Best Mens Neckties in 2019 Any Man Should Have

The necktie has been one of the most timeless accessories for men. In the age of business casual, a tie is no longer a symbol of formal wear. It can be worn in any situation for well – dressed men stand apart from normal shirts.

If you search for necktie on the internet, then you can get hundred different results recommended. Each tie has its own beauty to match your outfit. In this article, I will suggest you some best ties to upgrade your tie collection.

1. Men’s Solid Color 2″ Skinny Tie

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The first tie that I want to introduce to you is the men’s solid color 2” skinning tie. This is one of the best ties I’ve ever had. This tie comes in many different colors to fit your needs.

If you wear lots of suits, I suggest that you should go with this skinny tie because it’s quite outstanding to help you have a perfect look. Men will look more elegant and masculine. It is great in size with 2 inches in wide and awesome in fabric quality. With the microfiber material, this tie is quite silky and soft.

If you are looking for a tie to wear for your interviews, party, or office, you should not ignore this tie. Everything about this tie is just enough to create a formal look for wearers. Besides, it is available in various color choices to be suitable for any cases. If possible, you can buy some for changing. I’m always satisfied with this tie from quality to style. Although this skinny tie is awesome, I don’t recommend it for casual wear, because I think it’s not a good option.

2. WeiShang Lot 6 PCS Classic Men’s Tie Silk Necktie Woven JACQUARD Neck Ties

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If you want to have some ties to change, but you hate shopping much, you can take a look at this pack. This package consists of 6 different ties with different colors and design, so you can change every day.

These ties have reasonable dimensions to make you always feel comfortable when wearing. They are 57.1 inches in length and 3.1 inches in width. These silk ties come with the variety of styles, such as stripes, or polka dots to mix with many outfits.

The Weishang ties are made of the ultrafine fiber, which are against wrinkle and no fade. These ties focus on good glossiness, good vertical feeling, texturing, three – dimensional and silky handle. The bow tie is not only full, but also solid, with exquisite workmanship and reliable custom – made quality at the end of the collar. They are suitable for stylish and generous men.

3. Solid Color Ties – Multiple Colors – Classic 3.5″ width by K. Alexander

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Although this tie is a bit shorter than I expected, it is worthy to buy. This solid kelly tie comes with a collection of more than 40 different colors, from light to dark colors. It is plain, but looks awesome in any suits.

One of my best friends recommended me this kind of tie when I was looking for some plain ties to mix with my clothes for work. And, it came! At first, I always thought that I need to find out some ties with motifs, not plain; however, this tie changed my mind.

These solid color ties are a classic style, but if you know how to mix, you will look more fashionable and elegant. With the right dimensions, this tie will not disappoint you at all. I’m sure that you will get tons of compliments. This brand has released many strange colors to make more outstanding. This tie is for formal events and gives you a lot of fun when you wear it.

4. HISDERN Paisley Tie Handkerchief Woven Classic Men’s Necktie & Pocket Square Set

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It will be a big mistake, if you ignore the Hisdern paisley ties. They impressed customers with its wonderful designs and high-quality material. It is undeniable that the Hisdern Paisley is one of the most favorite tie brands in all over the world. It is famous for unique shape design.

This is designed for a perfect knot and suitable for all cases, such as business, party, office, or dating. You can leave a good impression on other people with this tie. It can turn you into a stylish man. This tie with the soft and good texture is very comfortable to wear and touch. It is a must have accessory for those who are successful men.

The Hisdern Paisley tie is made of the high-quality material, silk, which can be used for a very long time. It is 59 inches in length and 3.4 inches in width to fit all people properly. This kind of tie is available in about 1000 styles for your choices.

5. Elviros Men’s Eco-friendly Fashion Solid Color Slim Tie 2.4” (6cm)

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When choosing a tie, I always pay much attention to the style, quality and value. I found this tie, which met all my requirements. This product comes from Elviros brand. Although it is not the most famous tie brand in the world, I highly appreciate this brand, due to their environmentally responsible materials. Besides, their material is renewable, organic or recycled. For environment lovers, I believe that this tie will be the best one.

This neck tie is quite slim with the width of 2.4 inches and the solid color design to emphasize your style for all occasions. In terms of color, this tie has a good collection of colors for us to choose from. They have enough colors meet your needs.

The Elviros tie is different from others, because it has a nice subtle shine. It is not too shiny to be more suitable for daily wear. You can take the use of this tie for both formal and casual occasions. It will help you look more stylish than you imagine.

6. Barry.Wang Men Ties Woven Tie Set with Pocket Suqare Cufflinks Paisley Necktie

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The next rich color tie is the Barry Wang ties. They come with a perfect set, including a necktie, a handkerchief, and a cufflink, which are easy to match with shirts or any suits. They become the best seller products of this brand because of their availability, as well as durability.

At the first sight, this tie will attract you with the unique design. The floating motifs make it become more stylish. This tie is a good choice for those who do not like the plain ties. Moreover, their motifs are not colorful, but in perfect harmony. If you want to be more elegant, this is a suggestion for you.

The normal size of this tie is 3.35 in width and 59 inches in length. They are the best dimensions for most men. These Barry Wang ties are made from excellent materials, such as the stainless steel for cufflinks and silk for tie and handy, and 1200 stitches woven craft to make sure that the ties are durable. In addition, with the unique design, these ties are trendy to best suit for all occasions.

7. Mantieqingway Men’s Cotton Printed Floral Neck Tie

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If you need some unique and new designs, you should take a look at the Mantiequingway men’s cotton printed floral neck tie. I always love the beauty of flowers, but sometimes, I do not want to wear any clothes or ties that have floral motifs. However, these ties are totally different.

Although they are decorated with small flowers with full of colors, they are not colored at all. The floral motifs are in harmony with the main colors. They help us have a modern and fashionable look. These ties are suitable for all formal events, such as wedding, party or festivals. You will look active, youthful and outstanding.

This brand has released many different floral motifs with various tones to meet our styles, so you can choose any kind of flowers you like. These Mantiequingway ties are made by cotton, which are silky, soft and comfortable. The sizes are approximately 5.7 inches in length and 2.36 inches in wide. If you want to buy this kind of ties, you had better choose the color carefully as the image showed.

8. 100% Silk Handmade Woven Solid Color Ties for Men Tie Men’s Necktie Ties by John William Neckties

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If you are a huge fan of plain ties, these ties are right for you. Although they are not printed any motifs, they still look awesome. These handmade ties come with the collection of seven color choices, including black, burgundy, navy blue, pink, red, blue and white.

All these ties are handmade products, so you can feel free to use without worrying about the quality. The material is 100 percent of pure soft silk to help you feel comfortable to wear for all day long. With the regard of quality, these ties are top notch with supreme quality. They are sewn carefully by hand to ensure the sign of a superior tie.

Wearing these ties make us look more luxurious, masculine and elegant. These ties are classic, but stylish. They feature crisp, and modern solid color ties that go with everything practically. These ties are the perfect modern width (3.25 inches), and length (58 inches).

9. Barry. Wang Solid Color Ties Plain Business Wedding Necktie WOVEN 2.36”-3.35” Width

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Another version of plain ties is the Barry Wang solid color ties. This kind of ties are available in more than 30 different colors to fit all your needs. These ties have a pattern design with the solid color to help you match easily. The jacquard weave makes ties no longer drab.

This model of ties was first introduced in the late of the 1960s. These retro ties make an elegant gentleman. These Barry Wang ties are a fashionable item for all men. They are made from silk material to bring you the best comfort when wearing.

These fashionable ties are the expressions of men’s taste and the soul of western – style clothing that can make men more attractive in all occasions, from casual to formal. Furthermore, they are great accessories for both teenagers and adult. These ties are 59.06 inches in length and 2.36 inches in width. Overall, the Barry Wang ties are slim enough to fit all men.

10. KissTies Ties for Men Solid Color Necktie + Gift Box

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The kiss ties consist of a necktie, a pocket square and a gift box. This package has gained the popularity in recent years. A big and large handkerchief is a good accessory to be added to our outfit. It allows us to express the style as well as varied their look without having to buy different suits.

These ties are made from finest jacquard woven microfiber, which is animal friendly, and the texture is silky smooth, soft and thick. I chose the blue color because it is vivid to be used in a decent wedding or other formal events. Besides this color, there are about more than 40 color choices, so you can choose any color you like.

The necktie sizes are 58 inches x 3.35 inches, while the pocket square sizes are 12 inches x 12 inches. You can take the use of these ties for daily dress, birthday, wedding, engagement, party, business, office and meeting. These ties are washable by machine or ironed with low temperature.

11. Tiger Mama 6pcs Zipper Tie Pre-tied Necktie Mixed Lot

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This set will bring you a great value, consisting of 6 pieces of pre – tied zipper tie in various designs and colors, which you can see in their photos on the website. These ties differ from the other ties with special designs.

Each zipper necktie has a pre – made knot that comes with an adjustable loop to go over your neck. The loop can be made larger simply by holding the knot and pulling on the loop. If you want to tighten the loop, you just need to hold the small end and lift the knot.

The dimensions of this set are all 19 inches in length and 3.2 inches in width at the widest point. Besides, the other four sets are 20.5 inches long and 3.2 inches in wide. They are made of 100 percent finest high-quality polyester to keep them long lasting. If you want to use these ties for long, you should wash gently with hands in either cold or warm water, and press out excess water with a towel. You shouldn’t twist or wring the tie to remove water.

12. EasyJoy Skinny Ties Men’s Cotton Printed Floral Necktie

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Another floral necktie version is from EasyJoy skinny ties. These ties impressed many customers in all over the world. The same as any floral necktie, they are wonderful ties for men. The motifs are great and impressive to make men look younger.

The best thing about these ties is that they look exactly the same as the image you see advertised on their website. I collected some neckties of this brand and I found that they are wonderful with perfect dimensions. They measured 58 inches long and from 2.3 to 2.5 inches wide. These ties are very skinny, so you can mix them with all outfits.

These ties are made from high quality cotton. When buying the necktie of this brand, you will get a package of 3 neckties to change as you want. These ties can mix perfectly with your suits, and shirts create your own unique styles. And, they can fit almost occasions.

13. Men’s Chambray Cotton Skinny Necktie Tie Textured Distressed Style – 2 1/2″ Width

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The last necktie in my recommended list is the Men’s Chambray cotton skinny necktie. This tie is made from 100 percent of the cotton with 58 inches of the total length and 2.5 inches of the width.

This Men’s Chambray cotton skinny necktie is handmade with a colorful pattern, so their quality is great. It goes great with any dress or button up shirt with a modern thinner width for a clean look. In terms of color, this tie comes with many other colors up to 24 color choices.

It will provide the wearers a light and soft feel. This necktie works for a relaxed daytime event or a night on the town. It is perfect for formal dinners, parties, weddings, celebrations, grooms, ceremonies, groomsman, and graduations.

No matter who you are and what kind of jobs you do, you should not ignore the necktie. This is one of the most important accessories for men to help you have a good look and leave an impression on others. Hope that these recommendations will give you more choices for your neckties.

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