Best Fanny Packs For Men

“Fanny pack” is a common conception by the year 1980s. But, at that time, they called it as a belt bag, bum bag or crossbody bag. The fanny pack is convenient and cool.

In recent years, fanny packs come back again and become one of the trendiest items. Apart from keeping up with the latest fashion trend, this type of bag can bring to us countless benefits. It is considered as a mini bag which can hold our essential man – things and keep our hands free. The fanny pack is one of the most favorite accessories of many people in the world.

In this article, I will provide you some best fanny packs.

I. Nylon bags

1. Bam Products- Neon Fanny Party Pack

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The Neon fanny party pack will impress anyone with its design.

This pack comes with many different colors and its material is nylon lining; therefore, you do not need to worry when you sweat or it’s rainy lightly. The Neon fanny pack is as comfortable as other packs because it is adjustable with the size of 16 x 6 x 1 inches.

You will surprise others with this fanny pack. It is a great item for all occasions such as walking, working out, or travelling. Besides, you also wear it to take part in some outdoor parties such as music festivals, hiking, and hiking. This fanny pack is perfect for daily use.

The features of the Neon fanny party pack are similar to all kinds of the fanny pack. It can keep your valuables secure and your hands free to join in activities. There are three zipper pockets: 2 pockets in the front, and one pocket in the back. Especially, this fanny pocket is water resistant to keep your belongings dry.

2. Nicgid Sling Bag Chest Shoulder Backpack Fanny Pack Crossbody Bags for Men

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Another water resistant and rip resistant nylon that you may need is the Nicgid sling shoulder backpack fanny pack.

This is a new style for you with unbalance backpack wearing styles. It can be worn as a shoulder bag or a chest pack. Plus, if you want to have a sportier style, you can wear in the front or back of the body.

The Nicgid sling bag has a large main compartment with an inner open cell phone pouch. This pocket is big enough to hold an iPad mini. Apart from this main pocket, there are 4 front zippered pockets to keep various items.

This fanny bag is small in width, but long, so you can wear it as a chest bag. It is a very good small sling backpack for museums, biking, hiking, shopping, touring, walking or theme parks.

3. CREATOR Tactical Waist Pack Portable Fanny Pack Outdoor Hiking Travel Large Army Waist Bag Military Waist Pack

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The Creator tactical waist pack looks heavy, but it is extremely light because it is made from nylon.

The strap is both adjustable and detachable. If you are preparing for a few day trips, you should add this fanny bag into your cart.

In terms of fashion, this bag is very beautiful and masculine with the black color. If you bring a big bag when you go traveling, you will feel uncomfortable. Although a big bag can keep a lot of items, it is inconvenient. This perfect design is portable, small, compact and easy to go anywhere.

The Creator waist pack can offer you a stylish and casual lifestyle. It will provide functional pockets for the extra usage. This fanny pack is perfect for outdoor travel, mountain climbing and sports fitness.

It is made from waterproof silky cotton with the dimensions of 7.9 x 12.6 x 5.9 inches.

4. Waist Pack Fanny Pack Bum Bag Hip Pack Running Bag Waist Bag Running Belt Sack Water Resistant with Bottle Holder

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With the regard of fashion and durability, this is a must have fanny pack. It is a good quality bum bag which is great for festival, dog walking and sports. The fanny pack of the LC prime brand will bring you the convenience, novelty and color to your daily life.

This pack is made from nylon to avoid being wet. The main color of this waist bag is gray mixed with blue color. This mixture makes the pack become more stylish. It has some small pockets and a large main pocket to put your stuff. The LC pack can put your water bottle holder.

The dimensions of this bag are 3.5 x 5.5 x 18 inches. the LC prime bag is made from nylon which is waterproof and sweatproof. Besides, this product has many other colors like red, orange, purple or brown.

5. ArcEnCiel Water Resistant Tactical Waist Pack Bag Military Fanny Packs Hip Belt Bag Pouch

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The next waist bag is the ArcEnCiel water resistant tactical waist pack bag. This bag looks like a military fanny pack. Therefore, it will provide a strong and masculine look.

This mini military bag will be a new experience for those who love discovering. You can bring some items in this bag and enjoy your adventurous life.

There are some small pockets in the front and both sides. The main pocket can hold cell phone, iPad, notebook and so on. The side pockets can carry a bottle of water, small camera, keys, cash and first aid kit.

This fanny bag is also made from nylon, so it is very light, and durable. The strap is adjustable to make wearers feel free. The ArcEnCiel bag is perfect for traveling, climbing mountain, tactical, camping, hunting and outdoor cycling. Your hands are free and your belongings are safe, your activities will become more enjoyable.

6. Outdoor Fanny Pack Hiking Camping Fishing Waist bag 2 Water Bottle Holder Lumbar Pack

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Another should have fanny bag is lumbar bag.

Many people don’t want to use this fanny bag because they think that it is useless in the summer and makes them feel hotter; however, the design of this fanny bag is smart to keep you breathable with the mesh lumbar padding.

Furthermore, it is made from nylon to protect your items from being wet on the rainy days or heavy snows.

I’m a big fan of this type of fanny bag because it is not only useful, but also trendy. The first thing that made me satisfied with this fanny bag is its fashionable look. I replaced it for my bulky bag, and now, I owned a bag that changed my style from a gentleman to a street style. I look younger and more active with this fanny bag.

This practical and light pack can carry water and gear for hiking, camping, cycling and fishing. There are 2 shoulders straps, and three ways to carry, including hip back style, using the backpack straps, and using the shoulder strap.

II. Other bags

1. FREETOO Waist Pack Bag Unisex Fanny Pack Hip Bum Bag with Adjustable Band

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The fist fanny pack comes from FREETOO brand which is famous for top notch products and this fanny pack is no exception.

This bag has multiple compartments to keep your cash, phone, cards and other essentials. It makes all your belongings well organized and safe.

This pack quite fits our body because it is 3.5 inches in width, 5.5 inches in height, and 13.8 inches in length. I often wear it over my shoulder, but you also wear it tight under your arm or on your hip. The strap is really flexible ranged from 30 to 42 inches.

I love this pack because of its design and zippers. As you know, the zippers are very important because our packs can be useless without the zippers; however, the zipper of the Freetoo waist pack is incredible because it is very sturdy and work smoothly.

This fanny pack is ideal for outdoor activities such as biking or take part in some festivals. This is the best fanny pack that I ever owned. It provides me a masculine and fashionable look.

2. FREETOO Running Belt, Running Waist Pack Bounce Free Waist Pouch Exercise Workout Belt

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Another product comes from this brand that I was interested in is a FREETOO running belt, running waist pack.

This fanny pack is designed to fit all our needs. most people have a tendency to buy this item because of its function. The first thing I concerned when I bought this bag is its size. The Freetoo waist bag enables to keep my phone, from the small size to large size.

Additionally, its adjustable strap fits my waist and you shouldn’t worry, if your waist size is 51 inches, it still fits perfectly.

This Freetoo bag has the same features as the above version. It can carry all stuffs you need such as phone, keys, cards, or money. Your items will be dry and safe. It helps you have more time to enjoy your moment and do exercise to keep fit in a comfortable condition.

This fanny bag is not a waterproof but sweat proof. It is made from neoprene and breathable mesh material. This fanny bag is quite slim with 10.4 x 3.7 inches.

If you like morning and night run, this bag will support you a lot with the reflective strap around the belt and the bag to give you safe running in the low light conditions.

3. Home – X genuine leather lambskin waist bag, fanny pack

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Fashion is one of the most important factors that affect my decision and the quality as well.

Home – X genuine leather lambskin waist bag can meet these my requirements. This bag has the same functions and size as the above bags; however, its material is different.

It has a large main section, and a close to the body pocket, so you can keep your valuables such as phone, cards, key or money. There is a front pouch and three exterior zip pockets. You can wear this kind of bag to put your belongings and keep your hand free to take part in outdoor activities.

This pack is made from leather, so of course, it is waterproof and lasts long. With a genuine soft leather, this waist bag is perfect for everyone who love some kinds of activities like hiking, biking, traveling, etc.

4. MILIDE Running Waist Pack for Men | Adjustable Buckles, Waterproof Canvas, Zippered Pockets & Carabiner

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The next fashionable bag is Milide runny waist pack. I usually do some exercises in the morning, but I usually miss many phone calls because I couldn’t hold my phone when running.

This waist bag is an awesome solution for me. I place it around my waist and enjoy my morning running session without missing my phone call. I can keep fit and stay healthy with essentials close to me.

This waterproof Canvas fanny pack will keep our items safe, even when we are taking part in activities such as running, hiking and when we are sweating.

This trendy pack is designed carefully to be extremely convenient to use. The zippered pockets can keep everything such as money, mp3 players or iPhone.

The Milide fanny pack is a useful item to wear for jogging routines or running sessions. Besides, you also can wear it when going fishing, boating, motorcycle riding, or even walking in the park. This waist bag can be transformed into many different styles to make you look more fashionable.

It can be worn as a messenger pack, waist running belt, or a shoulder bag. This bag is just a little bit bigger than the two packs mentioned above with the dimensions 3.9 x 5.9 x 15.4 inches.

5. WATERFLY Slim Soft Polyester Water Resistant Waist Bag Pack

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If you are looking for a small size waist bag, this bag will meet your needs. The dimensions of this bag are 3 x 5.9 x 13 inches. You may fall in love with this pack because of its variety. There are some colors that you can choose to mix with your clothes.

You will look more attractive and masculine with this fanny pack. All its colors are young and energetic. They can be used for all occasions and suitable for anyone, such as trainer, hiker, hunter, climber, runner and cyclist.

This waist pack is made from the highest quality materials which can keep you from being hot and sweating. You will never feel bulky because it keeps up with the latest trend. The belt is adjustable to fit your waist. There are multi separate compartments to hold cell phone, ticket, purse, or passport.

Apart from these compartments, there is a zipper pocket, which can hold ID, credit card, cash and driver license.

6. Everest Signature Waist Pack – Standard, Black, One Size

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This waist bag is incredible! At first, I was attracted because of its color board. They are so colorful with about 40 different colors. And I don’t know what to do and which color I should choose.

I’m a man, so I don’t like feminine color such as pink or red. I prefer dark colors to have a more masculine look. But, it is undeniable that each color has its own beauty.

I use this waist bag every day and I don’t feel uncomfortable. The size of this bag is not too big to wear or too small to keep the valuables, 11.5 x 3 x 4.5 inches. There are 3 zippered compartments, including a front pocket, a secure back pocket, and a large middle compartment. The strap of this waist bag is adjustable.

I was completely satisfied with this fanny pack. I put my keys, money, and other things in this bag. I wore it when I go camping with my family, go fishing or even play sports as tennis, volleyball or basketball.

7. SAVFY Fanny Pack with 4-Zipper Pockets, Waist Bag Travel Pocket with Adjustable Belt

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For outdoor activities lovers, the fanny pack is a very necessary thing because they want to keep their hands free to take part in activities, but they cannot leave their valuables outside.

If they put them in their pocket, it is quite heavy and inconvenient. That’s why fanny pack is becoming more and more popular.

The same as any fanny pack, this bag is ideal for many activities such as festivals, cycling, holidays, walking, hiking, jogging and so on. Your item will be safe with the superior polyester fabric bag. I usually sweat when doing exercise.

But this waist bag does not make me feel uncomfortable to wear. The design of this fanny bag is unique with the masculine color. It is the best choice to wear when workout.

This waist bag is just the right size that I’m looking for with the dimensions of 10.6 x 5.1 x 0.8 inches. Despite not a big size, it enables to keep everything like wallet, keys, and phone. It is a great deal!

8. EOTW Fanny Pack Waist Bag Travel Pocket Sling Chest Shoulder Bag Phone Holder Running Belt with Separate Pockets, Adjustable Band

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The EOTW fanny pack is known as one of the multifunctional bags that can make you feel secure and relaxed when going traveling or doing workout.

This waist bag is a good choice for activities such as hiking, walking in the park with your dogs, music festivals, theme parks, riding bike, running, gym, and other activities.

This fanny pack has 4 separate compartments with a spacious pocket to hold passport, ticket, cell phone and other valuables as well, a flat pocket in the back to put coins, keys, and cashes. This pocket is used to protect our phones from being scratched. There is one small pocket in the front side to keep small things.

Similar to the above bags, this fanny bag is also made from superior polyester fabric. This material will bring you a free style look. It is durable, light, and sturdy. You can change your style with this waist bag as a crossbody bag, chest bag or waist bag.

The strap of this fanny bag is adjustable to let our hands stay free. We can keep our necessities and workout at the same time. It is sweatproof and waterproof, so you can keep your valuables dry from the light rain, or splashed water or sweat.

The size of the main pocket is 4 x 10 inches, which is big enough to hold kinds of cell phone and it is adjustable for most sizes of waist from 35 to 46 inches.

9. Muzee Mens Canvas Waist Pack Running Sling Backpack Crossbody Bag Fanny Packs

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I ever did not want to buy a fanny bag because I thought that they look bulky and ugly; however, Muzee mens canvas waist pack changed my mind from its look to its functions.

The functions of this pack are not less than any other bags. It has a main pocket, one phone pocket and one zipper pocket. Specially, the main pocket can hold an iPad mini. The dimensions of this fanny are 9.5 x 5.5 x 3.1 inches.

Muzee is specialized in creating many bags to meet the buyers’ needs. They always upgrade fast to catch up with the global fashion trend. This bag is not only fashionable, but also useful. If you intend to buy a great bag for small necessities, you shouldn’t ignore it.

The Muzee mens canvas waist bag is made from both cotton canvas and real leather, but leather just accounts for nearly 5 percent. This bag has two main colors, including brown and dark blue.

10. Fanny Pack for Men Women Waterproof Waist Bag for Outdoor Activity Traveling Hiking Biking Running Belt Pack

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The combination of navy blue and red will bring you some new experiences.

The big bulky bag may make you feel tired; however, this well-made sturdy and comfortable fanny pack will help you enjoy hands free to take part in outdoor activities such as walking, hiking, or biking.

This adjustable fanny pack will provide you many pockets to keep your wallet, phone, keys and maybe a bottle of water, if necessary. It is made from high quality polyester, so you do not need to worry about being wet. Your belongings will be protected carefully.

One of the most interesting I found in this fanny bag is its durability. I used it daily and got a lot of compliments. My friends even asked me to help them buy one. This fanny bag has a breathable net on the back, so we can wear it in our way. Normally, I usually wear it as a crossbody bag.

The fanny bag has become the most favorite accessory of many people in the world. It keeps up with the fashion trend and gradually replace for bulky bags on the market. It is both cool and convenient. Here are top best fanny packs that you can refer before buying.

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