16 Best Cool Belts Review [Updated 2022]

When it comes to the belt, we think of the item that holds our pants up. However, nowadays, this accessory is more than that. The belt products have different designs and styles in the market, becoming a fashion statement for men and women.
A stylish belt can mix and match with different outfits to make a significant impression on special occasions. It upgrades our appearance and makes us stand out from the crowd.

But which is the best cool belt for your choice? Among many products and brands in the market, I have tested and found the list of the top 16 ideas for quality, function, and style.

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How to size a belt for a man

When buying a belt, we concern about the right size. Your belt needs to have a perfect fit to keep your pants secure without sacrificing comfort. There are three ways to figure out your belt size.

  • Method 1: Purchase a belt size 1-2 inches larger than your pants size. For example, if your pants size is 36, you can purchase a size 37 or 38 belt. On the other hand, if your pants size is 38, a size 40 belt is the best choice.
  • Method 2: Measure your current belt. Make sure that you measure from the buckle to the belt hole you are using. For instance, if your measurement is 40 inches, the perfect belt should have a size 40. Don’t measure from the end to the end of the belt because it isn’t the accurate size.
  • Method 3: Use a measuring tape to measure your body. You need to thread the tape through the trouser loops. Make sure that you stand in a natural, relaxed position to get the accurate size.

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What is the best width for a men’s belt?

Most of the casual belt has a 1.5 – 1.75 inch width. Some products are wider for a more casual style. The thinner belts are more formal Depending on the belt width, it suits different outfits. For example, a belt that is 1.5 inches in width suits chinos, denim, and heavier fabrics. The wider belt goes well with casual trousers and suits jeans. You can wear thinner belts on formal occasions.

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Let’s check out the cool belt for men in 2022:

01. Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Ribbon Inlay Fabric Belt with Single Prong Buckle

[mn_amz_img asin=”https://www.amazon.com/Tommy-Hilfiger-Mens-Ribbon-Inlay/dp/B00387EEJU/?” img=”https://m.media-amazon.com/images/I/81gjOF1EpwL._SX500_.jpg”]

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This Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Ribbon Inlay Fabric Belt is made of an excellent material combination, including 40% cowhide leather, 40% buffalo split leather, and 20% cotton. Therefore, it has a durable and luxurious look. I love the style of this model. The leather strap has contrasting stitching and a tonal navy stitch for a distinguished and polished finish. In addition, the Tommy Hilfiger logo provides a unique style. When you combine this belt with your classic outfits, you will get an eye-catching look.

The size collection ranges from 30 inches to 56 inches; therefore, you can pick the best belt size for a perfect fit. The belt also comes in 16 color options for your choice. Also, thanks to the hook and eye closure, the belt is secure and easy to use.

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02. Reversible Leather Belt For Men – Manel-N

[mn_amz_img asin=”https://lethnic.com/products/?” img=”https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1844/2433/products/Lethnic-That-Lung-Day-Nit-Manel-N-Nau-Den_450x.jpg?v=1627966984″]

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If you love leather products and accessories, you must have known the Lethnic brand. This brand focuses on the product’s quality and customer service. When it comes to Lethnic’s products, we always mention the distinction and creativity in their designs. This Reversible Leather Belt – Manel-N is a shining example.

This cool belt uses different leather types, including Nappa leather and Saffiano leather. Furthermore, this belt has gone through several strict leather treatments for color stability and water resistance during the production process. Therefore, the belt has a smooth skin surface and limits water absorption.

My impression of this product is its style. The belt is personalized as you can engrave your name, initials, or a meaningful message to the surface. In addition, there are different belt colors, so you can mix and match with your different outfits. Thanks to an elegant box set, it can be considered a perfect gift for your family members or friends. I guarantee that they will love it.

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03. Self-Locking Weight Lifting Belt – Premium Weightlifting Belt

[mn_amz_img asin=”https://www.amazon.com/Element-26-Self-Locking-Weightlifting-Crossfit/dp/B074KK9928/?” img=”https://m.media-amazon.com/images/I/81zjxxmRhsL._SX500_.jpg”]

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If you are looking for a gym belt, I recommend the Element 26 Self-Locking Belt. This gym accessory is not only functional but also stylish. This belt comes in 6 colors such as black, red, purple, white, and green in terms of design. These colors are combined with the black interior and Element 26 logo for a fresh and clean look. In addition, the square logo on the front side gives this belt a unique look.

The belt is made of nylon material with 4 inches in width. Therefore, it distributes the pressure and provides comfort when you are lifting. The material is anti-scratches and soft. The self-locking system of this belt is an exciting point. The buckle is designed with additional plastic that prevents the belt from opening and keeps it tight.

Because of the high quality and versatile design, the lifting belt for men suits different activities from daily use to the gym. However, if you are a powerlifter, it doesn’t seem to be a good choice.

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04. Dickies Men’s Leather Double Prong Belt

[mn_amz_img asin=”https://www.amazon.com/Dickies-Mens-Genuine-Leather-Black/dp/B001FOR2R4/?” img=”https://m.media-amazon.com/images/I/71nCB5pW4OL._SX500_.jpg”]

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When it comes to workwear products, we should mention the Dickies brand. Made of high-quality leather, this belt is durable and long-lasting. It is resistant to tear and wear to use for a long time without replacement. The atypical double holes throughout the length of the Dickies belt are a good point. The double prong and atypical double holes give this belt a unique look, making you stand out from the crowd.

Furthermore, the buckle is designed with a roller end and double prong; therefore, it is easy to use. There are different color and size options for your choice.

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05. SlideBelts Men’s Ratchet Belt – Custom Fit

[mn_amz_img asin=”https://www.amazon.com/SlideBelts-Leather-without-Holes-Trim-/dp/B00JENKF3G/?” img=”https://m.media-amazon.com/images/I/71TP4LIsYfL._SX500_.jpg”]

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This SlideBelts leather belt for men is a custom-fit model with one size and no holes. Therefore, you can adjust the belt for a perfect fit. Furthermore, to make it fit your waist size, you can trim down the strap easily and quickly. The belt length suits up to a 48-inch waist. The straps are 1 ¼ in width for casual style. Therefore, you can combine this belt with different outfits to make a huge difference. In addition, the buckle can be interchanged with the straps and is easy to use.

Also, this belt is made of vegan leather with high quality and animal-friendly properties. This material not only has excellent durability but also adds the finishing touch to our outfits. Moreover, the model comes in different colors that can mix and match well with your clothes for any occasion.

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06. JUKMO Tactical Belt, Military Hiking Rigger

[mn_amz_img asin=”https://www.amazon.com/JUKMO-Tactical-Military-Heavy-Duty-Quick-Release/dp/B08277N9KL/?” img=”https://m.media-amazon.com/images/I/81cr3lwVSxL._SX500_.jpg”]

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If you are fed up with the leather belt, you can replace it with this one. The JUKMO tactical belt will satisfy even picky customers. My impression about this product is the sturdy, strong buckle. It is made of aluminum alloy and has a gorgeous, intricate design.
This buckle withstands a strong load; therefore, it is perfect for different wearing requirements. But the best part is that the buckle is upgraded for the length adjustment. So you can get a perfect fit easily and quickly.

The strap is made of high-quality nylon that is sturdy and stretchy. Therefore, the belt stays tight around your waist without sacrificing comfort. Because of the stretchy strap, you can wear this belt when doing physical activities for hours. This cool belt from the JUKMO brand suits military, firefighters, sport, work, and other tactical uses. The best thing is that this one has an elegant gift box. It is a meaningful gift for someone you love.

Find more information about a tactical belt for men on my blog.

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07. QQA Vintage Celtic Knot Belt Buckle for Men Simple Cowboy – Cool Belt Buckles

[mn_amz_img asin=”https://www.amazon.com/Vintage-Buckles-Western-Cowboy-Pattern/dp/B07ZSF1SRF/?” img=”https://m.media-amazon.com/images/I/71uxpS3CYRL._SX500_.jpg”]

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If you are looking for the best cool belt buckles to mix and match your strap, it is impossible to ignore the QQA Vintage Celtic Knot Belt Buckle. This buckle has vintage western cowboy style and comes with 29 color and design options. Therefore, you can pick the best one for your preference and outfits. I was impressed with the images in the middle of the buckles. The manufacturer focuses on the details to make a gorgeous and excellent product.

The size of this product isn’t too big, and the construction seems solid. In my opinion, it is an excellent deal for the price.

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08. Buckle-Down Seatbelt Belt – Retro Marvel Comic Books

[mn_amz_img asin=”https://www.amazon.com/Buckle-Down-Seatbelt-Belt-Marvel-Stacked/dp/B013J6GCUS/?” img=”https://m.media-amazon.com/images/I/71Dt0gK84pL._AC_UX569_.jpg”]

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The Buckle-Down Seatbelt Belt costs less than $30, but it comes with decent quality and value. The product is made of polyester for durability and comfort. The buckle closure makes the belt easy to use.
I am impressed at the colorful design; therefore, this belt suits boys, girls, and teenagers. The size of the Buckle-Down belt comes in three options so that you can pick the right size for a perfect fit. Because of the look, the belt is a perfect gift for your sons and grandsons.
The only thing you have to remember is that the belt should be washed by hand. I guarantee that this model never makes you down.

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09. ProFitness Genuine Leather Workout Belt (4 Inches Wide)

[mn_amz_img asin=”https://www.amazon.com/ProFitness-Weight-Lifting-Leather-Weightlifting/dp/B01HE1FX0E/?” img=”https://m.media-amazon.com/images/I/91CUI5k6ODL._SX500_.jpg”]

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If you are looking for the best lifting belt for men, I recommend the ProFitness genuine leather workout belt. Made of premium-grade leather, the belt ensures adjustability and durability. Thanks to the improved form, this model helps you sustain balance, gain strength and reduce injuries when doing squats, deadlifts, and physical activities.

During workout and gym training, wearing this belt can prevent back injuries while sustaining your thick back and strong abdominals. The belt is 4 inches in width for comfort and adjustability. Because of the width and buckle closure, your belt won’t slip during exercise.

The leather belt for men comes in three sizes so that you can pick the right size for the perfect fit. The only drawback is that the belt color may bleed to your shirt when you sweat too much.

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10. Dubulle Designer Mens Belts, Sliding Automatic Buckle Ratchet Dress Belt

[mn_amz_img asin=”https://www.amazon.com/Buckle-Autoamtic-Genuine-Leather-Design/dp/B07TT5L9Y5/?” img=”https://m.media-amazon.com/images/I/71av5fCAYQL._SX450_.jpg”]

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The Dubulle Designer Mens Belts is made of top genuine leather for maximum durability and a high texture refined look. This cool belt boasts a stylish buckle with an outstanding and unique design. There are a different color and design options to mix and match with your outfits. For example, you can choose the black leather belt with the watch, a-gold crocodile, wolf, batman, gold eagle, dragon buckle, etc. Wearing this belt with your outfits, you stand out from the crowd.

The belt comes in three sizes; therefore, you can pick the best size for a perfect fit. Even if the belt length is too long, you can remove the buckle and cut the strap. So, for comfort, buy a longer belt. The clamp closure keeps the belt tight, and it is easy to use. The product owns an elegant gift box so that you can give this gift to your friends and family members.

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11. Stacy Adams Men’s Ozzie Croc Embossed Belt

[mn_amz_img asin=”https://www.amazon.com/Stacy-Adams-Ozzie-Embossed-Cognac/dp/B06XS1XZMP/?” img=”https://m.media-amazon.com/images/I/81BPO5Y5zzL._SX500_.jpg”]

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The Stacy Adams Men’s Ozzie Croc Embossed Belt has a unique and luxurious style. The distinguished crocodile embossed strap and a high polished silver buckle give this belt a dapper modern look. There are four color and design options. Whatever model you choose, it will match your outfits and upgrade your appearance.

When it comes to the materials, polyester and leather are combined at the perfect rate to increase durability and reduce the price. A stitched edge gives this belt a clean look. Furthermore, the belt closure is secure and easy to use. Keep in mind that the belt needs washing by hand if you want to use the belt for years. Also, there are different sizes from 32 to 44 inches.

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12. Coach Boxed Harness Plaque Cut-to-size Leather – Mens Coach Belt

[mn_amz_img asin=”https://www.amazon.com/Coach-SIGNATURE-PLAQUE-HARNESS-LEATHER/dp/B01M2VBKMY/?” img=”https://m.media-amazon.com/images/I/51mdVGgTP9L._SX500_.jpg”]

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The mens Coach belt is not only functional but also stylish. One side of this belt is black, and the other side is dark brown. Because of the reversible design, you can use both sides as two different belts. It is perfect when you want to combine it with your different outfits.

Made of high-quality leather, the belt ensures durability and strength. The leather material also gives this mens Coach belt a luxurious look to suit different occasions, including daily wear and formal events. Although this model doesn’t have different sizes, you can cut the strap for a perfect fit.

The Coach gift box is beautiful so that you can give this gift to your friends and family member. I guarantee that they will love your present.

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13. Nocona Belt Co. Men’s Tan Mexican Acorn Embose

[mn_amz_img asin=”https://www.amazon.com/Nocona-Mexican-Acorn-Embose-Natural/dp/B00FTGCWJ2/?” img=”https://m.media-amazon.com/images/I/71FE-5HQE4L._SX500_.jpg”]

View here

The Nocona Belt Co. Men’s Tan Mexican Acorn Embose belt is more expensive than other products in the market. However, it is worth a price thanks to this accessory’s quality, style, and function.

First, the Nocona cool belt is made of 100% genuine leather for durability and comfort. But my favorite thing about this leather belt for men is its unique and outstanding design. The brown leather strap is designed with western oak leaf tooling for a beautiful look. The silver buckle is removable and interchangeable, which is another good point of this purchase. Make sure that you wash the belt by hand.

Are you looking for a tan belt for men? Look at here.

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14. Montana Silversmiths Heritage Wildlife Outdoor Series Attitude Buckle

[mn_amz_img asin=”https://www.amazon.com/Montana-Silversmith-Heritage-Outdoor-Carved/dp/B01C5XV03K/?” img=”https://m.media-amazon.com/images/I/71T0CC1ouQL._SX500_.jpg”]

View here

It is impossible to ignore the Montana Silversmiths Heritage Wildlife Outdoor Series Attitude Buckle if you want to buy cool belt buckles with excellent details. The manufacturer focuses not only on the product’s quality but also on the details. As a result, the buckle has excellent designs with a brass plate and a solid metal alloy base.

The middle of the base has a beautiful image such as a wild stag, sculpted wild elk, matched pair deer, fighting elk, etc. You can pick your favorite and match it with your strap to make a perfect belt for your outfits. The design and dimensions make the belt become the best choice for someone who loves cowboy style. What beautiful cool belt buckles! I give this one 5/5 stars.

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15. Double Grommet PU Leather Belt for Women/Men Punk

[mn_amz_img asin=”https://www.amazon.com/Double-Grommet-Leather-Women-metal/dp/B07QRT33DT/?” img=”https://m.media-amazon.com/images/I/71eBoBsAEFL._SX500_.jpg”]

View here

The leather cool belt is designed with a stylish double metal eyelet. The punk rock belt from XZQTIVE with unisex style suits both men and women. You can wear this belt for casual outfits, clubs, parties, dancing, or skateboarding.

The strap is made of PU leather for sturdiness and durability. The solid metal prong buckle adds a sophisticated touch and keeps the belt tight around your waist. This fashionable accessory will upgrade your appearance. There are six color and style options for your choice. It also comes in different sizes for a perfect fit.

Thanks to an elegant black gift box, you can give this present to your friends, rockers, dancers or club members.

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16. Nike Men’s Tech Essentials Web Belt

[mn_amz_img asin=”https://www.amazon.com/Nike-Mens-Tech-Essential-Black/dp/B004PKJ3XG/?” img=”https://m.media-amazon.com/images/I/81DJwHn9c5L._SX500_.jpg”]

View here

This Nike belt is a reversible belt made from cotton. Belt buckle is made from rubber. It has the dimensions of 4 x 2 x 2 inches. The belt offers a wide range of colors including black, white and other bright colors like red, pink, purple to match with your Nike Polo T-shirt. A product of Nike, a well-known company with a very good reputation in making high-quality clothing and accessories, this belt will not disappoint you.

This belt is very convenient as it has only one size but very adjustable and can fit waist line sizes of up to 42. It brings you a playful and fresh look with choices from many bright and bold colors. It is a reversible belt so buying it means having 2 different looks. The only problem this belt has is the paint is chipped quite easily.

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Here is the brief review of 16 best cool belts with very different styles and designs. I hope that you could be able to find out some cool belts that match your preference as well as your personal style from this review.

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