Top Versace Belts For Men [Updated 2019]

Versace is always one of the most famous brands for clothes and accessories. I love this brand much because their designs are so special and unique. I bought a lot of their products and was totally satisfied.

One of the best accessories that I want to recommend you is the versace belt. To be honest, all men need to have at least a belt to serve different purposes.

In this article, I’m going to share you 9 best Versace belts for men. Read on!

1. Versace ED8YSBF04 EMI8 Black Mens Belt Buckle Adjustable-Trim to fit for Mens

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My first Versace belt is the versace ED8YSBF04EMI8. This black versace belt impressed me much with its look. In terms of material, it is made from 100 percent of good quality leather. Therefore, you can take the best use of this belt for a very long time without any problem. Besides, leather material makes it look more luxurious and shiny to get ready for formal parties.

This belt has a simple design and buckle. Its buckle is just a silver tone classic rectangle. The width of this belt is around 1.25 inches and its length is about 44 inches. Holes are available to fit all people. This belt is perfect for any occasions. You can wear it to attend parties, events, festival or even casual wear.

The belt is considered as one of the most important accessories for men, so you can find it easy to mix. You can wear this black belt with trousers, khakis, shorts, or jeans. It can work well with any kinds of clothing material. It will bring different looks for each. Although it is not the gold versace belt as I expected, overall, I was satisfied.

2. Versace Collection Men’s Grained Leather Medusa Logo Buckle Belt

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Another selection for Versace belt is the Medusa logo buckle belt. In terms of the quality, of course, the versace brand will never let you down. Their products will always meet your requirements and this belt is not exceptional. Its material is good and offers an awesome feeling.

We often try to look for different accessories to improve our appearance. The belt is one of those things, which can make men look more handsome and masculine. I rarely go out without wearing a belt. With this accessory, we can change ourself to renew. Besides, it will help us look neat, not messy at all.

This versace belt is made from grained leather, so it is surely durable and luxurious. I love this belt much because it is shiny and smooth. I did not feel uncomfortable when I wear. In addition, its buckle has a simple design, but fashionable. Especially, if you opt for this one, you do not need to worry about the dimension of your waist because it is adjustable.

3. Versace Collection Men’s Black Leather Half Medusa Adjustable Belt 200

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Another belt from the Versace collection is the Half Medusa 200 belt. I never feel worried about the quality of the Versace belt because they are all good. The same as the above ones, this belt was well constructed from the leather. When touching it, you will feel smooth. Besides, this belt has a shiny look.

Actually, leather material is one of the most favorite materials due to its durability and luxurious look. Besides, it is a good selection for the belt. This kind of accessory is often worn, so it may be broken or teared if we use the bad quality material. In addition, leather material is easier for the wearers to mix with outfits.

This wonderful belt has a stainless steel buckle, so you do not need to worry about being faded from time to time. Moreover, the width of this belt is reasonable. It is not too big or small, so you can feel free to mix it with any pants, jeans, or shorts. This black belt is perfect for both casual and formal wear. Just remember to order 2 sizes up to avoid getting a short belt.

4. Versace Lion Buckle Leather Black Belt

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Lion is a symbol of the strength; therefore, there is no doubt that most men like accessories with the lion pattern. For myself, I love the lion pattern much because it makes me look stronger, more masculine and more stylish. This is my first lion buckle belt.

In terms of material, this belt is well made with leather material. It is available a size chart on the website, so you can find it easy to get the right size for yourself. But, keep in mind that you should order at least 1 size up to fit you properly. This belt is a good choice for all events, festivals, and occasions. Besides, you do not need to care about the season because it can be worn in all.

This black belt will go well with jeans and a T shirt. If you like strong outfits, do not miss this style. Besides, if you intend to take part in a party, you can mix it with trousers, shirt and leather shoes. Another option for you is to wear this belt with short and T shirt to look more active.

5. Versace Collection Men’s Stainless Steel Buckle Medusa Leather Belt Brown

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I do not want to miss any stainless steel buckle belts because they offer a great quality. In addition, with the stainless steel buckle, the belt can be used for longer and the buckle is always shiny to look new and neat. In addition, a versace belt can help to show your style. Aside with my belt color, it is possible for you to find out the red versace belt.

This belt leaves an impression on the buyers with a shiny look and good quality. It is also made from 100 percent of good quality leather to provide the wearers a long time use. Furthermore, the buckle has a symbol of Versace on the surface, so it looks quite attractive.

The Bckle medusa leather belt with brown color will be perfect for men who love the formal look. It can be mixed perfectly with all kinds of jeans, trousers and pants. I highly recommend this belt to go with white shirt, black pants and brown leather shoes. I tried and got tons of compliments from my friends.

6. Versace Lion Buckle Leather White Belt

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As I mentioned above, the lion buckle belt is attractive for a large number of people. If you want something strong, you should add this belt into your collection. I am sure that you will never regret, if you make a choice of it.

The material to make this belt is 100 percent leather. I guess that it is made from high quality material because I have been using it for a long time, and now, it still looks good. Its buckle is awesome because it is never faded as my old one. In terms of fashion, this belt is number one. It has a white color, so it can go well with any items without considering about how to mix.

This white versace belt is perfect for all events and seasons without concerning to the weather. It will not make you feel hot in the summer or cold in the winter because it is just an accessory. There are numerous ways to take the best uses of this belt as mixing it with leather shoes or sneakers, jeans or pants, shorts or trousers and so on.

7. Versace Collection Men’s Medusa Stainless Steel Buckle Leather Belt Brown

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Versace belt is never out of date. It is always on trend and keeps up with the latest trend. With such a good quality like this one, this belt is worthy to invest. I tried to search for a blue versace belt, and then, I saw this one. Many people wondered why I like versace belts and here is the answer.

I opted for a brown color. I think brown and black colors are safe choices for anyone because it is easy to fit and mix. I do not want to waste money, so I picked this color. And fortunately, it did not make me disappointed. At first, I have to give five stars for its quality because it is so good.

Its material is 100 percent of the real leather without mixing or combining other materials. By this way, the quality of the belt reached the highest level. It is extremely durable. Furthermore, all the linings are sew carefully to avoid tearing when you wear. However, this belt is quite small, but just needs to order one or two sizes up.

8. Versace Collection Men’s Stainless Steel Buckle Leather Belt Black

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If you like something simple, let take a look at this belt. This versace belt has gained the popularity on the market because it has a simple design and suitable for all people. In spite of a simple design and not a diamond versace belt , it can offer many positive effects on the wearers.

The same as all other belts, it is made from 100 percent of the leather, so of course, it is long lasting. You just buy once and then, you can use for a very long time. its buckle is made from stainless steel, which has a good color. The lining is sewn skillfully to stop your belt from tearing.

This belt followed the simple style, so it will offer a good look and balance your outfits. Its black color is easy for choosing clothes. You can wear this belt with all kinds of shorts, pants and jeans. Besides, if you like wearing suits, the belt is absolutely necessary.

9. Versace Collection Men’s Medusa Steel Buckle Leather Belt Navy Blue

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The last belt is a navy blue one. I want to introduce this versace one because it worked so good. I started wearing this belt one year ago and now, it still looks good without any scratches or tearing. I also ordered many belts to give to my friends and family members. They all love it.

This belt is well constructed from the leather. However, it is not smooth all leather belts in my recommended list. It has patterns. If you just look at it on the picture, it is similar to the snake skin; however, when looking at the real belt, these patterns look fun.

The most interesting part is the buckle. It is made from stainless steel material. There is a corner of this buckle, which has a girl’s head pattern. This detail is really impressive. This belt is perfect for both formal and casual wear. In case, you want an accessory to change your look, do not hesitate to pick this vintage versace belt.

Where can I buy Versace belts for men?

Nowadays, we have numerous choices for style and brands of the belt. However, it will be a challenge for us to get the proper one.

To get the best one, you had better go to the store to buy it or you can order online. There are three official websites, including, and In here, all products are guaranteed and they have a lot of customer services to offer you the best thing ever.

On Versace website, you can find out many kinds of belt, such as ribbon belts, or leather belts with different styles for the buckles. All products of versace brand are sold on this website. Apart from the Versace website, Farfetch is also a reputable one. There are lots of products on this website. They sell clothes, accessories, watches, bags, shoes and so on.

Besides, if you need a belt, you can buy on this address. They will provide you many versace belts, such as medusa belts, croc – effect belt, and vanitas buckle belt. Another website is amazon. I am sure that all of you knew this website already because it is so famous. You can look for all things here. This website is super convenient and multi-functional.

Of course, they also sell the versace belts. They provide all designs of the versace brand. If you are in need of any versace belt, just type and look for it on this website. All what you need to do is to type the name and wait for a few seconds to get a hundred result.


This is my top recommendation list for the versace belt. This list does not consist of all versace belts, but they are my favorite ones. Aside with those, you may see others on different websites that I just mentioned above. Finding out a versace belt is an easy task and I believe that this accessory from the Versace brand can satisfy you.

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