Best Blue Bow Ties for Men [ Updated 2019 ]

For gentlemen, bow ties are one of the most important accessories. In the past, the royal nobility often wore the tie bow to show their high level on the society. The bow ties are still remained up to now.

The evidence showed that a large number of businessmen, event organizer, or dance wearing bow ties more frequently. This tiny piece of clothes is super handy and it can provide us an eye-catching look to renew ourselves to get ready for important events.

In this article, I will recommend you some bow ties, especially the blue bow tie.

There are 18 Best Blue Bow Ties for Men in This Year :

1. Mens Classic Pre-Tied Satin Formal Tuxedo Bowtie Adjustable Length Large Variety Colors Available

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Platinum Hanger is always considered as one of the most reputable brands for the men accessories. They have released lots of unique and fashionable designs. And my first Platinum Hanger product is this mens blue bow tie. Apart from the blue color, there are other 14 different color choices, so you can feel free to choose your preferred colors.

This Platinum Hanger one is made from satin polyester, which looks exactly similar to the perfect silk. When touching it, you will get a good feeling and feel comfortable to wear. Besides, one more thing is that due to high quality material, this bow tie is very durable to provide you a long use.

The Platinum Hanger is an ideal choice for formal events, such as graduation, wedding, musical band, celebration, and so on. It is a perfect gift for your special guys. This accessory will go perfectly with vest, white shirt, trousers, and leather shoes. This blend will make you look more elegant and masculine.

2. Classic Pre-Tied Bow Tie Formal Solid Tuxedo for Adults & Children

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The next bow tie is also blue color, but it is a navy-blue bow tie. I like the changes to make me have different looks every day. Therefore, I often pay more attention to the color of each accessory before I mix it with other items. The bow tie is my top selection, but it needs to be in harmony with others.

This one comes from the bow tie house, which is famous for different types of bow. You will look more stylish in that accessory. Besides, it is suitable for all ages, and genders. You can wear it to attend wedding, party, or any formal occasions. Besides, if you want your children to have a good looking, you should not ignore this bow tie. Let wear it for your kids when going out, your kids will look so handsome and cute.

The same as the above bow tie, this one can fit perfectly with formal clothes, such as vest, and shirt. This bow tie is handmade, so its quality is trustworthy. It is made from gabardine material, including polyester fibers.

3. Classic Pre-Tied Bow Tie Formal Solid Tuxedo for Adults & Children

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As I mentioned above, the Bow tie house provides a huge number of color options. If you do not like the navy blue, or you want to collect some other colors, you can refer to this light blue bow tie.

In terms of quality and style, of course, these are the same. They are suitable for both casual and formal wear. you can wear it to attend any parties or events you want. With no doubt, this accessory will change our look to turn us into a new person with a handsome and masculine look.

To avoid looking awful, it is very important to know how to mix this accessory properly. We should not mix with the dark clothes because you may look messy. It is better to mix with light colors to make you more outstanding and neater. I often wear this bow tie with white, light blue, or light-yellow shirt and they look perfect. This bow tie is also made from 100 percent of gabardine.

4. HABIBEE Solid Color Mens Suspender Y Shape with Strong Clips Adjustable Braces

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I bought this bow tie last year and felt like I got a great bargain. I just intended to buy a bow tie, but I received a suspender, which is Y shape. These items are a perfect combination for a perfect appearance. Especially, their color is royal blue. This color choice makes every man look shiny and handsome.

I often watch films and see that men often mix the suspender with bow tie. They look so great that’s the reason why I want to wear like them. The suspender goes with clips to hold our pants properly to bring a neat look for men. The clips are made from elastic, which is strong, but will not hurt your pants.

You can match the bow tie with the suspender and bow hat to look more elegant. Or in case, you can separate them to change your style every day. These accessories are necessary for any gentleman. These items can go well with shirt and pants. If you want to have some breakthroughs, you can mix them with jeans and sneakers to look more active.

5. Alizeal Mens Party Bow Tie, Handkerchief and Cufflinks Set

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If you like using the handkerchief, you should not miss this one. In Alizeal collection, if you buy the bow tie, then you will get a set, including a bow tie, cufflinks and handkerchief. All these things are super necessary for formal occasions.

Men also need to dress up as women. But they need to have a smart choice to avoid looking too colorful. This royal blue set is definitely suitable for any men. The light blue makes you look younger and more stylish. This set is made from polyester silk; therefore, it always looks luxurious.

This package consists of one pair of cufflinks, one bow tie, and one pocket square. These items will perfectly go with shirts, pants and leather shoes. They are good choices for wedding, parties or formal events. If you are wondering about groom’s accessories, do not hesitate to pick them.

6. Bow Ties for Men – Mens Woven Self Tie Bowties for Men Bowtie Stripes Tuxedo & Wedding Striped and Solids Bow Tie

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The Luther Pike brand never make me upset. I always believe in their design. This time, I opted for their bow tie design. This is not really their newest design, but it is very special and unique.

The most attractive thing is its material. This own is made from premium microfiber, which is even softer than silk. The material of this bow tie has a good quality and its price is affordable. With such a luxurious look like this, I think this is a good bargain for everyone. In terms of its look, this bow tie is on trend and has a good look.

You can wear this accessory when you attend important events to have an eye-catching appearance. To have a perfect outfit, it is better to mix this bow tie with shirt, vest, and trousers. Do not forget to wear the leather shoes. This mixture is suitable for those who are fed up with sporty outfits and want to try something new.

7. HISDERN Floral Bow Tie Handkerchief Men’s Self Tie Bow Tie & Pocket Square Set

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I never tried any colorful bow tie or bow ties with floral patterns, but this is my first time. the Hisdern floral bow tie changed my mind about the combination of flower patterns with men accessories. It does not look girly at all, but stylish.

The material of this bow tie is silk to provide the wearers a comfortable feeling. I have used this bow tie for such a long time, and I never feel uncomfortable when wearing it. Both the thread and stitching are quite gorgeous. Its interlining has a good quality to help us make the bow easily. Each bow tie can be used for long.

This bow tie has an innovative design, which was combined with classy color. You will get many compliments when you wear it. The Hisdern floral bow tie is suitable for dinners, parties, birthdays, special occasions, weddings, and events. You can pay for the bow tie only or the package, including a handkerchief and bow tie. The same as any bow tie, it will go perfectly with light color shirts.

8. AVANTMEN Men’s Bowties Formal Satin Solid – 12 Pack Bow Ties Pre-tied Adjustable Ties for Men Many Colors Option

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Royal blue is always what I’m looking for. I wanted to find a package, which consists of many bow ties and I found this one. The Avantmen brand has a pack including 12 for each. I made a choice of the royal blue set and fortunately, this set did not make me disappointed.

There are two things that I can talk about my choice. First, I could not agree with the reviews about its quality. This Avantmen was made from polyester, but it is not rough. It has all features of the polyester material and it is super soft. When you touch it, you will feel extremely comfortable? Hooks are made of metal, which are not only solid, but also sturdy.

To put on or take off this bow tie is pretty easy. It can fit all kinds of shirt and color perfectly. This item is essential for formal and important events. If you want to have a different look, do not miss this. Besides, with such a large number of bow tie in a pack, you can feel free to change every day.

9. Alizeal Mens/Boys Adjustable Pre-tied Bicolourable Bow Ties

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The next is another cobalt blue bow tie; however, this bow tie is quite different with the lining. The lining is used another color to decorate and highlight the blue. This is a kind of pre tied closure.

This Alizeal pre tied bicolourable bow tie is made from polyester satin, which has a similar look as the silk material. Its hook and buckle are made from metal for easy clipping on and keeping it in the right place. Besides, you can adjust as you want. There are many different styles of pattern for you to choose, such as Pasley, floral, solid, polka dot, checker, plain or floral. Mine is a plain one. I do not need any pattern, but I see it is very fashionable.

The Alizeal bow tie will be a perfect gift for any man. In addition, it will go great with tuxedos, or collared shirts. This bow tie is a wonderful choice for ceremony, dinner, business, graduation, engagement, wedding party, annual meeting, or banquet.

10. HISDERN Men’s Check Plaid Jacquard Self Tie Bow Tie Pocket Square Set Wedding Party

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Sometimes, you may like mixed color bow ties, instead of the plain bow tie as normal. This Hisdern is a should have item. This bow tie can make a great contribution to help you look more attractive as well as individuality. This bow tie has a natural form to provide a vivid and charming look.

This bow tie looks very fun and colorful. The pattern of this bow tie is very creative to bring an elegant look, not girly or too colorful look. The combination of light and dark blue color is perfect for any men with the regardless of their age.

It came with a handkerchief and I felt very satisfied. This bow tie is beautiful in its own way and leaves a good impression on everyone. Furthermore, it is a handmade product; therefore, we can believe in its quality. Of course, this bow tie is durable and well made. It is designed for formal occasions, such as wedding, anniversary, parties or events.

11. Alizeal Mens Classic Party Adjustable Wedding Bow Tie

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Many people do not want to buy classic bow ties because they think that it is too simple and nothing highlighted. However, for me, I think it is much more special. I can take this Alizeal bow tie as an example. This bow tie does not have so many patterns as the others, it is special for the simple pattern.

Small dots were used to decorate the bow tie. The dark blue color combined with white dots well to fit all kinds of shirt no matter what color your shirt is. You can mix this bow tie with green, charcoal, light gray, or navy shirt. Besides, this Alizeal enables to fit suits and solid shirts to make your outfit look more interesting.

Its material is also polyester silk, which has a same look and feel as the real silk tie. This bow tie is perfect for some kinds of occasions, such as birthday parties, celebrations, anniversary, dates, thanksgiving, wedding or Christmas. You can wear with tuxedos, or collared shirts.

12. Manoble Men’s Adjustable Metal Golden Wings Two Layer Neck Bowtie Bow Tie

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The Manoble men’s bow tie is great for both formal and casual wear. It can fit anyone perfectly because there are two metal golden wings, which are adjustable. As I mentioned above, I like blue. But, if you want other colors, you still have a lot of choice, such as black, dark gray, pink, sky blue, violet, watermelon red, and wine red.

This Manoble bow tie features good quality material, stylish appearance, and plain pattern. It is well constructed with 1200D polyester fabric and metal wings. The polyester fabric material has a soft feeling. Especially, it is anti-wrinkle, so you always have a perfect look without looking messy. Besides, this bow tie is waterproof to provide you chances to enjoy any outdoor activities without being wet. This bow tie is anti-static as well.

The Manoble bow tie is suitable for business, celebrations, weddings, party, work, and dating. It was designed with a unique shape to make you look fashionable and elegant.

13. Satin Bow Tie

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The Satin bow tie is really cool. I’m sure that if you make a payment for this bow tie, you will get lots of surprises. Wearing the bow tie make every man look more handsome. And, this is an indispensable accessory for a gentleman. This brand has given many choices for their customers, such as red, black, burgundy, blue, and white. I opted for the blue one.

This one is made from 100 percent of polyester. I read much information related to this type of material before buying. After using it for several times, I explored that this bow tie is waterproof, and anti-wrinkle. I wore it to attend my friend’s wedding party, which was taken place on the beach, but unfortunately, it was rainy and everybody got wet. I was afraid that my bow tie could be wet and looked awful; however, it was out of my thinking. That’s great!

There is an adjustable neck band, so you can adjust it to fit yourself. I often wear this bow tie to take part in formal events. I usually mix this bow tie with collared shirts and tuxedo. I have to wear uniform when going to work, so sometimes, I mix it with my uniform.

14. MENDENG Men’s Gold Metal Burgundy Black PU Leather Satin Bow Ties Formal Bowtie

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The Mendeng brand name has gained the popularity to become one of the most favorite brand names on the market. Each their product brings a new look to men in the world. This bow tie is no exception. It does not impress by the shape, but design. Its highlighted point is patterned in the corners.

The design of this bow tie is the classic fashion that is not so complicated, but beautiful and trendy. Its materials are both silk and polyester. This perfect combination creates a soft feeling for touching and comfort for wearing. Furthermore, this bow tie is very durable, so you can take the best use of this item for a very long time without any problem. I’m sure that all of you can’t satisfy more with what it brings to you.

The Mendeng bow tie is a good selection for parties, meetings, business, casual wear and wedding. There are a lot of ways to mix, but I think the best choices are collared shirts and tuxedos. Besides, it is a good idea to buy one for your sons. They will look like a prince in that.

15. MLB Boston Red Sox Repeated Logo Bow Tie

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I like bow ties that is the reason why I always try to look for the best bow ties. I found many bow ties with different brands. If I have to choose one of the best, I think the MLB bow ties is a good choice. It has a more impressive look than the other ties due to its patterns.

Although the Eagles wings just used the letter “B” for decorating”, but with such a harmonious arrangement of the patterns made it more special. The red-letter B was printed in the navy-blue background to highlight. It looks awesome!

The MLB bow tie is made from woven polyester microfiber, which is elegant. Its design is cool with the adjustable neck and hook. You do not need to care about the size because you can adjust by yourself. It will provide you an elegant and sophisticated look. It goes well with any collared shirts and tuxedos.

16. Tartan Plaid Patterns Woven Microfiber Pre-tied Bow Tie

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The next one is of course a bow tie from the Retreez brand. This is my first time for this brand, but it exceeded my expectation. I was so surprised when I got this bow tie. It is sturdy, well made, and durable. I always feel comfortable when I touch and wear it. As the title, I just recommended the blue bow ties, so this is another blue one.

This bow tie is made from 100 percent of polyester microfiber. It has all features of this good quality material. Besides, this is a kind of pre – tied bow tie, which comes with an adjustable strap to fix when you want. The width of this bow tie is reasonable to provide a good look.

The Tartan bow tie will go perfectly with any color shirts and tuxedo as well. You will have a beautiful and fashionable outfit, if you know how to mix. Do not choose the dark color for this bow tie because it can make you look messy and out of date. You should wear it when you join in any formal events.

17. Mens Sharp-angled PU Leather Bowtie Classical Pre-tied Ties Tuxedo Bow Ties

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I never missed the products of the Fasinuo brand before. I usually buy their products because their quality and service are awesome. This time, I opted for the Mens sharp angled PU leather bow tie. I felt like I had a great experience with this one. It is so amazing from its look to the material.

In terms of the style, this is a pre tied banded mens bow tie. It is made from PU leather and polyester silk. I think the brand wants to take the best use of good features of each material that is the reason why they mix them together to bring the best feeling for the users.

This bow tie has a clip for easy wear. The Fasinou will become the best companion with you on special occasions, such as business, weddings, or parties. Do not forget to mix it with shirts, tuxedo, vest and leather shoes. These items going together will bring you an attractive appearance.

18. Herringbone Stripe Woven Pre-tied Bow Tie (5″) w/Pocket Square & Cufflinks Gift Set

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The last one is the Herringbone. You may think that this is a strange brand name; however, if you are a fashion lover, you may get familiar with their product. This bow tie is one of their best-selling products.

This Herringbone bow tie is made from 100 percent of the polyester microfiber. It brought me exactly what I need. This item met all my requirements for a bow tie. Aside with the blue color, there are some other choices for you, such as purple, green, yellow, mint green and so on.

If you buy this one, you will get a free gift box, including a pair of cufflinks, and a pocket square. All these accessories are enough for you to transform. Similarly, this set is ready for you to attend parties, events or casual wear. I considered it as the best blue bow tie in my collection.

II. Conclusion

Here are my recommendations for the blue bow tie. I think that the blue color is a good choice because it can suit for all skin color and make men look more elegant. It is not too dark or colorful, but good looking. There remain a large number of different ways to mix the bow tie with other accessories. I do hope that my sharing is helpful for all of you.

If you want some tips to wear them, take a peek here.

For other colored men’s bow tie, you might concern:

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