5 Styles Every Man Should Know

One of the main key ingredients that create a man’s stylish and good look is that he know show to wear for the occasions.

In general, there are 5 most basic man styles including the simple style, the trendy style, the smart style, the business and the formal style. Each style will be suitable for different occasions and dress code which requires different items of clothing.

Read on to learn some general knowledge about these styles as well as gaining some tips on what to wear for each style.

1. The Simple Style


The simple style is often considered as the informal or casual style. This is one of the most common styles that you almost wear every day.

In order to wear the simple style, you only need a piece of casual top such as t-shirt or hoodies. For the bottom, you can wear almost all types of trousers and pants, except for suit pants. It is also very common for man in the simple style to wear sweatpants.

You can wear the simple style at home, when you go grocery shopping and even when you go picnic and to your friend’s house.

Although wearing this style it simple, there are certain rules that you should need to know in order to look sharp and cool in this style

  • First, you should know about the mere difference between wearing loose and being baggy. When you wear loose clothes, you will feel really comfortable and flexible to do various daily activities. A loose set of clothing still looks nice and fit on you.
  • However, you should avoid wearing baggy clothes. They are often too oversized and only make you look messy and unorganized.
  • As I mention above, you can wear sweatpants with this style. However, you should only wear them at home. When you go out, switch to wear loose jeans instead. They offer the same comfort but a more stylish look.
  • You can wear all types of sneakers. And normally, your worn sneakers are the most comfortable. However, if they appear to be worn out completely with holes and tears, you should get rid of them and buy a completely new pair.

2. The Trendy Style


If you want to be a fashionista whose outfits can create a good impression for anyone who sees you for the first time, you should invest in your wardrobe as well as the increasing your knowledge in wearing in the trendy style.

This style is perfect for a night out, weekend getaway or simply for the party at your friend’s house.

In order to wear this style, remember to follow these tips:

  • You should make the best use of accessories and jewelries. Normally, accessories and jewelries are not commonly worn with other styles. Therefore, they can really make you stand out from the crowd if you can wear them properly. These accessories include hats, belts and watches. Wearing these items can be a little bit risky. There are a lot of mistakes that you can possibly make. Take a look at the most common mistakes here (https://coolmenstyle.com/top-mistakes-avoid-wear-jewelry/) to that you can avoid them in the future.
  • Learn to master the art of layering as well. There are many stylish items such as jacket and vest, which can help to change and enhance your look instantly.
  • Try various styles of Jeans with different cuts to see what look is the best for you. Remember that some looks might look nice on some people but it might not look as nice on you.
  • Wear boots. There are a lot of different boots with many styles, colors and design which you can have fun experiment to mix and match. Sneakers might be too informal and Oxford leather black shoes are for formal and smart wear only.
  • Remember that you need to wear trendy clothing with trendy colors but the most important thing is that these looks need to look nice on you and you need to feel comfortable and confidence when you wear this style.

3. The Business Style


As the name suggest, the business style is suitable for you to go to work in a professional field such as law and banking.  You should not wear too formal but Jeans and sneakers are definitely a No in this style.

Here are some further tips to make sure you wear the business style correctly:

  • As I mention just above, you should not wear Jeans and sneakers if you want to wear this business style.
  • You also don’t need to wear a tie. It is for more serious and formal occasions.
  • To play it safe, wear a white or light navy blue button down shirts with plain trousers.
  • You should invest in a high quality pair of dress shoes. Choose black or dark brown color. These colors are much easier to pair with other colors of your shirts and trousers.

4. The Smart Style


The smart style resembles the combination of the casual and formal style. You often wear this style to work or to the semi-formal events.

Here are some tips to help you wear the perfect smart style:

  • In order to look not so like business style and formal style, you can add to your normal outlook denim blazers.
  • You can wear formal or casual shoes. You can even choose a pair of sneakers. Just make sure they look new clean and don’t have many colors on them.
  • In general, the smart style is just like the business and formal style with less strict dress code. You can wear skinny Jeans in some cases as well.

5. The Formal Style


The most serious style, of course, is the formal style. You often wear this style when you go to work, business meeting and for other serious, important events such as weddings and funerals.

  • It is very important that the suit you wear fits you perfect, both in height and shape. In case you could not find a good suit in store, invest some money in having it tailored to you. It is always a good idea to spend some money to buy the best suit you could possibly have and set it aside for important, formal events.
  • You can mix match different colors but stick to dark and white colors for a more classic combination.
  • Wear tie also for a stronger and sharper effect.

Here is the basic guide to the most common styles that every man should know. It is important to remember which situations and places you should wear which style. In case you are unsure about a specific situation, remember that overdressing is better than under-dressing. In addition, make sure you wear fit clothing that is suitable for your body’s shape and height. Lastly, wear them with confidence.

If you are able to have the suitable styles and clothing, undoubtedly you would be able to leave really a good impression on everybody’s mind and create a strong and stylish personal statement that no one can forget.


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