How To Become A Real Gentleman In Just 5 Steps

As fashion is now becoming more accessible, it is much easier when you want to update the latest trends, learn how to choose the most appropriate clothes or research for what to wear on a date. However, dressing like a gentleman is like being a true superhero these days, since the men’s taste in fashion seems to follow the modern style rather than embrace men’s masculinity and vintage spirit.

Being a true gentleman never goes out of fashion. We believe most women always love coming across a real gentleman. So, all your need do is to think out of the modern-day norms and adopt the gentlemanly traits and skills from today.

And why read below those 5 tips to become a real gentleman that you may need in the future.


Elegance is the key

Gentleman wears suits, this is the first and most important thing. Not when going to bed or a casual night out, but you should wear for any business meetings or normal days at the office. Based on most surveys, men tend to look picturesque in a well buttoned suit, fine shoes, quality shirt and professional cufflinks. It is not easy to make a huge impression, but it’s not impossible.

If you are the type of people who are into suits, then cufflinks are the indispensable items. Cufflinks successfully complete your look and show off your class when you are joining a conference or attending one business meeting. Cufflinks are an excellent way to add style to your wardrobe, without burning a hole in your pocket. Seeking for one pair of cufflinks? Check this out: Best Cufflinks For Men

It is necessary to choose clothes that matches your personal taste and pieces that embrace your appearance.

  • How your face looks like? Is it round, oval or follow the diamond shape?
  • Are your shoulders wider than your hips? Are your legs wider than your body?
  • Which type of fabrics should you choose?

Here are some common questions you may need to ask yourself in order to buy one that matches your style and appearance.

2. Define personal style in formal suit

There is nothing more disappointing than one man dress professional and format at the office and takes advantage of this style for a normal night out. Style and class truly speak themselves when you look at the wardrobe of one gentleman.

To grab individual’s attention, you can stay minimalist; but it always better to make use of stylish accessories like shoes, a slim wallet with minimalist design, watch or bow tie … Sometimes, a casual look just simply means getting rid of the tie and letting some skin show. But for different situations, you may have to change the whole attire completely.

If you want to stay cool, choosing a pair of chinos and fitted shirt. Don’t forget to have some jackets in your wallet. This is the best way to turn from elegant style to casual appearance in just a blink of an eye.

3. Accessory speaks your style

A true gentleman always knows how to take turn of his accessories and use them on a daily basis. Knowing how to combine colors and details will take you to the new level, help define your spirit and personal style throughout clothing. Avoid overdo unless you want to become the laughing stock of the whole office, or worst, make your partner leave early in your first date.

Keep in mind: Modesty is the key here, so try not to take too many accessories. Just use one or two is enough. You can carry a leather square pocket, wear a mens pork pie hat suspender for men or wear a Cuban link bracelet if you want to show your crazy and devilish spirit.

For those who love to wear hats, the pork pie hat is considered one of the most classic and traditional styles of hats for men for decades. Feature the distinctive crown shape and eye-catching silhouette, the mens pork pie hat has become an iconic favorite for hat enthusiasts

4. Knowledge and small tricks make you sexier

Although appearance is the first element that helps you create an impression, being a knowledgeable man is the best way to achieve respect and admiration from woman. We believe knowing more stories, more skills will make you become the center of crowd, and the life of every party.

Read more books is also a good way that bring you self-improve or extending our knowledge in a new array. In case you want to learn more or find some other good books in one of those provided fields, kindly have a look at 9 Great Books You Probably Haven’t Read.

Take surveys from party animals, one of the best ways to make women want to be near you is to master the art of mixology. Mixing cocktail is like learning a new art, so make sure you know how to mix-and-match the most addicted taste and new spirit in the world.

5. Manners maketh man

Finally, try to act professionally and gentlemanly at any times. Whenever you are at a crazy party, business meeting or enjoy a poolside barbecue, your manner is the key that helps you get more friends and expand new relationships. Remember to look at people in the eyes, stand up straight when walking and shake hands with a friendly touch. By using these tips, you will leave a positive impression towards others.

When gentleman wants to leave an impression, it requires a combination of exquisite sense and masculine style. Just follow these five recommendations, you can become the part of the admirable few and have more tips to define your true personality. If you are wondering that you cannot find a perfect and modern gout fashion for yourself, will surely be an ideal address for you to find more information about any particular product or even some cool tips to dress formally on special occasions.

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