Top Mistakes to Avoid When You Wear Jewelry

Wearing jewelry is a bit tricky for most of the men. It requires you to have a lot of high fashion sense to wear it well. In fact, it is one of the most effective fashion items that could really help to shine out your personality. However, if you wear it in the wrong way, you may lose all of your charm and even make yourself look ridiculous in front of other people.

I will provide you later on in this article the most common mistakes men make while wearing jewelry. Knowing about these mistakes will help you to avoid them from happening to you and hence helping you to have a better idea of what you should wear with your jewelry.


Here is the list of the most common mistakes you should avoid when wearing jewelry:

01.You Wear Too Much Accessories


Having nothing to wear and having a lot of things to wear are 2 most common scenarios for anybody and men is no exception.

You can be fine with no jewelry. It is another different story if you put too much jewelry on. The key thing to dress up sharply for men that you should also apply to this case is that simplicity is the best.

Firstly, you should not wear a lot of items of accessories, which will make you look like you are a total show off for nothing.

Secondly, your accessories act as a way to compliment your clothes, not overpower them. Therefore, you should not wear too much as people’s attention will be automatically drawn to the shining pieces.

02. You Don’t Dress For the Occasions

Some people have a habit of wearing accessories everywhere they go, without caring much about the situations and environment where they are heading to.

Don’t be that guy. You need to think carefully about where you go to pick up the right accessories. It is also applied to the outlook that you choose to wear with as well.

There are a few places where wearing jewelry will get a big frown from many people. Such as:

  • Work / Job Interview:

Firstly, most companies have some certain dress codes that you should follow so make sure your jewelry is acceptable in these dress codes.

Secondly, because wearing jewelry is not a mainstream style, therefore it could really make you stand out from other candidates and create a bold statement.

However, many people who are not used to this trend will think that you are unprofessional and are a show off, which might not be a good team player and good asset for them.

It is very important to have a good impression but don’t overdo it, it may backfire you. Unless you are attending an interview for a job in fashion or advertising, I suggest you should not wear much jewelry, just your watch and wedding ring is fine.

  • Colleges: 

Colleges could be the one place where people can dress whichever way they feel like. However, for some majors such as law and political study, you should not wear too much jewelry if there is a dress code that you need to follow.

  • Funerals:

At a gloomy place like in a funeral, nobody wants the appearance of shinny and sparkling items. Therefore, your jewelry needs to be as subtle as possible.

03. You Don’t Wear It with Confidence

As I mention some times before, wearing jewelry is not a mainstream thing, which requires you to have good fashion sense to do it well. Besides that, you need to have a lot of confidence to shine while wearing it.

If you don’t wear your set of jewelry with confidence, you might look really awkward in it and ruin your image.

You can increase your confidence with wearing jewelry by wearing it from times to times. You can also go to stores and try one some pieces of jewelry. Knowing which one gives you the best look can make you fell more confidence about your choice, hence being more confidence when you wear it.

Furthermore, you should build up your jewelry collection from the most classic and basic items like rings before getting into more sophisticated ones like watches and wrist wear. You can have a look at all types of watches and how to choose the best one for you here


04. You Don’t Wear Jewelry In Proportion To Your Hands and Your Body

Just like when you wear too much jewelry, when you wear a piece of jewelry which is too big, let’s say it is a watch, you will draw a lot of attention to it. And when I mean attention, I don’t mean it is a good attention.

Having a big a watch will make you look unfashionable. Having a very long necklace could be worse. It will make you look more feminine. If you want to image to be that way, then you ignore my warning. However, if you want to build up a manly image, you should avoid wearing big watch or a very long necklace.

05. The Colors of Your Accessories Are Not Right

First, when you wear 2 different metal accessories which have different tones, it will create an oddly colorful image of yours. Therefore, to be on the safe side, you should wear one color from the metal of the accessories once at a time.

There are also several combinations which you could try to mix and match your jewelry to create more varied images. But remember that each combination should not contain more than 3 or 4 colors. One combination could be gold with brown or with royal blue and green. Silver is much easier to pair as it can go well it most of other tones of metal such as chrome, stainless steel and gold.

Secondly, when you choose to buy a piece of accessory which does not match your skin tone, it will either overpower your skin tone or will make it look worse. If you are not sure about which color of accessories you want to choose for your skin tone, go with the classic color blue or while and yellow metals. If you have rather pale skin, you could chose gold or platinum colors, which could enhance the complexion of your skin.


Overall, it is not that hard to wear jewelry in a correct way. All you need to keep in mind is keeping it simple, small and high class. You should also need to make sure you dress jewelry correctly for different occasions so that your jewelry would work in the way you intend it to do.

After all, jewelry is not a compulsory clothing item but if you want to stand out from the crowd, it could help you go a long way. Just make sure you wear it correctly and you will be surprised how classy and stylish you can be with pieces of jewelry.



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