Best Ugly Sweaters for Men

Best Ugly Sweaters for Men

So, Christmas is coming to town.

And we are eagerly preparing for everything with Christmas tree decorating, post card writing, gift shopping and cuisine learning.

BUT… are you missing something? An ugly sweater! It’s arguably an essential part making a perfect Christmas holiday. Though this is a permanent item from winter to winter, I personally think it should be updated each year in your closet.

You ask me why? Well, one thing you’d easily notice that tastes of ugly sweaters change from 80s to 90s. It isn’t difficult to catch an acceptation with feigned thanks of grandkids when receiving a grotesque gift from their grandma.

Might you know it or not, nowadays ugly sweater designs are much cooler and more ironic than the previous ones.

Other than that, you have got only one month to style it, thus, make sure your closet is well-stocked. Does it make sense?

Two major signs of the most suitable ugly sweaters for you are firstly, their comfort and secondly, their soul. I mean it should show off, partly or utterly your characteristics, taste or preference.

If you don’t have much time for searching, analyzing and comparing, this article will give you a hand. We collect many interesting designs in different styles, which I assure you can pick at least one out of the bunch. Let see!

1. Donald Trump – Make Christmas Great Again – Ugly Christmas Sweatshirt

View here

This funny ugly sweater is sure to make you and your surrounding burst into laugh whenever looking at. How silly! Yeah, this is a humorous parody of the most famous campaign slogan of Donald Trump President – Make American Great Again.

Can’t count how many times I admirably nodded my heads for the creativity of Tstars’ Designers.

But in the meantime, I also appreciate their high investment on this sweater’s quality. Material is nice, true color, diverse size chart and especially, very fast shipping. If you live in the vast majority of the United State, it only takes 1 or 2 days for delivery.

Note: Take a look at their size chart in the last picture presented on the website to ensure you are going to pick the right one.

So, if you are on an urgent for a birthday present which is also an early Christmas gift for someone, it’s a great choice.

Moreover, this design delivers 4 signature colors of Christmas which are red, navy, green and black. Perfect!

2. Wild Bobby Merry Chrithmith Mike Tyson Ugly Christmas Sweater Unisex Crewneck Sweatshirt

View here

Do you find this “Merry Chrithmith” sweater gives a nice laugh?

If it’s a yes – Go and grab one.

If it’s a no – Go and take a peek at other options they have provided. Haha

Actually, various design options are a great bonus from this funny ugly sweater, aside from its huge size chart and diverse colors.

You might see some similarities between this Wild Bobby’s and the Tstars’ above, such as its whole silhouette featuring long sleeves, elastic collar, wristbands and waistband. However, if you asked me about its material, I would give it an A.

Opposite to this assertion, I used to doubt at its quality on the very first time considering due to its price range and especially, the printing.

Truth to say, I had got zero belief to those printings on sweaters because they are super easy to peel off after a couple of wash. The wear and tear process will even speed up with machine wash. But, amazingly, this isn’t the one!

Obviously, I still recommend you to wash it by hands with mildew clothe washing liquid. But, up to now, it’s been 2 weeks and this ugly sweater doesn’t show any signs of printing peeled-off, and color faded.

If this is your very first time trying Wild Bobby’s products, their given warranty will give you more confidence. Their caring and customer service are something that I have chances to experience and admit.

Like the previous one, you should take the seller’s reference and advice for the most suitable size. Due to my personal experience, tall guys should go one size up to have the best length.

Also, as made out of 50% polyester and 50% cotton, no wonder it’s going to get shrinkage no matter you wash it with cold or warm water. But, that’s just a little bit.

3. Tstars Go Jesus It’s Your Birthday Ugly Christmas Sweater Men’s Sweatshirt

View here

Another funny ugly sweater option to take into consideration!

I personally love this way of showing our respect to Jesus in a clever funny way to make a nice laugh. It’s not kind of offensive to some grumpy people like the Donald Trump design above. I’m quite sure this one will receive the most laughs out of the bunch to deserve a try of you.

You are going to win any Christmas parties with this ugly sweater.

The highlight of this sweater is its warmth.

If you live in an area where the winter is nearly frost-bite, this is going to be the best workhorse in your closet to keep you cozy and comfort all day long. From that point, I don’t recommend for those who love in tropical weather country as it might make you hot.

Besides, its quality is quite good. I have made some researches on their manufacturing process. Other than a separate team of graphics designers, the printing process is utterly mechanized – both digital printing and silky screen that they can handle as well as control the quality of each single garment efficiently.

Plus, there’s a lifetime warranty for every purchase to ensure your satisfaction on their product! Good!

And, if you are wondering its size chart, my experience is going one size down. Compared to other brands’, I found this one went a bit larger. But the price is fairly good compared to the quality, still highly recommend.

4. Alex Stevens Men’s Slothy Christmas Ugly Sweater

View here

Big and tall guys, I know that you usually find it’s difficult to find out a fitting garment for you body frame, but I’ve got good news.

This Alex Stevens Men’s Christmas Ugly Sweater is designed particularly for you, with three major sizes available: large, x-large and xx-large. Though it only offers red color, I believe it’s enough to make you stand out from the crowd as the most humorous guy in any Christmas ugly sweater contest.

I personally find this garment funny because it reminds me to the sloth characters in Zootopia Cartoon Movie. If you already watch it, join this fun. I still remember clearly their all scenes. Again, nod my head for Walt Disney’s writer team.

Another good news is this ugly sweater is made out of 100% high-quality cotton, which means it’s super soft, warm and comfortable. On the other hand, leave no shrinkage on the fabric after wash. So, machine wash is acceptable.

In the short story, if you are a film aficionado, a fan of Sloth and Flash, you shouldn’t dismiss this design.

5. Alex Stevens Men’s 8 Bit Santa Ugly Christmas Sweater

View here

Next up is also another option from Alex Stevens.

But this is more for tall guys. What are your difficulties when looking for a holiday sweater? Is it way too short for your height? Or it’s already long enough, but way too oversized in width to make you like a sack?

Then, this is the best bet for you!

It overcomes such biggest inconveniences of almost holiday ugly sweaters that tall guys usually meet, fitting nicely both in height and width. But, if you intend to layer with this sweater, let’s go for a size bigger for enough room.

Besides, its design is more about casual use so you will get more chances to style it with other garments in your closet.

In terms of material, it’s a bit heavier than other counterparts in this field, which I personally find it a great bonus to give a sturdy feeling and moreover, excellent warmth. Besides, the texture is soft and comfortable to save you from itchiness.

Now, speaking of price range, this model is quite diverse from roughly 10 bucks to 30 bucks. It means you absolute get a chance to find out a good ugly sweater with good price. So, why not?

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6. Men’s Christmas Holiday Santa Sweater Cute Ugly Pullover

View here

Worn it to attend my company Christmas competition and I won, which beyond of my expectation. Can’t describe how excited I was at that moment. So, if you are searching for a potential ugly sweater for festival, don’t dismiss this design.

Whether it’s a stocking stuffer for somebody or a festive sweater for you, I’m sure you will be the spotlight of this Christmas holiday. Another reason why it’s a must-try garment is its machine washable without fear of shrinkage. Plus, its material is very warm and soft to save you from sub-zero temperature with no need of layering. So amazing!

The size chart of this Santa Sweater from DaisyBoutique is quite various, which means if you are a tall and big guy, it’s still possible.

I like its silhouette because rarely can a holiday sweater fit both height and width of a tall guy. Usually, it’s either too short in length or too large in width, which looks ridiculous. But this garment, it’s not the case.

Due to its versatile design, I’m sure this ugly sweater will be one of the best workhorses in your closet this Christmas.

7. RAISEVERN Unisex Funny Print Ugly Christmas Sweater Crewneck Various Design

View here

I don’t know about you, but right from the very first time looking at this cat ugly sweater, I thought it would be a great garment for couples. You see, girls or women, they love cats like crazy. And if you’re a cat person as well, it’s more than perfect.

I love its 3D galaxy background as well. It’s not the cheap printing to easily peel off after several wash that we usually see on the market today. In Raisevern, every single garment is a high investment, both in design and quality.

You can feel it when touching surface of the sweater, it’s quite soft and comfortable. Also, based on my experience, after 3 weeks of use, not find any signs of wears and tears yet though I machine wash it a couple of times.

But I still highly recommend you to hand wash it because this piece is made out of spandex and polyester, which is really easily shrunk or deformed if not careful.

Also, based on such materials, this sweater strikes back with great breathability whilst keeping warmth pretty well to make you feel cozy during a whole day long.

The last good news is size chart. It’s American size so, just kiss goodbye those moments searching for the true size for your body frame. You can save much time and afford now.

8. Uideazone Men Women Ugly Christmas Pullover Sweatshirts 3D Digital Printed Graphic Long Sleeve Shirts

View here

Another ugly sweater with American size chart so that you can easily find out the right one without need to go to its store.

Its material is also similar to the Raisevern’s, which is polyester and spandex so, the same advice – washing the ugly sweater by hands to keep it last longer.

The garment comes in early than my expectation, which is great. Particularly, its 3D digital printing is as what presented on image. This is truly incredible because I thought it’s definitely a product of photoshop or something like that. But no! It’s freakily beautiful and outstanding.

I almost stood out from any crowd with this. So, if you are looking for a cool and unique Jingle Bell ugly sweater for this season, look no further than this.

As its design is unisex, you can easily take advantage of this as couple stuff or for a group of friends or your family, which is cool and funny.

Lastly, thinking of this beautiful sweater as a stocking stuffer for somebody this Christmas is also a great idea. Why not?

9. KSJK Unisex Funny Print Ugly Christmas Sweater Jumper

View here

Amongst my collection of best ugly sweaters, this might be the one making me laugh so hard. It’s ridiculous, don’t you think? Aside from the printing of Will Smith, there are a lot of different printings of his expressions. I’m quite sure that this will make your surroundings laugh happily.

One big bonus from KSJK is their professional. From the investment of design and quality for each of their product to the customer services, they are all perfect. Particularly, their customer services, I think they might work online 24/7 because any time I contact them for question or requirement or asking of replacement, they respond me quite fast.

By the way, I’m a loyal fan of this brand even though in the past, I used to unfortunately buy a detected sweater. However, after contacting them, they positively offered a new, free sweater for me and the detected one, they just let me keep it. How kind!

Shipping is fast as well. And the replaced one is great, both in printing and quality. So, I can assure you this is a good brand to deserve a try of their products.

Speaking of material, it’s crafted from 20% cotton and 80% polyester, which means you still should wash it by hands. However, the material strikes back with great softness and comfort. Good breathability, by the way!

In the short story, really highly recommend!

10. Men’s Santa Unicorn Christmas Sweater – Ugly Christmas Sweater for Men

View here

I really admire how creative of Tipsyelves through this image – Santa Clause rides a unicorn instead of reindeers. It’s kind of funny, cute and interesting!

There are still 50 other funny exclusive ugly sweater designs in Tipsyelves’ collection, but this is the best one for me. However, I had considered for a while after hitting the Buy button because its price tag is a little bit more expensive than other counterparts.

However, their reliable warranty gave me more confidence to give it a try. And, luckily it gives me no remorse at all. I wish you could touch its fabric to get the same feeling as me – every single penny spent on this garment is worthy, guys!

It’s superbly high-quality feel, soft and comfortable to wear. No itchy or shrinkage at all, even I washed it by machine. No wonder its durability can’t beat.

Besides, shipping is fast, if you live in the vast majority in the US like me, chances are that you will receive it within 2-3 business days.

11. FOCO NFL Busy Block Sweater

View here

Let’s show off your pride of being an NFL fan even it’s just an ugly sweater for some Christmas parties!

If you have the same idea as me and are looking for a good NFL sweater that’s 100% legal, look no further than this FOCO.

It’s officially licensed by the NFL so you can rest assured to bring it home. There are full names of NFL teams, such as Pittsburgh Steelers, Green Bay Packer, Houston Texans and New England Patriots. So, you don’t need to worry your favorite team isn’t listed.

Besides, they also offer full size chart and two different color options to style with. Mine is a yellow, which is a bit lighter than it’s one the image. However, it might be due to resolution of my smartphone’s screen. This ugly sweater is still beautiful and outstanding at all. It’s great to attend an NFL Christmas parties.

However, the size runs small, so you should go for one or two size bigger for the best fit. But that minor inconvenience can’t hold a candle of this awesome sweater.

12. Hanes Men’s Ugly Christmas Sweatshirt

View here

If you are following minimalism, but still want to have fun on this Christmas, this minimal ugly sweater is the best bet for you. It features the printing “Sleighin’ It” and a sleigh underneath fulfilled with Christmas gifts.

Besides, there are still other simple yet funny ugly sweaters in the collection of Hanes to vary your choice. But this is my favorite!

And, talking about Hanes, it’s synonymous to a high-quality, soft and comfortable garment that’s guaranteed by the manufacturer to ensure you’re happy with your purchase. This sweater isn’t an exception!

Its material is a blend of cotton and polyester, which means you can machine wash it to save your hands from cold water and also, to save much time and effort. The mid-weight material delivers good warmth to the wearer to keep them cozy and comfortable all day long, but in the meantime, it doesn’t weigh you down neither a hot sweater.

If you want to layer it with an elongated shirt inside, kindly go one size up to get enough room.

13. Forum Novelties Adult All Wrapped Up Ugly Christmas Sweater

View here

Last but not least is this wrapped up ugly sweater from Forum Novelties with an avalanche of designs and sizes. But I would like to notice people who intend to buy this beautifully ugly sweater is going one size down for the best fit.

The highlight of this piece is it’s 100% polyester knit so that first rule, no machine wash unless you want it shrunk like a Pit Bull. And secondly, no ironing, the same result as machine wash it.

Out of that, this is a great choice for a beautiful retro style. Plus, it’s great in breathability and lightness. However, it isn’t synonymous to the lack of warmth. Though its ability to keep body heat isn’t as good as cotton, it can save you from cold weather nicely. In frost-bite days, it’s essential to layer more, like a Sherpa jacket or a men’s cardigan outside without fear that it turns to a hot sweater.

A bit scratchy, but for the price, it bangs for you bucks.

Bottom line

So, we have just gone through 13 best ugly sweaters that are potential to wear in this Christmas like a Rockstar. Whichever you choose from this list, I can assure you two things, first is its quality. Almost sweaters are printed on the outside, however, they are guaranteed to last for years if you follow their maintenance instruction. So, before washing, ironing or drying it, don’t forget to take a look at the manual. Secondly, every single piece is backed by the manufacturer with certain warranty to ensure the best satisfaction of your purchase.

Besides, either you wash the sweater by hands or machine, use warm water only with mildew washing liquid to keep its printing as well as color long-lasting as much as possible.

Thanks for reading!

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