All You Need To Know About Tactical Knives

Tactical knife is an item that not only few people want to own and bring along with them.   A tactical knife has extremely many functions. Even, it is useful when you fall in a dangerous situation. It’s not overwhelming to say that it is a gear necessary in your life.

So what’s all you need to know before buying a tactical knife? What are all the functions of the tactical knife? What makes a tactical knife the best one? Just with a famous brand name or anything else? If you are looking to get a tactical knife, let’s check out!

1. What’s the difference between survival and tactical knives?

There is plenty of the difference between the survival knives and tactical knives. These differences are the most crucial on the usage of the knives. The usage of survival knife is defense when you meet the survival case. Meanwhile the tactical knife is used for skinning, hunting and so on which are the specific cases. Unlike the handle of tactical knife, survival knife’s handle is blank. In additions, a survival knife usually includes other necessary tidy kits. Both of them have fixed blades.

A survival knife can be sharpened easily, but the tactical knife is not. Why? Very easy to understand! If you use the survival knife for fish cleaning, branch cutting, the initial purpose when producing it is something has the sense of fighting. In fact, there are still the knives multi-purpose, both survival and tactical.

2. Things to consider before buying a tactical knife

The fact has shown that the tactical knife is very important when you are in dangers. The role of it asks you to be careful in choosing to find out the ultimate one.

  • The design of the tactical knife must be suitable for your needs of using. If you want to take all advantage of the tactical knife and be safe when carrying it, you had better buy a knife with single sharp edge.
  • A sharp point tip is needed for a tactical knife though on the market there are fully from round, hooked to straight tips. Because the sharp point tip has the highest result when you are threatened seriously enough to be forced to use the tactical knife.
  • The ergonomics seem to very important in the design of a tactical knife. A good ergonomics may help you hold the knife in hand really comfortable but still enough the strength to do your aim. Of course, this means that the handle of the tactical knife must bring you the natural feel and fit your hand well. With a tactical knife, something like the complicated patterns on the handle is not necessary.
  • The size of the tactical knife is an aspect you should to consider to improve the effect of your knife. But it should not only be suitable for its task but also ensure that you can carry it comfortably.
  • The best material ever to produce the blade of a tactical knife is high-end stainless steel, despite a lot of material used by different knife companies. This material is durable and never rusted. Thus, don’t because of going for cheap, accept another worse material.
  • For handle, most producers have used typical materials to make this part including metal or non-metal such as: stainless steel, plastic, titanium, G-10, rubber, composites, polymers, etc. Regardless what it is, the material of the handle must durable, difficult to crack or constrict, resistant to water, moisture, oil, gasoline or sweat. Of course, it must absolutely not be the natural material, no ivory, no bone as well as, no wooden.
  • Knife companies mostly provide the market both of tactical knife: folder and fixed blade. A folder seems to be safer when carrying along with you, but the fixed blade is more useful in the dangerous situations.
  • Although there are a lot of types of sheath for you to carry the tactical knife, for example: nylon, leather, metal, etc, the most popular is leather whereas the most modern is the spring metal clip. This clip is attached right onto the handle.

Of course, as I mentioned at the first of this article, you must get a tactical knife from a famous company. A tactical knife which is made in USA is more believable than one with the label “made in China”, in general. This is almost true. When you decide to buy a tactical knife, let’s take a look at this article:

3. Most commonly tips to do the knife care

If you have just bought a tactical knife, find out about the tips to care it here. They will help your tactical knife show its potential best.

  • Use the sharpening techniques to make your tactical knife sharper when needed.
  • Apply few drops of oil on the springs and joints of the knife when it becomes corroded. This way helps your tactical knife anti the rust.
  • Use a cloth with oil to wipe the blade of the knife to decrease the scratches.
  • Keep the blade of the knife always dry. Dry it immediately if it gets wet unfortunately. And watch it off as soon as possible in case it exposes to the salt water.

The last word on the tactical knives:

I proved that buying a tactical knife may not be easy and simple like many of other products. For a tactical knife, the price is not really important. However, don’t be fool to pick an over-priced one which is not worth your money. While there are a lot of problems you need to care to buy the best tactical knives, there are increasingly more types and designs of this knife on the market. Therefore, this article is created.

It can say that tactical knife is a stuff which can’t be either lacked or weak in your everyday life. That is the reason why you need to learn and understand thoroughly about it before do a purchase. Hope that after checking out this content of us, you have known the necessary information about this tool. And the tactical knife you will get I am sure that it will be really amazing and satisfactory!

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