Style Secrets To Look Better Than Other Guys

I know that it’s really hard to stand out from everyone else nowadays. Maybe you are a student and want to known as someone who always looks on point or might you work at office and would like to be professional, but at the same time you want to those compliments to start rolling in.

From that point, in this article today, I will share you some style secrets that will elevate you right away. They are things which you can do to quickly one-up everyone else around you. I don’t mean to be better than other people, I just mean to stand out more and feel confident around your friends.


Perfect your body posture

It doesn’t matter that if you have the nicest outfit on, your grooming is on point, your hair looks amazing but once you are one of those guys who just slouch the whole time or your shoulders are just rolled up towards all the time, it changes the way that those clothes will fit your body.

In such slouching posture, your outfit will get bunched up and wrinkly. Besides, it also ruins your figure. Remember that you are always sending people a sign! Such slouching posture will cause the others think that you don’t care about what they say or maybe you’re too tired.

If your shoulders are rolled up and forward, it probably means that you don’t exercise enough. To correct that, you need to build up muscles.

From now on, I want you to think about the way that you sit!

Your back should be straight, your chest should be out and your shoulders should be back.

When you are standing up, it’s the same exact thing, you don’t want to exaggerate it or look super awkward and robotic, BUT, you need to make sure that you are aligned from top to bottom.

It might take a few weeks to get used to it, but it’s so worth it because that makes you look taller, stronger and more confident.

No more naked wrists

You can buy flannels, jeans, some sneakers and still look good. All you have to do is making sure that you have men’s accessories to complement your outfit.

At least, get some nice bracelets to spice things up a little bit and get people to look at what you wear.

If you don’t like bracelets, but something more functional, try the best men’s watch to make you look more professional and expensive with an amazingly affordable price.

Know your face shape

For what?

Once you already understand which kind of your face shape, you will enable to choose the right haircut for it.

I see a lot of guys who just try so many different things on their hair, which is fine. You should definitely explore every option out there. But, once you find the style that suits your face, then just take note and try to stick to it, especially if you are trying to impress someone.

It basically gives you that edge that you need to look better than everyone else. And the truth is, we know that not a lot of guys understand this, so, if you do, you’re already way ahead of everyone else.

Get your pants tailored

If you already read my article about How to look outstanding even when you are in uniform, you might understand how important to get your clothes tailored, especially your pants.

It’s because the difference it makes is ridiculous, you go from a regular guy to a very stylish man by paying a few bucks to get your old jeans fit your body perfectly.

This particularly works greatly if you are not that tall as if you are wearing baggy pants, they will make you look shorter than you really are and stumpy. You don’t want that, do you?

By getting them tapered just a little bit to hug your legs, then hem to just touch the top of your shoes, you will look slimmer and taller instantly. Thus, get one of your baggy jeans, bring it to your nearby tailor and just try it out.

Whiten your teeth

Okay, I know that this tip is not related to fashion much, but this will help you look better than average guys. Whiten your teeth every six months!

It’s such an easy way to improve the way you look instantly and make you feel more confident. I know guys, for example, who are afraid to smile or even to talk just because they are not confident in the way their teeth look.

See? The health and hygiene will always come first. So, make sure you’re good there!

We all know that fact that girls like a guy with a nice smile and even if you already have a nice smile which I’m sure that a lot of you do, why not make it better?

You can just throw one of whitening strips for two hours every six months and you’re good to go.

Be confident to dress up

I see so many guys wearing the same style over and over again. You have to explore different things and even overdressing sometimes is not a bad thing! Being the best dressed man in the room is actually a great feeling and it feels really cool.

But, there’s obviously limits!

Don’t go wearing suits just to get groceries or anything like that but step out with your comfort zone a little bit. Try a different color palette, wear men’s leather jacket if you’ve never tried it.

Get some cool Chelsea boots, layer your clothes to give it some more depth and just experiment until you find some really cool outfits that get you excited.

It’s because honestly, that’s what it’s all about!

Develop a good grooming routine

It’s because by making sure that you are well groomed, you are just putting the best version of yourself out there.

If you know that your beard is on point, your nails aren’t dirty and gross as well as your breath is fresh, then you will instantly feel more confident.

THE TRUTH IS you are going to look better than 90 percent of other guys just by being well-groomed and trimming your beard.

I’d like to trim my beard every other day and get a haircut as often as possible to look fresh, but, everyone is different. As long as you look clean and well-groomed, you’re golden.

Bonus: Top Good Habits to Make You Look Better

Make sure that you are getting enough sleep!

I can’t stress how important it is that you get enough sleep every single night because our body needs to recharge.

Without sleep, our body is not going to function as well. You won’t get as fast, sharp and energetic as you would be. If you get 8 hours of sleep, believe it or not, your face will look lively and brighter.

So, try to develop a routine where you know exactly what time you need to get to bed and ready to feel better on the next day!


Terrible gig line

What the heck is the gig line?

It’s basically the line between your placket and your fly.

Make sure that this gig line is always straight because if it is off, your outfit and whole look will be off. So, kindly respect it!

Your belt has a bunch of indentations

Such these belts are not too bad but the bunch of indentations will make it look rough. Another thing though that a lot of people don’t address is little scuffs and scratches.

To fix this, I will share you a tip that a lot of people don’t realize that they can do is actually polishing the belt when you polish the shoes. Try it! grab your polish that you use on your shoes, take a little bit and polish your belt, especially on those areas having scratches or scuffs.

I’m 100 percent pretty sure that they will all be gone!

Visible undershirt

For those who read my article about How To Choose The Best Undershirts For Men will realize this issue. So here, I will remind it briefly, there are two major things when wearing an undershirt. Firstly, when you want to have it unbuttoned, make sure that you are wearing a V-neck or a deep V undershirt.

Second (and also the things that usually drive me crazy) is that somebody wearing a white shirt and you can see the fact that he’s wearing an undershirt in his sleeve.

It’s almost like translucent! One of the reason why they make different colored undershirt is to help you closely match with the color of your outer shirt. Or, you can find an undershirt that matches your skin tone to help hide them as well.

Worn out shoe laces

Two of the benefits to experiment with fun color shoe laces are that they stay fresh and you can get to wear cool shoe laces

Sweater balls

Over time, your nice sweaters get a little bit rough looking with little pills, balls or just an extra fuzzy appearance, which looks ugly. The best way to overcome this is a sweater shaver which has a little guard, a blade behind it and a little reservoir to catch the fuzz.

Muffin top

This used to be also one of my biggest annoyances. I hate it! Just image that you are in a perfectly fitted shirt, you tuck it in your pants and confidently go to work, feeling that you’re so professional and cool. But just after one morning, look back, it’s a hot mess, your shirt isn’t tuck in your pants at all, it fell out and look ugly.

I used to think that it was a hopeless as I tried a military tuck or tuck it in my underwear, but that didn’t work.

However, until I found out this magical thing, every thing has changed – The World’s Best Shirt Stays from Shirt Stay Plus.

My mind was blown, my world was rocked and my shirt has never looked better like this. This is one of my favorite inventions of all the time.

The military has been using this shirttail garter to keep them look in tight and fresh for ages. In fact, this product has perfected them and, in the process, made them more comfortable and stylish.

Here’s how it works: in each pack, you will get two shirttail garters. You need to untuck your shirt, attach one end to the front tail and the other end to the back tail, the third end is attached to the top of your socks. Do the same thing to the other side of your shirt and you will find out that it is crazily tight. One thing to bear on mind is they do keep your socks up.

Now a new matter is that what if you go sockless this summer, how can you use these magical shirttail garters?

The good news is that they have got a shirttail garter that works for sockless guys as well.

And the result is:

You can jump, reach, moving arms to the sides and your shirt is literally tucked tightly and neatly. Every man should own a pair of shirt stays! Might you not need to wear them every day, but they are a must-have item in your wardrobe to keep you not a muffin top.

Your tie is too long or too short

So, how long should it be?

Great question!

Gentlemen, here is the deal. Don’t overthink it, your tie shouldn’t meet your waistband. Not too short to show your shirt button, but not too long to cover your buckle.

Those are my do’s and don’ts when it comes to men’s style that every guy should keep in mind to get better image or outlook, especially when you really want to impress someone. Also, if one of those articles below make you interested in, don’t hesitate to have a look as I can 100 percent make sure that they will give you a lot of useful tips, tricks in men’s style.

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