10+ Best Canvas Belt For Men ( Updated 2019 )

Canvas belts for men are my always go-to option when it comes to everyday carrying or casual use. It’s because compared to the leather ones with holes, they don’t tend to stretch or their holes are separated by roughly 1 inch and even more.

One thing that I love the most in these canvas belts is their easy adjustability as well as low maintenance. Instead of buying a bunch of leather cleansing, leather polishing, leather conditioner and stuff, this one doesn’t.

Based on such huge benefits from canvas belts for our daily life, this article today will dive into them as well as share my insights from either my experience or intensive exploration as to which are the best men’s canvas belts for you.

What I want to say up front is:

It’s not difficult to find out a men’s canvas belt. There are hundreds of different options to choose from. BUT, not many of them focus on quality, functionality, effective cost and value, comfortability, and provide warranties.

That’s why I can assert that the collection you’re going to read consists of only the best men’s canvas belts on the market.

Product Name Width




Color Options Style
Columbia Men’s Web Belt 1.5 32-46 10 Webbed military-style without holes
Canvas Elastic Fabric Woven Stretch Braided Belts 1.3 31-52 15 Woven style
Canvas Web Belt by BC Belts 1.25 56 20 Webbed military-style without holes
JASGOOD Nylon Canvas Men Waist Belt 1.5 31-52 5 Webbed military-style without holes
Fairwin Men’s Military Tactical Web Belt 1.5 36-53 9 Webbed military-style without holes
SlideBelts Men’s Canvas Belt 1.25 50 17 Webbed military-style without holes
Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Casual Fabric Belt 1 3/8 32-48 9 Holed canvas belt
moonsix Canvas Web Belts for Men 1.25 31-52 13 D-ring style without holes
Under Armour Men’s Webbed Belt 1.5 13 Webbed military-style without holes
Double Hole Grommets Canvas Web Belts 1.5 34-46 12 Double hole style
ITIEZY Men’s Canvas Belt 1.5 31-52 6 D-ring style without holes
Unisex Two-Hole Canvas Belt 31-52 14 Double hole style
Men/Women Tactical Nylon Belt 1.5 31-52 5 Military Style with plug-in lock

Here are the best canvas belts for men

1. Columbia Military-style Canvas Belt for Men

View here

First off, is the test winner after my 30 hours of analyzing.

The length of these Columbia men’s webbed canvas belts is up to 44 inches and the silver, rough metal buckle adds 1 inch, so it’s sure to fit those big guys sizing up to 42-43 inches. Plus, 10 color option to choose from.

But how about the thin guys? Don’t worry that there’s going to be 6”-8” excess belt flopping around when it’s on your waist because the very good news is you can adjust its length.

This is also my most favorite part because rarely a men’s belt gets this special ability. To shorten this canvas belt, all you need to do are:

  • Opening the metal tab at its very end
  • Put the belt around your waist
  • Find your satisfying length
  • Cut it off by sharp scissors
  • Clasp the metal tab back on the canvas belt to avoid it opening.


As this Columbia is designed in military-style, its material is very strong and durable that after roughly 6 months of wearing every day, I don’t find it stretching. But in case it did, just easily cut the excess part off. Overall, I’m very pleased with this purchase!

2. Canvas Belt for Men, Elastic Fabric Woven Stretch Multicolored Braided Belts

View here

About this canvas belt from Gelante, there’s no metal tab anymore, so you can’t adjust it on your own. HOWEVER, they do provide many sizes to choose from. There are S, M, L, XL, XXL, and XXXL. To find out the most suitable length, I advise you to take a look at their size chart before making a purchase.

Take note that it’s stretchy so, if you’re in the proximity range between two size, go for the smaller one unless you want to 5” flopping around or more.

For example, if your size is around 33”-34”, between size M and L, it’d better to choose the M.

In general, sizes are only different in the length, not the width. They all feature 1.3” wide, which is quite versatile for casual use, at least in my standard. Not to saying that there are up to 15 colors to choose from.

Now, back to the belt ends a little bit because I want to make clear that it’s just leather-like material. In really, this is polyester blend soft fabric. Thus, just worry free of maintenance task or stuff like that. Besides, the stitching is tight and strong so, no worry of splitting off either.

The buckle, in this case, is also distinctive from the Columbia’s. It’s glossy solid buckle fastening that matches perfectly with the woven-style of this belt to bring a modern, flexible and energetic vibe to the wearer. Best to go with jeans and t-shirts!

3. Canvas Belt Web Belt Military Style with Black Buckle and Tip 56″ Long Many Colors

View here

I think this canvas belt is going to be the best present for any old adult men because of these two things: easy fastening and extreme length.

While the two above are maximumly up to 48”-50”, this one is exactly 56” long. Besides, is the 1.25” wide – enough for any casual occasions.

Other than that, is the easy-to-fasten buckle design that don’t require much exploration to belt it to your waist. You know it, many old men prefer something with simple construction and ease to serve their daily life.

Plus, there are 20 different colors whilst the price for each can’t be more affordable. You can get two or three and gift them.

Another great thing is this webbed canvas belt is adjustable, just like the Columbia. To shorten it to fit your size, repeat the same process as I already instructed you above. Just one more tip for you is using a lighter to melt the belt’s edges after cutting it to avoid fraying. Then, buckle it up again.

4. JASGOOD Nylon Breathable Military Tactical Men Waist Canvas Belt for Men with Plastic Buckle

View here

I know that many people would love to wear their canvas belt to work, but due to its metal buckle strap and your workplace requiring to pass through the security checkpoints, it might turn out to be unpleasant and inconvenient as you will need to take it off every day.

That’s why I suggest this JASGOOD Nylon canvas belt. It’s made out of 100% high-quality plastic buckle with nickel free – satisfied the international standard to bring you quick, easy clearance through the metal detector. Not saying that if you’re allergic to metal, especially nickel, this is going to be the most suitable choice.

Its military features show clearly through the strong evaporation of sweat, wear resistance, ease to air dry, breathability and lightness, this canvas belt is the best selection for summer, not only in casual use, but also the best go-to pal for your outdoor activities, such as hiking, fishing, trekking, and so on.

Its elegant outlook as well as various color options are also ideal criteria as a present for somebody you love.

5. Fairwin Men’s Military Tactical Web Canvas Belt, Nylon Canvas Webbing YKK Plastic/Metal Buckle Belt

View here

The color options of this Fairwin Men’s Web Canvas Belt are a bit less than other counterparts, mostly in dark or neutral tones as it is military style. However, it strikes back with set options, including the single and the 2-pack set. Whichever, it’s well wrapped with a nice box that I believe you can take advantage it as a present package.

The price is incredible – very cheap. But on top of that, you still get a customer motivating warranty backed your purchase. Wow!

The belt is very long lasting, especially the YKK plastic buckle. For those who don’t know, YKK is one of the most reliable brands in the world manufacturing durable strap in different materials, from stainless steel zipper to plastic buckle, with certificated quality.

That’s why though it’s plastic, the buckle of this belt can pass easily a car rolling test without any breakage. Besides, it works smoothly and is quick to lock/unlock.

(By the way, this is also another great option for work without getting trouble at metal security checkpoint.)

About the length, this one provides two options: One for waist size less than 45” and one for under 50”. Both are 1.5” wide, a bit bigger than the rest but it’s not significant to take into consideration. Not saying that, this increase in the width is a plus for big guys as they won’t look too small to them.

If your waist size is 36” or smaller, feel free to custom it by yourself, just unlock the buckle, adjust it to fit your waist the most and cut the excess part. Finally, buckle it up again and there you go.

6. SlideBelts Men’s Canvas Belt

View here

In the ratchet belt industry, it would be my fault if not mentioning to SlideBelts – the king in the premium price range. For those who don’t know, they are the father of slide buckle style.

And, if you prefer invest on a really good canvas belt to stick with for years, this is the one.

At the very first glance, this might look similar to other no-hole belts – webbed canvas material, adjustable fit, metal slide buckle, and simple colorway. But in terms of quality, this is way differentiate.

How differentiate?

Two features that you will find out easily are firstly, the heavy metal buckle and secondly, the vegan leather backing. They deliver more solid, durable, and exclusive feeling to the touch. That’s why though designed for casual outfit, it still nails up a classy, but flexible vibe to your look.

Taking a bit more attention, you will see that these SlideBelts aren’t various in size chart. But the rate of fit as expected reach ultimately 100%. Ever wonder why?

The biggest difference between this and other in-between sizes is its ability to easily and quickly trim down the strap with effortless so that you can adjust it to fit your waist size the most. Not saying that you can interchange with their straps as well.

Each belt comes in full length of 55 inches. So, my suggestion about this Slidebelts is for 52” waist size and smaller.

7. Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Casual Fabric Canvas Belt

View here

Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Casual Fabric Belt will be my suggestion for those who get a free and wild American style in soul.

It’s outstanding right from the colorway – a modern combination among khaki, brown, navy with contrasted edges and ribbon accent. This canvas belt will surely be a versatile piece in your closet for any occasions, matching with any outfits, from khakis, jeans, to chinos.

If you’re looking for a match for your office look, this is also a good choice due to its classic vibe.

In terms of materials, at the very first glance, you might think it’s leather but actually, that is a blend of cotton, polyester, and canvas. Thanks to this smart combination, the belt itself turns out to be more durable and fashionable. But one thing you should take note is only spot clean it for maintenance.

If you’re wondering about the size, differ from other belts in this list, it comes up with various number, which is equivalent to your pants’ size. However, it’s better to go 2” size up. I mean, if your waist size is 36”, a canvas belt with 38” long will be the best fit.

8. Moonsix Men’s Webbed Canvas Belts, Military Style D-ring Buckle Men’s Belt

View here

Next up is a webbed men’s canvas belt from moonsix.

In the past, this D-ring military style was usually preferred by teen boy because of its ease to use for beginners.

The best thing about it is once the canvas belt hugs your waist, it will move with you. I mean whether sitting down or standing up, this style of belt will adjust to give the best comfort to your posture. Yeah, that’s why sooner it also gains love from men adults to become really popular as today.

It’s not difficult to pick a D-ring belt nowadays, but only until experiencing this Moonsix, I can nod my head pleasantly. It’s very well-made with silver finished metal buckle and brown leather trim at the belt’s ends. Not only are they quality, but also the belt looks sharper significantly.

Due to the total length of 47”, I highly recommend this for small to medium men with waist sizes within 32” – 40”. Combine with the 1.25” wide, I believe it gives a perfect match to your whole look.

9. Under Armour Men’s Webbed Belt

View here

In the premium range of men’s canvas belt, aside from the Slidebelts, Under Armour is also worth considering, especially if you’re a t-shirt guy.

It’s designed with aim to bring an energetic, dynamic look, which is why athletes always love choosing these. The highlight of Under Armour canvas belt is its quality. Particularly, you can mislead it with other brands due to the notable brand logo embossing on the buckle.

It’s heavy metal material with classy shiny silver outlook, matching perfectly with the well-made polyester material. Moreover, is the striking durability that boasts clearly through the time of use, there’s no stretching belt at all.

Another interesting fact is you can change its belt buckle for a new look due to preference. Or, interchange it with other canvas belts. Besides, thanks to this ability, you can freely custom the length of this belt to fit your waist size the most. (Repeat the process I mentioned above)

10. Double Hole Grommets Canvas Web Belts Men Military Style 2 Prong Buckle by Belle Donne

View here

This might be the one that I love most among the holed canvas webbed belts for men.

If you’re a loyal fan of this belt style, you will know that their holes are easily sagged down or loosened after a while of use, which ends up with a useless belt.

To lengthen its life, my recommendation is going for the one with Enameled Hardware. This is like a protective layer to prevent belt holes from such unwanted wears and tears. And end up with longer lasting.

Other than that, I find its cotton canvas fabric is really worth considering. Its military feature shows clearly through the lined stitching to deliver a durable, strong but soft feeling touch. Combine with the sturdy buckle and enameled hardware, this will surely serve you for years.

I must say that this Belle Donne belt is my daily go-to recently, not only due to its versatility and high quality, but also for the interesting, unique outlook. Differ from the old-school holed canvas belts, it comes up with double holes, equivalent to double prong buckle.

There’re many color options to choose from, but I will always keep my love with black. It’s a multipurpose of all the time.

Ah, did I tell you about their 30-day 100% money-back warranty?

11. ITIEZY Men’s Designer Canvas Belt Military Style Double D-Ring Buckle Casual Webbing Belt

View here

The next recommendation is another D-ring buckle canvas belt but this one from ITIEZY looks a little bit dressier than the previous counterpart. It’s also my favorite choice for more formal occasional but still casual, such as daily office, hanging out, parties, holidays and so on.

My guess is, its thick silver exquisite workmanship buckle with no welds to be seen plus, real leather strap holding it on are two major things for such amazing vibe.

You can style it with any pants, from the business ones, jeans, military pants to the casual pants. Sure, it can’t deliver a true dressily formal look to go with you on many important events, but who is using a webbed canvas belt to look professional?

In my opinion, in such cheap price, this ITIEZY has done its best of both worlds. Not saying that there’s an included 45-day money-back warranty to keep you try it with confidence.

12. Unisex Two-Hole Canvas Belt – Available in 14 Colors

View here

The good news for those big guys who found yourself smitten with the double prong buckle canvas belt style but don’t fit to the previous design. This one comes up with a huge size range that’s up to 4X large (Especially, the black option provides 5L large).

Not to saying that its price range is much more affordable than the Belle Donne and there are 14 different colors to choose from.

Though this unisex double hole canvas belt doesn’t look as sharp and exquisite as the previous counterpart, its durability is truly a selling point. Made out of 100% premium cotton canvas material with enameled hardware, it can withstand the harshest abusing and treatment to last for years.

I’m not a story teller but it’s proved by my 3 years of use through many hikes and other outdoor sports. After all, there is just a few scratches on the hardware. The cotton canvas shows no signs of wears and tears yet. Amazing!

Just one thing I want you to take notice is taking a look at their size chart or for a better choice, consult the seller’s advice to choose the most suitable.

13. Men Tactical Nylon Belt, Military Style Webbing Riggers Belt Metal Buckle Quick Release

View here

I’ve saved this true tactical belt to last for those who are really in need a quick release model whilst in turns, not easily slippery. This canvas belt from XZQTIVE is designed practically, especially the plug-in lock made out of durable zinc alloy metal that you just worry free when using washroom.

There are two size options for you to choose from: The one fitting 22-38in and the another for 39-46in. Both of them all feature 1.5 inches wide without holes to avoid the issue of wears and tears. Plus, is the high-grade webbed nylon material that brings lightweight, eco-friendly, and wear-resistant texture. Besides, it can evaporate sweat to deliver the most breathability and comfort to wearers.

This tactical belt provides many easy-to-style color options that you can freely match with military pants, to jeans, casual pants and chinos.

On top of that, is the 100% satisfaction warranty and their super-good customer service. In general, I’ve got no remorse for this product.


And that’s contemporarily the end of this article. I’ll keep updating the best canvas belts to this list so that you can get more options to choose from. Hope this article helped you with some useful information and reliable resource to make a purchase. Thanks for reading!

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