14 Best Red Wallets (Updated 2018)

Wallets are not simply a means of holding money, cards, ID, wallets designers don’t just see wallets as a simple accessory, and they see it as a fashion statement. Hence, wallet manufacturers want their product to be quite comfortable and fashionable. As for fashion, people nowadays wish their wallets would express something about their styles and characteristics. The color red, as a representative of strength and passion, appears as a common theme in accessories and this explains why red wallet is becoming more and more popular.


As the name suggests, a red wallet is made using high quality material to enchant its durability while manufacturers use red as the main theme for their design to enchant the powerful charisma of the product. Accordingly, red wallets are really tough and highly fashionable, especially red wallets for woman. Now let’s go through our top 13 favorites.

01. Lethnic Slim Money Clip Wallet, Bifold Leather Business Card Holder With ID Window

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Start off this collection with a luxurious-look wallet from Lethnic. But once having a look at its price tag, you’ll surely be amazing. In other words, the wallet bangs for your buck if making a comparison between its value and the price.

Made out of 100 percent high-quality genuine cowhide leather that is nicely embossed crocodile skin, this feature helps the wallet stand out from the crowd instantly. Besides, it’s also a perfect compromise between design and function to provide both moderate storage and slim profile to fit any pockets, from the back to the front.

There are two inner card slots, one of which can accommodate maximumly 2 cards without bulk, 1 sturdy stainless-steel money clip and 1 outer slot for quick access your regular cards. Thus, in total, you can fit up 6-8 cards and lots of money without fears of them falling out and getting lost.

Besides, thanks to its RFID Blocking Technology, hi-tech thieves will never ever approach your valuable stuff as well as your private information.

02. YCM0201 Men’s Magic Wallet


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This is a unique product designed by Y&G. Made of the finest artificial leather (Nappa Leather, TPU); this wallet has 5 card pockets for standard size cards which can hold up to 2 cards each. With dimensions of 4.5 x 3.4 x 0.8 inches, it is also provided with 4 bands for griping extra cash. The package includes a free gift box.

The wallet is well designed with vibrant colors and thanks to its high quality material; it stays durable and functional for quite some time. This wallet can house plenty of cards (up to 10 cards). However, it is recommended to hold just 5 – 6 cards as it might me too tight when fully loaded. As for the drawbacks, the size of this wallet might bring in a minor problem as it is a little too big to fit in the front pockets, though some users feel that this does help with getting the cards out easily. The wallet has wide stretchy bands which make it hard to hold money tightly.

03. MEKU Slim Leather Wallet


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Made of genuine premium leather, this wallet is known as “Ultra Slim Front Pocket Wallet” with dimensions of 4.1 x 3 x 0.1 inches. It has 3 pockets which can contain 1 – 2 cards each. Also, it is supported with a middle compartment where you can put things like note, receipt, cash, etc. Another special feature is that this wallet has two types of design. You can decide whether having 3 card pockets on one side or both sides. While it belongs to the “red wallet” category MEKU wallets still have a variety of colors other than only red to choose from.

This is a perfect choice if you are looking for a red wallet for woman. Although it has a small size, this wallet can be fully loaded to its maximum capacity of 6 cards and still looks slim and fashionable. The middle compartment is easily accessible; however if you want to store cash in this wallet, you must fold it up first.

04. Wallet Credit Card Holder Wallets for Men with Slim Minimalist Design by Raw


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Known for its super durable construction, this wallet designed by raw guarantees 100% satisfaction. Despite its “Ultra thin slim”, designed with dimensions of 3.5 x 0.2 x 2 inches, this wallet can hold up to 7 cards and still looks amazingly stylist. One unique feature to distinguish this product from other ones is its fashionable loop which can be attached to any key ring.

Small, lightweight, and comfortable, this wallet almost lives up to everyone’s expectation. Made of elastic material, the wallet helps you add and draw your cards easily. Also, due to the same reason, your cards can be safely secured as it is tightly held. Not just the functions, even the look is really classy. With a red RAW logo on a dark color theme, this simple yet genuine design states the product is made for men. There’s only one drawback, the cards stick out a little too much due to the small size and this possibly becomes problem in some cases.

05. MJ Masters Men’s Eel Skin ID Window BiFold Wallet, Burgundy


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As an imported bifold wallet made of a unique component, MJ Masters Men’s BiFold Wallet uses eel skin as the main material to create the softness and elegance of the product. This wallet has 5 card slots, 2 full length money slots and an ID window which makes this a convenient multi-purpose product. Its measurement is 4.25 x 3.5 x 0.5 inches when closed and 8.5 x 3.5 x 0.125 inches when opened.

This is, quite possibly, a smart choice if you are looking for a well-made and fashionable product. MJ Master BiFold Wallet is not just popular for its design but also its durability. Due to being made of eel skin, this wallet can be used up to 3 years and even more if you use it with care. Most men wallet comes in black and grey, however, the wallet uses the red theme color which makes it less classy but more fabulous. This red wallet is perfect for men who have a sense of fashion.

06. RFID Blocking Leather Wallet, Slim Thin Minimalist Pocket Wallets Card Holder


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Another red leather wallet that guarantees 100% satisfaction. This wallet, with the dimensions of 4 x 3 x 0.2 inches, has 3 card slots, a window ID and a middle compartment for cash and receipt. A special feature that makes this product hang on the top 13 is the RFID blocking material. This advanced unique military grade material is added under the leather layer to block the RFID signal which gives out personal information. This feature is tested and approved by Independent Test Lab.

As a simple yet convenient design, this wallet can hold up to its maximum capacity while still keeps its slim size. Known for its safety and privacy, this product can protect your personal information contained in your card away from ID thieves. Still, be noticed, this feature is unable to block card signal with the frequency of 125 KHz. Moreover, it might be hard to add or draw things out initially due to its inelastic material.

07. Ikepod Slim Carry Wallet


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An Ikepod design made of 100% Premium Full-grain Italian Nappa Leather, this eco-friendly wallet can contain a variety of items like ID, cards, Bills, Extra SIM Card/Micro SD, Coins. Despite its conventional look, there are many hidden sections like back flap, hidden nooks to keep your secret items safe. Also, this wallet has a RFID/NFC blocking function which secures your privacy from data theft.

If you have lots of items to carry along with you, this wallet is perfectly made for you. Even when fully loaded with cards this product still looks fashionably slim. The wallet is also provided with an EZ Access pull handle which helps you get the less used card more quickly. The product is also popular for its security. The inner antimagnetic fabric helps to block signal at all frequency which effectively protects your personal data. If you are still worried about the quality, the product offers a 2 year Quality Guarantee which returns 100% of the money if your wallet does not meet your requirement.

08. Harrm’s Best Genuine Leather wallets RFID Blocking,Tirfold


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Handmade by professional artisans in the US with Italian material, Harrm’s Genuine Cowhide Leather wallet defines class in fashion. With the dimensions of 5 x 4 x 1 inches, this wallet comes with 4 multifunctional slots, nine card slots, a bill compartment, cash pocket, and a leather-framed ID window. Not just functions, this product can also offer security with RFID Blocking, a feature becoming more and more necessary nowadays.

A brilliant choice for businessmen as this trifold wallet is capable of holding lots of items, from coins, cash to ID, credit cards. And it still operates normally like any other trifold wallets. With simple texture designed with dark-color theme, this wallet is suitable for most men in the middle age. The high-quality Italian leather supports the hardness of the wallet. RFID Blocking feature is quite efficient to prevent identity theft. Moreover, this product comes with a full refund policy if you are unsatisfied with your purchase later on.

09. Visconti TR-34 Classic TriFold Wallet / Passcase /ID Wallet made of Veg Tan Leather


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Another trifold wallet with multifunctional feature made with 100% tan leather, Visconti TR-34 Classic Trifold Wallet can hold up to 9 standard size cards. With the measurements of 4.7 x 3.75 x 1 inches this wallet is also provided with 3 full ID windows, a snap coin compartment, 2 bills compartments, and 2 slip-in pockets. Another special feature is that this wallet can be snapped in to a Bifold wallet.

If you are looking for class, style, durability then this is possibly the best wallet for you. Made of the finest leather and designed with modern luxurious colors, this trifold wallet represents the Torino Collection. Precise stitching and soft material make this wallet really durable and easy to get the cards in and out. Also, its big size can help protect itself against pickpockets. Lastly, this product comes wrapped in tissue paper and the gift box makes it convenient to give to someone as a nice present.

10. Royce Leather Men’s the Magic Wallet


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Simple design with 100% leather component, this magic wallet is especially made for the gentlemen. With the dimensions of 4 x 2.5 x 0.5 inches, this wallet comes with four exterior card pockets and four elastic straps for holding money and cards tightly. Also, slim case can be flipped open to reveal a clever wallet.

If you are a JCREW magic wallet loyal customer, you will love this wallet as it is designed similar to the old version of JCREW magic wallet. Great quality, small, and slim, the wallet can hold plenty of cards. It is also known for durability. This magic product can be in service up to lots of years and still looks new. As for the cons, bills from different currency might not fit in the trap due to the difference in size. Moreover, the brand is not well-known as other ones so some people may wonder whether this product is trustworthy.

11. Eel Skin Trifold Wallet from Marshal Style – E314


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From Marshal with love, a clever yet simple design. Eel Skin Trifold wallet comes with four credit card slots, an ID window, two compartments for additional cards and an Eel skin tipped currency divider. Made with Genuine Eel skin, with measurements of 4.6 x 3.2 x 1.3 inches, combined with colorful texture, this wallet is a high-quality product coming with a very reasonable price.

Provided with many different unique features, this trifold wallet is exceptionally multi-functional. You can stuff lots of items in it without producing a bulk. Its durability is beyond expectation thanks to the Eel skin material which is 1.5 times stronger than cowhide of the same thickness. Also, the design with colorful silky texture makes the wallet more elegant. Its only problem is possibly a little tightness of the card slots. Overall, this wallet is worth the money due to its elegant design and durability.

12. Ikepod Micro Slim Card Wallet both for Men and Women


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Another brilliant wallet designed by IKEPOD. Made of 100% Premium Full-grain ItalianNappa Leather, making this product eco-friendly. With measurements of 2.8 x 4.3 x 0.1 inches, this wallet comes with Modern Minimalism design which is exceptionally thin. Despite its minimalist look, this wallet can hold a large amount of items, up to 6 standard size cards and 8 bills. Also, RFID Blocking function is included to prevent identity theft. Lastly, the product is covered with 2-year warranty which gives you full refund if the wallet has faults.

Using only a few pieces of leather with professional work of handcraft and stitching, the Ikepod Micro Slim Wallet keeps your money and cards completely secured. Also, the wallet can help protect your privacy with RFID Blocking feature which can block signals at all frequency. The only downsize of this product is its expensive price. However, this is still reasonable due to the modern design and the durability of the product.

13. MEKU Men’s Handmade Slim Leather Wallet Credit Card Holder Slim Wallet


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With 100% cowhide leather component, MEKE Handmade Slim Leather Wallet is made especially for men. Designed in classic vintage style, this wallet is suitable for all kinds of events. It has measurements of 4.3 x 0.2 x 3 inches and provided with lots of features like removable layer design, interior card slots, photo slots, and cash slots. With 2 pockets outside and 1 pocket inside this wallet can hold at least 4 cards and some extra bills. The wallet is handmade without the help of machine to make this product distinguished from any others. Moreover, there is a scratch on the wallet to make it looks retro style, if you don’t like it, they can be easily removed.

This wallet is not just known for its strength and durability but also its unique material. As the leather is vegetable tanned leather, the wallet will look more beautiful over time. Also, these separate card slots will help you find the items in need more easily. The only drawback is that the wallet might be a little thicker than normal ones. Some people think it’s uncomfortable while others accept this to enjoy its roomy space for larger cards and extra bills which prove to be quite useful.

14. “Alpha” Men’s Minimalist Kydex Wallet


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If you are tired of your current annoying bulky wallet, try this premium qualified one. Made in the USA with minimalist design to fit front and back pockets. Make with durable and sturdy .08 Kydex with the dimensions of 5.9 x 4.1 x 0.7 inches, this wallet won’t wear down from outside elements or excessive use. Despite its thin look, this wallet can hold up to 10 – 12 cards and bills. The wallet features a separated spot which you can use for your most frequentl use cards with easy access. Also, the product is securely held together by strong but elastic Mil-Spec Shock Cord.

Made of high-quality material, the durability of this wallet is beyond expectation. The wallet has many different carrying slots to support quick access to your cards and cash. Also, this wallet is well designed with Carbon Fiber Red to give this red wallet a very stylist look. Be noticed that if you load too many cards in it, it might be hard to get them out.

Nowadays, people begin to turn their eyes from function to fashion. As people wish to show themselves as strong independent persons, they choose red as the color best describes their characteristics. This explains why red wallet is becoming more and more popular. A wallet now not just provides you with means to contain your items; it is also able to express yourself as a person with unique character and sense of fashion.

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