My Recommendation Of The Best Running Socks

Socks are one of the most crucial equipment for runners. A good pair of socks can provide you the extra protection and minimize rubbing. It can help you enjoy running more.

I love running, but I often get blisters when I run much. I tried a lot to find the right socks, but it is not easy for me. There are a huge number of different kinds of socks on the market and we cannot know which ones are the best. I tested many pairs over a range of distances to choose the most suitable pairs. Here, I will make reviews for some best pairs of running socks.

1. Balega Hidden Comfort No-Show Running Socks for Men and Women (1 Pair)

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I saw many people wearing the Balega hidden comfort no show running socks. At first, I did not think that this pair of socks is good enough to get ready for long runs. However, when wearing, I totally changed my mind.

This pair of socks is made from the dynamics synthetic material. It has all features I need such as breathable, quick drying fabrics and arch support. It is padded on the toes and heels to keep my feet away from being hurt or getting blisters after running.

The Balega hidden running socks come with a number of colors to fit buyers. They all look fashionable and durable. The most outstanding feature that attracted me is the heel tab which enables to prevent the sock from slipping into our running shoe.

2. ASICS Intensity Quarter Socks (3-Pack)

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If you are looking for comfortable socks, you should not ignore this one. It is a 3 pack, not only one pair as normal. I bought this kind of socks because of its features and its material as well.

This sock is made from polyester, nylon, and spandex. It has soft sole and lace pad cushioning to add more comfort. Furthermore, it enables to manage the moisture well and knit in mesh to provide more ventilation and breathability. I found this pair of socks helpful with the arch band.

The seamless toe help eliminate the bulky toe seam and provides greater comfort. I like this pair the most because of its proper fit. When wearing, there is no saggy or loosing areas that can avoid irritation or blister.

3. Feetures! Elite Max Cushion No Show Tab Athletic Running Socks for Men and Women

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If you like running, you have to pay attention to many things to know how their effects on your performance are. Elite max cushion running socks with the innovative tech design and wonderful features can make for sure that you will have the best performance.

This sock comes with various colors to provide more choices for buyers. When choosing a sock for running, I care much about the comfort and this pair can meet my requirements. It is a perfect combination for both comfort and performance with extra cushioning.

Besides, this sock brought me a soft feel. I think it is much softer than the other socks. It also provides me a blister protection. Its enhanced fit allows to maximize the support and blister protection. My toes did not get blisters anymore.

3. Ronnox Men’s 12-Pairs Low Cut Running & Athletic Performance Tab Socks

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Sweat and moisture are the worst thing when wearing socks. The Ronnox men’s running sock is available in various colors. You will get 12 pairs when paying for this kind of socks.

This sock has a very special design to fit perfectly. It is suitable for both walking and running. The arch elastic brings us the added support, and stability for the perfect fit. This sock is the mixtures among polyester, elastic, and spandex.

The ronnox socks are inserted a mesh layer to control the moisture. You will not feel hot, even though you wear it in the hot summer. This mesh layer is responsible for keeping your feet cool and breathable. It is ideal for runner and athletes. Besides, this sock is also great for everyday active people.

4. Physix Gear Sport Compression Running Socks for Men

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This sock is designed with the purpose of providing more comfort. My first pair of socks was the most awful one which made my foot hurt and got blisters. After that, I always tried to find out a pair of socks that can stop these problems. Fortunately, the Physix gear sport compression running socks did well.

I read reviews about this sock and all of them were compliments. This sock is made from high quality material which enables to protect our feet from the bacteria. It is great for relief of foot swelling, sore feet or increasing foot endurance. This sock can protect against being slippery. It has a fashionable look and variety colors available.

The Physix gear sport compression running socks are perfect for extreme races and long runs. It supports from heel to ankle and keeps our feet dry all day. You can wear it when you run, work, or cycle.

5. LITERRA Men’s 6 Pack Running No Show Socks Low Cut Performance Athletic Cushion Tab Sock

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The next sock is the Literra men’s 6 pack running no show sock which is made of polyester fiber and elastane. Because it is made of the high-quality materials, it also owns wonderful features, such as breathable, and comfortable.

This pair of socks applies the ultra-air permeability and moisture wicking performance to keep our feet odor free and stay dry for the whole day. It has an extra gear on the heel to bring the abrasion protection. Your feet will be protected carefully from being injured. Besides, I did not feel hurt or discomfort when running, thanks to its arch support.

This package consists of 6 pairs and one size fits most. It is very beneficial for wearers and supports their performance. This sock is suitable for all kinds of shoes as athletic shoes, running shoes, climbing shoes, boat shoes, and jogging shoes.

6. Thirty 48 Running Socks for Men and Women by Features CoolMax Fabric That Keeps Feet Cool & Dry – 1 Pair, 3 Pair, or 6 Pair

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Many people think that an expensive product will have a good quality. However, for me, I don’t think so. I can take this sock as an example. The price of this sock is affordable and its quality is the best. You can buy packages with one pair, three pairs or six pairs.

The best thing that I found is multiple cushions. The extra padding is added on the Achilles, heel, and metatarsal to protect, and prevent pain when running. It’s able to remove the moisture away from your feet to eliminate the bad smell when you run or walk for a long time. Another good feature is its color variety to suit our preferences.

This sock is suitable for both men and women. With the cushioned low-cut styles, it can fit any running shoes, tennis shoes or other sport shoes. It is the best to mix this sock with workout pants, running shorts, or compression sleeves.

7. Low-Cut Pro Running Socks, Men & Women, Sneaker & Sports Socks, Black, White (5 3 Pack)

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I paid for this pair because of my friend’s recommendation. At first, I bought it because I need a pair of socks to get ready for playing sports. Then, I discovered many interesting features of this sock.

It is super light and it has a toe closure which is hand linked to prevent your feet from blisters. This sock has such a perfect cushion to provide an adequate protection. In the padded places, it is very thin and comfortable. The toe and heel space are reinforced to maximize the comfort while avoiding friction.

Although I don’t see this sock fashionable, it features many benefits. I can wear this sock with all shoes comfortably. The breathable fabrics help me to cool down and reduce sweating during my intense workouts.

8. Prince Men’s Athletic Quarter Socks for Sports, Running, Tennis, and Casual Use (6 Pair Pack)

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The next pack is the Prince men’s athletic quarter socks with 6 pairs. If you are lazy to find out socks on the market and you just want to buy some at once, this sock is for you. Its quality is extremely good, so you will not get into troubles, if you buy a lot.

It can be said that the prince men’s athletic quarter sock is premium comfort fit. It brought me a soft feel with moisture wicking. The design of this pair is unique to form the foot as well as support. You will always feel dry and cool when wearing this pair. The breathable zone mesh makes you feel better.

In terms of comfort, this sock can meet your needs. Besides, there is no bulky seam, so you can feel free to walk or run every day without worrying about blister and abrasion. Generally speaking, this pair of socks is worth to pay for.

9. MudGear Trail Running Socks for Men and Women, Made in USA – 2 Pair Pack

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I usually give my priority to pack with some pairs rather than buying single pair. It is one of the most important reason why I chose the Mudgear trail running sock for men. This sock is mostly made from polyester.

I was convinced by its features. The first thing I felt when wearing this sock is the comfort. It was designed to provide the best comfort and wick water. The same as other pairs, this pair also has the ability to prevent blisters, even when you walk over long miles.

This pair of socks is multifunctional that can be used in many situations. You can take the use of this sock to hike, train, run or wear daily. It is ideal for outdoor sports. Specially, this pair of socks can be suitable for men and women.

10. SB SOX Compression Socks (20-30mmHg) for Men

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This sock came by accident. I saw my friend wearing it, so I asked her where she bought it. I tried on this pair and I was completely satisfied with it. At the first sight, this sock is quite trendy and helps wearers look more active.

Then, I considered its quality. Of course, it has a very good quality and this pair is beneficial for blood circulation. Its graduation compression technology can maximize the blood circulation to reduce lactic acid and recover your calf, ankle, legs and feet. The next feature is the comfort. It is stable, breathable, light and durable.

The SB sox compression socks are for men and women. It is available in 4 different sizes to make for sure that you can get the best one. Due to the lightweight and comfort, this sock can be used for athletic, travel or daily wear.

11. Thorlos Unisex Jmx Running Thick Padded Ankle Sock

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This sock has a classical style. It is comfortable and breathable with the arch support, sweat wicking and heel protection. The Thorlos unisex JMX running tech padded ankle socks are different from the others because of its materials. They are made of nylon, thor – lon acrylic, and elastic.

The Thor – lon fibers provide the superior softness, durability, moisture wicking and resilience. It will bring you a better feeling. There is a cushioning over the toes to protect runner’s toe. The cushioning in arch is responsible for getting better and having more support.

I recommend this sock because it is well made with enough features we need for a running sock. It can reduce blisters, pressures, pain and moistures. You can reach your best performance with the help of this sock.

12. Compression Socks for Compression Socks for Men

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Another sock for both men and women is the Compression socks. This sock is a well trusted brand. This sock applies the compression therapy technology to provide true graduated compression to support our leg.

Furthermore, it also reduces the fatigue, cramping, and soreness. You are no more worried about the injuries. The better oxygen circulation can reduce the lactic acid build up and recover muscles.

The compression sock is an awesome choice for many activities, such as running, playing basketball, jogging, cycle, or travelers. I found it comfortable when I wear this sock to go to work.

Although there are many running socks on the market, I like these socks the most. They have all necessary features that I need for a pair of socks. We do not need a fashionable sock, but we need a lightweight, breathable, cool and comfortable sock. Hope that these recommendations can be useful for you.

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