Top 13 Best Hiking Pants For Men in 2019

Hiking is always one of the most interest outdoor activities for every person. This outdoor activity helps us reduce stress after hard working days. Besides, it can satisfy our passion for adventure.

To have the best experience, we should get ready for it with enough protective gear and of course, one of the most important things that you should not ignore is the hiking pants. Here, I will give my recommendation list with the purpose of providing a reference list.

Here are the coolest hiking pants for men

1. TBMPOY Men’s Outdoor Quick-Dry Lightweight Waterproof Hiking Mountain Pants with Belt

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The first pants that you should have in your collection is the one from the TBMPOY brand. This brand has released a large number of different colors to meet the requirements of the buyers. I got a thin black because this color is suitable for me.

When choosing a pair of pants, to be honest, the most important thing to me is the material. I want a comfortable one, so the polyester fiber and spandex are the best blend. These kinds of materials enable to provide the best features for the wearers such as waterproof, lightweight, durable, windproof and durable. These features are perfect for outdoor activities, especially hiking.

Another thing that made me decide to buy this pair of pants is the zipper and stretchy waist with a belt. The combination of these things contributes to make me feel super comfortable and get more experience for my trips. I feel like these pants support me to get the maximum comfort. In addition, these pants have two side pockets, which can be used to store our stuff. This pair of the best hiking pants is suitable for daily wear, skiing, biking, fishing, camping and so on. If you wear this, you do not need to worry about the cold weather because the inner fleece fabric will keep you warmer.

2. Columbia Men’s Silver Ridge Cargo Pants, Moisture wicking, sun protection

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The next pants came from the Columbia brand. Many color choices are available on the internet, but I prefer the boulder, so I paid for that color. However, if you do not want it, you can choose others. There are 18 different color choices. Although this pair of columbia hiking pants is designed for outdoor activities, I think we can wear it for working environment as well because it looks quite formal, but active.

Men will have a better look with this mens hiking pants . It is the mixture between nylon and polyester; therefore, it inherited all the best features from these materials. The first feature is surely waterproof and windproof. You will never get wet due to the rain. Also, the weather will never bother you again because you will get warmer in the cold weather.

In addition, the design for legs is straight style, so it will be not too tight or too loose. You will always feel comfortable when you wear. It came with classic fit to bring the ultimate comfortability for all day long, even when you take part in active outdoor activities. Specially, it has several special features, such as moisture wicking and sun protection. You will always feel cool and dry.

3. INBIKE Men’s Winter Fleece Windproof Thermal Pants for Cycling Running Hiking Outdoor Multi Sports

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Inbike is not a new name for sport gear on the market, but they always have new products which are on trend. Furthermore, these products have good quality. I had chances to experience their pants and I highly recommend the pants from this brand. This Inbike pants is one of the greatest examples.

This pair of pants was made from 100 percent of polyester. I guess that its material has a high quality because I always feel soft and comfortable when I wear. Furthermore, I did not get any struggle or uncomfortable feeling to move around. Besides, this one is very stretchy, so you will not feel hurt when you walk. In addition, it is breathable to keep you comfortable all the time, even on hot summer days.

The most outstanding features are warmth and thermal locking. This trousers is both waterproof and windproof. You will always feel warmer in the winter and fall. And, your outdoor activities in the winter will become much easier, thanks to this trousers. You can feel free to join in some kinds of activities, such as fishing, running, cycling, hunting or even jogging. There is an elastic waistband, whcih is used to stop your worry about being loose or tight.

4. FREE SOLDIER Men’s Outdoor Cargo Hiking Pants Lightweight Waterproof Quick Dry Tactical Pants Nylon Spandex

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I was impressed by the pants of the Free Soldier brand much because these pants make a great contribution to make the wearers look stronger and more masculine. This pair of Free Soldier pants is not an exception. There are several color choices, but I decided to choose the Army Green. I thought this color fits me the most because it is not too colorful, but bright enough.

This pair of winter hiking pants is the blend between 88 percent of nylon and 12 percent of spandex. These materials feature quick dry, breathable and lightweight. In addition, the nylon material enables to prevent the pants from scratch. Another outstanding feature of this material is moisture absorption. This made it become the best choice for outdoor adventure. Furthermore, the Spandex fabric is anti wrinkle, soft texture, elasticity, comfortable and no deformation to provide you a perfect outlook. You will have free movements without any obstruction.

This tactical pants is ideal for any men. Besides, it is the most favorite pants because of its water repellent system. You are always dry and clean with the water resistant . Besides, it is quite light. If you need the sunblock, this pants is suitable for you because it enables to prevent both UVB and UVA, so there is no damage to your skin.

5. MAGCOMSEN Men’s Outdoor Lightweight Hiking Camping Pants Multi Pockets Reinforced Knees Climbing Mountain Pants

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Another pair of trousers that you should not miss is the Magcomsen pants. This pair of pants is available in 6 different colors. And, this time, I opted for the black to have a strong look. This pair of pants is made from 95 percent of polyester and 5 percent of the spandex. I highly recommend this pair of pants for the summer, fall and spring. I do not think it is good to wear it in the winter because you will feel cold, so do not wear this in the winter. Or, in case, you still want, you can wear something inside to keep the thermal.

This pair of pants came with an elastic waist and a belt. The side elastic waist has belt loops as well as a belt, which is removable to help the wearers have a custom fit. Besides, knees are reinforced with the ristop material at the knee area. This material can protect your knees from everything. Additionally, the micro stretch fabrics are added to provide the free movements.

This pair of trousers is multifunctional with 4 durable zipper pockets. there are 2 side pockets, 1 thigh zip pocket on the right and 1 rear pockets with the zipper closure. These pockets will keep your belongings securely all the time. The Magcomesen pants are perfect for climbing, fishing, camping, working and traveling.

6. Men’s Outdoor Anytime Quick Dry Convertible Lightweight Hiking Fishing Zip Off Cargo Work Pant

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If you are a big fan of the tactical pants, this pair of pants is designed for you. With 6 color choices, I believe that you will get the most suitable one. I chose the Army green color as usual and this pair did not make me disappointed. I had great experience with it. The best thing I like about this pair is that it can be washed in a washing machine; therefore, I can save much time to clean it.

I am not sure about its real material, but it can be a kind of quick dry fabric because I did not need to spend too much time on air dry. Besides, this pair of trousers is lightweight, so I always feel comfortable when wearing. Additionally, the light fabric provides the maximum comfort and it fits me properly thanks to the elastic waist on the side. There is a zipper pocket on the right, but this pocket is used for decoration purpose.

This pair of pants is equipped with a belt and it would be perfect, if you mix this pants with a T – Shirt. You will look so cool with this outfit. Interestingly, you can change this pants into shorts by taking out the zip off legs. This pants have all important features for hiking pants, such as water repellent, breathe freely, and wear resisting. It is ideal for both daily wear and outdoor wear.

7. Toomett Men’s Outdoor Hiking Convertible Quick Dry Pants Elastic Waist Casual Lightweight Fishing Shorts

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My next selection is the Toomett hiking pants. This pair of pants is not very fashionable, but super comfortable. There are 11 color choices, and I opted for Khaki. At first, I thought that this color may make me look old; however, it is not and I even look more eye catching with it.

This pair of pants is made from 100 percent of polyester. When touching it, you will feel it smooth and shiny. Due to the polyester material, the pants can be dried quickly. Generally speaking, it does not take a long time to clean the pants. The polyester material brings good features, such as water repellent, breathable, and a zipper closure. You will feel easy to try it on and take it off with the zipper closure. In addition, the zip off legs can be used to convert it from the pants to shorts. It means that you just pay one, but you will get two.

This pair of pants has several pockets for storage, but it is not very large, so just put small things inside as key, cards or money. Sometimes, I put my phone there, but a bit worried being fell off. The elastic side waist is comfortable and stretch to support your movement. The Toomett pants is a great idea for spring, autumn and summer outdoor sports.

8. MIER Men’s Quick Dry Nylon Cargo Shorts Lightweight Hiking Shorts with Zipper Pockets, Partial Elastic Waist, Water Resistant

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To have an amazing hiking trip, the clothes are so important because these things can support us a lot during the trip. Although hiking is an outdoor sport, I still want to look stylish, so I spend time searching for fashionable hiking pants. Finally, I found this shorts. Shorts is a wonderful choice for hiking because it is very comfortable; however, if you are worried about your skin, you can cross out this one.

This shorts owns 4 necessary features for hiking pants, including water resistant, lightweight, 4 way stretch and wrinkle resistant. Water resistant is surely important because when we hike, we cannot know what kinds of situation may happen, so the water resistant can help us reduce stress about the weather and just come forward. Lightweight is of course necessary because no one wants to carry any heavy thing to climb. The next feature is a 4 way stretch. This feature plays a vital role because it allows the wearers to move freely. The wrinkle resistant material will provide a neat look to men.

The Mier shorts is made from 88 percent of nylon and 12 percent of spandex. It has 4 durable zipper pockets, consisting of 2 side pockets, 1 thigh cargo and 1 rear pockets. These pockets are safe for keeping keys, cell phone, wallet and other belongings. It is ideal to wear this shorts with T – shirt.

9. Nonwe Men’s Outdoor Quick Dry Water-Resistant Hiking Pants with Drawstring Hem

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Nonwe pants is a good brand name on the market, which is available with several color choices. I got a grey one from my friends. This is their present for my birthday. I really love hiking, so I always want to collect as many pants as possible. The Nonwe is one of my best pants. This pants is very comfortable to wear and it also has many good features to support your hiking trips. It is lightweight fabric and quick drying. This pants is also water proof; however, it is not effective, if it rains heavily.

This Nonwe pants came with a button and zipper fly closure for easy wearing. It does not take time to try on and take off. The elastic waist is extremely practical to bring you the maximum comfort. In addition, it has multi pockets, so you can bring many things for easy access.

The Nonwe is a good option for a large number of outdoor activities, such as riding bike, running, mountain climbing, picnic, and exercise. You should wear it in the summer, spring and fall. I believe that this shorts will give you much wonderful experience.

10. KAISIKE Men’s Outdoor Quick-Dry Hiking Pants Waterproof Lightweight Pants(M0105)

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In terms of color choice, the Kaisike pants are the best because it has more than 20 options. I chose the thin m01 gray without fleece. This pair of pants is mixed between light and dark gray to make the creation and a good look. Besides, it is also added two pieces of yellow colors on two sides to create the highlight point. With the zip fly and button closure, this pants is easy to wear.

If you make a choice of the Kaisike pants, you will never feel disappointed. I always feel comfortable when I wear because its waistband is adjustable and stretchy. It never leaves any redness on my stomach, even when I wear it all day long. All the pockets have zippers to ensure the security of our belongings and small items will never fall off.

Another good thing is that this pair of pants has moisture wicking cool dry fabric to give you strong movements. You will never feel hot in the high temperature. The high quality material will take sweat away to maintain your legs dry. However, you should pay attention that there some colors are water resistant, and some are quick drying. Check it carefully before ordering. This pant can be worn as a sport gear by mixing with T – Shirts or shirts.

11. Singbring Outdoor Lightweight Waterproof Hiking Mountain Pants for Men Women

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To be honest, these Singbring pants are not the most expensive pants that I have ever got, but I was really surprised about how well it was made. At first, I just thought that I should collect some other pants to get ready for the next coming trips; however, when I got it, I was happy with my purchase because it looked amazing. My choice is also a gray color because it looks young and active.

Actually, these waterproof hiking pants have a basic design, normal hiking pants, but its features are wonderful. Its material is waterproof. I am sure that you will have a lot of adventure trips at the sea or even in the jungle. I did some squat tests to check the quality of its material, and now, I am confident to say that its material is high quality.

In terms of the pockets, these pants have deep pockets which can keep a large phone, and wallet. Furthermore, All the pockets are zippered with a nice touch and a metal tassel. If you want to have a perfect look, you should not wear these pants with a pair of high hiking boots because maybe, it can’t go over. I highly recommend the mid hiking boots.

12. ZOOMHILL Mens Pro Hiking Stretch Pants Cargo Trouser Water-Resistant Tactical Outdoor Working Pants

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The Zoomhill pants are my next recommendation. At the first sight, I felt like this pants is a bit tight and I may feel uncomfortable when wear; however, I gave me a relaxed feel right at the first time I wore it. The legs are narrow to make men look more stylish and not messy. This pair of pants is a kind of scandinavian designs.

I love the pockets of these pants because of its stretchiness which allows me to put my hand in and out easily and comfortably. In addition, the belt loops have a right size to fit me perfectly. I have no complaints for the zippers because they are so smooth and easy to slide. Besides, its western style pockets are safe and enable to hold many things, such as flashlight, knives and so on.

Although this pants has lots of good things, I think it is better, if it does have hip pockets. Its pockets are fine, but sometimes, I can’t keep things with sharp corners as keys and I did not carry thich objects because it is difficult to move, stand up and sit down.

13. Unitop Men’s Lightweight Water Resistant Quick Dry Hiking Cargo Pants

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I thought a lot when deciding to list these pants into my collection because its style does not look old, but a bit. However, my friends said that it made me look more masculine, so I did not hesitate anymore. There are many colors, but I still wanted the light gray. I read much information about these pants before buying and found how good they are.

These pants are made from the blend between 88 percent of nylon and 12 percent of spandex. These are good materials which are beneficial for the wearers. These pants are quick dry, comfortable, lightweight, breathable, and water resistant. With these features, you can feel more confident to plan for your adventure.

There are two pockets at the back, two hand pockets in the front side, one zipper pocket at thighs and one velcro pocket pocket. With this number of pockets, it provides enough space for you to store whatever you want. These pants are suitable for outdoor, sports, travel, daily wear and work. You can mix it with T – Shirt, sport shirts, short sleeve shirts, or long sleeve shirts.

Buying guide

One of the frequent questions about buying pants is that what the buyers need to take into the consideration to get the best one. I ever felt difficult to make a choice of the hiking pants because there are so many options there. However, based on my experience, when buying the hiking pants, we need to pay attention to the materials, pockets and comfort.

Many people are wondering why we need to focus on the materials they were made. But, for pants, especially hiking pants, the materials are very important which have effects on the comfort. I prefer the nylon blend because it is water resistant and wind resistant, so I can have much experience without worrying about the weather.

The next thing is comfort. You can’t wear a pair of pants for all day long, if you feel uncomfortable. Furthermore, your movement will be limited, if discomfort. Therefore, you should try the pants one to see whether it is comfortable or not.

The last thing is the pockets. When hiking, we need to carry small things in our pockets as money, phone, knife, and so on. Therefore, pockets are indispensable. Besides, we need to be sure that all the pockets are safe for storage.


Here are some hiking pants that I found durable, comfortable and fashionable. Keep in mind that a good pair of pants will let you have a wonderful experience during your trip. The pants are very important, so do not ignore this list. I do hope that my recommendation can be helpful for you.

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