The Best Men’s Belts For Jeans (Updated 2018)

Don’t misunderstand! Belts for jeans and belts for dress suits are two different stories. While the belts for suits require small silhouette for ultimate formal look and upending your gentlemen style, the ones for jeans don’t ask much. You can go with whichever color you like and it doesn’t require you to go slim and small.

Belts for jeans should be wide to fit jeans’ loops and create a flexible, strong and comfortable feeling.

In a closet of any guy, I bet that belt is one of the best workhorses, isn’t it? It can contribute to make them cooler and maintain their style. With the belt, they can create their own style to look more impressed.

There are many things you need to consider before purchasing a belt, such as color, and length. There are many kinds of belts on the market that you can find out. Here are my recommendations for men’s belts for jeans.

1/ Beltox Fine Men’s Dress Belt Leather Reversible 1.25″ Wide Rotated Buckle Gift Box

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This is a should have belt named Beltox fine men’s dress belt. It is made from leather, so for sure, it has a luxurious look. Moreover, all the edges of this belt are sewn carefully to make sure that there is no tearing or breaking.

I used this belt for a long time and I can conclude that this belt is smooth, durable and fashionable. It measures 1.25 inches wide belt and it suitable for those whose waist size is from 30 to 54 inches. It’s better to buy a size larger than your waist to fit properly.

The Beltox belt has 8 different colors for you to choose. However, this belt is very special. It is a kind of reversible belt. It means that each belt will have two different colors and you can change whenever you want to match your clothes.

2/ Men’s Belt, Bulliant Slide Ratchet Belt for Men with Genuine Leather 1 3/8, Trim to Fit

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The next well-designed belt is the Bulliant slide ratchet belt for men. The same as the above one, its material is truly genuine leather. The stitched edges keep it long lasting. It features easy to use, easy trim to fit and maximum durability.

The Bulliant slide ratchet belt comes with various colors for preferences. It’s available in about 25 colors, so you can choose the best fit one. The buckle – zinc alloyed with a good quality decoration for scratch resistance and brought the maximum endurance for wearers in the whole day.

The width of this belt is 1 3/8 inches. Especially, the size can be customized by cutting to fit yourself. This belt consists of 32 unique sliding positions in the ratchet of strap for easy adjustment, it’s very convenient. You will never feel uncomfortable when you wear it for a long time.

3/ Men’s Two Row Stitch Leather Belt Handmade by Hide & Drink: Bourbon Brown

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Crafted products always attract me and this belt is no exception. Men’s two row stitch leather belt is a hand-made one. It has a classic style and attractive look. It is a perfect combination between the elegant hand cut and hand sewn leather to ensure a long-lasting life and durability.

It is made of the full grain leather. All of the materials used are high quality. It still looks new, even though we use it for long. Besides, the stitching method makes this belt look better and durable. There is no loose end with an open flame to make sure that there is no raveling during its lifetime. This belt is brown.

Furthermore, this two-row stitch leather belt is available in a variety of sizes. It measures 1.5 inches in width and approximately 3.8 mm in thickness. The length of this belt is from 30 to 46 inches. Therefore, you had better consider the waist size of your pants or jeans carefully before buying.

4/ Bullko Men’s Genuine Leather Belt Dress Casual Belts for Men

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The next belt that you should not ignore is the Bullko Men’s belt. Wearing belt helps us fit well on our clothes. In addition, men will look more fashionable and masculine. This belt is made of full grain genuine leather. This kind of material is very durable, and light. It will not leave you an uncomfortable feeling or redness.

This is a kind of classic belt, but stylish. It is designed for both jeans and pants. This Bullko belt will be never out of date with the brown color. It has various sizes for your waist. However, it is better to choose a larger size to be sure that it will fit you properly.

Its dimensions are 2.2 inches wide and 2.36 inches long. The Bullko belt is a kind of men’s casual belts; therefore, you can wear it every day. Moreover, it is made of high quality material, so it is very solid, soft and thick. I’m sure that this classic brown leather belt will not disappoint you.

5/ Hoanan 2 Pack Military Tactical Belt, No Metal Webbing Nylon Web Belt 1.25″/1.5″ Wide

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If you often get trouble with alarming when you pass through the airport or factory checkpoints or you are metal allergy, there is no reason to refuse this belt. The Hoanan belt can protect you from those checkpoints. This brand did not use metal to make this belt. With the non – metal construction, this belt will meet your needs.

The Hoanan belt features nickel free, anti – allergic, easy use and super durable for long time use. This item is made from YKK plastic, so it is super light, high strength, impact resistance, abrasion resistance, dry fast in the air and comfortable. You can wear this belt for the whole day because it does not have a bad smell in the summer and it looks trendy.

This kind of belt will come in a pack, including 2 different color belts. Their dimensions are 1.5 inches or 1.25 inches wide, 49.2 inches or 57 inches long. This web belt is hole-less, so you can adjust the size to fit you. It is military style, so you can wear it for outdoor hiking, camping, running, climbing or many other activities.

6/ Men’s 3 Grommet Holes Top Grain Leather Belt, Made in USA

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Men’s 3 grommet holes top grain leather belt has become one of the most favorite belts on the market up to now. It is known as the best belt with the high quality and good look. This belt is made of 100 percent of the real cowhide leather.

This belt is easy to match with our outfits. Its brown color can be mixed perfectly with many kinds of outfit. Although the material is the same as the other, it is highlighted by the unique design. It comes with a sturdy heavy-duty steel roller buckle attached with two strong metal snaps. This steel buckle with bright nickel is easy to remove in case you want to change your own favorite buckle.

It is about 1 ¾ inches wide, so it can fit both jeans and pants. With the holes all along, the size of this belt is not an issue. The grommet belt is lightweight, durable and stylish.

7/ Men’s Belt Ratchet Leather Dress Belt with Automatic Buckle 35mm Wide 27″-40″ Father’s Day Gifts

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The Ratchet leather belt is considered as a fashionable one with beautiful second layer cowhide leather. It is definitely cool in design. It arrives in many different colors, such as ostrich grain tan, plain brown, plain black, ostrich grain blue, and so on.

The total length of this belt is about 49 inches, which is enough to be trimmed to your own size. The belt width is 35 mm. If this belt is too long for you, you can open the buckle and trim it to fit your waist.

The Ratchet belt is made from split leather without edge stitching. It features neat and smooth. The classy alloy automatic buckle makes the belt look more stylish and easier to use.

8/ TB105 Men’s 100% Full Grain Genuine Leather Western X-Laced Casual Jean Belt Strap 1.75″ Wide

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Leather belt is never out of date. Almost men prefer leather belts because it brings a luxurious look, and long-lasting life time. With the leather belt, you can wear every day without tearing. Especially, it always looks new and trendy. This TB105 belt is made from full grain genuine leather.

The TB 105 belt comes with two different colors, including brown and black. You can choose any color you want based on your preference. This belt is measured from where the leather ends at the buckle end to the middle hole at the tip end. It features brass finish snap system, matching leather keeper, and symmetrical center tooling.

The size of this belt is 1 ¾ inches wide. It can be suitable for casual style, such as jeans, shorts, or pants. This belt is decorated with the “x” mark. It looks quite strange and eye catching. To make sure that it fits, you should choose it 2 sizes more than your waist.

9/ Braided Stretch Elastic Belt with Pin Oval Solid Black Buckle Leather Loop End Tip

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I often look for men’s canvas belts because I like the way they are made. Then, I saw this belt on the website. For sure, it got a lot of good reviews. I impressed with its variety. It comes with 7 sizes and 12 colors to fit all people well.

The braided stretch belt is made from elastic woven polyester blend material, which features both strength and durability. The strap is 1.29 inches wide and made of the high stretch bend thread. Besides, this belt is impressed by the quality buckle. It is a gloss solid metal buckle and it can fit exactly at any position.

As mentioned above, this belt comes with 12 different colors, such as brown, chardonnay brown, navy, blue, forest green, gray, red, ivory white, pink, black, silver and khaki.

10/ Tanpie Fashion Men’s Braided Belt Leather Strap for Jeans

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The last belt in this list is quite different from the others; however, I still highly recommend it. The Tanpie fashion men’s braided belt leather is made from 80 percent of the bonded leather, 10 percent of leather and 10 percent of polyester.

This Tanpie belt has a classic single prong buckle. This buckle contributes to make the belt look more stylish. It is 1.89 inches wide. The pin buckle leather belt is designed to suit all gentlemen on any casual occasion.

The Tanpie belt comes with 2 different colors, consisting of black and brown. These colors are very trendy and they will be never old fashioned. There are three sizes M, l, and XL. The width of this belt is 1.32 inches. I bought a brown one and I saw a smell of leather. If you are allergic to this smell, you should ventilate it for a while.

Now, that’s the end of this article!

The belt is a very important accessory to any men. It will help us look more masculine and trendier. It is suitable for both informal and formal events. These men’s belts for jeans are the good belts on the market that I used already. Hope that my recommendation will be helpful for you.

I do hope that from this collection, you can find out the best belts for jeans to add to your closet. You “mission” is just to find out which suits your fashion style and daily requirements, while about the rest – such as warranty, reliable brand or quality, you can totally lay your trust on me. You won’t regret!

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