Best Suspenders For Men in 2018


It will be a big shortcoming, if you have bow ties, but without suspenders. These accessories going together will make you look stylish and elegant. To meet the need of men, there are many suspender brands in all over the world.

Suspenders came from 18th century in France, and then, it has gained the popularity to become a favorite item for men. In the past, this handy tool was mainly used for holding up the pants; however, now, it’s multifunctional. In this article, I will recommend you some best suspenders for men.

1. 1920s Men’s Accessories Hard Felt Panama Hat, Y-Back Suspenders & Pre-Tied Bow Tie, Tie, Toy Cigar & Fake Mustache

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The first package that I highly recommend comes from a reputable brand. This package consists of a Manhattan fedora hat, 1 Y – black suspenders adjustable elastic, 1 gangster tie, 1 pre-tied bow tie, 1 toy fake puff cigar, and 1 fake mustache.

It is a perfect pack with the classic hat, which has narrow brim and short crown. This hat is perfect for all outfits. I got a lot of compliments from others when wearing it. This hat brings you the vintage as well as modern style.

A fake cigar is the best way to end the day. Especially, it looks real and made of cardboard with a brown wrapper. The suspenders with clip – on will provide you a new style. This set came with some different colors, such as black, blue, burgundy, champagne, gray, navy blue, red and white. These things are great for performance or any occasions you want. They will bring you back to the fashion trend of the old time.

2. Men’s Shirt Stays Upgrade Adjustable Elastic Garter Military Shirts Holder with Non-slip Locking Clamps

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These shirt suspenders have a good quality. It is made of the blend of both polyester and spandex. These materials are soft, so you will not feel uncomfortable when wearing. Your skin will not irritate, even when you wear it all day long. This shirt stay is designed to be worn daily and washable.

There is a shirt stay’s strap, which is adjustable to your preferred length and strength to avoid being too tight. The loop length is from 12 to 20 inches, the stretched length is 28 inches and the garters length are from 4 to 6.7 inches.

These men shirt stays enable to keep you have a clean look to impress the other people. You will be more elegant as well as fashionable. You will look like successful gentlemen. They can provide you slimmer and leaner look to stop you from having a wrinkled sloop look. This shirt holder can be worn in any occasions. You can mix it with your suits to have a perfect outfit for the office.

3. Bioterti Men’s Y-Shaped Heavy-Duty Suspenders – 6 Metal Clips, Elastic Straps

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Biotertie is always known as one of the best quality suspender brands in the world. Their products have unique designs to fit all wearers. These Y shape suspenders are made from high quality fabric and PU leather to make them more durable and you can use them many times. The suspenders are different from the belt

In terms of dimensions, these suspenders are 49 inches long and 1.4 inches wide. Specially, they can be adjusted to meet your need and feel comfortable for the whole day. Wearing these suspenders can help you eliminate all struggles with your waste suffocating belts.

It is undeniable that belt and suspenders will help you feel confident and improve your style to make you look sharp and flawless. These accessories are ideal for both casual and formal attire. You can mix these suspenders with jeans, tuxedos, fancy dress wear, suits, khaki pants, and tees. These classy suspenders are the variety of colors, including navy blue, black white spot, red, black, wine red, khaki, and coffee.

4. Men’s Reddish Brown Shiny Genuine Leather Suspenders, Steampunk Style Y Back Adjustable Belt Loop, 3 Snap Hooks

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This is an amazing gift for all men. It is elegant, durable, and comfortable, which is designed for the college student, graduating student, the performing musician, and the bridegroom. The Men’s Reddish Brown Shiny Genuine leather suspenders are adjustable that clip with the snap hooks onto the belt loops on our trousers or jeans.

These suspenders have 3 different sizes to fit your height. Men whose height are between 4’11” and 5’4” should choose size S, while those whose height is between 5’4” and 5’10” will fit size M. And the left one is size L for those who is from 5’10” to 6’7” high.

With these suspenders, you can custom it as you want. You can cross the front straps to make an X in front and the Y shaped in the back. Besides, you also can follow the traditional style. The two shoulder straps are riveted to a brass ring. There are two buckles on the front, so you can adjust them. To make sure that these men’s leather suspenders fit you well, it is better to measure your size. If your measurement does not fall within the range listed above, you can order or custom it.

5. Darller Mens Shirt Stays Garters Suspenders Shirt Holder Straps Non-Slip Locking Clamps

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Many buyers highly appreciated the Darller men’s shirts stays garters suspenders, due to its quality and style. They are made from comfortable as well as elastic material, high elastic nylon, high elastic, skin – friendly and flexible. These suspenders are durable and comfortable. They can keep you look neat and clean.

The shirt straps have metal locking clamps, which is not only high quality, but also lightweight. Each garter comes with 3 intersecting buckles without slip. They enable to keep our shirt, straight and firm as well. These Darller suspenders are adjustable and easy to use. It can go around the thigh and adjustable, so you can adjust them to fit your leg size.

They are the best choice for those who like wearing shirts. If you take the use of them, your shirt will be kept neat and smooth as always. Besides, your shirt will be tucked in. As any suspenders, this one can prevent you from wearing wrinkled sloop, and make you look slimmer and leaner.

6. KK & Jay Supply Co. Shirttail Garters – X-Dot Shirt Stays

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KK and Jay Supply Co. Shirttail Garters X Dot Shirt stays are very helpful for keeping our shirt tucked. At the first sight, these black suspenders will convince you because of its look. They are extremely comfortable to wear. Besides, they can minimize rubbing on our legs.

You will not feel uncomfortable when moving. They come with black and white pin dot pattern. They are fabric backed and no slip clips for all day confidence and comfort. These shirt holders are made from full grain leather that can be used for a long time without any problem.

I highly recommend these suspenders for those whose shirts do not stay tucked. Moreover, they will be a very important accessory for men whose job need to move a lot. These suspenders will make a great contribution to keep the shirt stay. And you will always look neat and elegant. The dimensions are 7.9 and 2.6 inches, but they are adjustable.

7. Shirt Stays for Men – Men’s Fashion Accessories Shirts Stay: Suspender with Metal Clip for Suit or Uniform Including Military or Police

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This thick, heavy duty holder Y style shirt garter is a man accessory, which can keep our shirts tucked in. They will help you to stop your worry about shirts bunching or untucking. This suspender has a very unique design which is a perfect accessory for ensuring the straps won’t break or snap. Your shirt will be remained in a good look, even when you sit, stand, move or groove.

These high-quality suspenders will not hurt your skin with the soft elastic straps. There is no longer rubbing or irritating your thigh or leaving chafe marks on your skin, but your shirt will be held well. With the strong metal teeth on Luther Pike Seattle shirts, shirts will keep a tight hold on your clothes under any conditions.

This product features Y style construction, which is ideal for a strong grip. Besides, it is made of the adjustable and soft elastic material, durable and non – slip metal clips. If you buy a set, there will be a strap for each leg.

8. Bioterti Men’s Heavy-Duty X- Back Suspenders-Adjustable Size, Long & Elastic Braces

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Bioterti heavy suspenders are suitable for you to attend an office meeting, traveling, and organize your kid’s birthday party. You can create your own styles with these suspenders, which look sharp, classy, flawless and stylish no matter what you are wearing.

These Bioterti’s products are truly adjustable and comfortable. Thanks to the ultra-resilient webbing and reinforced stitching, they are 100 percent adjustable. These suspenders are elastic and stretchable, so they will provide you the best comfort and fit well. Their suspenders have reasonable dimensions, including 48-inch length and 1.4-inch width.

This collection of tuxedo suspenders has full of colors that are attractive and vibrant, consisting of: black, coffee, blue, red, burgundy, navy and others. When using these suspenders, your clothes will be never scratched or damaged. They can be used for dress pants, trousers, wedding suits, tuxedos and attire to casual clothes, jeans, shorts, and Halloween costumes. There will be no more pants looking droopy, messy or sloop. They can keep our trousers tidy around the waistline. Our shirts and pants will be no more unattractively bunched up.

9. Decalen Mens Suspenders Very Strong Clips Heavy Duty Braces One Size Fits All Y Shape

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The Decalen Mens suspenders come with a collection of about 40 different colors to fit your preference. I chose a black one because I think this color is easier to mix with any kind of clothes. Before this suspender, I rarely used this item because it often left redness on my skin, although I love classical style and a suspender is very crucial. However, this suspender changed my decision.

It has very strong metal clips, which can hold your shirt and bring you a more elegant look. Besides, its materials are high quality, so it won’t hurt you. On the other hand, you will always feel comfortable to impress anyone you want. This suspender is made by the Decanlen leader in braces industry. Apart from holding your shirt, this suspender will not limit the freedom of your movements.

Decanlen’s suspenders are awesome with elastic fabric, which consists of the blend between 74 percent of polyester and 26 percent of electrodense. They are designed for both men and women. The adjustable length can be worn up to a body size of 6.4 feet.

10. HISDERN Various Classic 6 Clips Suspenders & Bow Tie and Pocket Square Set Y Shape Adjustable Braces

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If you are interested in some colorful suspenders, let look at the Hisdern suspenders. They are famous for unique designs. I like this kind of suspender much because of its function. If you like, you can use this suspender to replace for your classic belts and you will look more attractive. It will provide trouser support fully in a distinctive and versatile way.

With this wide elastic suspender, you can transform into a very trendy person and attend formal occasions. The Hisdern suspender is no longer monotonous solid color, but well designed with the popular classic pattern. It is available with 6 strong clips. All these clips are made from high quality strong metal. I checked it and for sure, nothing can break these clips. They are not easy to fall off, rust or deformation.

The dimension of this suspender is enough for everyone. If it does not fit you well, then, you can adjust it by yourself. The width of these suspenders is 1.38 inches, while its total length is up to 50 inches. The Hisdern suspenders are suitable for most occasions, such as formal events, costume, weddings, photo sessions, and many other special events.

11. Occidental Leather 5009 Leather Work Suspenders

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These brown suspenders are from the Occidental, which are designed to add the comfort and support we need to get through a long day of hard work. They are extremely comfortable and easy to put on and take off. Furthermore, we can adjust the straps easily. Although they just have only one size, these suspenders can fit all body size by the adjustable straps.

These are heavy duty and well made for those who need the endurance throughout the whole day. Their clips are tough, so you can carry anything you need and keep your hands free. The Occidental suspenders are made of the thick leather to make sure of the durability. We can take the use of these suspenders for a very long time without changing. I bought this suspender and I have used it for nearly 2 years. It looks good and works well until now.

The solid brown color is good looking. With this color, you can wear whenever you want without worrying about being out of date. In addition, this color choice is very trendy to fit perfectly with whatever we wear on a given day. Specially, the Occidental suspenders will never leave any burn marks on your skin, even when you wear it every day as my old suspenders.

12. Nocona Belt Co. Men’s Shot Shell Leather Suspender

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Nocona suspender convinced me because of its excellent quality. Before buying this suspender, I thought that leather suspenders were suitable for office, not casual wear, but I realized that I have mistaken. This accessory can fit all occasions, from formal to casual. It can fit you properly, if you choose the right one.

These work suspenders are made from 100 percent of genuine leather; therefore, you can use it for years. Although its material is leather, it is not sharp to leave burn marks on your skin. Furthermore, the straps are super soft to make you feel comfortable when wearing. The same as the above suspenders, this one can be adjusted with the adjustable buckle.

The Nocona suspender also has only one size, but it can fit all people perfectly with the stretchable elastic. Its color is tan, which look fashionable. Besides, this suspender is very helpful when you work. The leather straps can carry objects easily.

These are all best Suspenders for men I found after using. Hope that they can be useful for you. Suspenders are always important accessories for men. They can be used not only for fashion, but also for support to work. These accessories will help you have a more elegant look.

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