Best Men’s Corduroy Pants in 2019 – You Should Have for This Fall-Winter

If you are fed up with jeans and want to find out a new style with pants, you should take a look at this collection of men’s corduroy pants. These pants will help you change your style to look more elegant, but still very active and fashionable.

When talking about pants, people often think that the pants look old fashioned and nothing special. However, it is totally different from what you think about it. in fact, pants now have changed to become more stylish to keep up with the fashion trend in the world. They will provide you a fashionable style to impress others.

1. Match Men’s Slim-Tapered Flat Front Casual Corduroy Pants

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Before this pair of pants, I never thought that I would pay money for this piece of clothes. I always consider as the fashion for old men. However, once when I went to a shop with my friends, and I tried this pair. I decided to buy it immediately after trying.

The most impressive thing about this pair is its color choices. You will have many choices, based on your color preference. The Match men’s slim – tapered flat front casual corduroy pants are available with around 14 different colors from light to dark to fit all needs. Furthermore, when wearing those pants, you will feel very comfortable because they are not too tight or loose. The materials of these pairs are quite good, which are soft and stretchable. They are made from cotton and spandex. But cotton occupies a large amount, while spandex just accounts for a very small proportion to around 3 percent. Thanks to high quality materials, you will find easy to move around, stand up or sit down.

These pants come with a zipper closure for putting on and taking off easily. In addition, the matching slim tapered pants are perfect for various styles, such as casual or business wear. You can mix them with many other items like men’s leather boots to have different styles. Besides, I think these pants are the best mens corduroy pants with 2 front pockets, 1 front coin pocket and 2 rear patch pockets. You can take the best use of these pockets for storing your belongings.

2. Calvin Klein Jeans Men’s Corduroy Pants

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When talking about pants, it will be a big mistake, if we do not mention this pair of shorts. These shorts come from a very reputable brand on the market named Calvin Klein. This brand usually releases fashionable models for men, which meet all needs. If you think pants are not special, you are wrong. A pair of jeans can’t turn you into a gentleman, but pants can.

These pants will provide you a different look. You will look elegant, and formal on pants. To be honest, I prefer pants rather than jeans because they are multifunctional. In addition to this, the material of these pants is cotton, which is soft and durable. I always feel comfortable, even when I wear pants all day. The straight leg design helps me move easily and I do not get into troubles with them.

The zipper fly is the thing I like most about these pants. I find easy to use. Many people think that pants are in use for formal events, but I believe that pants can be worn on any occasions, if you know how to mix. I suggest that you should mix your pants with a belt and a pair of leather shoes to look more masculine. Besides, if you want to keep some items with you, these grey men’s corduroy pants consist of 5 pockets, which have enough space for holding things.

3. IZOD Men’s Tailgate Corduroy Pants

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The next corduroy pants that you can refer is the Izod men’s tailgate pants. I have not had any pants of this kind before. But I knew it accidently by my friends. She recommended me it and I was really surprised. The color choices of these pants are really various, which include of about 8 different colors., so you can make a choice of your preferred color.

You should notice that this pair of pants just contains only 1 percent of spandex material, so it will be not as stretchable as other pants. However, instead of being much stretchy, these pants are made from 99 percent of cotton to provide you the best comfort. The Izod pants are very soft when you touch it. Furthermore, their style is active, and stylish. These pants are ideal for all events.

In addition to high quality material and fashionable styles, the big mens corduroy pants are easy to take care. You can wash by your hand or machine. Although my friends suggested me many ways to mix these pants, I think this pair should go with a white shirt. If you like an active style, you can opt for bright colors, and the reverse.

4. Lauren Ralph Lauren Mens Cotton Flat Front Corduroy Pants

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Lauren Ralph cotton flat front corduroy pants are not a new name for men. This pair of pants has gained the popularity to become one of the most favorite pants for men on the market up to now. These pants are very stylish with a unique design. They are available with around 8 different colors, such as tan, black, navy, dark brown, dark olive, blue, and brown.

This pair of Lauren ralph pants is made from 100 percent cotton, which is durable, stylish and comfortable. I have worn these pants for years, they do not have any problem. Furthermore, I saw that these pants keep up with the fashion trend and always look elegant. The corduroy style is never out of date, so you do not need to worry about this.

Another thing about these slim men’s corduroy pants is that the sizes of these pants range from smallest to biggest, so you can feel free to choose. In additionally, because these pants are not tight, everyone can wear it. They will help you look more attractive with long and slim legs. These pants can be mixed with T- shirt or shirt. You will have a perfect outfit with them.

5. Vintage 1946 Men’s Stretch Corduroy Pant

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White corduroy pants are always what I’m looking for. With an eye-catching design, these pants overcame many other pants to become the most favorite pants on the market. With such an affordable price, and a good design, Vintage 1946 pants will not disappoint you.

If you love vintage styles, you should never miss these pants. This is another pair of corduroy style. The first thing you can see from these pants is the comfort. Actually, I never highly appreciate tight pants because they look too feminine. That’s the reason why I opted for the Vintage 1946 men’s stretch corduroy pants.

At first, I was attracted by its classical design, which looks like pants in the past. However, you should not misunderstand that these pants look old. They are not old or bulky at all. They are still trendy, suitable and modern. The color table of these pants is amazing with awesome colors, such as fatigue, charcoal, jet black, bark, british tan, and oatmeal.

The materials for these pants are a perfect combination between spandex and cotton, but spandex is only 3 percent. With such an affordable price like this, I believe that these pants should be always on your top priority list. Besides, these vintage pants are quite modern, so it fits any environment and anytime. The stretchy materials make them more interesting. They can provide you all what you need as comfort, flexibility and durability.

Look for some vintage items:

6. Kirkland Signature Men’s 5-Pocket Corduroy Pant

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Black corduroy pants are a safe choice because the black color is never old fashioned. There many black pants of other brands, but I gave my priority for the Kirkland brand due to unique design, and comfort.

Kirkland signature men’s 5 pocket corduroy pants are available in two colors, including nut and chocolate. These colors are quite strange and eye catching. If you want something new, you can take a look at these pants. The Kirkland signature men’s pair of pants is one of the bestselling products of this brand in recent. I read the reviews of other customers and all of them complimented on it. I’m not an exception.

These pants are made from 98 percent of cotton and 2 percent of spandex. They inherit all good features of old versions to bring the best experiences for buyers. For men, it is quite difficult for choosing clothes because they do not care much about fashion. However, these pants can help them save a lot of time, but they still find the best ones.

This is a kind of straight leg pants, which make you have a slim look. Furthermore, they consist of 5 pockets for storage. These pants feature convenience, and fashion. The only thing that I’m not satisfied about these pants is the size. They have a regular size, so if you are quite big, these pants may not fit you properly. Before purchasing, you should refer them size table to have the best choice.

7. Haggar Men’s 21 Wale Stretch Corduroy Expandable Waist Classic Fit Plain Front Pant

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The same as other pants in this list, the Haggar men’s 21 wale stretch corduroy expandable waist classic fit plain front pants are made of 2 percent of spandex and 98 percent of cotton. These pants look smooth and shiny. You will have a perfect outlook with these pants.

These pants belong to a classic fit corduroy pair of pants. When wearing these pants, you do not need to worry about the wrinkle because it is wrinkle free. I am wearing many times, but there is no wrinkle. Their five colors are camel, brown, military green, dusk and cadet blue. These colors are on trend. They can go with shirts perfectly. You will become a gentleman.

This pair came to off seam front and back pockets. Each pocket has a button to ensure of the safety of your belongings. You can carry some personal things with you. These pants look great with leather shoes and white shirt. They are suitable for formal events. You can wear these mens corduroy pants with expandable waist to go to work or attend important occasions, such as wedding, meeting, etc. You know it, the world is crazy of working fashion style.

By the way, the haggar stretch corduroy pants can be washed by washing machine.

8. U.S. Polo Assn. Men’s Corduroy Pant

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Dockers men’s corduroy pants will bring you to another aspect of fashion. I’m sure that you will fall in love with the pants. The U.S polo Assn is a great example of good quality and stylish design pants.

The next should have a pair of pants is the U.S polo Assn men’s corduroy pants. These pants are known as one of the most durable and fashionable pants, compared to others. They are a variety of color choices, including stretch ginger snap, stretch vee tan, stretch vallejo tan, stretch engine red, stretch brown woodland, stretch brown, stretch black, original stretch black, and new stretch black.

The U.S polo Assn men’s corduroy pants have straight legs to fit anyone with the regardless of age. You will look thinner and higher with these pants. In addition, they are super convenient because you can wear with or without a belt. Furthermore, those pants can get on well with all kinds of shirts, sweatshirt or even T – shirt.

The materials of this pair are cotton and spandex. The U.S polo Assn corduroy pants fit all people well. Generally speaking, these pants are great soft and sturdy fabric. They have attractive colors and can last for long. If you want to dress up a little, this is an ideal choice for you with a comfortable feeling.  Moreover, the materials are super light to help you spend all your day out freely.

9. Levi’s Men’s 514 Straight-Fit Corduroy Pant

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If you are searching for an on-trend pair of pants, the Levi’s is a great option. These brown men’s corduroy pants have a new style to make wearers look modern, not old as the other pants.

The Levi’s brand is the last one I want to recommend to you. It is famous for high end style pants, which have good quality. This pair of pants will surely make you satisfied unconditionally. Furthermore, you can wear it at any time for any season. The only problem of men when wearing pants is wrinkle because they are afraid of being messy. Luckily, this pair will put an end to your worry.

The Levi’s men’s 514 straight fit corduroy pants are made from 83 percent of cotton, 15 percent of polyester and 2 percent of elastane. In terms of quality, these pants are really good with a long history. Their first version was coming out in the 70s and until now, they still have gained the popularity. Each model of Levi’s pants is updated to meet all the requirements.

The design of the levi men’s corduroy pants is different from the other. It can fit anyone, even the elderly. They will bring the wearers a good feeling and fit them well. There is one thing that I did not like is its elastic waist. To get buttoned, you have to stretch it.

For more Levis collections:

Here are some men’s corduroy pants that I discovered. These pants are not only on trend, but also durable. Aside with jeans, pants are another wonderful choice. With various colors, designs, and materials, pants are worthy to take into account. Before choosing a pair of pants, you should see their size chart carefully to be sure that it fits you properly. rly.

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