7 important tips to preserve your bag

No matter what type or purpose of the bag you get, you want it to have a long lasting service since anyhow you have paid a certain sum of money for it. But sometimes, quite a few people tend to overlook the maintenance issue and don’t properly preserve the bag. This will significantly reduce the bag effectiveness and its lifetime. If you wish to know the correct way to maintain your bag and prevent it from falling apart just keep on reading this article, all important tips are available here for you.


Like any other accessories, a bag does need to be taken care of if you want it to stay useful. Daily usage will inevitably put it in the process of tearing and wearing, and there are certain actions which can either speed up or slow down this process. It is wise getting to know well about these actions so as you can handle your bag in the right way.

1. Putting the bag on the floor or on the ground

It’s a simple and common action yet very harmful toward the bag and even your health. This is how the surface of the bag possibly gets covered in dirt and contaminated with germs. You will possibly face a dirty and smelly bag if you don’t get rid of this bad habit. Always remember to place the bag on your lap, next to your seat or carry it on your shoulder instead of putting it on the ground or floor where everyone is walking up and down. There is also another option quite convenient, it’s to get a bag hook. When attached to the bag, it helps to keep your bag hanging to any desired place.


2. Use your bag with clean hands

No one wishes to carry around an oily and sweaty bag, right? So remember to wash your hands thoroughly before using a bag. And if you feel your hands getting wet, use a tissue to clean them well before using your bag. Otherwise, you will have to clean your bag handle every time after use and, of course, it takes you some time doing this boring work.

3. Washing the bag too many times

This is a cause of increasing the tear and wear rate of the bag. Of course it’s good to keep your bag clean all the time but this can be done by using your bag correctly, not by cleaning it regularly. If you wash the bag too often, the material will eventually stretch out in an unrecoverable manner. Not to mention the accumulation of chemical waste if you use cleaning products and this will lead to the slowly but surely destruction of the bag integrity and durability.

4. Cleaning the bag without knowing its material

All bags are obviously not created from the same material. Therefore, it’s vital to know exactly what material your bag is made from together with any special instructions in using it. This issue is so important, especially for bags using a combination of materials. If you utilize inappropriate cleaning products or wash it in the wrong way, you bag May potentially turn into a bunch of connected rags and fabrics so be careful. There should be a small piece of manual attached to the bag when you get it from the store so you should strictly follow it. Ask the store staff if you have any question or want some advice just to be on the safe side.


05. Fastening the zipper in a haft – hearted way

If you bag uses the zipper design you have to accomplish fastening the zipper either when you close or open it. Leaving it in mid way and carry the bag around will put great strain to the zipper and the line it moves on. This will interfere with the bag balance and there is a good chance that the zipper will start to be malfunction after a short time since the zipper sync with the line may end up damaged and inoperable.

06. Leaving small tears and wears without fixing them

Do not wait to the very last moment to repair the bag, underestimate any damages which you consider “minor” may cost you the entire bag. When your bag has any sign of damage, stop using it and get them fixed right away. Keep using a damaged bag will surely let the damage expand and very soon and it will be unrecoverable.

07. Storing the bag without cover

This is a common mistake and quite a few people keep doing it without knowing the fact that this action will take them lots of time and efforts to clean the bag when they need to use it the next time. It’s wise to store a bag in a fashion that requires little time to prepare it for immediate re – use. There are several ways for you to try

  • Using dust cover container and putting clothes hanger inside the bag are an easy yet very effective method to keep the surface and the shape of the bag in its original conditions when storing. You could also put in a few silica gel bags to make sure its interior remains in optimal state.
  • The closet is a good place to store the bag but the bag should not be put in a constraint space so don’t try to squeeze it. And make sure that the bag won’t be slammed against any heavy object or its structure will suffer deformation.

The bag is just like an investment; you want it to bring you benefits, so you have to take care of it. Don’t just toss it whenever you see fit and instead remember to use and clean it in a right way. As long as you properly use and preserve it as stated above, you can expect your bag to stay functional for quite a long time and it always looks new whenever you use it.

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