Best Beard Conditioner for Men

Growing beard will make gentlemen more stylish. But, it takes time as well as patience to take care. To have a gentlemanly and healthy beard, we need to invest in some beard conditioner.

It is very miraculous in softening or thickening your beard. These functions are what I’m looking for from time to time. And I’m sure you are too. So, apart from some of the best beard conditioner that I decided to make some short reviews about each to give you a clearer view, I’m going to share you all my secret tips to pick up the right product.

Now, let’s get started!

How to choose the right beard conditioner

Okay, I myself find that it’s essential to spend some time to keep in mind these top must-considering features when it comes to choosing a beard conditioner.

Truth to say, there are three main things:

  • Texture of the beard conditioner
  • The scent
  • Ingredient sensitivities


Talking about texture of the beard conditioner, what you should take notice is which will be suitable for your hair type and characteristics. Also, it’s a little bit due to your preference.

Like, whether you like to use a liquid or a solid beard conditioner? Or something between them will make you happier?

Once already clarifying this matter, you will narrow down your selection a lot.


I don’t highly recommend you to opt for those beard conditioners containing manmade fragrance because it might cause allergies for those who have sensitive skin.

Not saying that it’s your facial skin, which means the more it’s sensitive.

Instead, I advise you to choose the types with essential oils. This ingredient not only makes pleasant, natural and skin-friendly scent, but also healthy to your hair.

Besides, beard is very close to your nose. Choosing too strong manmade scent might cause some unwanted annoyance. Also, don’t go for those fragrances you hate.

In general, the best smells ever are woodsy or citrus scent.

Ingredient sensitivities

Before picking any products relative to skin, ask yourself this question firstly – would it cause allergies to yours?

Or another rhetorical question is if you allergic to any particular ingredient.

To get the best answer, check it more carefully in the product information. This will help you ensure not to pick inadvertent product that you can’t use at all.

Meanwhile, there will be some similar ingredients impart specific characteristics to your hair that are utilized for beard as well. Like helping smoothen, straighten or hair growth. These effects will help boost your beard a lot, like what they’ve done to your hair.

If you are looking for a good conditioner to make your beard softer and shinier, opt for the argan and jojoba oil.

What I’m trying to say is you figure out which characteristics you desire in your beard to look for the suitable ingredients in the conditioner.

Now, how to pick the best conditioner for beard?

Great question!

By disappointedly, you need to figure out that issue by yourself because only you understand the type of your beard as well as its characteristics. Along with that is your skin situation.

Don’t be afraid to try some as a test drive to set on one. I believe you will pick the right beard conditioner soon.

My top recommendations

1.    Honest Amish Beard Balm Leave – in Conditioner – Made with only Natural and Organic Ingredients – 2 Ounce Tin

View here

The very first beard balm that made me interested is a kind of leave-in beard conditioner named Honest Amish Beard Balm.

It made my beard smooth and even shine in a very good way. I dyed my beard brown, so I really like the shine. My beard looks a lot smoother after using it for a few times.

Truth to say, this beard balm enables to soften both rogue and coarse hairs. And I’m quite sure that your beard will be enhanced and strengthen after a very short time using, too.

Apart from softening feature, this beard conditioner is able to remove beard ruff and you are no longer worried about the itch.

The cream is smooth and non-irritating when you wipe up your beard. It is easy to penetrate your beard and does not make your beard tangle. As this beard balm does not conclude any chemicals, it is not harmful to your facial skin.

I think this beard conditioner has the same smell as a fresh and clean soap.

The scent of this beard balm is not strong at all because it is hand – made from all-natural ingredients such as Argand oil, Kokum, Avocado, almond, apricot kernel oils, virgin pumpkin seed and grape seed.

The key ingredient of this balm is argand oil. Argand oil is proven as a substance which is very beneficial for growing the beard.

This oil can fight acne and soothe burns and razor bumps after shaving. It is easier to style your beard. Your beard will be protected from skin bacteria with Kokum. If you are looking for a beard conditioner with a nice clean scent, it is exactly for you.

After applying this beard balm, I always feel it’s great and soft. The moisture of my beard can be maintained for a few hours. I usually use it to moisturize and styles my beard.

There is a small thing that you need to pay more attention is that sometimes, some ingredients can be separated. It looks like grits in a tin box and to use it, you have to melt in your hands before.

To deal with this, you can put your tin on the therapeutic heating pad first, and then, freeze overnight.

2. ZEUS Beard conditioner wash, sandalwood, 8 fluid ounces

View here

The next one is a Sandalwood beard conditioner.

I considered it as the best beard conditioner than ever. This can be used for both mustache and beard as a moisturizing rinse-out beard conditioner.

I’m a big fan of Zeus top-notch products and this is not an exception. This beard conditioner is so awesome that can soften your beard with hydrating natural ingredients such as sandalwood, Avocado oil and Jojoba seed oil.

As mentioned above, Avocado oil is good for growing and softening your beard. Regular use of this beard conditioner will bring you a perfect style and stop getting in troubles with the roughest of beards.

The beard makes you look more handsome, but it should be taken care and styled. But, you can do nothing with a tangled beard. Zeus beard conditioner consists of aloe Vera, dragon’s blood and vitamin B.

These substances help your beard clear and healthy. Besides, sandalwood is an important thing to relieve itching as well as fight inflammatory, so your skin underneath will be protected carefully from being scratched after shaving.

I can save a lot of time with this beard conditioner. Just a few washes, and then, my beard is tamed and remained for the whole day. Its smell is pretty good with a subtle lime scent.

I love the citrus smell, so this is awesome for me.

ZERUS beard conditioner contains many nutrients for healthy beard growth; however, it is just a conditioning wash. I hope that I can use it as a shampoo as well.

3. ArtNaturals natural beard deep conditioner

View here

Another must-have beard Conditioner for men is Art Natural beard deep conditioner.

Art natural beard deep conditioner is a great choice for those who want to moisturize your hair and skin. Additionally, it also can reduce the dandruff and irritation.

Although the ingredients in this beard conditioner are the same as the above, it is added the unique vitamin E. This substance brings you a new experience for your beard nourishment.

Tea tree oil is a popular substance which is used to fight itch, inflammation, and redness. The other ingredients such as jojoba oil, Argand oil and shea butter enable to thicken your beard.

Lately, my beard has been falling off a lot, and it has grown unevenly. After using this kind of beard condition, it seems to be better and better. The beard is regrowth and no longer fall off.

Licorice and nettle root extracts can protect you from beard loss and help to fill in the beard.

Besides, this product can help treat acne. Although I’m not really impressed with its smell, they do not make me feel uncomfortable.

Indeed, on the market today, there is rare product which can be as multi-functional as this product. It softens, reduces acne, and stimulates the beard growth at the same time. I’m sure that this product is worthy to buy. Just a small thing that I want to notice you, this beard conditioner is quite watery.

4.  Bossman beard kit – beard oil, conditioner, and Balm (Magic Scent)

View here

Honestly, I love this beard oil because it comes with some other additional things as beard conditioner cream, the relaxing beard balm and the jelly beard oil. This kit is really awesome for bearded men.

I saw that it has three different scents, so you can choose the right one for yourself. I chose the original scent because it is not too strong for me. This scent made me relaxed a lot.

As I said, I got this product with three things and each of them has their own functions.

The first thing is the fortify intense beard conditioner.

I love my beard and I always want to grow my beard because I feel more masculine. However, I got troubles with dry pores and facial hair.

I have tried many beard conditioners before, but they did not do much. They only helped my beard soften a little bit and the problem of dry pores could not be resolved thoroughly. Finally, I found this.

After applying on my beard, my skin is no longer dry and the redness also disappears. My beard is much smoother. I used it for my mustache and beard. They grew faster than ever. Now, I have a really long and smooth beard.

The second thing I got is the jelly beard oil. This beard oil works well, compared to normal beard oils. It also contributes to soften beard and moisturizes pores.

Besides, it also prevents my beard from dryness, breakage, and itch. This beard oil is a powerful supporter.

The last thing is the relaxing beard balm. To nourish your beard better, you will need the help of this balm. It can lock essential vitamins, minerals and moistures into your beard.

This beard balm will make a great contribution to grow your beard faster and thicker.

I do hope that its smell can be a bit lighter. It is the mixture smell between Sandalwood and vanilla oils highlighted with frankincense, bergamot and patchouli.

5. Beard growth and thickening shampoo and conditioner set

View here

It is so awesome when you just intend to buy a beard conditioner, but then, you get a shampoo.

These products can help you take care of your bear thoroughly without the need to purchase any other additional products. I got them two months ago and I was completely satisfied with what they brought to.

These products contain all ingredients you need to take care of your beard. They have vitamin both A and E to nourish your beard deeply.

They also consist of Manuka honey, which is known as antifungal, antiviral and antibacterial substance to keep your beard always clean and pristine.

Additionally, they have rosemary, tea tree oil and eucalyptus. These substances are beneficial for antibacterial functions, and beard growth. Plus, this kit has biotin which is good for nutrient absorption and skin softness.

This complete package has a clean tea tree smell. This smell is suitable for all men. It can keep you in a good mood for all day.

Although this package provides me a lot of benefits, I think they dry out my beard. They are not products to moisturize the beard, so it is just a normal thing. Excluding this point, I think they are great.

6.  Beard conditioner for Men – Encourages Growth – Leave

View here

The next best beard conditioner is Smooth Viking’s beard balm.

This is considered as a beard conditioner softener. It is a perfect solution for removing dryness and itch. It can help your beard softer and more manageable.

This Viking’s beard balm is useful for shaping and holding the beard.

It contains both premium and softening ingredients such as shea butter, argan oil, avocado oil, mango butter, and beeswax. These ingredients help to soften and nourish your beard deeply and completely. It can prevent your beard from being brittle and weak.

Apart from strengthening our beard, I found another interesting feature of this beard balm which styling is. Your beard will look more attractive right after applying a small amount.

There is no brush or comb that can make your beard look and feel thicker, but Viking’s beard balm does. Also, it can be used for your mustaches, too.

When I haven’t used beard balm yet, I always feel like my beard is oily and a little bit itchy; however, the balm puts an end to these problems.

It works effectively, leave me a soft, manageable and shiny beard. Your beard will be healthier and its scent is subtle from natural ingredients, instead of chemical smell.

The smooth Viking’s beard balm is able to give you a nourished and healthy beard. It can support your beard grow faster and heal the itch. But I love citrus smell, so I do hope that they will launch products with this smell soon.

That will be definitely amazing!

7.  Beard necessities conditioner & softener for all facial hair

View here

Another suggestion for a soft beard is surely beard necessities conditioner & softener for all facial hair.

I had wonderful experiences with this product.

The same as any beard conditioner, it also soothes the itch and irritation. You will no longer feel itchy. Furthermore, this wonderful beard conditioner also can hydrate and moisturize your beard to help it flourish.

Its main ingredients are aloe Vera, argan oil and orange peel. Aloe Vera and argan oil are known as a rich nutrient content which is necessary for stimulating re – growth beard.

The oils will be soaked into your beard fiber and provide enough nutrients for beard protection. These oils also can make a glowing appearance for your beard to keep it softer and shinier.

Another important ingredient that makes it more outstanding than other beard conditioner is the orange peel.

Not many beard conditioners on the market contain this ingredient, but this beard conditioner has. Orange essential oil is very beneficial to your skin because of its anti – inflammatory features.

Thank to orange peel, the necessities beard conditioner can keep you comfort when using. It has a light and fresh orange smell.

To make it work better, you have to take time. You cannot see any differences in your beard’s decrease in beard dandruff, softness and decrease of itching after a few weeks. It takes time, but its effectiveness will last longer.

Your beard will be nourished from deep inside, and from root to tip.

8. Ultra-conditioner / Softener for Beards by Beardsley and Company, Beard Care Product, 8 Oz.

View here

To choose the best beard conditioner, I always pay more attention to its performance. This beard conditioner for black men was completely satisfied me.

I recommend it for those who want to treat their wild, tangled and messy beard.

For the beginners who just start growing the beard, they may have some problems like dead cells and their skin is quite dry. These problems make you feel uncomfortable and itchy. The Beardsley beard conditioner can address them in a few times using.

Its ingredients will help you to deal with dead, dry skin as well as beard ruff. It worked great with my errant beard. My beard looked softer and sharper.

This beard conditioner is made from Prunus serotina (wild cherry), fruit extract, and many other ingredients. These ingredients are good for nourishing your beard. It moisturizes your beard and skin. It makes you feel refreshed after using.

The Beardsley beard conditioner is a kind of beard shampoo, so it can help to clean your beard.

Many other beard conditioners focus more on dealing with dry skin and irritation, but this one concentrates on all of them. It is also perfect for your mustache.

Overall, this beard conditioner is a great purchase which can cure your itchy and dry skin. Besides, it has a berry scent.

Honestly, I do not like this scent much because it is too strong for me to use daily. But, this will be a perfect option for you, if you are a big fan of berry.

9. Clubman 2 – in – 1 beard conditioner and face moisturizer, 3 oz

View here

If you are only looking for a beard conditioner which can keep your skin soft, this beard conditioner is right for you.

The Clubman 2 in 1 beard conditioner consists of all ingredients such as water, sunflower seed oil, root extract, coconut oil, nettle, rosemary and so on. They can moisturize your beard better. Especially, this beard conditioner can use for your facial skin.

Your beard will look messier, if it is dry. Therefore, if your beard is provided enough moist, it will look better.

Your skin underneath will be maintained immediately and the unruly bears will be taken care more carefully. The dead skin under your beard will be softer and itch free.

In this beard conditioner, Matrixyl is added to provide collagen to revitalize and repair your skin.

Because all its ingredients are from nature, its scent is refreshed. When applying it into my beard, I feel like I’m eating grapefruit.

The key point of this beard conditioner is to soothe, and condition your redness, to fully moisturize your beard and control your unruly beard hair.

Although this beard conditioner works well for your beard and skin, it is more like a lotion than a beard oil. If you are in need of a beard oil, you should consider.

10. Scotch Porter – Hydrate & Nourish beard conditioner – 8 oz.

View here

Another best beard conditioner that you should add into your collection is Scotch Porter – hydrate & nourish beard conditioner – 8 oz.

This ecstatic beard conditioner will bring you countless new experiences. Scotch Porter will provide you a deep conditioning beard treatment. It can revitalize and nourish your unruly and dry beard.

This beard conditioner contains all-natural ingredients like marshmallow root, nettle leaf, shea butter, aloe Vera, silk protein, slippery elm bark, and kukui nut oil. They are great ingredients which enables to promote your healthy beard.

Your beard will be nourished, strengthened and softened from the root. There are no harsh chemicals. Specially, this beard conditioner consists of vitamin b5.

This kind of vitamin is used to fortify and made your beard shine.

It works effectively and similarly, the smell of this beard conditioner is a fresh smell like a cream cake; however, I wish that its scent can last longer than now.

11. 3 – in – 1 beard conditioner, grooming shampoo, and face wash by the Rugged bros

View here

A healthy and styled beard will make you more masculine.

To do this, you have to choose the right product to take care of your beard.

If you use this beard conditioner, there will be no more wild, unruly and tough beard. The beard oil will be penetrated deep to your skin and beard follicles to leave you a smooth and manageable beard.

The rugged bros beard conditioner is functioning as a beard softener. It means your beard will be moisturized to be softer.

Furthermore, this beard oil can handle all kinds of beards, from long beard to short beard. If you have a long beard, you do not need to worry about the mess. Your beard will become soft and shiny.

In addition, this beard conditioner has pure Argan oil and jojoba oil which is rich in antioxidants. These ingredients are ideal for healing with the brittle and tangled beard.

This powerful tonic will thicken your beard and eliminate feeling itchy.

This beard smells good, but I think it dries out my face a little bit. If possible, you should apply lotion into your face to avoid being dry.

12. Woody’s quality Grooming for men 2 in 1 Beard conditioner 4 Oz

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Another beard conditioner that I highly recommend is Woody’s quality grooming for men beard conditioner.

This is one of the best products on the market now, which is a moisturizer and improve your skin better. If your beard is thin, and you want to make it a bit thicker, you should not ignore it.

Woody beard conditioner not only keeps your bear moist but also says goodbye to beard ruff. It is a good choice for those who have a sensitive skin.

This product can moisturize your beard without any side effects on your facial skin. It will not work effectively at the first time using, but after three times, you will see the difference.

I love this product because it is long lasting.

Plus, Woody’s beard conditioner enables to increase the collagen synthesis as well as leave you a fresh feeling.

Your beard will be less wiry. The smell is great. It creates a cool sense of grapefruit. I have no point in dissatisfied with this product. Basically, it has done its job well.

13. Green leaf naturals aloe Vera beard conditioner and softener for men

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For those who are interested in unscented beard conditioner, this is a perfect choice.

The main ingredient of this product is aloe Vera oil.

This kind of oil is wonderful for both skin and beard health. With the aloe Vera extract, your beard will be deeply nourished to prevent it from breakage or dryness. It also works effectively for hair loss.

The green leaf natural aloe Vera beard conditioner has the ability to cleanse as well as condition.

Besides, it’s also useful for beard growth and stimulates your beard to grow faster, thicker and of course softer.

Aside with effects on the beard, it is a really great supporter for your skin. It can protect your skin and beard from sunburn.

This is an organic product that is made almost entirely from aloe Vera. Therefore, there is no smell. Because of only aloe Vera in the ingredients, it does not work much with the itching and flaking.

Now, it’s time to consider the right product

To sum up, to buy a beard conditioner is easy, but to pick the most suitable one is totally a different story. Never forget three key things when it comes to choosing a conditioner – texture, fragrance and ingredients. Apart from its benefits to your beard, also think about whether if it’s allergic to your skin as well.

My collection, they are the best beard conditioner that I’ve tried all. Proven with superior advantages to outweigh other types, skin friendliness and elegant scent.

On my own experience, I always see the huge and positive changes after using them. They can be useful for softening the beard, for beard growth, or even both. Not saying that, the price is quite competitive.

In my opinion, their quality is further beyond my expectations. Really worth what you paid for!s

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