Top Coolest Men’s Denim Jacket For Successful Men [Updated 2019]

The golden rules

From many customer review and researches, I have identified the 5 traits that men like to have when buying their denim jackets:

Establish a cool and handsome look — in front of ladies, of course

Tough and reliable designs: namely the fabric and materials that put into the jacket that will last for a long period of usage.

Slim fit or wear comfortably: regardless of your body shapes, you deserve a suitable jacket that can bring out the best side of you.

Express your unique personalities: certain featured designs, small ripped tears, name tags, smooth touch, etc. They all have a story that tells about you just by the look.

Useful everywhere: The utility will complement the fashionable design for any type of clothing. For example, pockets, fur collar, long sleeves, etc. they give you the best functions for the true value you paid.

Keeping that in mind and we are ready to discover these men’s denim jackets. I will also include my personal experience with certain brands that I owned so far. So stay tuned and enjoy the rest of this list!

01. iooho Men’s Denim Jacket Ripped Distressed Jeans Jacket Rugged Trucker Jacket

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First up! We have a unique jacket from iooho. The brand promotes a free and biker-inspired design through its distressed men’s denim jacket. The jacket has small tears in front of the chest side, big rips in the back and along the sleeves. It poses an experienced and enhances your mature look.

The design is slim fit to your body as you close the zipper. So be aware if you wear along with a thick T-shirt inside, you should go for a relaxed-fit for one size higher. This jacket has four pockets in total: 2 sides pockets and 2 flap chest pockets. It gives you plenty of space for your phone, cigarette, lighter and other hardware.

The armband is attractive and stands out during daylight. If for some reason you don’t like it, you can rip it off and the jacket will still intact. The brand is currently offering two color types: black and blue. The black one looks stronger and persistent, while the blue one looks more relaxed and carefree.

Don’t mistake the rips and tears for its quality though. It is denim so you can just machine-wash it to save time and effort. I have my son purchased the black jacket and it is still last after 6 months usage.

As for the price, it is in the middle range between $63-73. It is definitely worth your money for such a reliable and good quality jacket. You can wear it for any casual hangouts and meetings with friends. Showing off a little of bad boy in you to the girls while still keeping cool among the other men.

Don’t worry if ripped and distressed denim jackets are your style. I have more for you in the next one!

02. NASKY Men&Women’s Fit Retro Ripped Denim Vest Sleeveless Jean Vest and Jacket

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This is another great ripped men’s denim jacket. Though it is mainly for men, women can wear this just fine. You might want to consider this nice-looking jacket for your girlfriend and loved one. NASKY offers in unisex fit size, so you just need to see what size is best for you.

The jacket consists of 65% cotton and 35% polyester for the primary fabric. Cotton is exceptionally soft, maintains a good temperature and absorbs moisture well. While polyester is durable against many wears and tears. These two combinations make a great jacket for you.

Here are some unique features that you will love!

Slim fit and single breasted with buttons closure are the keys to highlight your slim body. It is even suitable for women size too. The buttons are great decorations for symmetry while wearing.

Zipper version is available for the light blue color. The brand is very flexible in its designs. You will like either or both of the two variations. The light blue version has a hoodie compared with the dark blue one with lapel collar only.

The sleeveless feature creates good airflows; thus, it is completely suitable for sunny summer. Showing off your skins and muscular arm is another weapon to hit it off with the girls! No need to argue about this obviously.

Punk, rock and retro styles bring up your active personality. Always thrive for motions and actions. If you like being spontaneous in front of the crowd, this jacket will complement your character well.

Besides those unique features, the brand ensures you have the right size for your jacket. It offers a 100% replace or refund policy. There are many good reviews about its customer support as well. For such a good jacket in exchange for $22-$29, you have a great value of both product and service here.

03. AvaCostume Men’s Classic Lightweight Jean Jacket Coat

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If you are a traditional man, you should consider this men’s denim jacket as it expresses strongly your identity. What is so unique about this jacket at first glance though? The colorfully embroidered patchworks attract most of the attention. The patchwork pattern also brings a genuine feeling as these brands are so classy.

To complement for the classic style, the back has rips and small tears to create a modern look from today fashion trends. This is a good mixture of both traditional and modern styles. Highlighting the classic beauty and a bit of freestyle in this modern time.

The materials are 70% cotton and 30% polyester, as I explained earlier for each type of materials. Cotton makes the fabric soft and sensitive for your feels while the polyester is likely to last longer over time. Hence, it is very comfortable and warm to wear in cold weather.

This is also one of my favorite men’s denim jacket outfit. I usually wear it each time while meeting outdoors with my friends. It matches nicely with a white shirt and jeans. The jacket has two pockets on the side to protect your hands when it gets colder or just for your stuff. There are also two flap chest pockets for extra space.

Before you buy this jacket though, make sure to order a larger size than your measurement as this is a slim fit one. Current for sale at $35, I think is a reasonable price that brings back good old memories in the 90s when denim jacket era was dominant. This will feature your best body shape and enhance the punky look while maintaining certain respect.

04. URBANCREWS Mens Hipster Hip Hop Button-Down Sleeveless Denim Vest Jacket

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While on the topic of body features, this URBANCREWS Hip Hop jacket is an ideal choice. Since it is sleeveless, time to show off your arm muscles for the girls to stare. I can guarantee the time and effort of your hard work will get noticed as you wear this jacket.

If you prefer a charming and playful look, then how about trying this pink men’s denim jacket? Everyone will have their eyes rolling with your unique taste. Come on! You have to admit that you rarely see a strong man wearing a pink jacket every day. This is the unique part and makes people curious about you!

If pink is not your taste, I completely understand. The brand offers six different colors in total from light to dark theme. Besides those stylish colors, you can have a detachable drawstring hood too. It is convenient for you to have protection under sunlight or light rain like a boss!

The main style here as you might aware already, it is all about music, freedom, playfulness, and art. The brand also dedicated to street vibes and hip-hop cultures. So, you are special just the way you are! Be confident and express yourself to everyone. It is fun and exciting to be yourself in front of many people.

From $39-45, you have yourself a stylish jacket that boosts your personality and body features. I used to be fat as a young man, but jackets like these are the motivation for me to hit the gym every day. To fit all my waist nicely and show off my bulky arm in such jackets, I feel my effort has been rewarded.

05. Calvin Klein Men’s Denim Trucker Jacket

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As a prestigious brand for men’s wears, Calvin Klein always designs creative and high-quality clothing. Most importantly, it continues to amaze the fans with its slim fit men’s denim jacket. If you want to differentiate yourself from ordinary people, this is definitely one of the brands to upgrade your wardrobe.

Let’s discuss Calvin Klein creative features:

Even though the design similar to trucker jackets, Calvin Klein’s jackets always have unique patterns that will bring you to an exceptional level. There are more than 20 styles that will feast your eyes with wonder for sure! I personally love the White Beach style as it brings out my body feature most.

The color combinations are one of the top creative brands in the market. Don’t believe me, you can try for yourself. Each distribution on certain parts of the jacket and contrasting colors make you stand out among everyone else! In a designer’s eyes, you are unique and the only one in this world!

The material is 100% durable cotton, there is no argument here as it is a fact. The production quality is amazing and satisfies even the strictest customer. You will get exactly what you paid for. At $238, you have already made a profit from the high-status brand and its great quality.

Lastly, the slim fit feeling is the selling point. With the buttons closure, you can enjoy all the comfort and softness coming from the cotton fabric. I highly suggest you pick one larger size than your current size. I understand busy men like us tend to gain some extra weight in the next month. Don’t worry the jacket is your baseline to keep you in good shape!

Calvin Klein offers so many attractive men’s denim jackets that I can talk for days. But not to bore you with all the details, each design has a hidden meaning and value awaiting your discovery. Just head to a nearest Calvin Klein store and try one for yourself. You will have such a pleasant experience trying out all those styles with your personal judgments.

06. AG Adriano Goldschmied Men’s Dart Long Sleeve Denim Jacket

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Another competition to the Calvin Klein jackets here, Adriano Goldschmied offers similar features with a twist in design. If you don’t care about the brand but mostly the designs, AG is an alternative choice that worth a try.

Even though this AG jacket only has one black color choice, its design is simple and classic. It is also a men’s denim jacket with inside pockets. Interestingly, in combination with the simplistic style, those flap chest pockets are even hidden if you look from far away. It is perfect to conceal unnecessary attention to your stuff.

Quite opposite from other jackets, instead of making you stand out to everyone, it focuses on maintaining a respectable look individually. The black color is always a strong and dominant presentation of men. By focusing on purely black, your facial features stand out even more by contrasting with the black jacket.

If you have a smooth and clean face, you will definitely attract more eye contacts from the person you are talking to. This jacket is also best to match with a light and decorative shirt and pants (or jeans). Black also helps to cover your body weak sides such as a big belly or slim arms. Hence, it becomes very efficient if you want people to focus on your personality and identity rather than the clothing themselves

This jacket, in my humble opinion, is more useful to men who lack confidence in their body shape. Fit and muscular men can wear this just fine, but it has a greater effect on who is a bit obese or skinny. You deserve more recognition as a unique individual not just by what you are wearing. Hence, I believe this is a great jacket that many people have underappreciated.

07. Wrangler Men’s Denim Jacket

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If you are looking for a classic look jacket, Wrangler produces long men’s denim jackets at a reasonable price. This one focuses more on simplicity and the traditional look of Western men. Even though there are no special features about its designs, don’t underestimate this jacket as it is extremely tough and reliable for long-term usage.

The other jackets I list above might emphasize your identity and character. This jacket is the opposite, aims to be practical and maximize utility to your daily activities. With 100% cotton, this one will keep you warm during the cold weather for such a long time. During the cooler weather, cotton gives breathability to your skills and absorbs your sweat very well.

Sometimes, you don’t want to risk your expensive and flashy jacket for daily work. You need something affordable, reliable and expendable to wear while still feel comfortable throughout the day. With long lasting materials, this jacket even protects you from scratches caused by sharp edges or risky workplaces. It is spacious and wide in the chest section, which giving rooms for unrestricted arms’ movement.

The unlined denim designs reinforce the jacket’s durability even further. Unlike to lined jackets, it would take professional lining works done on the jacket to keep it together. Hence, you don’t have to wonder about its quality. For $65 bucks, this is a good deal to have one of the five colors.

I strongly suggest to wear it with casual jeans for normal hangouts or thick denim jeans at work. This solid jacket also has two side pockets and two flap chest pockets for your convenience. If you are a classic and simple man, this is worth to have in your wardrobe collection.

08. Lee Men’s Denim Jacket

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Similar to Wrangler, Lee’s jackets designs focus a bit more on the slim fit feature. You can compare side by side between these two brands and see what is the best fit for you. Since Lee brand adds more to your stylish look, the price is a bit higher up to $98.

Let’s discuss those similarities with Wrangler:

  • The jackets are 100% cotton material: so, they both warm in the cold weather yet dry and cool during arid temperature.
  • The pockets arrangements are the same as well: two on the sides and two flap pockets on your chest. Quite useful to bring and store small items and stuff.
  • They have the adjustable button closure: both on the sleeves and the front chest. Though the buttons from Lee are shinier and more noticeable.

As for the unique traits, Lee men’s denim jacket is close to a slim fit type so make sure you check your size right before order. The vertical seamings are clear and decorative to the jacket’s design too. Therefore, it brings out your athletic character and body features. This brings additional value to you as an individual and the brand itself too.

When we talk about the purpose, this jacket is more suitable to wear during meetings and chilling out with friends. You can still wear it for heavy-duty working purposes but it would ruin the fashionable look. Furthermore, you can also wear this jacket as an outfit which highlights your stylish T-shirt or shirt inside.

09. Levi’s Men’s The Trucker Jacket

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Let’s get back to Levi’s men’s denim jackets again from a different perspective:

This time is the regular fit trucker jackets that bring great appreciations to men. Since the world is built mostly by men’s hard work, it is time to change the old jacket with these bad boys. As mentioned earlier, Levi offers a wide variety of styles and color that you would find the best match for yourself.

Since these jackets are regular fit, a big belly won’t be a problem here. If you have a great body, then try those with bright and contrasting colors with your pants and shirts. On the other hands, darker colors will neutralize your big body shape and highlight your facial features instead. Either way, you will look cool, handsome and attractive.

Most design styles have vertical seaming patterns, these create a symmetrical look and balance your body parts. In short, it helps you look more balanced if you are a slim person while flattening your big belly if otherwise. Quiet amazing right?

The fabric material is 100% excellent quality cotton which should keep you warm and comfy throughout the day. Pockets are similar to a standard jacket, though, for some designs, they will come with additional inner pockets too. So, remember to check for those if you require additional storage.

For Levi jacket selection, you should look for your favorite color and design type that suit you. Most of Levi brand present a youthful, strong, fast and energetic lifestyle. You can clearly see through their combination with other T-shirts, pants, and jeans. Hopefully, you can pick the missing piece here that will complement the rest of your clothes.

10. Pile-lined denim jacket

View here

Compared to other premium brands, H&M has been making lots of noise in the market recently. It offers much high-quality product series with a unique design for each person. If you are living in a cold region and loving to show off in denim’s jacket, this could be the one you are looking for both purposes.

Since this is a pile-lined men’s denim jacket, it brings the neatest looks out and completely lightweight. Furthermore, the fur lining, also called Sherpa lining, is efficient in maintaining your body temperature during the harsh weather. This also adds to the clean looking and well-organized character.

The outer material is 100% cotton, which contributes as a second layer to keep you warm in case it is snowing too. More importantly, this is a slim fit jacket so you should pay attention to pick the exact size or one size bigger to hedge. The manly look is a strong feature here with the rough and symmetrical proportion.

In term of utility, two welt side and two flap chest pockets should be enough for your preference. The cuffs have button closure but still leaving the adjustable tab for your needs. The style is quite simplistic with the vertical patterns from the chest pockets to the waist. In addition to the style, you will also notice the buttons blend in nicely with the rest of the jackets.

For a $70 jacket, H&M makes it affordable and available for everyone. This is the kind of jacket that you would wear for a party and casual hangout. It brings your best body features as well as the energetic and easy-going character to everyone around you. I have one of this in my wardrobe always ready for the winter season. See if this should fit you in the long run!

11. Denim Jacket with Fleece Trim

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As winter is coming! I will continue to help you with other cozy jacket options here. Just a bit more expensive than the H&M jacket, Zara offers another alternative one with fleece trim. Yes, this is the sheep wool which gives extra warmth compared to the polyester material.

Don’t need to google for “men’s denim jacket with fur collar”, you will feel satisfied with this one right away! The lapel collar will keep your throat warm most of the time. The jacket feels softer than any other denim jacket and more comfortable to wear along with any shirts.

The buttons are metal closure, and they highly contrast with the leather color. The sleeves are also button closures but what a shame that they are not adjustable. Lastly, the entire jacket is regular fit that you can see in the picture. You can wear an additional jacket inside and it will still fit quite well.

The lining and weaving quality in overall are excellent. They are even stand out along with the jacket. Making a detailed visual of high-quality production. Besides, the jacket promotes a serious and tough look of men. With such efforts put in the jacket, it is both stylish and durable against the harsh environment. Maybe you should have to try and feel for yourself

12. Plaid&Plain Men’s Fleece Lined Borg Collar The Sherpa Trucker Jacket

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Here is another wonderful jacket if you are looking for a cheaper alternative. Sometimes, people would prefer functions over brand image. Plaid & Plain won’t disappoint you with this jacket though.

Firstly, it has the fur linings as you expected. This is extremely warm just like the Zara and H&M ones thanks to the second layer of cotton blend. The fur linings cover from your collar down to the waist. The slim fit design help to maintain enough heat from your body against the cold and winter weather.

The sleeves only have one button closure so be aware to pick a bigger size if you have doubts. Good thing is that the fur linings also cover all over the sleeves too.  Don’t worry though, your arms can still freely move and stay comfy.

This jacket will go well with dark color jeans or pants for many casual occasions. The material is mainly cotton so it is extremely light to wear most of the time. Enjoy every moment of your life while feeling snug even outdoors.

For the price between $40-$44, you have yourself a heavy-duty men’s Sherpa denim jacket. What I could wish for more are two inside pockets so I can keep certain items warm as I walk outside. Regardless of the simple design, I think it is a decent choice for those have a small budget to buy from premium brands or have multiple warm jackets in their wardrobe.

13. Lavnis Men’s Corduroy Trucker Jacket Casual Stand Collar Button Down Fleece Denim Jacket

View here

Last on my list, here I also suggest an affordable, men’s denim jacket with sheepskin collar to help you with this winter season. This one is better than the previous with three color choices: blue, khaki and red. Since certain people really identify themselves through the color and style they wear.

Let’s quickly go over the similarities with those I mentioned:

  • The outer fabric is 100% cotton while the inner linings are 100% polyester. Even though polyester is not as warm as the sheep wool, it does the job well of keeping you cozy and comfy.
  • Slim fit design helps to enhance your body features if you are a muscular or slender type. If not, I suggest you pick one size larger as simple as that.
  • As for pockets, we have two flap chest pockets like many standard designs. But you will notice one additional inner pocket for an extra bonus!

The special designs and creative color combination suits for multiple occasion such as parties, date, casual business, daily work, etc. Though the materials are solid and durable, it is best that you can handwash it to preserve the garments. The elegant look also makes you feel more attractive to everyone’s eyes as well.

The price range is reasonable between $50-$60 for such a good jacket. Even you have four different sizes to choose from, so I don’t see why not give this jacket a try. I think this is also a great gift for your family and friends this winter season.

The bottom line is …

Whether you are looking for a men’s denim jacket for yourself or someone you care about, these jackets will be a great companion to you every day. Through this article, I have provided you with many options to consider. Just keep in mind these features as you are trying out will definitely help your decision making:

  • Contribute to a cool and handsome look?
  • Tough and reliable designs that can last for many wears and tears?
  • Slim fit or wear comfortably with your body shape?
  • Express your unique personalities or not?

If all of those are ticked, I believe you have just found the right one. Please share this article with your family and friends so that will help them to make a wise choice too. I wish you are happy and stay cozy in this winter season.

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