Best Boat Shoes For Men [ Updated 2019 ]

The summer is coming and no one wants to put their feet in hot and wet shoes; therefore, boat shoes have gained the popularity to become the most favorite footwear.

This is not a new type of shoes, but an old one and never lose its popularity. There are a huge number of designs for the men’s boat shoes.

The 12 Best Men’s Boat Shoes With Trendy Looks You Shouldn’t Ignore

1. Dockers Men’s Vargas Leather Handsewn Boat Shoe


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Before this pair of the dockers boat shoes, I never spent so much time wearing only one pair because I want to change every day to renew myself. However, I fell in love with these shoes and wanted to put them on day by day. This collection of Dockers brand has many different colors, but I picked the rust color because it is easy to mix and match with my outfits and other accessories.

This pair is made from 100 percent of leather, so of course, it has a luxurious look and durable life time. I think they are made from good quality material because they look shiny and smooth without any scratches. Furthermore, the upper material is soft, so no wrinkle is left when you step. In addition, the rubber soles are used to make the shoes lightweight and protect us from slippery feeling.

With the handsewn construction, this pair of Dockers shoes became more special. It is well made with a cushioned EVA footbed and molded EVA heel. You will always feel comfortable when you wear. Besides, it is not smelly, even when you use it for all day long. These can go perfectly with casual wear, such as jeans, khakis, or shorts. I considered this pair as the best boat shoes.

2. Timberland Men’s Classic 2-Eye Boat Shoe


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The next pair in my list is one from the Timberland brand, which is famous for men wear. I love the products of this brand because they are good quality and look fashionable. This pair is not an exception. There are many different color choices available, and mine is a brown pair.

The design of this pair impressed me much. It looks active, young and trendy. This pair of shoes helps me look more masculine. The same as the first pair I recommended, this Timberland pair is also made from 100 percent leather, so it has the same features as the above one. In addition, its soles are made from rubber to provide the best safety and protect you from slippery terrains.

In addition, this pair features rustproof, and waterproof. You can feel free to wear it anytime and anywhere. Your feet will be kept dry all the time. There are hooks at the top, which is used for secure lacing. The timberland boat shoes are the best choice for outdoor activities, and get ready for your adventures.

3. Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Bowman Boat Shoe


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When buying shoes, I have some criteria that I take into the consideration, such as durability, fashion and comfort. Therefore, any pair I chose needs to meet these requirements. The Tommy Hilfiger is not my first pair of boat shoes, but I enjoyed it much.

My pair has coffee bean color and it looks good on me. The material of this pair is also 100 percent leather to bring the best comfort, luxury, and durabilitiy. It is no doubt that the leather material will provide us a luxurious and masculine look. Your appearance will be enhanced when you wear it. However, you need a bit careful when mixing the leather shoes with your outfit to make sure that you look stylish, not messy at all.

With the low top from the arch, you will not feel hurt, but comfortable when wearing. Furthermore, this pair is lightweight to help you walk all day without discomfort. Aside with coffee bean color, there are many others for you to choose, such as gray, brown, black, tan, light blue and so on.

4. KINGSHOW Mens Boat Shoes

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Kingshow never disappoint me. I had to wait for a very long time to have chances to wear this pair and I was really surprised as well as satisfied with my choice. I chose the wheat color because it looks clean and easy to mix. This pair is not a kind of formality as other leather shoes, but sportive.

I want to look active and reach the best comfort for outdoor activities. To find out a pair that can meet these requirements, I had to spend much time searching. Fortunately, I found this one. This pair is made from the faux leather, so it has enough features of this wonderful material, which is durable, water and wrinkle resistant. The faux leather is smooth to provide you the best look.

These Kingshow shoes comes with a non skid rubber outsole to protect you better. Besides, when wearing this pair, you will always feel breathable, cool, and comfortable around your foot. The only thing that I do not like much about this pair is the lace. It wastes time a bit for tightening the shoe laces, but these items are useful to fit our feet better.

5. Columbia Men’s, Bahama Vent PFG Slip on Boat Shoe


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When talking about the boat shoes, it will be a big mistake, if we ignore the Columbia shoes. It can be said that this brand contributes much for boat shoe field. Each year, they release many new designs of the boat shoes and each design will come with many different colors. This Bahama is a great example. This design has about more than 20 different color choices. Mine is a steam one.

I bought this pair 2 years ago and now, I still wear it. This pair is made from a perfect blend, including fabric and leather. The brand took the best use of these materials to make their shoes. This pair inherited all the best features of these materials, such as comfortable, waterproof, soft, durable and fashionable.

This pair does not have rubber sole as the other pairs, but the synthetic sole. I think both rubber soles and synthetic sole work very well to bring the best experiences for the wearers. In addition, these shoes are versatile and laid back, so they are suitable for many outdoor activities around the water, such as fishing, or boating. This pair of polo boat shoes followed the slip on style, so you will always find easy to put on and take off.

6. Globalwin Mens Casual Loafers Lace Up Classic Driving Boat Shoes

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At first, I did not intend to make a payment for this Globalwin pair because of its shoe laces. As I mentioned before, I am super lazy, and I am not interested in any shoes with laces. However, this pair changed my mind. After this pair, every pair of shoes with lace becomes the plus point for me. Specially, the shoe laces of this pair are just used for decoration. It means that you do not need to tight the shoe lace when you wear.

This pair is also a slip on style, which is easy for wearing. Furthermore, it is made from both synthetic and fabric. Of course, this pair will not be waterproof as the leather material, but it is lightweight and durable. Furthermore, its design is young and active. All lines are sewn carefully to make sure that there is no tearing during wearing.

This pair of shoes consists of the non skid rubber outsole. Besides, it is comfortable fit and secure. This design is suitable for tough and sporty men. It will be a perfect choice for those who are party lover, adventurers, layman, trailblazers and seekers.

7. Sperry Top-Sider Men’s Authentic Original 2-Eye Boat Shoes


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Another luxurious design is the Sperry top sider pair. I opted for the sahara color, which looks outstanding and beautiful. This pair is a perfect option for all men in the world with the regardless of the age. This pair is comfortable to wear, and smooth to touch.

It is made from 100 percent of leather; therefore, of course, this pair of shoes is extremely durable and shiny. This pair enables to support you much to walk more confidently. Besides, its rubber sole makes the shoes become lightweight. Your ankles will not hurt when you wear all day long.

This leather pair of boat shoes features slotted collar, moccasin stitched toe, adn rust resistant eyelets to help you get the best comfort. Furthermore, it is added the non marking outsole to provide the best wet or dry traction. These shoes will go perfectly with shorts, jeans or even khakis. Specially, you can take the best use of this pair to style yourself from active style to formal style. This pair of sperry boat shoes is ideal for any activities, but just need to be smart when mixing a little bit.

8. Sperry Top-Sider Men’s Billfish 3-Eye Boat Shoe


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The sperry top sider men’s billfish 3 eye boat shoes are the next ones that I highly recommend. There are 15 different colors available on the website, and mine is a dark tan pair. This pair of shoes is made from 100 percent of the leather material. Besides, it is added the air mesh to keep your feet dry and breathable all the time. This pair of Sperry shoes came with the rubber sole.

It is lightweight and durable. When I walk, there is no wrinkle left. Furthermore, it is super easy to clean up these shoes. All what you need is just a piece of wet cloth and wipe. This pair is an ideal choice for outdoor and indoor activities.

Apart from the fashionable design, this pair is extremely comfortable with the molded eva cushion midsole. The lacing system is combined with the rust proof eyelets to provide a secure fit for the wearers. The air mesh is responsible for keeping your feet cool, breathable and comfortable. The shock absorbing EVA heel cup is added to provide the extra comfort.

9. Margaritaville Men’s Anchor 2-Eye Lace-Up Boat Shoe


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Another fashionable pair is the Margaritaville pair. I was not familiar with this brand name before, but I bought this pair because of its unique design. this Margaritaville pair is made from leather material and its soles are rubber. These materials combined together to offer the best experience for the wearers.

Besides, the air mesh is added along the shoes to make a way for the air to flow inside. By this way, you will never feel hot or get wet on hot summer days. Many people said that this pair is suitable for the summer, but I think all seasons are fine. You can wear the sock for the cold days, and take off it on hot days. This pair comes with the lace up closure to give the best fit with the contrast stitching.

In addition, you will always get the perfect feeling with the foam insole, which is extremely comfortable. Besides, the anchor is printed colorful on the rubber outsole. Both the tongue and the collar are padded to make it soft for wearing.

10. Gallery Seven Mens Canvas Slip On Boat Shoe Sneaker


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If you are a fan of sneakers, this Gallery pair is designed for you. This pair looks like sneakers, but actually it is slip on style. Of course, these canvas boat shoes are easy to put on and take off. Besides, this design is a good choice for casual wear.

The Gallery shoes are made from fabric, so it is soft, comfortable and durable. It is quite breathable, so you will never feel hot on summer days. Wearing this pair is a good way to add a dash style to your adventure. This pair of shoes has applied the cushioned footbed technology with the TPR soles and textile lining, which features flexible and comfortable.

This pair does not have so many color choices as the others. Instead of various colors, it comes with two color choices, including black and navy. Both of them have white soles, which look outstanding and stylish. all the lines are sewn carefully to avoid splitting or breaking apart when you wear. This pair is very convenient because it fits into any style you want.

11. CLARKS Men’s Step Maro Wave Boat Shoes


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The Clarks boat shoes are my next choice. It has two color choices as grey textile and black. This pair is made from 100 percent of the textile, so you should not expect that it can be water resistant as the leather material. However, this pair is always my first choice for hot days. It has mesh, which can keep my feet dry. If your feet often sweat much on summer days, you should add this pair to your list.

Because of the textile material, this pair is super light. You will never feel hurt when you wear this pair, but comfortable. Furthermore, its sole is made from synthetic. This pair has lace up shoes to adjust the fit. You can tight or let them be, it’s up to you.

These clarks boat shoes are slip on style, so it does not cost much time to wear. The heel height is about 99 inches. This dimension is very helpful and comfortable for those who do not like high heels. In addition, these Clarks shoes have ortholite footbed, which is removable. You can remove it or put it in when you want.

12. Vans Unisex Zapato Del Barco Comfort Boat Shoes


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The last pair is a Vans one, which comes from the most reputable and famous brand name for men shoes. This pair is an unisex one to fit both men and women. It will bring different beauty for each gender. Men will not look girly at all and women will not look manly as well. This pair of vans boat shoes can show the personality and style of each person.

This Vans pair is made from 80 percent of canvas material and 20 percent of rubber material. It means that the whole body of these shoes is made from Canvas, while the soles are made from rubber. These materials are good quality, so we can get the most comfortable feeling. When wearing this pair, I felt extremely breathable and cool. The footbed is soft to keep my feet comfort. The lace can be used to adjust the fit. The rubber sole is lightweight to help me walk easily.

Three words can describe this pair of Vans shoes are beautiful, comfortable, and durable. There are many ways to mix these shoes, but I think the best one is to mix it with jeans, T shirt and glasses to enjoy outdoor trips. I did not find interesting when mixing this pair with trousers because it looks so funny.


Here are all the best men’s boat shoes that I had chances to try before. I found the best comfort when I wear them. Hope that my list can be helpful for you. To be honest, aside with these pairs, there are thousand choices on the market that you can choose from. However, to opt for the most suitable ones, it is better to know exactly what you are looking for.

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