Best Camo Wallets For Men [Updated 2019]

What are the differences between a camo wallets and others? What can a camo wallet bring you?

Well, actually nothing! Its outlook is the only difference. But you know what, men we are usually looking for something cool and masculine items to complete our outlook, might be to satisfy our own favorite or to impress someone or show off your fashion taste and your masculine aspect.

Whatever! Just don’t miss out this useful article where I’m going to give you 13 interesting camo wallets to surely at least one of them will suit your taste like a glove.

01. Lethnic Camo Minimalist Wallet, Business Card Holder, Modern Slim & Small Embossed Italian Genuine Cowhide Leather Horizontal

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Start off with a grungy mens camo wallet from Lethnic.

It’s hard to notice the material is 100% genuine cowhide leather, right? To be honest, I thought it was canvas or other materials because of its sturdiness, toughness and hard texture. This is a great bonus for better protection and security to your cards as well.

Along with that, the built-in RFID Blocking Technology takes the role of keeping your private information safe against identity thieves and save you from lots of money hacking cases.

I love the idea of coupling the camouflage pattern with the zig zag embossing to add-up its cool feeling touch and outlook. Particularly, the color mix between it and the button strap on its side – very cool and nice.

By the way, these snap buttons are pretty sturdy and work smoothly. Just listen to the sound when you close or open it – very satisfying.

Dive deeply into its construction, when opening this strap, you will easily find out 3 streamline functional slots which can accommodate either cards or paper money. Thanks to this kind of design, you can freely organize your stuff without limitation in creativity. For example, cards on the middle slot while bills on the left one and receipts on the right. And vice versa!

02. Slim Camo Wallet RFID Front Pocket Minimalist Credit Card Holder

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Kinzd might be a popular wallet brand to many of us. Their products always well-known for a huge color options that might you feel confused of which one to go to firstly. And, they are good in quality compared to the affordable price.

But what impresses me the most is its warranty that’s up to 1 year to cover any defaults from manufacturing process. Now, talking detailly into this camo wallets for men. It’s made out of 100% genuine cowhide leather. But instead of being a rough surface like the above Lethnic’s, this wallet comes in a light shine to make itself more outstanding and attractive.

It also helps to organize your belongings better and neater with up to 6 card slots, 1 money pocket and 1 ID window. If you love your stuff stay in its own place, go for this model. Besides, it also assures you the strikingly slim silhouette with only 0.12” thick, 4.4” long and 3.15” wide.

Like the Lethnic’s, this one is built-in with RFID Blocking Technology to prevent all 13.56 MHz Signals from illegal scanners or readers.

Just one thing you should take notice is that the Kinzd wallet might be a little bit weaker and flimsier than the Lethnic’s. In fact, this model is much more suitable for those who love a flexible and soft wallet.

03. Herschel Supply Co. Men’s Hank + Coin Camo

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I love this Herchel camouflage wallets for its presentable design from outside in. The clearest thing you can see on it is the tight and straight stitching, even on its brand logo on or its card slots.

At first, I thought it was made out canvas because of its rough feeling touch. However, due to the manufacturer claim, it’s 100% polyester. Nice! I love it! When it comes to a camo wallet, I expect for a sturdy and cool design that can bear wears and tears well under abusing. And, this model really affords it!

Trust me, when you get this wallet, just no more fear that its stitching would fall apart or the wallet itself would get some tears or holes. Mine has been 8 months now and it’s clearly like new.

I believe that under tough abusing like exposing under sunlight too often might make its colorway faded, but for me, it’s not a big problem and this is an inevitable thing. Another feature really satisfies me is its fabric lining. Even though this wallet isn’t made out of leather, your cards might be stuck into the material sometimes if they are placed there too long.

Thanks to this amazing lining, just kiss it goodbyes!

Out of 5 models of this product line, I personally think the Woodland Camo is the best to go to, particularly if you love something with military feeling.

04. Lethnic Minimalist Camo Wallet For Men, Tactical Modern Slim Genuine Leather

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Camo pattern is becoming the common trend we never thought it would claw its way back into the fashion industry. Choose these Lethnic Tactical Slim Camo Wallets For Men are perfect create a huge impression, especially when you know how to combine with your outfits! Exactly as its name, this wallet embraces the minimalist style with a plain two-tone color combines to the nice logo embossed. As its main material features the combination of finest oiled/waxy based leather, item ensures to bring long-lasted lifespan as well as excellent craftsmanship.

One thing you will see in all Lethnic items are the distinctive stitching and excellent craftsmanship, which makes them become the must-try item. Feature the compact design, this one measures 4.33 x 3.15 inches. Just carry all the cards you need; the wallet still stays neatly in your pocket without taking too many spaces. Lethnic best camo wallets for men feature 3 inner pockets, which is roomy enough for up to 15 cards and some cash. Item equips to the strong RFID blocking system, which secures all your privacy at the safest stage.

This mens wallet in camo pattern receives most compliments on the design and good construction, even some purchased the second one. Lethnic mens camo wallet comes along with an elegant gift box set if case you may want to use it as a gift. There are 3 colors including the chestnut, military and the special brown for those who love plain pattern.

05. Dakine Men’s Vert Rail Wallet Camo

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Velcro strap is the best choice for usage during any outdoor activities because of two important things. Firstly, it helps to close the wallet securely without causing discomfort and secondly, no thickening up the wallet’s silhouette. What I mean “causing discomfort” is when you put it in your back pocket, the ones with snap button or zipper or metal lock like that will make some annoyance to sit down.

Compared to the metal hardware, Velcro strap is way more durable and closure to keep its inner content always safe and sound. But the reason why it’s not used as often as the zippers or the snap buttons is because this type of lock doesn’t have nice or fashionable look.

In fact, most Velcro wallets are either used for children accessories or survival items. From that point, if you usually take part in these adventurous activities like hiking or climbing, I highly recommend you to trying this wallet. For sure, there’s nothing like cards or cash accidentally fallen out.

You can utilize this wallet for daily life because personally, I find its camouflage pattern combining with black rim is really cool and fashionable. Besides, its inner construction provides enough space for your daily carries such as cards, cash, receipts and bills.

There are 7 card slots arranged wisely to ensure it doesn’t leave any excess space left. Along with that, a full-length compartment to keep your bills and paper money straightly. Thanks to delicate arrangement and the Velcro strap, though this camo wallet with zipper figures a trifold design, it doesn’t cause bulk at all in your pocket or holding on your hands. Really highly recommended!

06. Army Camouflage Wallet Nylon Velcro Trifold Kids Wallets for Men Camo Hunting

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Another good thing about Velcro strap wallet is its super affordable price. Compared to its quality, that really bangs for your buck.

And, here’s another of my favorite wallets though I think its outer performance might be picky a little bit because those who love a square, fashionable wallet design maybe not find this silhouette to be their best companion because of its “too casual” look.

However, if you need something simple, easy operation yet characteristic, try it. Like jeans, this kind of material will add soul to be extremely unique if you beat it up and get some marks there.

Particularly, it’s got no brand logo at all. Or, on other words, this little bad boy isn’t heavy logo to give more chances for users to create their own uniqueness.

As the camouflage pattern is really cool and grungy itself, with some personal marks like stains or dirt, I’m pretty sure that you are always proud to take it out anywhere for a payment.

Again, featured as a trifold wallet with a sturdy Velcro strap, this wallet can stay neatly in your back or front pocket without a burden. It also brings you lots of space, including 6 card slots and 1 bill compartment.

07. Fox Men’s Mr. Clean Wallet

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If you ask for more delicate inner construction, invest some extra bucks on this model. Figured as a trifold wallet, but when opening Fox’s, you will find a huge difference between it and other Velcro trifold silhouettes like Darkine’s or the Army Camouflage Wallet from Fun Express.

Its interior is organized more neatly with 6 card slots, 1 full-length bill compartment and especially, an extra zippered pocket. From that point, other than placing your bills and cards, it allows you to put in some coins or keys.

I personally like its zipper pulling because it’s big and easy to grab. I’ve tried many wallets with zippered pocket before and some of them come up with too-small-to-grab zipper puller even though they look really elegant and nice.

So, finally, I decided to stick to the big-sized puller. You know it, practicality is king in my definition. However, I don’t mean that the zipper pulling of this wallet is too big to cause annoyance to the eyes. It’s reasonable in size and thumbs up for that.

The zipper itself works smoothly really. It isn’t clogged or stuck or fallen apart. So, I appreciate this special pocket – you can store anything you like inside it.

One last thing I want to take notice to you is its outer performance. The material is claimed to 100% nylon but I was really impressed by its texture. The nylon material of this wallet doesn’t feel soft and a little bit flimsy as other nylon camo products that I’ve tried. It’s way sturdier and more durable. Even the sound made by scratching on its surface is a lot different from the other material – the sound of high quality. You can feel ease in mind about its durability, guys.

08. JEMINAL Men’s Camo Printed Bifold Wallet

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Like father, like son.

If you are finding for a meaningful and interesting present for little bad boy, why not pick two of this for you – a cool daddy and your son – your much cooler copy. Though Jeminal claims that this design is for teen boys and kids, its outlook as well as interior are perfect for an adult as well.

It’s measured by 3.54 x 0.59 x 5.12 inches, which is a perfect size for front pocket and standard kid’s palm to hold in their hands. And, good news is it’s not way too small to fit nothing. Every single card slot and even the full-length bill compartment are designed wisely and delicately to fit standard-sized of currencies and cards.

Like Fox’s, aside from 6 card slots, there is a bill compartment and one zippered pocket. But if you want your IDs to be exposed for a quick check when in need without pulling it out of the wallet, a clear ID window is essential. And this wallet is equipped that feature.

If you don’t like to toss your IDs there, try the driver license or your work identity card. Surely, it’s more convenient than you think.

Another difference of this wallet is its canvas material. Not nylon fabric, or leather, the combination of canvas and camouflage pattern delivers a true vibe of military style. Besides, compared to nylon, canvas is arguably more durable and longevity than while keeping the same light weigh and comfortable feeling touch.

Moreover, its price is really affordable compared to the quality.

Personally, I give this design an A for its outer performance – look really cool, clean and unique. Differ from Fox or Dakine, Jeminal utilizes a dual snap button for their product to keep its silhouette clean and square.

Like I said before, some people will love going for stylish and neat look of a wallet. So, here’s my recommendation.

09. Men Casual Tri-fold ACU Camo Velcro Digital Camouflage Commando Wallet

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Thinking of this wallet as a uniform of a group or a unit is a great idea because you will get a good deal for any order of high quantity. There are three available options: pack of one, pack of three and pack of twelve.

And I personally think the second choice is perfect for a group of friends or your family, like grandpa, daddy and son.

Though its outer performance isn’t as cool and stylish as the Jeminal, this wallet strikes back with its inner construction with huge storage space to fit for a man who love carrying his whole world alongside.

There are 4 card slots, 2 slips, 3 ID windows, 1 full-length bill compartment and particularly, 1 hidden pocket where you can put some essential documents or receipts.

As made out of fabric, this wallet eliminates the problem of cards sticking to the material if not being used for a long time. Besides, it’s way more flexible to cram or toss some more stuff if you want.

Moreover, get no fear that this wallet would be torn or get wears and tears thanks to its super durable 600D Polyester material that has been tested and ensured for the best longevity. If you usually abuse your wallet, this is the best bet to go for a long run because of its roughest and toughest construction.

Like Fox and Dakine, it’s closed by a firm and high-quality Velcro strap. And for easy access, there are two more card slots on the outside, which is something that other camo wallets don’t have. They are a clear ID window and a normal card slot on the backside, perfect for driver license and your parking identity card.

10. FIDELO Leather Camo RFID Minimalist Wallet For Men

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Now, if your budget is on the table and you want to invest on a truly good camo wallet that comes in a perfect compromise of design and function, I highly recommend to trying this FIDELO.

The wallet is designed to match perfectly a modern man with minimalist lifestyle. But before diving more deeply into its functionality, let’s take a look at its outer performance. You will definitely say “Wow” for its perfect design, especially the premium genuine full-grain woodland camouflage leather.

This kind of material really brings a nice feeling touch. Printing is good! It’s not easy to peel out after a time period of usage like the others. Besides, with some maintenance, I believe this leather material will serve you for decades.

Now, speaking of its functionality. Though this wallet doesn’t figure as a trifold or a bifold design, its capacity is really no joke. There are 5 card slots, 1 magnetic money clip that can keep up to 30 folded bills safely without falling off unexpectedly.

The key feature here is its powerful earth magnet that has been tested for its ability of cash keeping. However, with a minimalist person, just 10-12 bills are enough and it’s way too easy.

What truly makes this wallet outstanding might be its removable pull-tab. Don’t underestimate this small detail because you can’t imagine how many functions it can bring up to you.

First up, you can attach your car keys, house keys there. Or, a smartphone. More simply, use it as an easy access pull-tab.

Hardly can I find a camo wallet with RFID Blocking Technology because most of them are made out of canvas or nylon. In this collection, if you are looking for a cool camouflage patterned wallet with this useful built-in feature, go for either Lethnic’s or FIDELO’s. They, in fact, can prevent all 13.56 MHz Frequency Signal within 3 meters that most of bank cards and IDs are currently utilized.

As hi-tech thieves are more and more nowadays, it’s essential to consider this technology in your ideal wallet, no matter what type you are going to choose.

Now, two other things you should keep in mind are firstly, its 1-year warranty to ensure you are always happy with your purchase and secondly, a nice packaging.

I mean you can absolutely take advantage of this feature to be a perfect present for somebody you love. I’m quite sure he will love it!

11. Motony Camo Genuine leather Mens Bifold Wallet Camouflage

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You are looking at another great camo wallet that’s made out of 100% premium Italian leather. So, get no doubt at its wear resistance or longevity. That always seems to be confirmed! What I want to highlight here is its texture and feeling touch. Even the surface of this wallet is printed with camouflage pattern, it’s high-quality printing to not easily peel out anytime.

The leather texture is unbelievably soft and smooth to ensure your heart will be melt down right away after handing on the product.

In terms of capacity, this wallet is distinctive from the bunch because of its dual bill compartments – perfect as a travel wallet which you will have to organize your domestic paper currency and the foreign ones for easy access. It’s also ideal for those who love collecting paper money as well.

Other than that, you will have 5 card slots with one can keep a variety of IDs.

Though made out of leather, it’s quite lightweight to avoid straining down your pocket uncomfortably. It’s designed cleverly to fit standard sized man’s pocket (around 4.52 x 3.54 x 0.39”).

Like FIDELO and Lethnic, this wallet provides a warranty, but it’s 90-day guarantee to cover any defaults from manufacturing process. If unluckily, yours have some problems revealed to this issue, just return it for a new one or a full refund. But I bet you won’t. This wallet is really durable and cool.

Sum up, this article is a true time saver for any busy guys who hardly spend much amount of time for searching and comparing. The list is analyzed based on hours of researching, considering and months of trying. As new wallets will be released day by day, I will keep updating this collection as regular as possible so that you will have more interesting choices to go for the best camo wallet.

Thanks for reading!

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