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Versace is well-known for its high quality and fashionable clothing and accessorize. Wearing one of the Versace belts will guarantee you the admired looks from many people. Here is the brief review of 13 Best Versace Belts for men which are currently available on the market.

01. Versace Black Belt


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This stunning Versace belt features a black leather belt and a Medusa head shaped buckle. This package comes with dust box and full tag so it is also perfect as a gift. There are 3 sizes 30/32, 32/34 and 34/36 inches.

Pros: This premium quality belt comes with real leather that will last a long time. The buckle bears the signature of the Versace’s company – a Medusa head that will make the wearer outstanding from the crowd.

Cons: The belt only offers medium sizes, there are no sizes for petite or plus size people.

02. Versace Collection Men Medusa Head Stainless Steel Buckle Leather Belt


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This black Versace has the width of 1.25 inches. It offers a simple but modern and classy with auto lock stainless steel buckle. The buckle also has the famous logo of Versace as well as the name of the collection. This belt offers 5 different waist line sizes including 28, 30, 32, 34 and 36 inches.

Pros: This belt has a very modern and bold design which you could wear to various occasions such as work or night out. The material also looks very good and sturdy.

Cons: Belt size is a little bit smaller than normal size. Also, it only has small and medium size of up to 34 inches only.

03. Versace Men’s Red Belt


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This product will surely catch your attention from the first glance with its unique bright red color belt and a 3D Medusa head buckle- the iconic logo from Versace. This belt offer waist line sizes from 32 to 40 inches.

Pros: This belt is suitable for people who want to make a bold and strong statement. The leather is of high quality and looks very classy as well.

Cons: This belt’s width is quite small, only 3.3 cm. This product does not have belt for smaller or larger sizes.

04. Versace Collection Black Leather Silver Half Medusa Buckle Belt Gift Box


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This is another black belt from the Versace collection which offers waist line sizes from 38 to 46 inches. The design is classy and modern with a plain black belt and a buckle with half of a Medusa head in 3D.

Pros: Like other products above, it come with very high quality and durable material. The silver buckle looks very sleek and shiny. This belt can fit everybody, even people who have a big tummy.

Cons: there are only 6 holes in the belt so it may be difficult for you to adjust precisely. You may need to punch for additional holes.

05. Versace Collection Men’s Black Pebbled Leather Medusa Belt


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This black belt comes with a pewter buckle with a golden square imprinted with half of a Medusa face. The material is 100% pebbled black leather. It offers one size of 1.25 inches in width and 48 inches in length.

Pros: This product may look quite simple but still very modern and can be paired with suits and ties. Although it comes with one size but it is pretty long so it could fits plus size people as well.

Cons: There are a few holes in the belts so you might need to punch some more holes for a better fit if the belt is bigger than what you need.

06. Versace Lion Head Buckle Leather Belt


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This black belt is 100% Leather with the available size from 32 to 36 inches. It is 3.5 cm wide. The most significant feature of this belt is the silver nickel lion head buckle which is very classy and outstanding.

Pros: Made with real leather, this belt is very tough and sturdy. Pin buckle closure is also very easy to use. The lion head buckle put a strong statement about your personal style.

Cons: The belt is limited in sizes. There are no sizes for smaller and bigger waist line.

07. Versace Belt Black Leather with Gold Medusa Logo


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This belt’s design offers you a smart look with solid leather and small 3D logo of Medusa’s head. It offers one size of waist line up to 90 cm.

Pros: The belt buckle is auto lock so you can have a secure fit. This belt offers a smart and formal look so it is very suitable for work or special events. The material is from 100% leather, which is very smooth and durable.

Cons: This buckle is quite small. Also there is no size for people who are a bit chubby.

08. Authentic Versace Medusa Head White Leather Belt


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This is another belt with unique and outstanding design of a Medusa’s head on a white leather belt. The dimension is 4.2 x 3.3 x 2 inches. It offers a wide range of waist line sizes- from 32 to 44.

Pros: This belt is made of 100% leather so it feels soft and smooth on your hands. The color of the belt can make it easy to go with any color of your clothing.

Cons: There are not so many holes in a single belt so make sure you can choose the correct size. Otherwise, you have to punch additional holes for a better fit.

09. Versace Collections Men’s Stainless Steel Buckle Medusa Head Canvas Belt


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This belt offers one of the most unique and brightest colors- green. It also only comes with one waist line size of 34 inches. The material of the belt is 100% leather and of the buckle is nickel. The buckle is designed with half of a Medusa face giving an original and special look for the belt.

Pros: The auto lock buckle is also very to use. This belt is made for anyone who wants to have a special and eye catching look.

Cons: It offers one medium size only. There is no small or large size.

10. Versace Collection Medusa Buckle Belt, Red


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This belt is available in red color. It offers a very unique look with the rectangular auto lock imprinted with its unique logo. It offers waist line sizes medium. The belt’s material is leather with buckle is made with alloy.

Pros: The buckle is auto lock so there is no need for you to punch new holes if it does not fit. The red color of the belt will make the wearer look more stylish and chick. Furthermore, the material is of the highest quality.

Cons: This belt comes with one size only.

11. Versace Collection Italy Men’s Black Leather Silver Buckle Belt Gift Box


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This belt is 100 % genuine black leather with shiny silver buckle. There is the name of Versace imprinted in the buckle as well. The keeper of the belt is very unique with 6 shiny bars covering the outer of the keeper.

Pros: The material is very sturdy and of high quality. It offers you a very unique and original style.

Cons: There are limited sizes for this product. There are only 5 holes running through the belt as well. You may see yourself punching for more holes if it does not fit.

12. Versace Collection Men’s Glossy Leather Medusa Belt


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This glossy black leather belt comes with gunmetal buckle. There is a small logo in the buckle as well. This product offers waist line sizes from 36 to 44 inches.

Pros: This product fits perfectly and is very true to size. The material is very good and soft.

Cons: It has no small size. Also the gunmetal buckle can be damaged with marks and scratches easily. The logo imprinted in the buckle is very small and you need a closer look to see it.

13. Versace Collection Blue Grained Leather Silver Buckle Adjustable Belt


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This belt is unique and fresh as it comes with blue color. The design is quite simple with plain belt and a gunmetal buckle. The material of this product is grained leather.

Pros: The belt is very true to size. It can be adjustable to smaller and bigger size. It offers extra-large waist line size of up to 46 inches. The material of the belt make the product looks so classy and expensive.

Cons: The unique logo of this product is quite small and very hard to notice. Also the gunmetal buckle can have marks and stretches easily.

Buying a Versace belt with a premium quality is considered a big investment for your wardrobe. So make sure you research carefully before you go out and buy one to make the most informed decision. I hope my review can give you a brief overview about these most popular Versace belts.

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