Best Adidas Basketball Shoes

Are you a basketball player?

Or are you a fan of this awesome sport?

Now, many people are hunting for perfect basketball shoes to create their own styles.

Shoes are must – have accessories of all people. They can bring us a new look to fit our needs. Basketball shoes make us feel comfortable and sporty.

If you want to change your style from gentlemen to sporty men, now it’s your turn. Here, I recommend some best adidas basketball shoes that I experienced.

I. High ankle shoes

1. Adidas Originals Men’s Tubular Invader Strap Shoes

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Adidas is known as one of the most reputable sport brands in the world.

They released a large number of impressive shoes and adidas basketball shoes for men are no exception. The first pair of basketball shoes is Adidas originals men’s tubular invader Strap shoes.

At first, I did not impress much because I thought that they are just as normal shoes as others. However, when I wore them, they were totally different. I felt soft inside and fitted me well. It also didn’t retain heat, even when I wear them all day long. Another plus point is their material – made out of high-quality, durable leather and their rubbery soles very light.

These shoes have a unique design with a strap and small holes to keep users comfortable and airy. You can wear this shoe in any seasons you want with the regardless of weather changes.

They are also the favorite items which are multifunctional. You can wear the Tubular shoes to play some kinds of sport such as basketball, tennis and so on.

In addition, they also are a good suggestion for your walk and picnic. They can be an ideal one for your street style. Specially, there are a lot of different colors, so you can opt for the most suitable ones.

2. Adidas Originals Men’s DT Bball Mid Basketball Shoe

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I love high ankle shoes because of their trendy look.

In fact, I got tons of compliments when wearing them. The DT Bball basketball shoes are one of them. At first, I chose this pair of shoes because of its brand, instead of quality. Later, I highly appreciate its top-notch quality.

The Men’s DT Bball mid basketball shoes are made from textile and synthetic, but the highlight is that its sole is rubber, not synthetic. Their textile upper makes themselves lighter and more durable.

The synthetic overlays to add more support when you move much. Besides, the mesh tongue provides the maximum ventilation. The molded foam collar padding makes our ankle more comfortable.

There are three colors for you to choose, including gray, black and blue. I had a blue pair and it’s great. I usually mix it with sporty clothes and get ready for a new day with full of new challenges. This shoe is suitable for all kinds of sport and you will not feel uncomfortable all day.

3. Adidas Performance Men’s Crazy Explosive Basketball Shoe

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The next high ankle Adidas shoe is the Adidas performance Men’s crazy explosive basketball shoe. These adidas low top basketball shoes are one of the bestselling models. They love these models because of its features.

The materials of these shoes are textile and synthetic with rubber soles. I quite like this model because of its various colors. It consists of both dark and light color, such as red, cardinal, mineral green, tech steel fabric, black, dark navy, white, and solid grey.

Apart from the main color, it is mixed with other colors to give an active look. The most special feature of these shoes is its updated lacing system to help reduce pressures on laces. The textile lining and cushioning is soft, so it does not cause the discomfort.

This high ankle shoe is the best for everyone. It catches up with the fashion trend and never be out of date.

If you are fed up with black leather shoes, the Crazy explosive basketball shoe is a new choice for you to renew your style.

4. Adidas Neo Men’s Raleigh 9tis Mid Basketball Shoe

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I have a tendency to give my priority to a pair of high ankle shoes, that’s why I opted for this pair.

Adidas brand always makes me surprised due to their design. Another leather version of this brand is Adidas Neo men’s Raleigh 9tis mid basketball shoe.

This shoe also is the combination of some different colors to highlight its unique design. As my shoes, the main color is gray, but it is interleaved with black and white.

To meet the need of the buyers, this shoe is well made with rubber sole. It is made from leather, so it is water resistant. You can wear it in all kinds of terrains.

Besides, you don’t need to worry about the light rain or snow when wearing this shoe. The name of the brand is printed across the heel to highlight.

This shoe has full size, so you can choose the best fit. If you choose the fashion over the comfort, it is right for you. These shoes look freaking great in both shorts or jeans.

They are my first choice when joining in outdoor activities and I improved my street style a lot with this shoe.

5. Adidas Originals Men’s Crazy Explosive 2017 Primeknit Basketball Shoe

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These shoes are my first choice for the winter because it can protect my feet from the cold. The white adidas basketball shoes brings me a very new feeling. It is soft and tight, but not uncomfortable.

In terms of materials and soles, they are similar to other products of this brand, textile and rubber.

However, there is a new thing that I couldn’t find in other models which is the sock like bootee construction. With this feature, I can run or move quickly without worry about slipping shoes.

There is a unique anatomical lace system which takes the responsibility for wrapping the entire foot and relieving pressure. This high ankle shoe has the adidas prime knit upper to wrap the foot in an adaptive support and ultralight comfort.

I chose this shoe for playing sport. In the previous time, I usually feel hurt after playing sports. I didn’t know why, but now I found the reason. It was because of the shoes.

But with this pair of shoe, I no longer feel hurt when I play sports or workout. These shoes were designed to serve people who love sports and create their own style.

6. Adidas Men’s Crazy 8 ADV PK Basketball Shoe

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Each year, there are a lot of great Adidas shoes released in the market to meet the requirements of buyers. These black adidas basketball shoes are one of the outstanding examples.

Frankly, I couldn’t take my eyes off this pair of shoes because they look so beautiful and fashionable. They are high ankle shoes with the rubber sole and textile material.

They look so good!

If you wear them, you will be very masculine and cool. This new version of the original features a prime knit upper. In addition, this is a kind of strap shoe, so you can adjust them to fit your feet.

Imagine how cool you are when wearing these shoes to play sports or go out with your friends. I love wearing these shoes to go for a walk or go shopping.

They are totally awesome!

There is no strange smell and no sweat, even I wear for all day.

7. Adidas Performance Men’s Crazy Bounce Basketball Shoe

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The next adidas high top basketball shoes are the Bounce basketball shoes. This is another model of high ankle shoe.

This pair of shoes is very colorful which has about 4 colors, such as maroon, white, black and university red. Apart from this pair, there remain other versions of this model with different colors.

This pair of shoes is made from synthetic or textile with rubber soles. Due to these materials, these shoes are lightweight and durable. The covered synthetic layer brings the comfortable feeling for a long day use.

To enhance the stability, there is a TPU midfoot panel and a mid-cut, which is responsible for supporting the ankle. This kind of shoe is often used when playing sport; therefore, it is very important to provide the ankle support.

If not, their ankles can be injured while playing. You can feel the excellent grip from the rubber outsole.

This pair of shoes is perfect for all kinds of activities. It is trendy, eye-catching and sporty. You can wear it for all occasions, except formal party. The same as other sporty shoes, it is suitable for sport events, festivals, holidays, or camping.

II. Short ankle shoes

1. Adidas Originals Men’s Freak X Carbon Mid Baseball Shoe

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Men’s freak X Carbon mid baseball shoes are new adidas basketball shoes. This shoe looks awesome. It is the perfect combination of black and red. It is highlighted with some red stripes on the shoes to make it more outstanding.

The Men’s freak X carbon mid baseball shoe is quite impressive with its sole. The synthetic sole can protect you from being felt off. With this unique design, these shoes are the best choice for playing sports and morning run.

The top of the shoe is made from both textile and synthetic which are lightweight. Inside the shoes, it is very soft, so it will not hurt your feet when you walk.

This shoe is great for outdoor activities. It can make you look more active and move easily. If you intend to go camping with your family at the weekend, why don’t you add this shoe to your collection? It will surprise you much!

2. Adidas Performance Men’s Crazylight Boost Low 2016 Basketball Shoe

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Men’s crazylight Boost low 2016 basketball shoe is known as an awesome pair of sporty shoes.

This shoe is not as monotonic as its previous versions. It seems to be more colorful. It is mixed three or more colors. Like mine, there are three colors combined together, including white, light scarlet and collegiate navy. They look quite interesting.

The same as the above ones, this shoe is also made from textile and synthetic, so of course, it is light and durable. Its sole is rubber to avoid being slippery.

Especially, the boost’s energy – returning properties are added to keep your movements charged with an endless supply of fast and light energy. The textile lining makes users more comfortable and the back collar is for extra comfort.

The crazylight boost low basketball shoe provides the ultimate lockdown, thanks to the enhanced midfoot as well as the molded TPU eyestay piece and heel cup. This shoe is much more stable. This shoe is the best one for those who love workout, playing sports and outdoor activities.

3. Adidas Harden Vol. 2 Men’s Basketball Shoes

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Another amazing design belongs to Adidas Harden Vol.2 Men’s basketball shoes. The design of this shoe is much more eye-catching than other models.

It is the second signature model from Adidas and Houston Rocket James Harden; therefore, it is more special a little bit.

The Harden basketball shoes come with mesh that can keep your feet airy all-day long. You will not feel hot or sweat when you wear it to take part in some outdoor activities.

Besides, its soles are rubber and white color, and it is so light that you feel you are wearing nothing. This shoe features a boost sole with knit upper and synthetic support cages. There are many sizes from the smallest to biggest sizes to fit all foot sizes.

With this unique design, you can use these shoes whenever you want without worry about the seasons. They are cool for street and sport styles. You will look awesome in them.

4. Adidas Men’s Harden Vol. 1 Basketball Shoe

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You were introduced the second version of the Harden basketball shoe already, so now, it’s time to take a look at the first version.

We need to know how its original version looks like. I’m pretty sure that the first version is not less than the second one.

At the first sight, this shoe is made from synthetic with rubber sole. When you touch it, you will feel soft and smooth. There is a cushioning layer around your ankle to protect it from being hurt when moving. It is undeniable that each version has its own beauty.

This version meets all my criteria, such as beautiful, durable, light and comfortable. Its main colors are white and red, so it is quite easy to mix clothes.

These colors will be never out of date. There is a wraparound tongue to lock down your fit and toe cap for extra protection.

The same as any shoes in my recommendations, it is a sporty pair of shoes, so of course, it is suitable for any purposes. You can wear for playing basketball, tennis, gym or going out with your friends.

These awesome basketball shoes can diverse our shoe collection. For shoe lovers, Adidas is a very familiar brand with top notch quality products.

Hopefully, my recommendation can be helpful for you and you have more choices. They are all the best adidas basketball shoes.

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