100 percent of buffalo hide leather. Especially, it is manmade. As you know, man made products always have better quality and this wallet is no exception. The height and width of this wallet are 5 inches and 3.8 inches respectively.

If you have many items and you want to put all in your pocket, the Fossil men’s international combination wallet is a good suggestion for you. It consists of 8 credit card slots, 2 slip pockets, 1 ID window, 1 flap coin pocket and 1 bill compartment.

6/ Fossil Men’s Trifold Wallet

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Another wallet that you should consider is the Fossil men’s Trifold wallet. It is not less impressive than any wallets in this list. The fossil men’s Trifold wallet impressed the buyers by its variety of colors. It has about 10 different colors to fit all needs.

It is made from cow hide leather, which is durable and light. This wallet is also a manmade product will all sewn lines. I used this wallet for a long time, but it still looks the same as a new one. The sizes of this wallet are 4.25 inches high, 3.25 inches wide.

This wallet can keep all your items well in a safe and well-organized way. I hate wrinkle money or paper; therefore, I try to look for wallets that can prevent my essentials from this and this wallet did it. All spaces are separated to keep things well, including 8 credit card slots, 4 slip pockets, 1 ID window, 1 exterior and interior fossil logo emboss.

7/ Fossil Men’s Flip ID Bifold Wallet

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Fossil men’s flip ID Bifold wallet is another option for you. In terms of design, this wallet looks stylish. It has many different colors and each wallet is decorated with a line at the bottom position. The color of this line differs from the body of the wallet.

Its material is of course good. It is also made from leather without closure. This fossil leather flip ID bifold wallet is 3.5 inches in height and 4.25 inches in width. I’m very pleased with the size of this wallet.

Although the Fossil men’s flip ID bifold wallet has a slim look, it enables to hold a lot. I like the flip out section very much because I can show my ID and driver license easily without taking it out of the wallet. There are 8 credit card slots, 2 slip pockets, flap with 2 ID windows, and 1 bill compartment.

8/ Fossil Men’s Magnetic Card Case Wallet

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When seeing in the picture, I think this wallet is a little bit small. However, when I hold it in my hand, I think its size is reasonable. The first thing I noticed is the aesthetic of this wallet. And, I felt it looked good.

The Fossil men’s magnetic card case wallet has many different versions with different colors. I opted for black color over the tan and brown because the black color always looks good in any cases. The black color is a perfect match for all people.

Although this wallet competed other wallets with the regard of the appearance, it is quite small. If you are looking for a big size wallet, this one is not a good choice for you. it is 1.1 inches in height and 0.12 inches in width. This wallet includes 3 credit card slots, 1 slip pocket and 1 magnetic money clip. With the regardless of its size, this wallet can save your money safe.

9/ Fossil Men’s RFID Blocking Turk Bifold Wallet with Flip ID

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Fossil men’s RFID blocking Technology bifold wallet with flip ID is a trendy wallet that is featured on this list because of its awesome look and good quality. It comes with only one color which is light brown.

The wallet is made entirely from the real leather; therefore, you do not need to worry about breaking or tearing. It is a manmade product with the good crafted stitches on the sides to add more for its looks. This wallet measures 3.5 x 4.5 inches, so it is a medium size for a wallet.

There are 8 credit card slots, 2 ID windows, 2 slip pockets and 1 bill compartment. With these spaces, you can keep your cash, ID, or cards. Although this wallet is affordable, fashionable and reasonable, there is no color choices, so it is hard for those who do not like the brown color.

10/ Fossil Men’s Rfid Card Case Wallet

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The Fossil Men’s Rfid card case wallet has different color variants which you can opt for depending on your preference. The look of this wallet did not impress me much, but its quality did.

This fossil men’s wallet is made from leather, so you can expect to last for long. It measures 2.75 and 3.75 inches, so it is in a small size. Although this wallet is small, you can keep it easily.

This wallet has 1 magnetic money clip, and 4 credit card slots. It does not have many spaces as other wallets, but it’s wonderful for me. The pockets tend to be stretched, if we put too many cards in it.

Here are best fossil wallets for men that you can refer before buying. This brand is a reputable and they are famous for authentic, vintage and classic design. Hope that you can choose a good wallet to store your cards, cash and coins safely.

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