Best and nice laptop messenger bags for men

The bags are durable, easy to carry around and most importantly, very multi-pocketed. Each bag has its own design and its own advantages. All of them are fabricated from premium canvas while some are also made from PU leather. They are used to carry small laptops and iPads whose size ranges from 14 inches to 17 inches. Not only the quality of the bags is good but the appearance of them is attractive as well. It would be much more convincing to introduce to you the details of each product. It is time to take a look at the collection.

01. Timbuk2 Command Messenger Bag 2015, Carbon Full-Cycle Twill, Medium


Timbuk2 Command Messenger Bag makes is made from 100% high quality polyester. It can be used to store a 13inch laptop or a 15 inch laptop or a tablet. For your information, the size is 14.37 x 4.92 x 17.13 inches. The color of Carbon Full-Cycle Twill makes it seem to be clean and elegant.

The bag is perfect for traveling. It reduces the hassles of getting past the TSA in the airport. Its smart design allows its user to keep everything organized and easy to take out or put in. Plus, you can be completely secure with its closure: aluminum hooks with durable elastic and webbing loop. It does not produce irritating noise because of the mufflers. However, it may bulk up easily if you contain too many objects.

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02. OXA Canvas Messenger Bag Shoulder Bag Laptop Bag Fits Most 14 inch Laptop


Here is a shoulder Messenger bag for iPad and most of 14 inch Laptop. The size quite fits with its capacity: 15″ L x 11″ H x 4.5″W for around 18l. The color is friendly to many users and the design enables you to look young and active but 95% high-density cotton canvas and 5% genuine leather zips make it seem a little heavy to carry this around for so long.

In total, this medium bag has 7 pockets,1 main zipper Pocket, 1 pocket on the flap, 1 front button pocket, 1 zipper Pocket on the back and 3 inner pockets. So there is a lot of space for you to contain necessary gadgets for traveling. Regarding the production, it is carefully made with beautiful and strong threads. One point you need to notice is that the fixed patch for connecting the shoulder strap with the bag is made of leather so it is exposed to wear and tear often. Additionally, if you choose this bag, you have to maintain it with care, as it requires many steps to be cleaned.

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03. Jack Mason NCAA Men’s Canvas Team Tailgate Messenger Bag


This shoulder bag impresses you with its beige color, which is not a popular choice for men. If you look at it for a while, it, in fact, looks very elegant and would be an excellent choice for those who want to add a spotlight to their usual style. Its size is 15″ x 12″ x 2.75. Its exterior looks simple. The designer adds 2 bright stripes from the top to the bottom of the front. Regarding the quality of the cloth, it is the best. It is tough and it can surely endure wear and tear.

Open the bag and you can see 2 rectangular gusset pockets right on the front. The inside compartment is well fabricated and the laptop sleeve is carefully padded. In addition to main pockets, the bag also has some pockets for pens, a phone and some notebooks. As for the strap, it is durable to bear heavy bags but it needs some pad dings for your comfort.

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04.Mountainsmith Hoist Messenger Bag


This 17-inch laptop bag is lightweight while it is made of durable materials. This Moutainsmith has 2 spacious side pockets for a water bottle and an umbrella. Plus, the bottom is designed to stand without tipping over backwards or forwards. Looking into the interior design you will see many pockets for various purposes such as phone, wallet, notebook and charger. It would be a great buddy for your daily travel.

However, there are some minus points you should notice before buying this bag. The shoulder strap is not strong and thin enough to hold a heavy bag for a long time. Additionally, there is no strap/buckle to prevent the laptop/iPad from falling out of the compartment. The bag also produces some unfavorable sound when you open it.

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05. Kattee Designer Canvas Messenger Shoulder Bag Tote, Fit 14 Inch Laptop


This is a vintage bag with an original design from the front to the back. The front is closed by 2 zippers that go along the side, which gives a novel look. The back features a big compartment easily closed by 2 snaps. This Kattee Bag is made from canvas. So in addition to the retro appearance, the durability of the bag is not a question! Regarding the size, it fits a 14-inch laptop or an iPad with similar measurements.

We can see 3 outside pockets, 1 barrier, 1 inside zipper pocket, 1 mobile phone bit and 1 certificate bit when taking a closer look into the design. It has a shoulder strap and a hand strap. It makes you look really cool! If there is one thing to complain about this bag must be its weight. To be honest, I have to say that it is going to add more than 1 pound to your belongings.

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06. Kenox Canvas Crossbody Messenger Bag Laptop Case Backpack


This Kenox messenger bag looks a bit street-style. You would look like a super active guy carrying this shoulder bag around. Plus, it never gets out of style! The bag has many inner pockets which serves different purposes such as 1 for keys, coins and candy, 1 zippered compartment for your 14-inch laptop, 1 zippered pocket inside the big laptop holder for cash, 2 side pockets for an umbrella and a bottle of water and some other pockets without closure.

Some undesirable features of the bag are its adjustable shoulder strap and the lightly padded inner pocket for laptop. The strap, despite your efforts adjusting to the right length, will fall into the same place all over again. The compartment for laptop seems not to be padded enough so it looks floppy. If you need to keep some documents in this bag, make sure to put them in a hard cover.

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07. Bronze Times(TM) Retro Cotton Canvas and Leather Shoulder Messenger Bag Briefcase Fits 15″ Laptop


Here comes another retro-style bag with durable and high quality leather shoulder strap. The appearance looks simple but still gives you an elegant look. Generally it is 11 inch(H)*15.3 inch(L)*3 inch(W).

Open the front closure and you can see many inner pockets that are designed to contain different objects. Of course, there is one big compartment for your device and even books. The others may be used to keep portable phone, wallet and pens. 2 things you should know before deciding to go for this bag are that the bottom is not reinforced and the strap may not stay on after you adjust it.

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08. Banuce Waterproof Fabric PU Leather 15.6 Laptop Briefcase Front Pocket Messenger Bag


You want to build a professional style? Don’t miss this bag! Its appearance is impressive with 2 medium rectangular pockets on the front and durable leather strap. The pockets are reinforced and decorated by zippers and smooth leather. This can hold a 16-inch laptop. For your information, the measurements are 16L *5.25D *12.75H inch.

This Banuce Bag is special than the previous because it can resist water with oxford fabric and PU leather. The strap also has a pad to make it comfortable for you when carrying this shoulder bag for a while. Unzip the biggest compartment and you can find everything in its way. There is a pocket for your device, another for several books and pens. If you are good at organizing stuffs then you can easily fit in a bottle of water, a mouse and the charger of the device or an umbrella. Additionally, it is quite light so it is an excellent choice for office workers. One thing you need to bear in mind is not to over stuff this bag.

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09. Kenox Vintage Canvas Laptop Messenger Bag School Bag Business Briefcase 16 Inches


At the first sight the bag looks quite plain but you never know how amazing it is when looking inside. I must say that the bag designer is very customer – centric. The bag has two main pockets (it has some others which are mainly for some small objects) including the front and the inner. Unzip the front pocket and you can have a slot for your phone, a few slots for cards, some pen holders and some space for your wallet or a notebook. The inner features 3 pockets: 1 for your device, 1 for books and papers and the other for smaller objects (your phone, your cash or wallet, it is up to you). The size is 16*13.5*5 inches.

The bag is durable. It can contain a lot of objects for a long time. The strap is also very strong. However, don’t put too many things in the back pocket, it may bulk up and make you irritated carrying around a bulk-up bag.

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Above is the list of Best and nice laptop messenger bags for men. They all belong to the vintage collection. Most of them are made from durable canvas with fashionable designs. One bag is waterproof with oxford fabric and PU leather. The measurements of the bags also vary from a 14-inch holder to a 17-inch holder.

The bags are designed to provide full comfort to you with many pockets for various purposes and a shoulder strap for carrying around hand-free. Some straps even have pads to reduce the pain when carrying the bag too long. As for the color, the bags have a lot of colors: some are bright and a little dreamy while the others look very simple. It is quite lengthy to sum up all the outstanding features of the bags. You have gone through the list and you know which has what so now it is the time for you to decide.


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