Tips To Remember When You Wear Tie

When you start to dress for your job, especially in the fields such as business and finance, you need to dress smart in order to look professional and make a great impression. A smart look requires a lot of things including a proper suit, tie and shoes.


One of the items that may confuse young workers the most is how to choose and wear the tie properly. You may wear suits and shoes occasionally in your college days but not so often do you wear tie. Therefore you will not have a lot of experience in wearing it smartly and properly.

There are also a lot of things young working man needs to know when he transfers from being a student to having a job in a corporate field. For further tips to dress smart and formal well, you can look for

Here are some tips on wearing ties to make sure you wear it well:


If you wear it for the first few times, you will encounter some problems such as knotting the tie too short or too long. One of the most common mistakes I have seen so many men making is making the knot look so loosely against the collar. It also looks really messy if you tie the knot knowing the narrower end of the tie.

So make sure you wear the tie with a proper length as the tip of the tie should not touch the point below the buckle of your belt and also should not be in the middle of your upper body. In case that you buy a tie which is too long, you can tie your tie with the Windsor knot as with this way, you will use more fabric. And if your tie is a little bit short, you can in a classic four-in-hand knot to use less fabric and make your tie longer.

There are a lot of ways you could tie well, which are available on the Internet. You can download these how-to guides and follow them step by step. By practicing them frequently, you would soon wear all different ways of tie perfectly.


Ties are reserved for formal and business events only. If you wear ties to informal and casual events, which would be ok but kind of overdress.

Here are some events where you should and need to wear your tie:

  • Weddings: whether you are the groom or just the guest, you should wear a tie to compliment your outlook and to be the most presentable at the very important ceremony. Go for a tie with subtle stripes would do the trick. Also ignore your novelty ties, which will make you a little bit odd in these events.
  • Religious Ceremonies: when you attend a certain ceremony in the church, for example, you need to dress well with a suite coat and a tie to show respect. Again, choose to wear a dark color tie with subtle patterns only.
  • Corporate Job Interviews: when you wear tie to the interview for jobs in banking, finance and law, you are showing your interviewers that you are trying to look professional and care about the detail.
  • Fine Dining: you will want to look as formal as possible when you go dining in a luxury restaurant and nothing can help to add more formality to your suit rather than a well picked tie.



It is important that you choose your suit first and find a tie that will match and embrace the elegant performance. Make sure that the color of the tie and the color of your suit go well together. It is a bit tricky when you wear a light blue suit. If you wear dark navy suit with a white button down shirt, any tie’s color will help to compliment your outlook.

The pattern on the tie also needs to match and enhance the pattern on your shirt. Once again, if it is a plain white shirt, you can wear any kind of pattern.


The width of your tie needs to be in proportion with a lot of things including your body type, your shirt and your suit as well.

If you are wearing a boxy cut suit, you should not pair it with a skinny tie. Also if you are kind of chubby, you should avoid thinner tie as well. In the other hand, a small and thin man should pick a slightly shorter and thinner tie.

Furthermore, you need to pick the right tie knot for the right collar as well. Basically, the narrow collar is more suitable with a slimmer knot such as a four-in-hand knot and the wide collar can be paired well with a Windsor knot.


It is not a smart choice at all if you decide to wear a novelty tie to your casual or outing events. It will sure make you look a little bit funny- and it is not a good way. However, you can consider wearing a novelty tie to some fun events and holidays such as the Independence Day, Christmas and New Year party.

There are also other events where it requires you to wear a specific tie. Check the dress code of the event before you dress up. If it says that it is a formal black tie event, make sure you wear a self-tied black bow tie. And in case of a formal white tie, you need to wear a white pique bow tie.

Overall, tie is a must have item for very formal and business event. It is also very tricky to wear as a little small mistake you make with your tie can ruin the general impression and personal statement you want to create.

With the list of the things that you need to remember when you wear ties above, I hope that you can successfully master the art of wearing your tie with perfect and full confidence.


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