Best Alligator Wallets For Men in 2019

Alligator wallets have been a statue of luxe in fashion world so far for its lean and sharp beauty. This type of material is favorited by many people in upper class to show off their wealth and richness. Besides, can’t deny that alligator wallets always have a special vibe as well as unique characteristics to make a speak for its owner’s fashion taste.

However, along with beauty and quality, the price of these wallets is extremely expensive to easily break one’s bank. Usually, an authentic alligator wallet costs hundreds of dollars depending on how high-quality of the material is.

But, nowadays, there are some other ways to give you a chance to experience a crocodile wallet without spending too much. They are crocodile embossed wallets that are crafted from genuine cowhide leather. And I think this is a much more affordable selection for those who have a tighter budget.

The best thing about this option is you still experience all characteristics of genuine leather with sophisticated alligator embossing rather than going for a poor-quality fake leather wallet. Let’s think about my recommended option with an open mind. I’m sure you will find lots of fun with it.

In this article, I’m going to round up top 10 best alligator wallets including both crocodile embossed designs and the authentic (I will point out clearly each model for you) that you should try at least one of them in your life. Don’t worry! I’m following the perfectionism so each wallet must achieve my requirements of quality and leather texture. Along with that, it should be functional for our daily use as well.

Now, I’m going to dive more deeply about the crocodile embossed wallets firstly. Let’s get started!

1. Lethnic Slim Money Clip Wallet, RFID Blocking Bifold Leather Business Card Holder

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My No.1 option is this Lethnic mens alligator wallet for its super nice feeling touch. Trust me! Though this is a crocodile embossed wallet, its delicate embossing surface will fool you to think that it’s authentic. Every single texture is very perfect!

And, taking a closer look, you will see that the manufacturer offers us three options of leather embossing. One is belly alligator embossing, another is side embossing and the last is a mixture of two previous types. Along with that, 4 colorways to choose from: black, brown, navy blue and red.

I highly recommend black and brown for any gentleman because of its strikingly masculine, cool and luxurious look. And the blue alligator wallet for modern look.

I also give a compliment for its modern silhouette as well. Though this wallet is featured as a bifold, it’s a bit of a minimalist direction with maximum streamlining in dividing slots or compartments but still provide a huge storage space.

Look at it! There are only three card slots (one on the outside and two are inside) and one stainless-steel money clip, this wallet allows you to put in 5-6 cards without a burden. Particularly, that clip is so wonderful and powerful to enable to keep nearly 30 straight bills without risk of falling out or getting lost, even you shake it harshly.

Don’t worry about how firm of this clip because it’s glued onto the wallet. Moreover, there’s an extra money clip in the package that you can replace it at anytime if there’s a problem happed to it. Besides, Lethnic also gives each product a 30-day warranty to cover all defaults caused from manufacturing process.

And, did I tell you about its useful RFID Blocking Technology?

2. Lethnic Mens Bifold Wallet Vertical/Horizontal, Crocodile Embossed Cowhide Genuine Leather, Super Slim

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If you are a loyal fan of the traditional bifold wallet because of its great organization and huge capacity, I highly recommend this alligator embossed wallet. It’s actually made out of 100% genuine cowhide leather. Personally, after 8 months experiencing, I find its quality is no joke.

I can feel it clearly based on the feeling touch of both inner and outer surface. While the embossed crocodile leather delivers a nicely rough with sophisticated mark, the inner leather texture brings a superb softness and smoothness.

Plus, the stitching is very beautiful and tight. So, there’s no point that it would fall apart easily, if not saying that this is a timeless piece. Another thing that I really appreciate about this wallet is a light layer of oil covered its surface to decrease many maintenance steps and save you much time and afford than ever.

This option is not only suitable for those who are in a tight budget, but also for busy guys who don’t have time to maintain an authentic alligator model. Trust me, nobody knows that it is crocodile embossed genuine cowhide leather wallet because of its extreme exquisite outlook and embossing technology.

Now, might some of us wonder about its capacity, right? In my opinion, the interior of this wallet is just similar to other bifold designs with a few card slots and bill compartments. But, have to admit that it organizes my stuff really well and also helps me access my stuff more quickly.

Be aware that this product line comes in two versions: the vertical and the horizontal with different interior. If you own more than one kind of paper currency, try the horizontal due to its dual bill compartments. On the contrary, for more customization and storage space for your cards, the vertical will be your best bet.

Whichever type you stick to, it will be equipped with RFID Shield to block all 13.56 MHz frequency signals within 3 meters.

3. Itslife Men’s Cowhide Leather Wallet Alligator Tiger Dragon Embossing

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Itslife is another good address where you can find a high-quality leather wallet that comes up with a great compromise of sophistication and functionality.

It shows clearly on the images that even the tiniest crocodile leather texture is very lean and sharp. Sure that nobody can figure out it’s just crocodile embossed wallet. Speaking of its true material, Itslife Men’s Bifold Wallet is made out of 100% Italian full-grain genuine cowhide leather.

If you are an experienced collector of leather product, chances are that you will understand how precious Italian material is. From its craftmanship to the texture, it’s perfect!

This wallet delivers a superb smooth, soft and comfortable feeling touch, which is addictive. It’s even more surprising when you explore out its price tag, very affordable. Now, I understand that some of us might get doubt at its quality but don’t worry, you are backed by the manufacturer due to a 100% money back guarantee.

I mean if it isn’t as correct as advertised, just return it without no excuse.

Next up is the bifold silhouette and its inner construction. Though the head crocodile pattern might be a bit bulge up on the outside, its interior strikes back with slim profile and good organization with 4 card slots, 2 bill compartments, 2 slips and 1 ID window. Nice!

You can put in your daily belongings there, neatly and safely for easy access. On the other hand, measured by 12 x 10 x 2 cm, this wallet is convenient enough to toss in any back pocket, even a front pocket.

As the material is still genuine leather, it might take some time to break in, but after that, you are in heaven because of its extra storage space and better elasticity.

Try it! You won’t regret!

4. Men’s Business Genuine Cowhide Leather Crocodile Embossing Long Bifold Wallet

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And here is my favorite option of a travel wallet (or a checkbook wallet if you like to call it that way). I bet you will like it as well because of the extra storage space provided by this long bifold silhouette. Besides, thinking of it as a meaningful and luxurious present for your business partner isn’t a bad idea at all.

A great benefit of alligator embossed cowhide leather is not only its much more affordable price, but also its less maintenance requirement. This is a key feature for a busy guy who don’t even have time to take care themselves to a small accessory.

Though UY CHAN is still a young company, it already gains my trust on its products’ quality due to their enthusiastic customer service and a reliable guarantee. Just worry free because once you choose this brand, you will be always backed by the manufacturer.

Now, back to this long wallet, aside from its delicate and luxurious outlook, going inside, you will find up to 11 card slots, 2 slips, 2 bill compartments, 1 clear ID window and 1 zippered pocket.

There are two things about its interior that I really appreciate: dual bill pockets and zipper compartment. Why? Because when traveling abroad, some countries will ask you to use their domestic currencies which might be coins or paper money. And these added features play a huge role to store and keep them neatly, safely and conveniently.

Besides, you can take advantage of its dual slips for smartphone or passport as well because these two compartments are designed spaciously. Just a pity that there’s no closure strap to keep it shut completely.

5. Ariat Men’s Gator Print Bi-Fold Flip

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With Ariat, the highlight and also an interesting detail is its combination between the alligator printed and the double stitched other texture on its rim. All of them are high-quality genuine cowhide leather.

There is also a small brand stud corner as well as the brand logo embroidery on the inside, which adds more soul to the product. Because it’s genuine leather, be aware of hand washing it only.

Now, diving more deeply into its interior, you will find a clear ID window with a middle thumb strap, 2 card slots and 1 spacious bill compartment. I love it when they arrange the ID slot on the inside for optimal protection instead of having it on the outside.

You are now resting assured to place such important cards in this slot such as IDs, driver license and stuff like that.

Due to its construction, I highly recommend this wallet for those who love carrying much cash alongside. With such huge storage space, you can put in 10-15 folded bills. But keep in mind that, the greater number of bills, the bulkier of the wallet.

6. Magnetic Money Clips – Genuine Alligator Crocodile Ostrich Lizard and Python – American alligator wallet

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For those whose budget is on the table, I have some more interesting options for you.

First off is this compact yet functional money clip. There are countless color options to go to. But, keep in mind that the material used for this USA-made wallet isn’t the same from color to color. Some are genuine crocodile leather, a few are real ostrich while many are genuine lizard and the rest are genuine python leather.

Don’t worry! Each of them comes up with distinctive texture to not only add soul to the money clip itself, but also make you stand out from the crowd. Think about that, who would like to spend on an expensive and luxurious tiny money clip rather than the wealthy and sophisticated people?

This isn’t just a magnetic clip to keep your bills and cards in place, but also an impressive accessory to nail up your style and pop it off the crowd. Speaking of the clip, it’s made out of 2 extra strong shielded magnets, sizing 1.5” x 2.75” to enable to keep 15 folded bills and a card without getting lost or being powered overly to get in the way of other stuff inside your pocket.

Another benefit of magnetic strap is unlike the stainless-steel clip, it won’t cause scratches or injuries to your smartphone if both of them are placed in a same pocket. Score!

7. Authentic M Crocodile Skin Men’s Bifold Crocodile Big Tail Skin Leather Wallet

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If you prefer a leather wallet with masculine, powerful and cool outer performance, I highly recommend to opting for the big tail skin or the backbone area. With these two areas on the animal skin, you will take advantage of some gorgeous spikes on your wallet’s surface, which is really impressive and outstanding.

However, it’s a tradeoff stuff because due to such that spikes, it might cause annoyance to your butt when tossing the wallet into your back pocket. Thus, I highly advise you to place it in a bag or keep it in your hand.

Out of that only weakness, the rest is truly perfect, particularly its durability. Might you have heard of how long-lasting of genuine leather items are if they’re maintained in the right method. But when it comes to crocodile leather, it’s an upper class, like a timeless piece. In fact, there are a lot of customers claim that this little companion has been sticking to their daily life for decades.

And I think this is the key value to make crocodile skin become one of precious material in the leather world. In spite of its cool outlook, its streamline and exquisite interior will wow you.

There are 10 card slots, 2 clear ID windows, and 2 bill compartments that are arranged and sewn skillfully and neatly. The combination of the leather tone matching perfectly to the seam’s colorway, the straight and balanced stitching and the squared silhouette, it’s just so perfect and worth the price.

One last thing, aside from brown, this genuine alligator wallet product line also provides another color – black to ensure either of them will easily match your daily outfits.

8. PELGIO Genuine Crocodile Alligator Backbone Skin Bifold Wallet

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This is a typical example for the cool look of backbone skin area of crocodile leather, which I have just mentioned above. Take a look! Its balanced spikes feat the masculine black tone is just perfect to show off how cool you are as well as add soul to your fashion taste.

Thinking of this wallet as a meaningful present for your business partner is a good idea as compared to other authentic counterparts in this field, its price tag is quite affordable and moreover, its outer performance is really highlighted.

Again, I don’t recommend you to tossing this wallet in your back pocket unless you’d prefer “a whole new feeling” on your butt. And, so thankful that it’s measured by 11 x 9.5 cm to fit nicely any coat pocket or take less space in a bag.

Now, going inside, this bifold wallet provides you 6 card slots, 2 bill compartments and 2 ID windows. You know what, I love the dual ID window like crazy because it fits me demand of exposing both of my ID and driver license so that when they need a check, just open the wallet and there they are. No need to take them out and then, put them in – very time taking!

Besides, its dual bill compartment because I usually travel abroad. In some countries, they require us to use their domestic currency and thanks to this design, you can have your country currency in one compartment and the rest in another. Very convenient!

9. Authentic M Crocodile Skin Men’s Bifold Crocodile Tail Skin Leather Tan Wallet

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Guys, this shiny tan colorway is the killing part of this real alligator wallet.

Look at that, hardly can you find such that beautiful and unique tone of leather. And the combination between this and the alligator tail skin is even cooler as it helps to show out clearly every single spike on the skin surface, which upends its value to many times.

Though featured as a bifold silhouette, its measurements are just 9” x 3 5/8” when open, which is reasonable to fit any coat pocket or bag or back pocket (though I don’t recommend to place it in the back pocket to avoid unwanted annoyance).

About its inner construction, it’s quite similar to the previous Authentic M Crocodile Skin’s design with 10 card slots, 2 ID windows and 2 bill compartments. Its smart arrangement and sophisticated organization play a huge role in achieving both two things: functionality and slim silhouette.

Besides, the crocodile genuine leather texture keeps the wallet itself long-lasting and durable to extreme. Surely, it will serve you for decades!

10. Genuine Alligator Skin Leather Bifold Wallet Handmade

View here

Last but not least is a cool authentic crocodile leather wallet from Yoder Leather Company. This is another well-known brand for producing high-end accessories in fashion world.

And with this product line, you will have three color options: black, dark brown and Cognac. (My favorite is cognac because it’s outstanding and super attractive). All of them are all easy to style with different outfits and level up it to a luxurious feeling to the eyes.

Compared to other authentic alligator wallets in this collection, might this wallet be not as powerful and grungy, however, it strikes back with an upper class feeling and unique elegance.

And another interesting thing is its inner leather texture. Very impressive!

Yoder Leather Company’s wallet delivers two design options which are the 6 card slots and the 8 card slots. Aside from that, you will have two more slips and one bill compartment for other stuff such as receipts, documents, and paper money.

Due to its tight and straight stitching, strong seams and high-quality leather texture, I’m sure you will love it and feel proud every time drawing it out and even, opening it for a payment.

And definitely, there will be some people asking where you purchase it.

Unlike many people still imagine, getting a cool, high-quality and functional crocodile wallet isn’t a hard task at all if you are flexible with your own budget. The best thing you can have from this collection is each single wallet is backed by its manufacturer to cover any faults derived from the manufacturing process. So, the quality element won’t be a thing disturbing you from giving them a try!

It’s because I know that to spend a huge amount of money on an online stuff won’t be easy, such reliable warranty will soothe your mind a lot and give you more confidence to find out the best crocodile wallet for men.

I hope my rounded-up list helps you out!

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